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Year 6

Welcome to Year Six

Class Value: Compassion

On Tuesday, we were fortunate to have a Bootcamp session run for us. We were put to the test with a range of exercises including the use of tyres, planks and bars. It was a non-stop, fun-filled and challenging session! Huge thanks to Mrs Gamblen for arranging this treat for Year Six!
The Leaver's Party was a great success! We had 3 inflatables for the children to play on and a BBQ and sweets!
This morning, we had a visit from Irie Steel Pan Workshop. They performed some well-known songs for us, we had a go at playing parts of songs on the instruments, we learned about the history of Steel Pan, the heritage of this music, and we had a dance to some songs played on the drums. We even conga'd back to our classroom at the end!

Trip to Pizza Express & Cassiobury Park

Trip to Watford - Wednesday 27th June


The children will need to be dropped to Pizza Express (137 High Street) from 9.15am, where they will be met by Miss Paxton. Our session begins at 9.30am, so a prompt arrival is necessary! Whilst there, the children will learn about safe and hygienic cooking basics, and how to create the perfect pizza. Whilst the pizzas are cooking, the children will learn more about different ingredients. Our session will finish at 11am, following which we will walk along Watford High Street and through to Cassiobury Park, where we will enjoy our pizza lunch. You may wish to provide your child with other foods for their lunch in addition to this, such as fruit, cheese etc.

We anticipate that the children can play in the paddling pools at Cassiobury Park. If your child wishes to do this, they should wear their swimming costume underneath their school clothes and pack a towel. 

As the weather is expected to stay extremely warm, it is important your child brings plenty of water for the duration of the day, suncream (which should be applied before school), and a hat. We will be arriving back to school by 3.15pm, where your child should be collected as normal. 


Sports Week

On Thursday, we had a visit from Coach Helen from A-Life. She set up circuits for us to complete in groups around the hall. The exercises were intended to raise our heart rates and give us an example of appropriate and easy activities to keep us healthy!

Schools Sports Partnership Awards Evening

On Monday, 25th June, the Schools Sports Partnership Awards were held at Watersmeet Theatre. The awards recognise and celebrate pupils' achievements over the academic year in engaging more pupils in sport and leading areas of their school in the subject, from KS1 to KS5. The awards were presented by Jade Jones MBE, a GB Taekwondo Athlete, who won Gold in the 2012 and 2016 Olympics. She was the first Brit to win a gold medal in her category. 

Tom won the award for Young Sportsman due to his positive and resilient attitude towards the many sporting activities and clubs that he takes part in, inside and outside of school. Mia won Play Leader of the Year because of her efforts in setting up and running (with other pupils) a number of sporting clubs for younger pupils, as well as her commitment to sports within school. Dan won KS2 Outstanding Achievement for his enthusiastic and unwavering commitment to the school football team, of which he was chosen as Captain, and for maintaining a respectful, kind and positive manner during all partnership events. 


Well done all!

Today we had a visit from Jamie Knight, professional freestyle footballer. He spoke with us about his journey to becoming a freestyle footballer, and taught us some skills. He also performed for us!
Before heading for our ferry home today, we visited Carisbrook Castle, home to Queen Victoria's youngest daughter Beatrice, and the place in which Charles I was held prisoner before his trial. 

We spent the day today at Blackgang Chine Theme Park. We rode the 'Cliffhanger' rollercoaster many times, had time on the water slide, and explored all the adventure playgrounds at the park. This evening, we are off to the beach again, before heading back to the hotel to pack our things ready for our journey back tomorrow. 

In the morning we will be visiting Carrisbrook Castle, having lunch there, then heading to our ferry. 

Isle of Wight - Wednesday Evening at the beach

Another fun day on the Isle of Wight for Year 6! This morning, we visited Queen Victoria's holiday home Osborne House. We viewed many rooms, including Victoria and Albert's bedroom (where Victoria passed away in 1901). We had our lunch at the private beach here. After lunch, we traveled to Alum Bay and had a boat cruise to view the famous needles. We also visited the sand shop to take home souvenirs containing the naturally-coloured sand. 

This evening, we are heading down to the beach and will then be reading our letters from home!

Isle of Wight - Tuesday Evening at the Theatre


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


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Still image for this video

We have had a fun-filled first day in the Isle of Wight! This morning we visited Amazon World and got the chance to get close to some amazing animals, such as caimans, penguins and wallabies (which some of us got to feed). Then, we made our way to Robin Hill Country Park where we had lunch and then explored the adventure grounds. The best part was the water slide!! Tonight we are off to the Shanklin Theatre (photos to follow). 

The weather has held out for us!

