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Dear Jesus, 

Thank you for being with us always. Thank you for looking after us and our families. Please continue to help everyone working in our hospitals, caring for those who are sick and poorly. Help us to remember Easter shows you forgiveness and you love for each one of us. May we know life to the full, and show this to others this Easter.


Fun Easter Activities

Thursday, 3rd April

Hello all, 


I am missing seeing you all everyday! It is very quiet at home!


I hope you are all getting on okay? Thank you to everyone who has emailed in their learning - it has been great to see! Over the Easter holidays there will not be any work set from school.


I will upload the next two weeks of work on Friday, 17th April ready for you to start on Monday, 20th April.  As a staff team we are looking at using Google Classrooms to help with your school work. We are hoping to start using Google Classrooms from Monday, 27th April. We will upload work and videos to support you at home. More information will be sent out in due course.


Please remember to use the useful links below. There are links for phonics, reading and extra curriculum work. 


Over the last few days I have found some great activities you might want to do at home over the holidays! I might have to try some of them myself! I have attached a word document of fun cooking, arts & crafts and drawing activities you might want to complete.  Please send pictures to the schoolsout or my email. 


Thank you for all your hard work. I hope you all have a lovely Easter break. Take care and stay safe. 

Miss Clegg :) 



Stay safe and stay happy.

Stay safe and stay happy.  1

Tuesday, 31st March

What have I been up to? I have been watering my seeds each day - look what has grown already! I wonder where the sun has gone?!  I have also started a new hobby - colouring! Parents you should give it a go - it is very relaxing! 


Did any of you put your rainbow in the window? On my daily walk I have seen lots in people's windows! 


I hope you are all well and keeping safe. Remember to send me an email to tell me all about what you have been up too! 


Miss Clegg :) 

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Handwriting practise

Thursday, 26th March

Today I have enjoyed reading my book in the sunshine.  What have you been doing today? Also, my cress seeds have started to sprout! I will have a whole vegetable garden soon! 

I hope you are all settling into your new routine and listening to your parents?! It is very strange not seeing you all everyday! 

Just in case you want some more reading books have a look at Oxford Owl (it is free at the moment). They have the same colour book bands system we use at school. 

I am very proud of all the hard work you are doing at home - keep it up! 

Miss Clegg :) 

Free Daily Resources for Children

Free Daily Resources for Children  1


Growing... 1

Wednesdsay, 25th March

What another lovely day! I have started to grow my own flowers, vegetables and herbs. I will keep you updated on their progress! Have you started anything new? I would love to hear about it on the schoolsout email. 


Miss Clegg :) 

Here is my work station!

Here is my work station! 1

Tuesday, 25th March

Hello all, 


I hope your second day of working at home is going well. You would have received an email from the school about contacting me if you need any help with your home learning/school work. I am always here to help! 

I look forward to seeing all the fantastic work you are doing. I have been enjoying reading the emails from the schoolsout account. 


Keep safe!

Miss Clegg 

Dear Parents/Carers, 


As you will know we are setting work for the next 10 days. I have sent exercise books home with the children today. The children are to record all their work in their books. At the front of the book is a suggested timetable with guidance, KS1 editing checklist, reading and phonics activities. At the back of the book (on the blue part) is 10 activities for your child to complete in the afternoon. You can pick which one you do on each day.

I will be uploading all the documents to the school page. Maths learning will be uploaded as a document to the class page - this is not printed (unless you have told me you don't have access to a computer.) Worksheets for Maths do not need to be printed off as children can draw these in their books. 


As ever, PE and Sport is very important for the well-bring of our children. Joe Wicks has some great Yotube videos to keep your child/children active in the house. 


Websites you may want to use for extra resources, etc. 

Useful website for phonics:

The week junior will be sending us weekly links to add to the website so that children are able to still access the magazine. (Vidoes and articles on all curriculum areas) (Core subject games and home learning packs) (Reading activities)  (Curriculum Activity Books)


Safe safe. Miss Clegg :) 


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What a lovely Friday - Spring is finally here (I hope!) 


This week we have started our non-chronological report learning in English. We will be writing our own reports on bats. This week we have been recalling and writing our own bat facts, reading non-fiction and fiction books about bats and looking at the features of an information text! 


