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Year 5 homework


Dear Year 5 this is your Christmas homework:

As part of our work on what life was like for children in Victorian times, I want you to find out as much as you can about:

Lord Shaftesbury


Dr Barnardo

  • You can use the internet, but remember I do not want you to copy and paste.
  • Find a website that is suitable for your age, read carefully, ( ask an adult if there are words or ideas that you do not understand),
  • make notes
  • finally turn these into sentences.

Another useful way is to find pictures and be a history detective. Ask yourself:

  • what is the picture about? – look for details
  • when was the picture taken? – clothing, hairstyles etc
  • Where was the picture taken? – look at what is in the background
  • Who is the picture for? -some are for newspapers, some are for books.
  • Why was the picture taken? – think about what the picture would make people think or feel

In your writing, try and use different types of sentences (simple, complex and compound), and punctuate carefully.

How are you going to present your work? If you are going to write it, then make sure your handwriting is neat and your pictures well drawn. If you are going to word process it, think about headings and different fonts to make your reader want to read on.

Please have it ready for January 6th.

Enjoy being an historian, and make sure you have a very happy Christmas.

Mrs Gray






NAME: _______________________________________

Year     5 Christmas Homework




Please have a go at meeting some of your targets over the holidays.

My Literacy target is:




My Numeracy target is:



Have a go at turning the adventure story that you created in class into a book! Think of an appropriate front cover, blurb and maybe a map inside showing the features of your land. Remember all the success criteria for writing an amazing adventure story that will keep your captive audience gripped:

  • Introduce the characters briefly
  • A portal to take you to the world
  • Use different senses and stunning adjectives for the imaginary setting
  • Some direct speech which needs to be well punctuated
  • A dramatic build up followed by an enthralling dilemma
  • A resolution that solves all your dilemmas
  • A definite conclusion


Good luck! Have a wonderful Christmas. See you in 2014!                                  Mrs Thomas

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