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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1!

Class Value: Love


Phonics Activity (sent home in bookbags today)

Easter Activities

Easter Activities  1
Easter Activities  2

Last week of term


(Sorry I forgot to set spelling home learning on Friday!) I hope you enjoyed the sunny weekend.


We have a very busy week this week. We are finishing off our 'Bright Lights, Big City' topic. In Maths we will be identifying the 'whole' and 'part'. We will use this to help us solve missing number problems. I was so proud of all the children today. We are now writing our own date and learning intentions (ready for Y2). 


On Tuesday (tomorrow) is our 'Learning Showcase'. This event starts at 2.30pm. It will be a great opportunity for you to see your child's learning and for them to share all their hard work with you. The Easter Egg hunt will start at 3.15pm.


On Friday the children will meet me at church for our Easter Service. The children will be picked up at 1.15pm for the Easter Holidays!


Over the Easter holidays I will be sending the children home with 5 reading books. I will also be sending some phonics practise (alien and real words). I will re-send the spellings that children are expected to know if you wish to practise these as well. 


Thank you for all your support this term. I hope you all have a lovely Easter holidays. 


Miss Clegg


Home Learning


Spelling - catch, picture, fudge, gentle, their

Comprehension - next two pages

Maths - practising making different numbers to 10 and 20.

8+2 = 10

5 + 3 +2 = 10

10 + 10 = 20

12 + 4 + 4 = 20

Children can record in their Maths Home Learning Books




Week 4

Another fantastic week in Year One. It is so lovely to see so many of you reading on Friday morning with the children.


This week we have started our English topic of 'reports'. This week we have been gathering information about different animals. We even wrote our own descriptions about our animal so we could play a 'guess who' game. We had to make sure we used lots of adjectives. If the children would like to research their animal over the weekend that would be great! In Maths we have been subtracting. We have been regrouping numbers, subtracting using the number line and using a tens frame. We have been representing these using part, part whole models (cherry diagrams).


In Science we learnt about poo! I spent evening make different animal poo for the children to investigate (of course it was fake!) They had to work out if they were herbivore, carnivore or omnivore poo.


Pre - learning for Maths - Next week in Maths we are going to be learning how to make different ways to total the same value (numbers 11 to 20). We will be exploring different ways to make the same total, including + and - (numbers 11 to 20)  and working on our number bonds to 20. 

Home Learning


Spelling - would, should, could, monkey, they 

Maths - Maths sheet provided. Please complete in green maths home learning book. 

Comprehension - next two pages


Thank you for your all support. 

Week 3


This week we have been sequencing, writing sentences, drawing story maps and writing our own stories based on the story 'Billy's Bucket'. In Maths we have been learning to count in 2s, 5s and 10s. We also spotted different patterns. We used our knowledge of counting in 10s to help us with addition number sentences. In Science we learnt about the food different animals eat (herbivores, carnivores and omnivores). We enjoyed another music lesson and had Forest School with Miss Warne. 


Today was Red Nose Day and everyone looked fantastic. Thank you for all the donations. 


It was lovely to see so many of you reading in the classroom this morning. We look forward to seeing you next week. 


Please remember to sign up for Parents Evening this weekend. I look forward to sharing your child's progress with you. 


Miss Clegg :) 


Parents/Carers are welcome into the classroom every Friday morning (8.40-9.00) to read with their children. 

Home Learning


I am trying to find out why MyMaths may not be working for some of you.


Maths - Maths sheet will be sent home. Home learning to be completed in Maths books. (This will be handed out on Monday) 

Spelling -  out, about, you, soup, shoulder

Comprehension - next two pages in the book

Another exciting week in Year One.


We have started our new class book 'Billy's Bucket'. We wrote descriptions of the animals he saw in his bucket and  learnt about adding 'e' and 'es' to make a word a plural. We also sequenced the story and created our own story maps. In Maths we have been revisiting addition. We have been using resources to help us find missing numbers and answer number sentences. In Geography we learnt all about Scotland and in Science we were describing different animals using scientific language. We also had our first music lesson over in the annex - it was great!