In Maths we have started our unit on 'measurements'. We measured the length of different ribbons and compared them using length vocabulary. We also compared the mass of different objects using a balance scale. 


In RE we created our own 'Creation' cube. We also looked at the Jewish Mezuzah scroll. We wrote our own special message that we would want displayed in our home. In Science we described the features of different animals.In Geography we labelled the different countries in the UK (we used an atlas to help us). 


On Thursday it was World Book Day - there were some fantastic costumes! We read a range of different books and Year Six came to read with us. They even shared their books they has written on the Chrome Books. 


On Monday we had a Science workshop morning with Affinity Water. We had to be 'human' toilets and see what paper is allowed to go down the toilet! We also cleaned dirty water using different materials and filter paper. We pretended to be the water cycle and sorted out 'water wastage and water savers' pictures. 


We were so lucky to meet the ducks in Reception! We got to stroke them and watch them play in their pen! Next week we will hopefully catch them having a swim!


Another super busy week in Year One!


Next week is Science Week - there are lots of exciting activities planned!


I hope you all have a lovely weekend and this lovely weather stays! 

Miss Clegg :) 



Week 8 - home learning 

Comprehension - page 24

Maths - page 41


Please continue to read with your child each day. Ask them to explain what they have just read, answer questions about characters and punctuation. 

Week 7 - Home Learning 


Comprehension - page 22 and 23 

Maths - Page 15

Spelling: one, make, here, out, made, came 


Please continue to read each night/day with your child. 


Please can home learning be handed by Thursday. This way I have time to mark it. 




Welcome back to Spring Two! 


I hope you all had a lovely half term break!


We finished off our last Science topic. We learnt about the different lengths of sunlight in each season. We even drew our own pictogram.


This week in Maths we have been counting in 2s, 5s and 10s. We have been been spotting the patterns in the 2,5 and 10 times tables. We used hundred squares to colour in the numbers. 


In English we have been writing our own poetry. We wrote our own poem called 'purple is...'. Well done to all the children who remembered to bring in something purple. We used adjectives to help describe our objects. Today we practised reading and performing our poem.


In RE we learnt about the Jewish Creation story - it is the same as ours! In Science we have started our new topic 'animals'. This week in we sorted different animals into: reptiles, amphibians, fish, bird and insects.


This half term in Geography we are learning about the UK and it's four countries. In Computing we practised logging into the new chrome books using our username and password. We then had time to navigate around the cbeebies website using the touch screen and mouse pad. "It was great". "I liked having my own laptop". Every computing lesson the children are reminded about the safe use of using the internet. From next week we will be able to start our computing curriculum as all the children have their own chrome book to use. 


I hope you all have a lovely weekend :) 

Miss Clegg





Home learning


The children have brought home a phonics booklet. Please practise reading the alien and real words! Encourage the children to sound out the words. 


The children are also bringing home 3 reading books for the break. Please read as much as possible!


Miss Clegg :) 

Week 6


This week we have written our own story based on the book 'fortunately, unfortunately'. The children in Year One are starting to write at length. In Maths we finished our shape topic. We learnt about the properties of 3D shapes and printed 3D shapes to find out what 2D shapes are on them. In RE we wrote thank you cards to the cooks, farmers or God. We wanted to show them how thankful we were for the food we have to eat. In Geography we learnt about global warming and what is happening to the polar bears' homes. We wrote a letter to Mrs Edwards telling her about it. 


Today was our 'red/heart' themed mufti day for Home Start. Thank you to everyone who supported. On Wednesday we got to watch Year 5's class assembly - it was great!


I hope you all have a restful and and fun half term break. 


Miss Clegg





Week 5 


In English we have finished writing our instructions on 'How to catch a rainbow bear'. We practised using imperative verbs and planned our instructions before writing them. In Maths we finished our topic of doubling and halving. We used the part part whole models to represent the different sentences. We have been signing lots of Maths songs to hep us remember the different facts! 


In Geography we began learning about hot and cold countries. We learnt about the equator and packed our own suitcases for a hot and cold holiday!  In RE we continued our learning on the creation story. We wrote our prayer thanking God for the food he made. We spoke about how we always say 'grace' before we eat and linked being thankful to the Harvest Festival.