We've made it safely to our hotel in the Isle of Wight. We have spent the day in Gosport, looking around HMS Alliance, the Royal Navy Submarine Museum and we had a submarine-making competition! Afterwards, we boarded our ferry to the Isle of Wight. On arriving at the hotel, we settled into our rooms, had dinner and some of us are watching the England game! We'll soon be having some cocoa before getting ready for a busy day at Amazon World and Robin Hill Country Park tomorrow. 

Year 6 have just arrived at the Royal Historic Dockyard in Portsmouth and are having a look at HMS Alliance.

HMS Alliance is Britain’s only remaining World War II submarine and stands as a memorial to the 5,300 British submariners who have lost their lives in service.

Isle of Wight 


Our residential trip to the Isle of Wight has finally arrived; I'm sure everyone is excitedly preparing for it at home, as we are in school. The Kit List given at the information evening is attached below. A reminder of some items to bring:

  • A packed lunch for Monday 
  • A water bottle to refill each day
  • A book or game for the coach journeys 
  • A small backpack to carry lunch and water (and perhaps a game/book) during the day
  • Swimwear for water slide



You need to arrive at school from 8.00am; we will be leaving promptly at 8.30am. The weather looks good for next week - no rain yet. Be sure to bring suncream, a hat and a waterproof/warm coat just in case!

We have had an action-packed week studying all things Nepal. We have made cushions using bright colours and patterns, as seen on textiles in Nepal, we have created leaflets offering factual information on a range of Nepalese traditions and landmarks, we've used pastels to create artwork, written stories about characters enduring an earthquake, and continued to work on our own paper mache volcanoes. On Thursday, we visited the Natural History Museum to learn more about our topic of Volcanoes and Earthquakes. We experienced what an earthquake would feel like in a simulator, watched footage of the effects that an earthquake can have on a town, felt solidified molten rock and much more! 


See you all on Friday afternoon from 2.30pm where you can see all of our efforts, and sample some Nepalese-inspired treats!

Trip to the Natural History Museum - Thursday, 7th June


On Thursday, we are off on a school trip to the Natural History Museum in London. As a reminder:

  • You will need a packed lunch and plenty of water. If possible, please bring this in a small backpack, so that your hands are free when travelling on the Underground. 
  • Remember your Oyster Card, if you have said that you are bringing one. 
  • You must wear your school uniform, but you may wear trainers as we will be doing quite a lot of walking. 
  • Aim to be at school by 8.20am, as we are leaving school promptly at 8.30am. We will be back at school by 3.30pm. 



Global Diversity Week

This week is Global Diversity Week, and we are studying the country of Nepal. So far, we have written stories about earthquakes in Nepal (following on from the 7.8 earthquake from 2015), designed and sewn Nepalese-inspired cushions, and created Nepalese artwork. We are showcasing all of our work this week on Friday, 8th June from 2.45pm in the classroom, where you will be able to see what we have been up to (pictures included) and take home our designs. We are raising money for Christian Aid, so if you are able to spare any change, we would be incredibly grateful to support this charity. 

Making Volcanoes

As our Kwik Cricket Festival was cancelled due to the rain, we spent the afternoon working on our model volcanoes. We used newspaper, tissue paper and pva glue to begin to mould our volcanoes. They're starting to take shape and will be ready for painting soon enough!
As part of Healthy Lifestyle Week, we took part in a Yoga Workshop. It was surprisingly challenging - we had to work on our balance, co-ordination, strength and flexibility. We also learned about the effects of exercise on our bodies, and the names of some strengthening muscles. 
This week is Healthy Lifestyle Week at school, and as part of this, we made Fruit Sushi. We used a range of fruits (bananas, kiwis, pineapple, strawberries and apples) to fill our sushi, and wrapped this in either sushi rice, a wholemeal wrap or both! Some of us used yoghurt or jam to help it stick together. Delicious!
Today Year Six celebrated the end of SATs in style. The classroom was transformed into a cinema and we settled down to watch the Greatest Showman with some popcorn. We then had a pizza party, before heading out to play games on the field. We finished the day with some ice lollies (and a photoshoot!). Well done Year Six for all your hard work this year!!
For this week's Home Learning, you may choose the task that you complete. You can either read and answer the questions on 'A Letter from C.S. Lewis' in Book One page 16, or you can complete at least one of the sets of questions on There are whole tests and there are also questions on specific areas, so choose which one(s) you feel you need more practise on. 
This week's Literacy Home Learning is to read, and answer the questions about, the Lord of the Rings extract in your reading comprehension book. You will find the text in Book One on page 18. Remember to look at the marks available when considering how many points to make in your response. 
This week's Literacy home learning is to complete a practice Spelling, Punctuation & Grammar test on Try and set yourself a time limit to practice completing it within about 40 minutes. Remember to check your answers carefully and use your revision flashcards if you need to. 