Our little St Mary's chicks arrived earlier on in the week. We went to visit them today as some of them had hatched!


All the children had a fantastic World Book Day. The costumes were fantastic. Well done to Freya (Horrid Henry) and Jake (Mr Happy) for winning the best dressed.


On Friday afternoon we celebrated International Women's Day. We spoke about important women figures in our lives and in society. 


Next week I am going on a little holiday (Y4 class residential) so I will see you all on Thursday.


Have a lovely weekend.

Miss Clegg :)

Home Learning


Comprehension - next two pages

Maths - MyMaths (If you are unable to access a computer/laptop/ipad/tablet at home please let me know) This week there are 3 tasks. 

Spelling - happy, Mummy, very, by, my, cry 

This is a great website to support with phonics. 

A super busy week in Year One. 


This week we have been finishing our topic on measurement in Maths. In English we have been using the book Tunnel by Antony Browne. We created our own imaginary world and wrote descriptions for the forest. In Geography we have started our new topic. We are learning about the UK. This week we learnt to identify the countries on a map and their flags. In Science we classified and sorted different animals into the correct groups. 


This week we started Forest School with Miss Warne. I am sure the children will be able to tell you all about it! We were also lucky to have Winston Nzinga visit our school. He told us stories in a fun and engaging way. We even got to have a go on the instruments. 


Have a lovely weekend. Hopefully the sun returns! 


Tomorrow Year One will have Forest School with Miss Warne. Please remember your waterproofs and wellies. 

The children will be outside in all weathers! 

Half term home learning


The children have been sent home with 4 reading books. Please ensure you are asking your child about the book they are reading. 


I have also sent home some phonics practise for you to work through. The children will need to apply their phonics knowledge to sound out the words correctly. 


Week 6 

What a busy week to end the half term! Can you believe we are half way through Year One?!


This week we finished writing our instructions on 'How to catch a rainbow'. In Maths we have been measuring and comparing different lengths and heights. In Geography we wrote a letter to Miss Warne to tell her all about Global Warming and what is happening to the polar bears. 


I hope you all enjoyed the book look on Thursday. The children have been working so hard. It is a great way to show off all their fantastic learning. 


Have a lovely half term break. 

Week 5 Home Learning



Maths - two challenges have been set on My Maths (2D and 3D shapes). As we have been learning about 3D shapes it would be great if you could take some pictures of every day 3D objects. Please bing them into school so we can put them on display. 

Comprehension book - next 2 pages in the book. 


I have changed a couple of the due dates for MyMaths if you would still like to complete them.


Week 5


Our weeks seem to get busier and busier in Year One!


This week in English we have become Authors and have written our own story. We have been working hard on editing our work and re-reading it to check it makes sense.  In Maths we have been learning all about 2D and 3D shapes. We printed the 2D shapes shown on 3D shapes. We also made our own 3D shapes using marshmallows and sticks! (We even got to eat them at the end of the day!) In Maths we have been focusing on applying our understanding to a variety of questions (e.g hidden shape activity - the children can only see a section of the shape and have to apply their shape knowledge to work out what the shape could be). In Geography we learnt about the Arctic (it has been lovely to see so many children bringing in books linked to our learning). In Science we wrote a fact file about the seasons and decorated our own four seasons tree picture. 


I have been very impressed with the children's knowledge and recall of key vocabulary. Such as; equator, hibernate and camouflage. 


This week has been children's mental health week and we learnt all about keeping healthy on the outside and the inside.


We are looking forward to sharing our progress with you at the learning showcase next Thursday.


Have a lovely weekend! Miss Clegg

Week 3 - Home Learning


Spelling - again, one, human, music, snow, elbow

Maths - Maths sheet handed out in class (please stick in Maths book so it does not get lost!) Extra = task on MyMaths

Comprehension book - next 2 pages


If you would like to make a weather bottle to bring into school to share, please see the picture below. Any water bottle can be used. Food colouring can be used to dye the colour of the water. 


