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Year 6

Welcome to Year Six

Class Value: Compassion


Over the Easter holidays there will not be any Home Learning. The children have been working incredibly hard this term, so I hope that they (and you) have a well-earned rest and come back refreshed in the Summer Term. 


Happy Easter!


Class Assembly

On Wednesday, we had our (final) class assembly! We shared our learning so far this year in Year Six, including some fantastic writing linked to our topics (WW1 and Rivers) and a Water Saving Challenge Quiz. We hope that those of you that were able to come enjoyed it! The children have been working hard over the last few days to put it together!


Home Learning - 29 03 19


Maths -  Complete pages 33 & 34 (Scale Factors) and page 53 of your maths workbook. 

English -  Complete the both tests on (semi-colons and colons)

Reading - Remember to read at least 5 times this week and get your reading record signed by an adult. 

Spelling - Learn the spelling words on your bookmark (their meaning aswell). They will be tested next week. 


Hockey Tournament

Hockey Tournament 1
Hockey Tournament 2
Well done to our Year Six team who participated in the Hockey Tournament with other schools in our Sports Partnership. We showed resilience and respect during the 6 matches we played and made great progress in the skills used as the tournament went on. Well done team!

Home Learning - 22 03 19


Maths - Answer the questions on p.38 and 39 on 'unequal sharing' (ratio and proportion). Remember to draw the model to help you. Challenge X is in the document below. 

English - Read 'Olympic Torch Relay, Day 52' on p. 12 and answer the questions on p.13. Take notice of how many marks may be awarded and carefully consider how many points you need to make. 

Spelling - Learn the spellings and meanings of the words in the document below. 

Reading - Make sure that you are reading at least five times to an adult this week, and remember to get your reading record signed. 

Home Learning - 15 03 19


Maths -  Complete pages 18, 19 and 23 in your Maths Workbook (simplifying, ordering and dividing fractions). Challenge X is attached in the document below. 

English - Read 'Poems about Seasons' and answer the questions (pages 14 & 15) in your Reading Comprehension book (Book One)

Spellings - Learn how to spell these words, their meanings and practise using them in sentences (attached in the document below). 

Reading - Make sure you are reading to an adult at least five times over the week and get your reading record signed. 

On Thursday, we visited Lee Valley to learn more about the features of River Systems. We compared the River Lee to a canal and a lake by looking at the wildlife, features and plants that were observable. We drew field sketches, recorded the flow of the river (and learned that canals and lakes have no flow), and used binoculars to observe birds on the lake in the bird hide. Thankfully, the rain didn't last long! Thank you to our parent helpers!

Home Learning - 08 03 19


Maths - Answer the questions on pages 22, 24 and 25 of your maths workbook (multiplying fractions, with decimals, and by 10, 100 and 1000). Challenge X is in the document below. 

English - complete the tests on Terminology set on There are full SATs tests on the website also, should you wish to have a go at one of those!

Spelling - Learn the words set in the document below. 

Reading - Read at least 5 times to an adult - don't forget to get your reading record signed each time!


We had a wonderful day celebrating World Book Day on Thursday. We had a wide range of characters in the classroom, including Amelia Earhart, Medusa, Dumbledore, Alice in Wonderland, Mary Poppins and Tin Tin. We started off the day with an assembly where we saw everyone's costumes. We took part in the Big Book Swap where we were able to exchange some of our old books for others brought in by other children - there was so much on offer. Mrs Ingram read a story she has been writing during Assembly, we read with Year 2 children, watched a writing masterclass by Jeff Kinney (author of Diary of a Wimpy Kid) and even listened to an audiobook extract from Rooftoppers. Finally, we took part in the book treasure hunt around the school!

Ash Wednesday Service

On Wednesday, Rvd. Snowball led us in an Ash Wednesday Service. We explored the themes of Lent and the sacrifices Jesus made for us. We finished the service by having ash crosses on our foreheads and hands. 

Home Learning - 01 03 19


Maths  - p.66, 67, 68 & 69 of your Maths workbook (all about co-ordinates, translations and reflections). 

English - Read 'If-' by Rudyard Kipling on p.22 of your reading comprehension book and answer the questions on p.23. 