Summer has arrived!

This afternoon we took full advantage of the glorious sunshine and had our library session outdoors!

Welcome Back

Welcome Back 1
We hope that you all had an enjoyable and restful Easter break and are energised for the term ahead! As a reminder, SATs Revision Morning classes resume as normal on Tuesday 17th April and will continue up to the week commencing 14th May (with the exception of polling day on 3rd May). The timetable for these sessions can be found below. 
This morning we took part in a different kind of Easter Egg hunt: a Salvation hunt. We teamed up with Reception to find jigsaw pieces hidden around the school in baskets. We then worked together to put the jigsaw together to create the Easter Story. Despite the rain, we managed to find all the jigsaw pieces and successfully re-tell the story of Jesus' crucifixion. 

Hot Cross Bun Competition

This morning we made Hot Cross buns for the Hot Cross bun competition tomorrow. These will be judged by Mrs Edwards and then available in the dining room during the Easter Exhibition. Come along and try one to find out what our secret ingredient is!


Remember to bring your £1 tomorrow to purchase your Easter Craft!

This week's Literacy Home Learning is to write a newspaper article reporting the events of the first Ancient Greek Olympic games. Include quotes from spectators and participants, key facts about the beginning of the Olympics, and interesting events that occurred. 

Science Investigations update

We left the eggs in various liquids over the weekend and this is what we found on Monday morning. The vinegar had made the shell dissolve, and had left a white sack around the raw egg (which we found when we pierced the sack). It looked like it had been boiled, and felt like a bouncy ball! The ketchup and the orange juice did something similar, but didn't make the eggs quite as bouncy. 

Science Investigations

As part of Science Week, Year Six undertook a range of investigations, which involved them having to work as a team to explore questions. This included exploring the effect of different liquids on eggs, working out how to make a paperclip float on water, and piercing a bag of water without it leaking. 

Visit from David Gauke

Visit from David Gauke 1
Visit from David Gauke 2
Visit from David Gauke 3
Visit from David Gauke 4
Visit from David Gauke 5
Visit from David Gauke 6

On Friday morning, we were fortunate to receive a visit from MP for South West Hertfordshire, David Gauke. Year Six had spent some time researching his role and generating questions to learn more about the job that he does. They were then able to ask him their questions on his visit. The questions were varied, some included: "Have you created any laws?", "Have you ever had to campaign for something that you didn't agree with?", and "Have you ever met the Queen?".  

This week's Literacy Home Learning is to read and answer the comprehension questions about the news article 'Hostages to Handheld Devices'. You will find the article on page 8 of Book One. This week, children will be coming home with a purple handwriting book which contains some of their spelling words for this week. This is to help children practise the spelling of certain words, and to help with maintaining accurate and consistent letter sizing within writing. 
Please work on these during the week, using the lines as a measure, and return them by Friday for some new words. 

Cake Sale


Well done to Year Six and their parents for organising and running a fantastic cake sale. There were lots of delicious and beautifully-decorated cakes to choose from! 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
The Literacy Home Learning this week is to complete a practice spelling, punctuation and grammar test on

ArtistMeet - Young Masters Primary School Open Exhibition 2018


Congratulations to Amy, Lilly and Lucy whose artwork was chosen for the Young Masters Art Exhibition at Watersmeet Theatre. The girls designed their art on cavases, during PSHCE week, which showed their 'happy place' to raise awareness of positive mental health.

Picture 1
Picture 2

Terror unearthed at St. Mary's


Year Six arrived to shocking scenes at school this morning: their classroom was a crime scene! Mr Exley, our site manager, had made a gruesome discovery the previous evening when he was digging on the playground. He (accidentally) uncovered a skeleton. Year Six have spent the morning questioning Mr Exley and local police officer PC Stickland about the find, as well as examining objects and possessions found with the skeleton. Watch this space for news reports, giving you all the facts about these unusual events. 



On Friday, we had an afternoon of reading-related activities. While some children were able to read with their parents in school, others were writing book reviews about a book of their choice for display around the school. We also watched James and the Giant Peach, the movie adaptation of Roald Dahl's book. We are excited for World Book day next week and to see the characters that everyone comes as!

This week's Literacy Home Learning is to read the biography about Malala Yousafzai, which is in Book Two on page 18, and answer the comprehension questions. 
Here is the timetable for our SATs Morning Revision Classes, for those of you that are attending, so you can see what topics we will be revising. Remember to bring your red book, as you might find it helpful to make notes in. Can you explain to someone at home what you have been learning in the sessions? You might find it will help you to remember how to do something if you practise teaching it to someone else!

