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St Mary's Church of England Primary School Aspire, Nurture, Flourish Developing Life in all its Fullness

Collective Worship

Every school must, by law hold a daily Act of Collective Worship. At the moment during these COVID-19 times these are held remotely in class either live (Headteacher led Celebration Assembly or Themed Collective Worship streamed from St Mary’s Church by the Vicar) or from a pre-recorded video from our Collective Worship Lead and Class Teachers. As a Church of England School we follow the ‘Roots and Fruits’ Programme which follows our core values and the Christian yearly cycle.  Every child is encouraged to participate and we are sensitive to the beliefs of all religions represented in the school.


Collective Worship in a Church of England School is invitational. The themes covered are pertinent to those of a Christian Faith, other faith and those with no faith. The topic covered will develop every child's spirituality regardless of faith. Children are invited to join in prayer at the end of the service.


During 'normal' times, Collective Worship is as follows:

Monday- Vicar 

Tuesday- Collective Worship Leader

Wednesday- Assistant Headteacher

Thursday- Class based

Friday- Celebration Assembly with the Headteacher