This week was 'children's mental health week'. We read two story books 'Miss Hazeltine's Home for shy and fearful cats' and 'Jabari jumps'. Both books were about being brave. We spoke about the times we have been brave and what we do if we are a little scared. We designed our own 'brave' super hero that we have put up in the classroom. They will remind us to always be brave. 


On Wednesday afternoon we had a PE session with our local Sports Partnership. The class took part in a game of Kwick Cricket - we had so much fun! The red team won! 



Week 5 - home learning

spelling - alternative pronunciation of 'i' and 'o'   - child, find, stink, open, frost 

Maths - Page 63 

Comprehension - page 20 and page 21 


In our phonics lessons we practise reading alien and real words. This will help us for our phonics screening test. Over the half term I will be sending home a pack of words for you to practise reading with your child. 

Week 4


This week we have started our new English Book 'The Rainbow Bear' by Michael Morpurgo. We discussed the book as a class and shared some fantastic opinions and views. We are using this book for our instructions unit. The class will be writing their own instructions on 'How to Catch a Rainbow'. 


In Maths we have been halving and doubling numbers. We used tens frames and objects to help us explain and solve the doubling and halving questions. 


In Science we wrote a diary from the perspective of a mouse. We had to describe the season we could see around us. After this we had to guess what season we were describing. In Geography we looked at dangerous weather. 


As we got all our pieces of treasure last half term we got to make biscuits. We also linked this to our English learning of 'instructions'. 


It was great to see so many of you at the Art Showcase on Thursday. All the children got to look around it this morning. We had the Author E.R Reilly in to share all the fantastic books he has written! 


There is no home learning this weekend. Lots of reading please!


Miss Clegg

Home learning


Please recap odd and even numbers with your child to check they are fluent in this.

Comprehension - page 19

Maths - page 22

Spelling - bone, stone, flute, rule, television      'zh' sound in treasure


I hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Miss Clegg :)

Week 3


In English we have been learning about rhyming couplets. On Monday we will be writing our own! In Maths we have been learning about odd and even numbers. We have been applying our reasoning and explanation skills. We know 99 is an odd number because we look at the last 'digit'. In geography we created and presented a weather report. In Science we learnt about the changes a tree goes through in each season. We even used the word 'dormant'. In RE we wrote sentences thanking God for all the great things he created. We started our Art project of 3D bird sculptures.


We also had the charity 'Home start' in to speak to the children.


I look forward to seeing you at our Art exhibition on Thursday, 30th March.



Week 2 - home learning

Maths - Page 9 

Comprehension - 17 and 18

Spelling - shake, make, kite, theme      we have been learning about split digraphs in phonics 

Week 2 


This week in English we have been writing and performing our own poem called 'The brown Speck'. We wrote our own poem based on a squirrel. We all used fantastic vocabulary and practised our performance skills. 


In Maths we have been working with numbers 11-19. We have been singing our number bond song, representing numbers 11-19 using a tens frame and finding the link between the language of eleven to twenty and ten and __ more. We also used dienes to help us represent our numbers. 10+1 = 11. We didn't need to count the ten diene as it will always be ten! It is so important the children in Year 1 have a secure understanding of numbers to 20 as this will help them with ALL numbers!


In Science we started our topic of seasons by exploring the changes and sorting objects into the correct season. In Geography our first 'weather' lesson was about typical weather patterns in the UK. We have even started a weather diary. In RE we finished off our creation lesson - most of us could remember the story! We asked lots of fantastic questions such as: "Did God actually make the world in 6 days?" "Why did Adam and Eve eat the fruit". 


We also had a visit from the NSPCC charity. 


Have a lovely weekend. 

Miss Clegg

Home Learning - week 1


Maths - page 25 

Comprehension - page 15 and 16

Spelling - Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter, Seasons 

Thank you


Thank you to Lorenzo's Mummy who came into class to share an Italian tradition. Befana is an old lady, who, between the night of January 5th and 6th, brings sweets to all the children that have been good during the previous year. Children that have not been so good receive coal too. We learnt about where the tradition came from and asked lots of great questions! 


We couldn't believe it when we were told Befana left some sweets for us at Lorenzo's house! 

Happy New Year!