Picture 1

Week 3


Snow, snow, snow!


This week we have continued to read our story 'Fortunately, Unfortunately'. We have been acting out the story and creating story maps. We have also written out the first part of the story. In Maths we have been investigating odd and even numbers. In Music we used the glockenspiel to play along to our song. In Art we continued with our hot and cold collage. During our RE lessons we have been discussing what we think God looks like and his other qualities. 


The snow was so exciting this week - we used it to help our descriptive writing. Examples of the fantastic language used were: "The snow is like a white feather", "The snow is like a bright diamond" and "The snow glistens in the moonlight". It was fantastic to use our environment to support out learning. We also used the snow in Science! We investigated the different conditions ice melts in. 


In Class Collective Worship we spoke about courage. We spoke about ways we have showed courage. We also suggested ways the Lion from the Wizard of Oz could get his courage back. 


Have a lovely weekend! 

Miss Clegg


Week 2 

Apologies for my late update!


Home learning - complete the next page in the comprehension book.

Spelling - gem, cage, made, came, city, cell

Maths - we are working on doubling and halving.

has a great doubling and halving game. I would work with numbers to 10 and numbers to 20 if you would like a challenge.


Maths Home Learning update -  I am going to be sending homework to be completed in their Maths Home Learning Books. I will also upload activities to My Maths when appropriate (this can be completed as an extra). 


Reminder: One of the PE lessons each week will be outside. Please ensure your child has a pair of tracksuit bottoms (green or black) and jumper/sports hoodie (black or green). Please be advised that trainers are more appropriate than plimsoles but are not essential.


This week we have started a new story in English (Fortunately, Unfortunately) and are continuing our weather/seasons theme in the afternoons. We have also been working on our presentation and handwriting. We have been completing challenge questions to extend our learning and using our green editing pens to check and improve our work.


Miss Clegg



Home Learning


Reading Comprehension - to complete the next 2 reading comprehensions.


Maths - My Maths tasks have been set up (number bonds to 10 and number bonds to 20)


Spelling -  where, they, this, they, child, most


Have a lovely weekend.


Week 1


Welcome back to the Spring term!


This week we have got straight into our learning! In English we have been writing descriptive pieces linked to the weather. We have also been performing weather poems and songs/rhymes. In Maths we have continued to work with numbers up to 20. We have been working on questions that show our understanding of the concepts. 

In Science we learnt about the changes across the four seasons and in Geography we learnt about the different weather patterns across England. We will be keeping a weather diary next week. 







Week 15 and 16


Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way.....


What an end to the Autumn term it has been! A big well done to all the children who performed in the Nativity - it has been great to see them grow in confidence. We had a fantastic time at the Class Christmas Party and even played pin the nose on Rudolph. We have finished off the term with a Christmas lunch - we all made sure to wear our crowns!


Thank you to the parents/carers for your generous gifts. 


I hope you all have a fantastic Christmas and I will see you in 2019!


P.S I have sent home some extra reading books for the Christmas holidays. If you want to keep a Christmas diary that would be great! We have also been working with numbers up to 20 and representing these in different ways. Practising addition and subtraction questions for numbers up to 20 would also be useful. (just incase you have any spare time!)


Miss Clegg


Week 14

'Tis the season to be jolly!


This week we have been working very hard on our nativity. Please remember to bring in your costumes if you haven't already (we have a dress rehearsal on Wednesday).


We had a great time watching St Mary's got talent. Well done to all the children that took part and auditioned. 


We had a fantastic time on our school trip on Friday. We got to look at, explore and talk about old and modern toys. The children were very well behaved. I am sure there would have been a few sleepy children Friday night!


Buddy the class elf has been getting up to mischief again!


Next week is a very busy week - keep updated on the school website. 

Thursday 13th December - 2.00pm/6.00pm KS1 Nativity 

Friday 14th December - Christmas jumper day and Class party!


