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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!

Class Value: Trust





Well done to all of Year 3 for Sports Day this afternoon! What a great sportsmanship and a fantastic atmosphere!


There will be no homework this weekend.  Please return all reading books and library books to school next week in preparation for the Summer holidays.


Many thanks for your continued support and have a lovely weekend!



Maths home learning can be found on p25,26 and 27 of the Maths work book. 'Estimating and checking' and 'Solving Calculation Problems'.


English home learning can be found on p 28 and 29 of the Comprehension work book.  'Jellyfish in the UK'.


Spellings next week are:







Have a lovely weekend!




Maths home learning can be found on and is about 'division'


English home learning can be found on p26 and 27 of the Comprehension book and is 'The Secret History of Tome Trueheart'.


Spellings this week are:






As well as five from the Year 2 CEW.


We've enjoyed an energetic Sports week this week and had fun with a 'footballer freestyler' activity, this afternoon! 

Have a lovely weekend and enjoy the heatwave!






Maths home learning this week can be found on page 43 and 44 of the white Maths book.  'Clocks' and 'Time Problems'.


English home learning can be found on p24 and 25 of the white Comprehension  book 'Poems about Crocodiles'.


Spellings this week are: 







Have a good weekend everyone!








Maths home learning this week can be found on  If children have forgotten their user names and passwords please check on Monday as we can remind them!  Our topic this week in maths has been telling the time.  Some children have found it quite a challenging concept so continuing to practise at home with analogue and digital clocks, would be beneficial.


English home learning this week is Comprehension.  P 22 and 23- 'My name is Mina'.


Spellings this week are:






as well as 5 random Year 2 CEW.


Have a lovely weekend and fingers crossed for some sunshine!


Welcome back to Term 6! We hope you had a great half term.


We've had a busy first week back and enjoyed our field trip to St Alban's on Wednesday.  I think we are all looking forward to getting stuck into our Geography and Art project soon, with the information that we gathered.


Home learning this week:

Maths: P 10 and 11 of the Targeted question book.  This is revision of 'Ordering and Comparing numbers'. Next week we are going to be continuing with learning about Time, particularly reading analogue and digital time on clocks and thinking about minutes 'to' and 'from' the hour.  This would be good skill to reinforce and practise at home.


English:  P 20 and 21 of the Comprehension book. 'An interview with Rebecca Adlington'.


Spellings this week are:






As well as the Year 2 CEW.


Have a good weekend!



Maths home learning this week can be found on p 6 and 7 of the white maths book and is revision of 'Place Value' and 'Reading and Writing numbers'.


English home learning is all about using 'prepositions' in sentences.  All children have been given a worksheet. Please ensure they copy and complete the activities in their green homework books.


Spellings for next week are:







Please continue to support Year 3 with practising the Year 2 common exception words and 2,3,4,5 and 10 times tables.


Have a great weekend!





Maths home learning this can be found on p 32 and 33 of the Maths workbook- Adding and subtracting fractions.


English home learning this week can be found on p18 and 19 of the Comprehension workbook- High Adventure.


Spellings this week are: 







Well done to the children who produced excellent 'stone age' homework inspired by our trip last week.  We've had a real variety of outcomes. We were particularly impressed by the authentic stone age butter, flat breads and axe!


Many thanks for your continued support and have a great weekend.


Despite the short week, it has been a busy and fun one!  We've had Forest School and our school trip to Chiltern Open Air Museum.  All children have behaved well, and had great fun outdoors!


Home learning this week is to produce a piece of work based on what they have discovered about the Stone Age and Iron Age during our trip. This could be a poster, a leaflet, artwork, instructions on how to make something, or a recount of their day.  This homework is due Thursday 9th May.


Maths home learning is to practise 2,3,4,5 and 10 multiplication tables for a test next Friday.  We will be having weekly tests until the end of term.  


Enjoy the long weekend!


Maths home learning is Ordering Fractions, and can be found on p 30 and 31 of the CGP work book.


English home learning is reading comprehension, and can be found on p16 and 17 of the comprehension book.


Spellings this week are:






As well as 5, Year 2 CEW.




Maths home learning this week can be found on Mymaths.


English home learning is TOP SECRET! You will find out on Sunday....


Spellings this week are:






As well as 5 Year 2 Common Exception Words.


Have a lovely weekend! 





Maths home learning this week is in on p23 and 24 of the  CGP Maths book.