Spellings - a range of homophones. Make sure you learning the meanings and practise using these words in sentences. 

Please make sure you are reading at least five times a week, and get your reading record signed by an adult. 

On Wednesday, we were visited by Winston Nzinga who is a storyteller and author. He told us many stories from all over the world, and sang songs to accompany these. We joined in with actions and played instruments while Winston sang. Thank you to the PTA for organising - we are primed for World Book Day next week!

Science - photos needed!

This half term in Science we will be learning about Evolution and Inheritance. Next week, we will be looking at inherited vs acquired characteristics, and for this it would be great if the children could bring in a photo of one or both parents (if you don't mind us using these in class!)

The photos will be used in the children's work, so please only send in photos if you're happy for them to appear in your child's book.   

Have a wonderful break over half term! See you on the 25th!

SATs Club (Morning Revision)

After half term, the Year 6 SATs Revision club will be starting. This will run every Tuesday and Thursday morning from 8-8.30am. Below is a timetable of the sessions so that you can see what is coming up. The focus will be on Maths. After the Easter holidays, we will be revising SPAG and key reading skills. 


As you will be aware, we have a school subscription to MyMaths which we would like you to make the most of. Attached below is the Pupil Guide to help you login (the children have logged on in school). On the website is all of the Year 6 materials to help you revise and to test you on each area of the maths curriculum. You can also access (if you wish) resources from other year groups. 


Learning Showcases


Don't forget that next Thursday (14th February) is our Learning Showcase. Come along to the classroom, from 2.30pm,  and see what we have been up to this half term!

What will we be learning next week (W/C 11/02)?



We will be learning all about angles: recapping right, acute, obtuse and reflex angles, calculating missing angles in diagrams and shapes, and learning to recognise that angles which are vertically opposite when two lines meet at a point are identical. 


We will be learning to present a balanced argument through Discussion Texts based on questions linked to our topic of the Amazing Americas. 



Home Learning - 07 02 19


Complete pages 51, 52 & 53 of your Maths workbook, calculating the areas and perimeters of a range of shapes. 


  • Read and answer the questions on 'Queen Victoria's Diary' on p.20 of Reading Comprehension Book One. 
  • Learn the spellings (in the document below)
  • Read at least five times during the week and have your reading record signed by an adult. 





Home Learning - 04 02 19

As school was closed last Friday, Home Learning was given out today. You need to complete pages 10 and 11 of your Maths workbook for Friday 8th. 

Remember you should be reading every day and getting your reading record signed by an adult. 

Home Learning - 25 01 19


Maths - Answer the questions 'Missing number problems' on pages 42 and 43 of your Maths Workbook. Challenge X is attached below. 

SPAG - Answer the questions on 'Formal and Informal' language and a short practise SATs test on

Reading - Make sure you read at least 5 times per week and get your reading record signed by an adult. 

Spellings - This week's spellings are attached in the document below. 


Have a great weekend. 

Home Learning - 18 01 19


Maths - complete the questions Shape Properties on pages 58 and 59 of your workbook. There is a Challenge X on the spelling list. 

English - You will need to research Harriet Tubman and her role in the Underground Railroad. Bring notes to use in our writing next week (we will be writing recounts of the Underground Railroad from Tubman's perspective). Below are some useful websites.

Spelling - spelling words to learn this week are based on some words we have been using in our learning this week which follow common spelling rules, or can be found on the Y5/6 spelling list. 

Reading - You must read at least 5 times this week and get your reading record signed by an adult. 


Have a lovely weekend. 


I'm an explorer; GET ME OUT OF HERE!

This term, our topic is 'I'm an explorer; GET ME OUT OF HERE!' We will be learning all about the 'Amazing Americas' this half term, and next half term we will be studying 'Raging Rivers'. Please have a look at the Skills Booklet to see what the children will be learning in the foundation subjects. A break down of the curriculum can be found in the Curriculum Overview at the bottom of the class page. 

What will we be learning next week?