Miss Clegg


Costumes for the Nativity

Songs for the nativity

Week 13

This weekend the home-learning is slightly different. 


1. Have fun at the Christmas Fair. 

2. Practise the songs for the Nativity (I will upload the power-point).

3. Get your Nativity outfit ready to bring in on Monday. The children know their parts and should have brought home a piece of paper with their costume information. If this was not received, I have attached the costume document.


If you have any spare decorations for our Christmas tree they would be greatly appreciated. 

I am also still on the hunt for boxes to make our moving vehicles. 


I hope you all have a lovely weekend. 

Miss Clegg


Week 12

Can you believe we have nearly finished our first term in Year One?!


This week we have been writing descriptions based around 'The Last Noo -Noo'. We have also invented our own magic tree. In Maths we have been making different amounts. We have used tens frames to show our learning. For example: 4+4=8 and so does 3+5=8. In RE we have focused on the different symbols used in marriage and in History we compared Victorian and Modern toys. 


We also finished making our clay poppies to be displayed around the school. We made Christmas cards to those who might be alone at Christmas.


I posted our letter to Father Christmas. Hopefully he will send us an elf on the shelf. We will have to wait and see!

Week 11


Time flies by when you are having fun!


This week in English we have started our new story 'The Last Noo Noo'. We have been writing conversations between characters, writing questions (using question marks) and sequencing the story. In Maths we have been working on finding the 'difference' between two numbers.

In History we learnt about different toys that were popular in different decades. We got to play with Mr potato head, cars, dolls and playdoh! It was a lot of fun!


As Christmas is round the corner we have started to practise the songs for our Nativity! Parts and costume details will be sent out next week.


St Mary's got talent! On Monday the children will be able to audition for the talent show. The audition needs to be no longer than two minutes.


I hope you all have a lovely weekend. 

Miss Clegg


I hope you all have a lovely week

Home Learning


Comprehension- next page in comprehension book

Spelling - toy, royal cold, have, like

Maths - There is a sheet in their Maths Home Learning Book (subtraction). I have also included an example of the way we have been presenting it in our books at school. 


Week 10

What a busy week! It has flown by! 

It was lovely to see you all at the parent/teacher consultations. I hope you have found the Year One booklets helpful. If you didn't receive one of these please let me know. 


A letter was sent out this week about our school trip to the toy museum. We are all very excited!


In English this week our topic has been 'rhyming couplets'. We have been exploring rhyming words. Tomorrow we will be writing our own rhyming poem about our toys moving in the night! In Maths we have been focusing on solving subtraction word problems. We have also been working on using different representations to prove our thinking. In History we explored time vocabulary and in RE we learnt about different religious symbols. 


We were also SO lucky to have the donkey sanctuary come in to speak to us. We even got to stroke the donkeys! 

Today we had a workshop on different emotions. We listened to music and created freeze frames. At the end we used bubbles as a way to be still and calm.


Reminder - if any cardboard boxes are going spare please bring them into school. 


I hope you all have a lovely and restful weekend. Miss Clegg

Home Learning


Comprehension - next page in comprehension book

Spelling - pie, out, cloud, play, said

Maths - This week I will be sending home a Maths Home Learning book for the children to complete their work in. The questions will be stuck in their book. 


I hope you all have a lovely weekend. I look forward to seeing you at the parent/teacher consultations on Monday and Wednesday.

Week 9 


Welcome back to Autumn 2!

This week has been very busy already! We have been writing captions and sentences for our book of the week - 'Penguin'. In Maths we have been learning about the language of addition and subtraction. We have also been answering word problems using the part part whole model to show our thinking. 

This week we have started 'phase 5' in phonics. At the moment we are focusing on different ways of writing the same sound.  (e.g 'ai' 'ay' 'a-e'

In History we got to play with a range of 'old' toys. In Science we did an experiment to test which material would be best for teddy's towel. We also learnt about Diwali and drew beautiful henna patterns. 


We are going to be writing to Father Christmas next week to see if he will send us an 'elf'. 