What are the best conditions for mould to grow in?

What are the best conditions for mould to grow in? 1
What are the best conditions for mould to grow in? 2
What are the best conditions for mould to grow in? 3

This week we began our Science Enquiry into the best conditions for mould to grow in. We have carefully chosen two different locations for our slices of bread and have placed them around the school. We will observe them each day over this week and see how they are changing (if at all!). If you see our bread around the school, you can see if it is growing any mould, but please don't touch! We wouldn't want it to affect how our bread changes over time!

Our first PE session with Watford Football Club

Our first PE session with Watford Football Club 1
Our first PE session with Watford Football Club 2
Our first PE session with Watford Football Club 3
Our first PE session with Watford Football Club 4
Our first PE session with Watford Football Club 5
Our first PE session with Watford Football Club 6
Our first PE session with Watford Football Club 7
Our first PE session with Watford Football Club 8
Our first PE session with Watford Football Club 9
Our first PE session with Watford Football Club 10

Change to PE days for next half-term


This coming half-term we are fortunate that Watford Football Club Community Sports and Education Trust will be delivering PE lessons to Year Six. They will be in every Monday afternoon and the session will involve a theory and a practical lesson.

Don't forget your PE kit every Monday and Tuesday!


Adventures in Ancient Greece


This term in Literacy we have been writing diary entries and informal letters based around our topic of Ancient Greece. Read some of the adventures that we have been up to!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9

Year Six Visit to Rickmansworth Council Offices - Friday, 2nd February 2018

This afternoon, Year Six visited the Three Rivers District Council Offices in Rickmansworth to learn more about the work of our council. We met with Councillor Hiscocks and Chairman Barber, who explained to us how meetings are held and the roles of different people within council meetings. We then held our own debate, like the councillors do. We debated the question 'Should animal testing be banned?' After many well-thought points, questions and discussions, it came down to a vote which resulted in 18-9 for banning animal testing! Year Six took to their roles well and put forward some fantastic arguments!
This week's Literacy Home Learning is to complete the set questions on 

Baths Bombs are brewing

Baths Bombs are brewing 1
Baths Bombs are brewing 2
Baths Bombs are brewing 3
Baths Bombs are brewing 4
Baths Bombs are brewing 5
Baths Bombs are brewing 6
Baths Bombs are brewing 7
Baths Bombs are brewing 8
Baths Bombs are brewing 9
Baths Bombs are brewing 10
This morning, Year Six have been making Bath Bombs ready to sell afterschool on Friday. We used Corn Starch, Citric Acid, Bicarbonate of Soda and Epsom Salts to make them, and added soap dyes and essential oils of our choice to make them smell lovely. 

PSHCE Week - First Aid Training

PSHCE Week - First Aid Training 1
PSHCE Week - First Aid Training 2
PSHCE Week - First Aid Training 3
PSHCE Week - First Aid Training 4
PSHCE Week - First Aid Training 5
PSHCE Week - First Aid Training 6
PSHCE Week - First Aid Training 7
PSHCE Week - First Aid Training 8
PSHCE Week - First Aid Training 9
PSHCE Week - First Aid Training 10
This week's Literacy Home Learning is to write a diary entry from the point of view of an Athenian or Spartan Child. What events might happen during a typical day? Do they enjoy what they do day-to-day? What do they wish for? Remember to write about past events, and to explain your feelings and thoughts through description. 
This week's Literacy Home Learning is to read the poem 'If-' by Rudyard Kipling and answer the comprehension questions. You will find the poem on Page 22 of Book One of your reading books. 

This week's Literacy Home Learning is work on punctuation. Log onto using your username and password and follow the steps on the website. 


In Maths we used Cuisenaire Rods to find and show equivalent fractions!

In Maths we used Cuisenaire Rods to find and show equivalent fractions! 1
In Maths we used Cuisenaire Rods to find and show equivalent fractions! 2
In Maths we used Cuisenaire Rods to find and show equivalent fractions! 3
In Maths we used Cuisenaire Rods to find and show equivalent fractions! 4
In Maths we used Cuisenaire Rods to find and show equivalent fractions! 5
In Maths we used Cuisenaire Rods to find and show equivalent fractions! 6

Drugs and Alcohol Awareness Workshop

Drugs and Alcohol Awareness Workshop 1
Drugs and Alcohol Awareness Workshop 2
Drugs and Alcohol Awareness Workshop 3
Drugs and Alcohol Awareness Workshop 4
Drugs and Alcohol Awareness Workshop 5
Drugs and Alcohol Awareness Workshop 6
Drugs and Alcohol Awareness Workshop 7
Drugs and Alcohol Awareness Workshop 8