Spellings this week are:






As well as five words from the Year 2 CEW list.


English home learning is a Rainforest themed writing task- attached below.  Children have been given hard copies to stick inside their home learning books. 





Maths home learning this week can be found on Mymaths.  The children also need to continue to practise the 3,4 and 8 times table (in any order.)


English home learning is comprehension- P14 and 15 'The Demon Headmaster'.


Spellings this week are:






I will also pick 5 words from the Year 2 word list.

Many thanks for your continued support!



Maths home learning this week can be found on p 22 of the CGP work book and is about 'The 3,4 and 8 Times Tables'.


Spellings this week are:






As well as five Year 2 common exception words.


English home learning is correcting spelling mistakes.  The worksheets are attached below.  Once printed and completed, they can be stuck or copied into their green books.  Children can complete Challenge 1 (Year 2 words)  Challenge 2 and 3 (Year 3/4 words) or both!


Have a good weekend!





Maths homework this week can be found on p 8 of the CGP work book and is about 'Counting in Multiples'. In addition to this, there will be Mymaths activities to complete too. Maths homework is due in on Wednesday.


Spellings this week are:






As well as five Year 2 CEW, chosen at random.


English homework was given out on Wednesday and needs to be handed in on Monday.  It will be used as a creative  stimulus for our descriptive writing about an imaginary land in English lessons next week!


Many thanks for your continued support.

Have a great weekend!




Maths home learning is on page 40 and 41 of the Maths CGP work book.  We have been learning about Perimeter in our lessons this week, so the questions should be familiar.


English home learning is on page 12 and 13 of the Comprehension work book- 'Daddy Fell into the Pond'.


Spellings to learn this week are: consider, continue, describe, different, difficult (Year 3/4)  I will also choose 5 at random from the Year 2 Common exception word list.


Have a happy half term break!







Maths home learning this week is in a Maths work book. Children will need to have a go at completing p 46 -47 and p50 and 51.  Children should be familiar with the topics as they have been taught over the last few weeks in our maths lessons.


English home learning is 'spelling' this week.  They have a Statutory Spelling Word Activity Mat booklet to

complete which will help focus on the spellings for this week. Spelling words are: centre, century, certain, circle, complete. 

Please note- in addition to the year 3/4 words we will still be testing the Year 2 CEW weekly, and choosing the words that some children still need to practise. Hard copies of the word mats were sent home, but it is also attached below. 


Many thanks for your continued support with home learning!   The radio broadcasts were excellent!

Have a good weekend.


We have spoken to the children and explained the new expectation for reading at home ,which will bring us in line with the rest of KS2. Children must have their Reading Record signed at least 5 times by Friday every week, in order to gain their Golden Time on Friday afternoon.  In addition to this, children who have not completed home learning tasks will need to use Golden Time to complete any unfinished tasks.


Spelling home learning this week will remain the same as so many children were absent for the test on Friday. Please keep focusing on learning the Year 3 and 4 common exception words.


Maths  home learning can be found on and from next week we will send the CGP Maths Workbooks home as well.


English home learning this week is attached below.  The children will be writing their own Radio Broadcast similar to those we have created in class. 





Spellings this week are: again,beautiful, because, eye, hour, people, busy, business, calendar, caught


We have been learning about 'Homophones' in our spelling lesson this week. 

Homophones are words that sound the same, but are not spelt the same and have different meanings.  Home learning is attached below.


Maths home learning can be found on MyMaths.


Please make sure children are reading their school reading books to somebody at home so that they can change them weekly.  Any other texts that they are enjoying reading at home can also be recorded in reading records.


Have a great weekend!







Happy New Year! 

Home learning this week....

Spelling words:  cold, gold, hold, told, many, money, only, pretty, breath, build


English home learning: Comprehension book. 'Let's Get Growing!' p10 and 11.


Maths home learning: Mymaths

Have a good weekend! 


What a busy, festive and fun end to the term we are having in Year 3.


Well done to the children for all of the extra curricular activities they have taken part in over the last few weeks. 


We all really enjoyed our school trip to Verulamium and it was the perfect ending to our Roman topic! 


Attached below are some links to Spelling Zone games and Maths games that support the weekly spellings and mental Maths.  Thanks for your continued support throughout our first term.


Merry Christmas and see you in 2019! 





Spellings this week are: sugar, sure, whole, who, any, busy, every, everybody, believe, bicycle.


English home learning is attached below.  A hard copy has also been given out and explained.