1. Do you have any of the games you/a family member used to play with as a child? If so, please could you bring it in or tell us a little bit about it so I can share with Year One.


2. In the next few weeks we are going to be making a toy car. If you have any shoe boxes, cereal boxes or any cardboard boxes please could you bring them in. 


Thank you. 

Week 8

This week was Diversity Week. We read lots of stories to help us understand how everyone is different and unique. 


In English we finished off our 'Farmer Duck' unit by writing a postcard to Auntie Goose. In Maths we have been adding numbers to 10 and 20. 


It was great to see so many of you come to the learning showcase. I am sure you are all very proud of your children's learning. I sure am! 


Half Term


Your child should have come home with 4 reading books. 

Writing - it would be great if you could keep a half term diary.

Spelling - the days of the week


I hope you all have a lovely and restful half term. 


Miss Clegg

Home Learning


Spelling - toothbrush, bedroom, armchair, farmyard, saw

Comprehension - next page in comprehension book 

Maths - record on a piece of paper how many different ways can you make ten.

e.g 1+9 = 10 

You could draw it out if you want! 


Challenge - can you use three numbers to make 10? e.g 5+1+4 = 10


Please hand in the comprehension and Maths by Wednesday.





Week 7


In English this week we have been writing instructions because farmer duck went on holiday. We also wrote a description of farmer duck. We learnt about what a noun was and went on a 'noun hunt' around the school.

In Maths we have been using Cuisenaire Rods to make different numbers. We have been singing number bonds to 10 songs. 

The children were fascinated about our learning from the past. Thomas and Jamie shared their family history with the class. It was very interesting! We also discussed about how we knew the pictures were old. 


On Wednesday we got to watch a theatre performance of Peter Pan - it was so much fun! Today we celebrated St Mary's 50th Birthday! 


I hope you all have a lovely weekend. 



This week in History we are going to be finding out about the past (Wednesday).

If you know anyone who has any unique stories to tell, pictures to show or artefacts please let me know.

It would be great to let the children share their stories with the rest of the class. 


For example: My Grandfather was a pilot in the RAF and was alive in WW2.

My Great Grandad fought in WW1 and after that he become a tailor. He went on to make suits for King George VI.

My other Grandfather was in the WW2 (he was a medic in the RAF). He then joined his father's business and went to Buckingham palace to fit the suits. 

Week 6 home learning


Maths - see hyperlink above  'Caterpillar counting' (sequencing and counting) 

Reading comprehension - next text in the book (sorry I forgot to hand them out - they will be given out on Monday) 

Spelling - pure, was, all, went, from


Please encourage your child to hand in their home learning on a Wednesday. 


Year 6 are running a home learning club on a Wednesday. If you would like your child to complete their home learning at school please let me know. If not, they will be given time to complete it on a Friday afternoon in class. 


Week 6 news

We are superstar learners in Year One. The class have worked so hard since the start of term. We are looking forward to sharing our learning with you at the 'learning showcase'. Prepare to be amazed!


This week we have started our new topic of 'narratives with repetitive language'. We are reading 'farmer duck'. Every time we read a book we look at the front picture, read the title and make predictions. We have learnt that it is okay if our prediction is wrong - it is just a guess! Please encourage your child to do this at home. 


In Maths we have continued our learning and have been consolidating our understanding of ordering and sequencing. Please encourage your child to practise writing their numbers 1-20. 


In Music we have been working on our rhythm and keeping the beat.


The weather has been so lovely this week - we managed to squeeze the daily mile in twice! We try our best to squeeze everything into our week! 


I hope you have a lovely weekend. Hopefully the sun is here to stay. 

Miss Clegg

Week 5 home learning


Maths - I have uploaded a new task on My Maths -  'introducing number and place value' 


In order to practise ordering numbers your child can also play:


Spelling - hear, her, farmer, was, hair


I hope you all have a lovely weekend! 