I hope you all had a lovely Christmas break. Thank you very much for the present you gave me for Christmas. It was very kind of you. 


This half term our topic name is 'Rain, Rain, Go Away!'. In Science we will be looking at changes across the seasons, comparing day length and sun movement. In Geography we will be learning about the weather. We will also be learning how to use an atlas. We will be learning about the equator and what countries are hot and cold. In Art we will be making 3D bird sculptures. Our computing this half term is 'Let's Create'. In our PSHE lessons we will be learning about communities. In RE our topic is 'The Creation'. 


This week we finished off our toys topic in History and materials topic in Science. We compared current toys to Victorian toys and wrote a letter to the 3 Little Pigs about what material they should use to build their house. We used our materials knowledge to help us write the letter. 


In Maths we have been applying our number bond knowledge to help us answer and solve questions. We have been using the benchmark 0, 5 and 10 to help us describe numbers. 


In English we started reading a new poem (A silver speck) for our vocabulary building topic. We discussed our knowledge about mice and wrote sentences about them. We also defined the meaning of speck, scurry, shiver and quiver. To challenge ourselves we wrote sentences that included these tricky words. Next week we will be writing our own poem about a different animal! 


It is really important we know our number bonds to 10 and 20. We have been practising these everyday. If you get the chance at home - ask your child to sing the number bond song or recall how many different ways they can make 10 or 20.


This half term we have moved on to 'thin' line books. We are always working on our handwriting in Year One and it is really important the children form their letters correctly. We are always striving for beautiful presentation! 


I hope you all have a lovely weekend and your children have a great Spring 1 term!


Miss Clegg



Welcome back to the Spring Term - 2020



Please drop off the children at church in the morning.


Pick up 1.15pm from school.


Merry Christmas!

Week 15


We have finally reached the end of the Autumn Term in Year One! It has been lovely to see the children flourish and progress through the year!


This week we researched, designed and made our own toy cars. The children used technical vocabulary such as: axle and wheels.


Today the children will be bringing home their Christmas card, advent calendar and cards from the children. They will also be bringing home a present from myself and the rest of the staff at St Mary's. (I told them to keep it under the tree until Christmas - they can open before if they wish!)


All children have brought home 4 reading books for the Christmas holidays. They have also got their personalised spelling bookmark.


I wish you all a restful and Merry Christmas!


See you all in January for the Spring Term!


Miss Clegg :)

Week 14


Can you believe we only have one more week left at school this term?! The elf arrived in our classroom last week. So far he has had a bubble bath, spread glitter everywhere and even sat on top of the Christmas tree!


We have been busy this week finishing off our RE, History and Science units. Next week we will be making our moving toys. 


Well done to all the children for their fantastic singing and dancing in the nativity! It was a great performance and a lovely start to Christmas. We had a lovely time at the Church Christmas Experience with Year 5 on Wednesday. It was lovely to see the class working with the older children. 


Friday will be filled with lots of things 'Christmassy'. We will be making an advent calendar, wearing Christmas jumpers, eating a Christmas lunch and having a Christmas party.


Home learning - please continue to read with your child. I will also be sending home a personalised spelling bookmark. These are personal spellings your child needs to work on. We are assessing the children at the end of each half term for spellings. When they have correctly spelt these words they will receive the next bookmark of spellings. It is important they spell them independently in their writing as well. 


I hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Miss Clegg :)

In History we are learning about 'toys'. Tomorrow I will be asking the children to come home to ask you what your favourite toy was when you were little. They could even ask their grandparents! Please write it down and bring into school by Friday.


Thank you



Thank you

Thank you to Mrs Moran (Henning's Mummy) who came in to tell us all about the celebration of 'Saint Nikolaus'. We listened to the story and then got to share some lightly sweetened yeast bread . Henning told us how he left his shoes out before he went to sleep, to be filled with treats!

Week 13


We have been working really hard on our Nativity! We have been practising our songs and dancing! We look forward to welcoming you all on Tuesday to see the show.  In English we have finished our story writing - we wrote a story about our own magic tree. In Maths we have been finding the difference and balancing number sentences. For example: 5+1 = 3 + 3. In RE we read Jonah and the whale. We then wrote a payer to God. We learnt that God is forgiving, God is everywhere and knows everything, listens to everyone and loves everyone.  