Maths home learning can be found on Mymaths.


Many thanks for your continued support.




Spellings this week are: both, clothes, most, Mr, Mrs, could, would, should, appear, arrive


English home learning is in Comprehension books.   'Bills New Frock' p 8 and 9.


Maths home learning can be found on Mymaths.

Have a great weekend!




Home learning this week will involve 2 different spelling activities. 


1/Spellings to learn are: behind, child, find, kind, mind, improve, move, prove, address and answer.


The children will need to write a sentence for each spelling in their homework books.  Check for capital letters and full stops and underline the spelling word.  There will be a short dictation test of these words next Friday.


2/ We have been revising the suffixes -s, -es, -er, -ed and -ing. 

There are some great spelling games which practise changing verb endings by adding different suffixes.  See the link below.


Maths home learning can be found on Mymaths. 


Have a good weekend and keep warm! 


Home learning this week will include the spellings:








Maths home learning can be found on Mymaths.  English home learning is attached below.  The children will be writing a Character Profile for a familiar character from a book they have read or are reading.

Happy weekend!



Home learning this week will include spellings to learn from the Year 2 common exception list and from the Year 3 and 4 statutory spelling list.  They will need to practise throughout the week, ready for a short dictation next Friday.


Spellings: bath, class, fast, break, great, accident, accidentally


Attached below is a sheet that might help learn the spellings at home.


Maths home learning can be found on Mymaths and English home learning is reading comprehension: p6 Nature Trail.


Have a great weekend :) 




Half term

Wow what a busy week! Diversity Week, Class Assembly in between and a Learning showcase to finish. It was so lovely to see so many of you this week and to share the children's hard work and learning from this half term.


Attached below are Year 2 common exception words which we will be revising in our spelling lessons before moving on to the Year 3 words.  They are split into 'word families' to support remembering any patterns or similarities in the words.  It would be useful for you to spend some time reading and spelling these words.  


Many thanks for your continued support.  Have a great Half term break :) 





Maths Home learning is on English Home learning is attached below.  


As I am sure you've heard it's our Class Assembly next Wednesday (24th). We look forward to seeing you there if you are able to make it!  The children will be bringing home a slip of paper with a line to practise in preparation for the assembly.  We have also been learning a song for the assembly. Many children have requested the link to the song so they can practise this at home so I have included it below.

Have a great weekend! 




Maths Home learning is on  If children have problems logging on at home they have the opportunity to have a go with support at Homework Club on Wednesday.


Writing homework is attached below.


Have a wonderful weekend :) 



Maths Home learning is on  The parents guide is below to help you access the activities online.  Each child has been given a username (3 numbers) and a password (3 letters) which they have stuck on the front of their Reading Records.  Please note 'Flash' will need to be enabled to get the activities to work.  If you are unable to access the internet for any reason let us know and we can provide a paper copy version next week.  Comprehension books have been sent home this week for English Home learning.  The title of this weeks reading comprehension is 'Building Stonehenge'.  Have a great weekend!



Music Lesson Update

For this term only, Year 3 will be having Brass lessons on Thursdays after break. As a result we will move our library session to a Thursday as the class will be split for lesson teaching. Brass lessons will start this week. 

Reading Book Update

As the children are still developing their independence in changing their books, we're going to make a change to the current system.

Children will now change their books once a week during their guided reading session. We will write their reading day on the front of their Reading Records, but for your reference please check their reading day on the table below.

The new system will start next week (08.10.18).

Reading Book Change Day


Maths home learning and English spelling task are attached below.  Have a great weekend!



Home learning this week is a Maths challenge and a Writing task.  Both are attached below but hard copies of both are available if needed.



Home learning this week is a Maths challenge and a Reading Comprehension. The Maths activities are attached below. They only need to complete one challenge for Maths and one reading comprehension.  Both of these are due back on Wednesday.  Children have their 'Times Tables Rockstars' login details stuck in the front of their reading records.

Have a great weekend!

Wb 10.9.18   

The class settled in wonderfully well last week.  What a great start to Year 3!


Next week during our Guided Reading sessions we will be listening to each child read and give out their home reading books.  By the end of the week they will all have them.  We will also give out 'Times table rockstars' logins and explain to them how this will work. See below for more information about this. 

Useful Documents Autumn Term 1st (2018-19)

A warm welcome back to the Autumn term.  Please see below for information you might need from the 'Meet the teacher meeting'.