Miss Clegg

Week five news


Life in Year One is always very busy! This week we have finished our unit on recounts. We wrote a recount imagining we were Eddy and lost our teddy in the woods. We have been making sure to include full stops, capital letters and finger spaces in our sentences. We are even starting to spot our phonics sounds in our words! In English we used the words 'first, next, then and at the end' to help us with our recount. If you have time at the weekend, I would love to read a recount of your child's weekend. 


In Maths we have been ordering numbers from smallest to biggest and biggest to smallest. We have also been using the vocabulary 'more than and less than'. We have been working on presenting our work in our Maths books. 


In Science we were describing the suitability of objects. For example, not using wood for an umbrella! In History we used 'chronological' language. In R.E. we have been talking about the importance of belonging. We spoke about how we belong to 'St Mary's. We even drew our school badge on the playground!


We also had an assembly from 'Mad Science' - a letter will come home in their bags next week. On Thursday we had a lovely service at church for Harvest. Thank you for all your generosity.


Thank you to all the parents who helped out with the Year One donut and cookie sale - they were delicious!

Week 4 Home Learning


Maths - Your child will come home with their MyMaths log details in their reading book. I have attached a guidance document below. Please complete the two activities set. They are based on our learning over the last two weeks.


Reading comprehension - page 4 - At the beach       (handed in by Thursday)


Spelling:  they,  look, food, park, cord               tested on Friday)

Maths Home Learing Online

Week 4 news


Another very busy week in Year one! This week in Maths we have been focusing on 'number'. We have been making different numbers using Maths resources and objects. We have also been playing games of snap to help us recognise numbers quickly.


In English we have started our 'recount' unit. We have based our learning around the book 'voices in the park'. We also went on a little walk today to help us use time vocabulary for our recount. We used 'Frist we, Then we, Next we, At last we' to help us write our recount.


In Science we have been describing the properties of different materials. In History we sequenced the story 'Dogger' as we were learning about chronological order. For example, you can't put your socks on after your shoes!


I hope you all have a lovely, sunny weekend!



Home Learning - Friday 20th  September


Reading books have been changed and will be sent home today.


Spellings for this week are:   boat, rain, tree, long, no, go

Please encourage your child to use these words in sentences. (Tested on Friday)


Reading activity: A reading comprehension book will be sent home in your child's book-bag. Please complete  page 3. (Hand in on Thursday) 


Enjoy the weekend!

I am putting any jumpers/cardigans in the lost property box outside the Year 1 and 2 classroom. Please can you ensure all jumpers/cardigans are clearly labelled. 

Week 3 News


Another very busy week at school. This week our Literacy focus has been on writing lists, captions and labels. We have learnt that all sentences need a capital letter, full stop and fingers. We have been using describing words for our labels. We also discussed how all names need a capital letter.  


In Maths we have finished our unit on positional language. At home you could practise remembering your left and right. You might want to practise 1/2, 1/4 and 3/4  turns with your child. 


In History we learnt about chronology and used our baby photos to help us! We even played a 'guess the baby' game! 





Next week in History we are thinking about 'what changes have happened in my life?"


Please can you provide your child with a baby picture by Wednesday 19th September. We will photocopy the picture for the children to use in the lesson. 


Thank you for your support.

Home Learning - Friday 14th September


Reading books will be sent home on Friday.


Spellings for this week are:   the, to, chop, chick, shed              

Please encourage your child to use these words in sentences.


Reading activity: A reading comprehension book will be sent home in your child's book-bag. Please complete 'playtime' on page 2.


Spellings will be tested on a Friday. I will also be encouraging the children to use these words and sounds in their writing. Reading activity book to be returned by Thursday.


Have a lovely weekend.




First Week News


We have had a fantastic week!


We have been settling in to Year One life! We have been writing captions in English, learning about positional language and ordinal numbers in Maths and sorting old and new objects in History.


We even had a group of owls come and visit us!


Year One Timetable (it may be subject to change)

Welcome back to Year One! I hope you all had a lovely Summer holiday!

Welcome to Year One (2018-2019)

Welcome to Year One (2018-2019) 1