Next Friday is Christmas jumper, party and lunch day!  On Wednesday Year 5 and 1 will be visiting the Christmas experience at the Church. Remember - the children are not in school on Thursday (polling day!) 


As requested at the parent forum- there will be no homework for the rest of the term. Please continue to read with your child.


I hope you all have a lovely weekend!

Miss Clegg

Home Learning


Comprehension - page 14

Maths - page 30

Spelling - toe, were, blew, dolphin, phonics

Week 12

Another busy week in Year One! This week we have been focussing on Maths - we have been adding and subtraction using part, part whole models. We have also been solving word problems by identifying the parts and whole. We have just started our new topic on finding the difference. We have been using cubes to show the difference. Next week we will link difference with subtraction!


We also got the chance to play with some 'old toys' in History. In RE the children were given a picture to look at from the parable of 'Lost Son'. The children came up with great observations and ideas. We then linked the parable to how 'God is like father'.


We have also started our nativity practise!


Please remember to bring in the costume bits next week (please don't buy anything).


I hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Miss Clegg

Home Learning


Maths - 27 and 29 

Comprehsion - Page 12 and 13

Spelling - have, like, jaw, crawl, when


Have a lovely weekend! 

Miss Clegg

Week 11


I hope you all received the Nativity costume details. If you didn't please see the attached letter below. 


We have had such a day at the Farm! The children enjoyed feeding the goats, stroking the bunny rabbits and seeing all the different farm animals. We also had time to play on the pirate ship and climbing equipment. We also went in the maze. At the end of the day we were able to feed the chickens and collect their eggs. Oh how can I forget - we went on the soft play! A member of staff at the farm commented on how well behaved we all were. 


In English this week we have continued with our story - 'The Last Noo Noo' and have written a recount from our school trip. In the afternoon we have had an RE focus. We finished off our first topic about belonging - we learnt about baptism. We have started our new topic which is 'Who is a Christian and what do they believe?'. We drew a picture of what we thought God looked like and wrote sentences to describe him. We had some fantastic questions such as: 'How do we know God exists?' and 'How do we know what it looks like?'. We will answer some of these later on in the topic. 


We also got to watch the pantomine 'Robin Hood' - we loved it! 


Have a lovely weekend. 

Miss Clegg

Home learning


Comprehension - please make sure page 9 and 10 is completed from last week + page 11 for this week 

Reading - please continue to read every day with your child. 


Have a lovely weekend! 

Week 10


Another super busy week in Year One!

This week we have started reading our new book 'The Last noo-noo'. We have been writing sentences about our picture observations. We also wrote conversation sentences between Marlon and the monster bullies. We also wrote questions to ask the different characters in the book. We made sure to use our question mark at the end of our sentences. In Maths we have been learning about 'subtraction'. We learnt about the language of subtraction and completed some take away number sentences. We also also became Maths detectives - we had to find out if 7 - 3 = was the same as 3-7 =. In History we started our topic 'toys'. We spoke about modern toys and what one is our favourite. We used the word 'because' to explain why. 


This week has been friendship week. On Monday afternoon we got into our family groups (one child from Reception, year 1,2,3,4,5, and 6 makes a family). The children will complete different activities across the year in their family groups. It was lovely seeing all the children interact together and work as a team. In Year One we completed different friendship activities. We identified what a 'good friend' does and how we can be a good friend in class and on the playground. 


On Friday it was Children in Need. We started the day off with a whole school workout and then had an assembly presented by learning council. It was VERY strange being in our PJs all day! 


Remember - school trip to Odds Farm on Wednesday.


Thank you for your continued support. 


Miss Clegg :)

Week 9 home learning


Spelling - said, so, clay, sail, was

Comprehension - page 9 and page 10 

Maths - page 21


Please continue to read with your child everyday. 

Week 9

Welcome back to Autumn Two! Can you believe we are already in our second half term of Year One?


This week we have been reading the book 'Penguin'. We have been writing lists, captions and sentences using this book as a stimulus. In Maths we have been learning about addition. We have been learning about different vocabulary to use for addition. We also learnt that addition calculations can be done in any order. 


