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Late/Absence Procedures



Due to lateness having a detrimental effect on a child’s attendance, a ‘U’ code is added to a child’s register if they arrive past 9.00am. A ‘U’ code affects a child’s attendance by decreasing it by one session. If this becomes a recurring issue, Fixed Penalty Notices may apply. Therefore, please ensure your child is in school on time.



Who shall I telephone if my child is absent? Please phone the school office. You must send a note in with your child on their first day back or email the office with an explanation. If we don’t hear from you, we will ring to find out why your child is not in school. Please only keep your child off if their illness is infectious or they are too ill to attend school. We reserve the right to make home visits to ensure the reason for absence is genuine. If you are planning a holiday or trip to visit relatives, please plan this during the school holidays. The Local Authority Attendance Improvement Officer (AIO) monitors our children’s attendance. As a school we expect a child’s attendance to be at 97%. We follow the law and will not authorise any holidays during term time