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St Mary's Church of England Primary School Aspiring, nurturing, flourishing; together shining a light


Our Vision


Aspiring, nurturing, flourishing; together shining a light.


Underpinning our curriculum are six Curriculum Drivers. These direct the development of all areas of school life and ensure the curriculum is enriched and meets the needs, interests and ambitions of our children and families.

Curriculum Drivers


Creative and inspiring learning

Children who think creatively and independently are more likely to be open to new ideas, to deepen their thinking skills and be motivated to learn beyond the classroom. Through a rich, varied and thematic curriculum, that meets national requirements and is also unique to our school, we encourage our children to think and use a variety of approaches to build self-confidence and key learning skills.


Learning Behaviours

Becoming a collaborative and curious learner ignites children’s interest in the world around them. Through developing their resilience, reflecting on their learning and developing self-motivation, we encourage them to flourish and develop into confident young people.


Love for reading

Reading is imperative for academic and future success. We value reading as a key life skill and are dedicated to enabling our children to become lifelong readers with a wide-reaching vocabulary. We nurture our children to not only embrace reading as a life skill, but to also develop a love of reading for all its benefits and pleasures.


Valuing others and understanding difference

Each child is a unique individual, made in God’s image and here for purpose. We aim to nurture each child and show them how to value all people, by recognising similarities in their values, experiences and perspectives and understanding the importance of difference and equality.


Love for the local and global environments

Children should be aware of our changing environment and the impact of their individual actions on the wider world. We encourage a love for the outdoors, taking the classroom outside into the beautiful surroundings of the school, to enhance learning and to help children understand and value the natural world.


Healthy mind and body

Physical and mental health is essential, as children will face challenges and changes. Through physical activity, competition and an understanding of health and well-being, children will develop physical and mental resilience that will support them at school and throughout their life.

Our curriculum is carefully sequenced into Learning Journeys for each topic, so that every child at St Mary’s builds knowledge, lesson on lesson, term on term until they leave us at the end of Year 6.


 Please find below the termly overview for each subject.

How can I find out more about the curriculum at St. Mary's?

If you have any questions about the curriculum we follow at St. Mary's, please look at the school prospectus or class pages first or contact the school who will direct you to the relevant subject leader who will be able to answer your query.