  • In Maths, we will finish our topic of shapes by looking at the properties of 3D shapes. We will then look at why solving operations in a certain order is important (BODMAS) which will help us in writing formulas (Algebra). You might want to practise solving questions that involve BODMAS, and writing or solving number sentences where values have been swapped for letters, e.g. a + 5 = 12, what is the value of a?        b² = 49, what is the value of b?
  • In Reading, we will be learning how to retrieve information from contrasting places in texts, and considering why authors place similar information in a range of places for the reader. 

Home Learning - 11 01 19


  • Maths: choose and complete a challenge in your Maths book. We have been learning about the properties of 2D shapes, including circles, and so Home Learning this week challenges you to recall and recognise some of these properties to solve problems.
  • English (Comprehension): Read 'Cider with Rosie' on pg.10 and answer the questions on pg.11 of Book One. 
  • English (Reading): To practise your word reading and fluency, make sure you read at least five times aloud to someone at home and get your reading record signed. 
  • English (Spelling): We have been reviewing the -ough letter string in Spelling this week and learning all the different sounds these letters make in words. The spellings this week are a range of words with differing sounds made with 'ough'.


*Geography challenge*

The World's highest waterfall is in Venezuela. What is it called and how high is it?



Exciting discovery!


Some children were delighted to find that the sunlight coming in the classroom windows was causing a the water in a bottle on a desk to refract! 

Happy New Year!


Happy New Year to you all! Thank you for all your kind words and gifts at Christmas. We hope that you all had an enjoyable Christmas break and time to rest and recharge. We really appreciate all your support with the children over the last term and are looking forward to all that's in store for the rest of the year!



Image result for happy new year

14 12 18


There will be no Home Learning set this week! Well done for all your efforts towards the KS2 carol service on Tuesday - it was a wonderful evening. I hope you have a weekend filled with festive fun, and look forward to seeing you on Monday as we count down to Christmas. 

Remember that we are at church on Monday morning for a KS2 rehearsal of our Christmas Carol Service.

Next Week


In Maths next week we will be learning to use formal methods for division, including how to write remainders as decimals and fractions. 


In English, we will be learning to use scene changes and dialogue to move on the action within atmospheric texts. We will also be continuing to learn how to use cohesive devices (such as subtle repetition and conjunctions) to link ideas.


Home Learning - 07 12 18


In Maths this week we have been learning to find the areas of rectangles, triangles and parallelograms. For your Maths Home Learning this week, you will need to solve the problems involving the area of these shapes. If your challenge question shows a shape, please draw this into your book before answering the question. Remember to show your working. 


For English Home Learning, you will need to answer the questions on 'synonyms and antonyms' and 'hyphens, dashes and bullet points' on


Your spelling words for this week can be found at the bottom of the maths sheet. 


Have a great weekend.



Santa's Elves

Santa is looking forward to seeing his elves tomorrow (Saturday 1st) at the Christmas fair between 12 and 4pm. Elves should make their way to the Year Six classroom when they are able to help wrapping some special presents!


If you want to wear something Christmassy (or dress as an elf) please do!



Next week

In Maths next week we will be learning to find the area of triangles and parallelograms. You may want to remind yourself how to find the area and perimeter of rectangles. 


In writing, we will be learning how to incorporate atmosphere into narratives. You may want to remind yourself of some of the features of narrative writing, such as figurative language (personification, metaphors and similes). 

Home Learning - 30 11 18

This week in maths we have been learning to use formal written methods for multiplication, as well as using base facts to solve multiplication problems. The maths home learning this week allows you to practise these skills. Your spellings for this week are on the maths sheet also. 


For English home learning, please follow the instructions on p.32 of Comprehension Book One, 'Change your journey to school.' You will write a persuasive text, and on p.33 you will need to write some comprehension questions about your text. We will swap and answer them next week!


Please remember you should be reading at least five times during the week, and to have your reading record signed by Friday.



Home Learning - 23 11 18

For Maths home learning this week, you must choose one of the challenges and solve the percentage problems in your book. 


For English, you must complete the SPAG tests. They are practise for identifying and using terminology. There is a glossary of terms at the bottom of this page so do use it if needed. Your spellings for this week are also on the maths sheet. 


Please make sure you are reading at least five times per week, and getting this signed in your reading record. 


Have a great weekend. 

