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Year 1

Year One Class Page

The latest news, home learning, learning and events will be posted on this page.


Week 6 - Home learning


Maths - Page 11

Reading - Page 7 

Spellings - hear, dear, farmer, hair, cure


In History over the next few weeks we are exploring 'the past'. If you have any parents, grandparents, great grandparents that had an exciting job or anything interesting from the past to tell, please can you write it on a piece of paper and send it into school with you. For example: my great grandfather made suits for the late king. 


Please continue to read with your child every day. 


Thank you for your continued support. 

Miss Clegg

Week 6


This week in Maths we have finished our ordering topic. We learnt about ordering consecutive numbers and then applied our learning to find missing numbers. We have been making sure to write our digits the correct way round and use the working wall to help us. In English we started our new book 'Farmer Duck'. We have been writing predictions, summarising the ending of the story and writing descriptive sentences to describe the duck.


In Art we practised colour mixing ready to paint our portraits next week! In Science we learnt about the suitability of different materials. We played a true or false game. Example: can you use fabric for an umbrella. We used the word 'because' to help explain our answers. In RE we discussed ways we belong to St Mary's. We also learnt about different religious symbols as a way to show you belong to that religion. 


On Thursday it was mental health awareness day. We spoke about the importance of telling someone if you feel sad or upset. In assembly we watched the ITV advert and spoke to our friends for two minutes! Thank you to all that gave money for the charity. 


I hope you all have a lovely weekend. 

Miss Clegg

Home Learning


Maths - Page 12 

Comprehension - Page 5 and 6

Please continue to read with your child and sign their reading records. 


Extra - practise counting in 2s, 5s and 10s. The children will need to count in a range of ways and with different starting points. When they have done this they will receive their BRONZE AWARD!

 For example 5, 7, 9 


Next week we will be starting our handwriting lessons. This will focus on letter formation. 


Thank you for your continued support. 


Week 5


Another super busy week this week! 


We have been finishing our recount work. We re-told the story of 'Where's my Teddy?' and sequenced the story in the correct order. We also created our own WANTED POSTERS for our lost bear, Freddy! We used descriptive language. In Maths we have been working on identifying one more and one less using bar models (representing it pictorially). We have also been ordering values from biggest to smallest and smallest to biggest. Before we record any work in our books we make sure we practice with resources first. In History practised using 'chronological language'.


This week was our Harvest Festival at school. Year One sang the 'Harvest Samba' to the rest of the school. Thank you all for your donations. 


For National Poetry Day Year One perfomed a poem called 'The Months'. It was the first time the children had stood up in front of the school. The all stood up with confidence and used their 'loud' voices. It was lovely to see!


I hope you all have a lovely weekend. 

Miss Clegg

Week 4 home learning


Comprehension - page 4

Maths - page 7

Spelling words - turn, card, fork, surf, the


Please continue to read every night with your child.


I hope you all have a lovely weekend - hopefully the sun makes an appearance!

Miss Clegg :)

Week 4 - what have we been up to in Year One?


In Maths we have been making different numbers and matching them to their values.  We have been practising writing (in words) numbers 1-10 and have also been looking at one more and one less using a beadstring. We have been making sure we are counting accurately.  In English we have been reading 'Voices in the Park'. We used this book as it is set in a familiar setting. We wrote about the characters' feelings, we created a story map of key events and even wrote our own short recount on our 'trip' around the school. In Science we described materials (we even used the word opaque and transparent). In History we learnt about 'chronology'. We ordered our ages into the correct order - we used our baby pictures for this. We had great fun playing 'guess the baby!'


Year One were SO lucky the sun came out for forest school. The children told me they had to make houses for the fairies!


In the middle of the day or in between lessons we take part in a movement break. This might be a 5 minute workout or a just dance! The children love taking part in these!


Year One are very settled into their new routine and are producing great work!

Week 3 home learning

Please make sure your child completes the correct pages as this will help support and consolidate their learning in class.


Maths - page 2-5 start of Y1 test

Comprehension - page 4

Spelling: book, cook, wait,  zoom, boot


Please continue to read with your child every day.


On Monday, I will choose the 'councils' with the children. I will ask if your child would like to represent one. The three councils are: Sports, School and Ethos.


I hope you all have a lovely, sunny weekend!

Miss Clegg :)

Week Three Overview 


We have had another lovely week. In Maths we have been making different numbers using a range of resources. In English we used 'Toy Story' to support our caption, labelling and sentence practise. In History we explored old objects and what they were used for. In Science we identified and named a range of different materials. In R.E we have started our 'what does it mean to belong?' topic. We identified what groups we 'belong' to. 


Year One had a fantastic time at Forest School with Miss Warne. The children were looking for special objects to give to the fairies inside the tree. 


Remember to bring in or leave your child's PE kit in school. For after school or before school sporting clubs please provide sports clothes for them to use. Please remember to bring in your child's baby picture on Monday - thank you for those who have already brought it in!


Thank you!

Week Two - What have we done this week?

In English we have been reading our book 'Plenty of love to  go around'. We have been writing lists, labels and captions. In Maths we have been learning about positional language. We have been using mathematical vocabulary and ordinal numbers to help us describe the position of things. 

In Science we have started our 'materials' topic. We were identifying the objects and the material. 

In History we have started our 'Now and Then' topic. We had a discussion about what 'History' is and we sorted old and new objects. 


NEXT WEEK: Please can you send your child in with a baby picture of themselves by Friday 20th September. We will be using this in History. I will photocopy the oirginal and we will use a copy. 


I hope you all have a lovely weekend, Miss Clegg :) 

Week Two Home Learning

Comprehension - Page 2 and 3 in the CGP book

Maths - Page 66/67 in the CGP book. 

There are answer pages in the middle of the book that you may want to cut out! On the left hand side there is a practise page to talk through with your child. On the right hand side there is a practise page for your child to complete

Spelling - shock, cash, much, chick, check


Please encourage your child to put their book in the home-learning box by the door when they have completed it. 

Week One

It has been lovely getting to know all the children this week.


The children are bringing home their reading folders this weekend. Their reading pack contains 2 reading books and a reading record. Please record every time your child reads with you. It is important the children read their books twice. This helps with fluency, reading with expression and confidence. Books will be changed every Friday morning.


Please make sure your child has their PE kit in school all week. The children will be having PE on Mondays and Fridays.


Next week we will be having our 'meet the teacher' meeting at 9:00am on Friday 13th September  in the Year One classroom. In the meeting I will be giving out useful information and documents for the year. If you are unable to attend, please let me know and I can send home the power-point slides and hand-outs.


I hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Miss Clegg :)

Curriculum Overview for Year One

Welcome back to Year One. I hope you all had a restful Summer Break.