REQM Silver Award
St Mary's
Church of England (VA) Primary School
Stockers Farm Road
Tel: 01923 776529
Jan 28 13

School policies & Statutory Information


School Prospectus and Nursery Handbook can be found on the Admissions page or
click here.

Paper copies of information on this website are available from the School Office.


Policy downloads:

[button link=””]Anti-Bullying Policy →[/button]

[button link=””]Behaviour Policy →[/button]

[button link=””]Charging & Remissions Policy →[/button]

[button link=””]Complaints Policy →[/button]

[button link=””]Child Protection Policy →[/button]

[button link=””]Equalities Policy →[/button]

[button link=””]Severe Weather Plan→[/button]

[button link=””]Teaching and Learning Policy→[/button]

[button link=””]Privacy Policy →[/button]

[button link=””]Inclusion Policy →[/button]

[button link=””]Attendance and Punctuality Policy →[/button]

[button link=””]Spirituality Policy →[/button]

[button link=””]Whistleblowing Policy →[/button]




Statutory Information:

[button link=””]SIAS Inspection Report →[/button]

[button link=””]OFSTED report →[/button]

[button link=””]Curriculum→[/button]

[button link=””]School results →[/button]

[button link=””]What is the Pupil premium →[/button]

[button link=””]Pupil premium 2014-15→[/button]

[button link=””]Pupil premium 2015-16→[/button]

[button link=””]SEN Core Offer →[/button]

[button link=””]Sports Premium →[/button]

Finance Report:

As a school we are committed to spending our budget to the maximum benefit of our pupils.
[button link=””]Finance Report 2014-15→[/button]


[button link=””]Government Performance Tables→[/button]
[button link=””]Ofsted Parent View→[/button]


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