Basketball - School Sports Partnership

Home Learning - 16 11 18

For Maths home learning this week, please choose one challenge on fraction, decimal and percentage equivalents and complete it in your book. 


For English, please read and answer the questions about 'Born on a Blue Day' on p.6 of Book One. 

Please also learn the spellings (-se and -ce words), and read at least five times during the week. 


Have a lovely (and hopefully dry) weekend!

Perform Workshop - 15 11 18

Visit from the Donkey Sanctuary - 15 11 18

English - Narrative Writing Freeze Frames

Christmas Elves

The Christmas season is almost upon us, and the PTA are working hard to organise the Christmas Fair on Saturday 1st December. Year Six will be taking on the role of 'elves' in the Y6 classroom to wrap secret santa presents. If your child is able to be an elf at the fair and volunteer some of their time (between 12 and 4pm) then please speak to Miss Paxton so she can sign them up!


Ho Ho Ho!

Home Learning - 09 11 18

This week we have been learning to find and use fraction and decimal equivalents. The questions for each challenge for home learning this week require you to use the facts you know, calculate equivalents or apply these to problems. Choose one challenge and complete it in your book. Please remember to show your working out or explain your reasoning. 


For English this week, you should complete the tests of One is on 'subject verb agreement' and the other is on 'synonyms and antonyms'. 

Spellings are at the bottom of the maths challenge sheet. Our focus this week is nouns ending in -ce and verbs ending is -se. 


Make sure you are reading at least five times over the course of the week, and recording this in your reading record. 


Have a wonderful weekend. 

Welcome back!


Welcome back to school for the second half of the Autumn Term - we hope you had a restful half term. This half term we will continue with our topic 'Lest We Forget', focussing on the impact of World War One. Below is an overview of the skills we will be learning for each subject within this. 

Model trenches

We have been busy bringing our designs to life this week as we used recyclable goods to make model trenches. We have been innovative with our creations, and added items as the week has gone on. Here are just a few of them. 

This week we have been celebrating diversity. We took part in an African Dance workshop, where we sequenced together four movements that we learned. We also learned about Kenya, and some African traditions from Lydia. We also had a workshop linking to Black History called 'I have a dream.' In the workshop, we learned about some people from history who have made a significant impact for black civil rights. 

In addition to this, we have been having debates and discussions around some interesting and controversial topics, such as 'If we allow same-sex schools, should we have same-race schools?' and 'Is educating girls a waste of money?'

Trip to the Imperial War Museum

On the 18th October, we visited the Imperial War Museum in London to explore the First World War galleries. While there, we looked at some incredible artefacts, including letters, uniform, weapons, medals and even a trench! It was incredible to see some objects that have been kept in good condition since the war ended. 

Home Learning - 19 10 18


In Maths this week, we have been learning to compare and order fractions using a common denominator. Please choose a challenge and complete it in your book, showing your working out and/or reasoning.

Next week we will be adding and subtracting fractions, so it is important that you are confident in writing fractions with common denominators. 


For English this week, you will need to read 'White Fang' on p.28 of book one and answer the questions about this. 


You will find your weekly spellings (from the Year 5&6 curriculum words) at the end of the maths challenges. 

Make sure you read five times this week and get your reading record signed by an adult. 



Have a wonderful weekend!

Next week

Our trip to the Imperial War Museum in London is next Thursday, 18th October. As a reminder, children need to be dropped at Rickmansworth train station by 8.45am. On our return journey, we will walk from Rickmansworth station back to school by 3.15pm. 

All children will need a (nut-free) packed lunch on this day and water. They should wear school uniform. 

We're really looking forward to it!


Home Learning - 12 10 18


This week, we have been learning more about factors and multiples and have begun to apply this to simplify fractions, find equivalents, and write fractions with common denominators. 

For Maths, please choose and complete one of the challenges on the sheet attached. 

For English, you must complete the questions on about pronouns and cohesive devices. 

Please also ensure you practise the spellings (found at the end of the maths challenges) which contain -fer. 

Please continue to read at least five times this week as usual. 


Have a lovely weekend. 


Our learning this week!


We have been busy in Year Six this week. We have finished writing about Walter Tull, Britain's first black officer. We researched the life of Tull and planned biographies to detail the significant events in his life, including his legacy as Officer during World War One. You can read the biographies on our display board in the KS2 corridor, or see them during our Learning Showcase during the last week of half term. 


We have also been extending our knowledge of factors and multiples in preparation for comparing, ordering, adding and subtracting fractions. We used cuisenaire rods to find and show relationships between different fractions, and were able to express equivalent fractions this way (we made them like in the pictures below, and then wrote about them in our books).


In Science, we were exploring the effect of diet on the human body. We surveyed other children in the school to try and find out how their lunch affected their energy levels. 

Home Learning - 05 10 18


Home Learning this week is:

  • Read the autobiography 'I can jump in puddles' on page 26 of Book One and answer the questions.
  • Complete a challenge from the Maths challenges
  • Learn the five spellings (meaning and how they're spelt)
  • Read at least five times

Home Learning - 28 09 18

For maths home learning this week, you will be solving a range of problems using an appropriate strategy (see the above document).

Each child has received a login for We will begin using this over the coming weeks, so we encourage you to ensure you can access your homepages, explore the website and play some of the games available this week. A guide for logging in is in the above documents.


In English, we have been learning how to write recounts (biographies). For English home learning this week, you will need to research and write a biography about a significant person from World War One. Some suggestions are: Lord Kitchener, Edith Cavell, Alexander Fleming, Douglas Haig, Wilfred Owen, Winston Churchill or Dame Caroline Haslett. 


The bbc website contains lots of information about WW1, including some of the people suggested above. 


Please also make sure you read at least five times this week. 



Next week we will begin planning and designing model trenches. If you have any old shoeboxes at home, please bring them into school so that we can use them in DT. Any other household items, such as egg boxes, yoghurt containers, toilet roll tubes etc. would also be really helpful!


Have a wonderful weekend.

Home Learning - 21 09 18

This week's Maths Home Learning is to solve a range of problems using mental strategies. Have a look at the strategy sheet if you need reminding of these. 

This week we have been learning to spell words that end in -able and -ible. The spellings this week can be found at the end of the Home Learning sheet. 

For English, you will need to complete the questions about the active and passive voice on 



Tomorrow (Thursday, 20th September) Year 6 will be having an extra PE lesson, so please make sure kits are in school. 


As we approach colder weather, there will be more occasions when the children will not be able to play outside during break and lunch time. Therefore, we kindly ask that if you have any old games that you no longer use, that we might be able to have them in school for use during 'wet play'. Any kinds of card games (top trumps etc). or board games would be greatly appreciated!

Home Learning - 14 09 18

The home learning for Year Six this week is:

  • Read five times (don't forget to get your reading record signed)
  • Maths: choose one of the challenges and complete in your Maths Home Learning book
  • Spellings: Learn the five spellings on the homework sheet
  • English: Read 'An interview with Nixie Labs' on p.2 on your Reading Comprehension book and answer the questions. 


You might also want to practice your times tables on times tables rockstars.

Night Owl Visit

This morning we had a visit from Night Owls, who brought along some of their favourite owls for us. We learned about what they like to eat, how they catch their food, and some of the amazing skills that they have. 

Science Learning

This half term we are learning about the Human Circulatory System in Science. Last week, we learned about how blood travels around the body. We went onto the playground and drew the heart, lungs, veins and arteries in the human body. 

School Councils

Over the coming weeks, representatives for each of our school councils will be chosen. As a reminder, here is an overview explaining dates by which letters should be handed in, and how each representative will be chosen. 

Home Learning - Autumn Week 1 - 07 09 18


All the children have been given a login for Times Tables Rockstars - we encourage you to explore the website and try some of the challenges and games. 

Children should be reading to an adult five times per week, and this should be a range of texts and genres. Please make sure this is logged in reading records, as these will be checked on Fridays.


This week, the children have not been given any other Maths or English Home Learning to complete.

Welcome back!


Welcome back to school! This week, Year Six have been settling into their new classroom and back into school routines. Please find below copies of the documents given out at the Meet the Teacher Information Session this week. You should have also received a hard copy. There is also a copy of the Skills Booklet for the first half-term which, like Curriculum Booklets previously, explain the skills that the children will be learning in the foundation subjects.