In the afternoons we have been finishing our art topic. We finished painting our portraits in the style of Picasso. We also made clay portraits. We can't wait to show you them at our Art Showcase after Christmas. 


Our new school value for this half term is 'friendship'. Just a reminder -  Year One do not have Forest School for this half term. 


Next Friday (15th November) we are wearing our PJS for Children in Need. Also, please remember to bring your hygiene bags for the hygiene back charity. 


This half term in DT we will be making moving vehicles. If you have any shoe boxes please can we have them. 


I hope you have a lovely weekend.  

Miss Clegg

Week 8


Can you believe we are at the end of Autumn Term 1?!


This week in Maths we have been representing numbers in part part whole models and part part part whole diagrams. We have been using bar models and 'cherry diagrams'. In English we have been correcting text messages that the duck wrote wrong! We had to read the sentences back to ourselves, put in the missing punctuation and find the spelling mistakes. We also learnt about command verbs and had to write our own in our books. We had to pretend we were the farmer giving commands to the duck. In History we learnt about why we celebrate different events because of what has happened in the past (Firework night, Black History Month and Remembrance Sunday). In Art we practised drawing our eyes and mouth for our portrait. We will be painining it after half term and creating a portrait using clay!


This month has been Black History Month. Year One learnt all about black people in sports. We learnt about Eluid Kipchoge and Jackie Robinson.  The children came up with the most thoughtful views and opinions - it was lovely to hear. On Friday morning we had an assembly to share all our findings and views from Black History Month. 


The children will be bringing four books for the half term. Please read with your child as much as possible! There will be no other home-learning set for half term. 


We are encouraging writing at school so if you would like to keep a holiday diary with your child that would be great! Please encourage them to bring it in to share with the class.


I hope you all have a lovely (dry) half term. 


Miss Clegg

Week 7


Comprehension - page 8


Maths - to continue to practise reading and writing numbers 1-20 correctly. If your child is secure in this they can move on to 100.  We have been working hard to check our digits are written the correct way round. 


Please continue to read with your child daily. 


Miss Clegg :) 



Week 7 


Sorry for the late update this week. In English we have been learning what a noun and verb is. We have also been correcting sentences to ensure they make sense, have a capital letter and a full stop. 


In Maths we have continued using our cuisinanie rods (they are a great resource) to make different amounts. We have been using the rods to write number sentences and to see how many different ways we can make ten. 


It was St Mary's Birthday and on Wednesday we had an assembly to celebrate this. We all stood up and read our sentences about 'what we like about St Mary's' 



Week 6 - Home learning


Maths - Page 11

Reading - Page 7 

Spellings - hear, dear, farmer, hair, cure


In History over the next few weeks we are exploring 'the past'. If you have any parents, grandparents, great grandparents that had an exciting job or anything interesting from the past to tell, please can you write it on a piece of paper and send it into school with you. For example: my great grandfather made suits for the late king. 


Please continue to read with your child every day. 


Thank you for your continued support. 

Miss Clegg

Week 6


This week in Maths we have finished our ordering topic. We learnt about ordering consecutive numbers and then applied our learning to find missing numbers. We have been making sure to write our digits the correct way round and use the working wall to help us. In English we started our new book 'Farmer Duck'. We have been writing predictions, summarising the ending of the story and writing descriptive sentences to describe the duck.


In Art we practised colour mixing ready to paint our portraits next week! In Science we learnt about the suitability of different materials. We played a true or false game. Example: can you use fabric for an umbrella. We used the word 'because' to help explain our answers. In RE we discussed ways we belong to St Mary's. We also learnt about different religious symbols as a way to show you belong to that religion. 


On Thursday it was mental health awareness day. We spoke about the importance of telling someone if you feel sad or upset. In assembly we watched the ITV advert and spoke to our friends for two minutes! Thank you to all that gave money for the charity. 


I hope you all have a lovely weekend. 

Miss Clegg

Home Learning


Maths - Page 12 

Comprehension - Page 5 and 6

Please continue to read with your child and sign their reading records. 


Extra - practise counting in 2s, 5s and 10s. The children will need to count in a range of ways and with different starting points. When they have done this they will receive their BRONZE AWARD!

 For example 5, 7, 9 


Next week we will be starting our handwriting lessons. This will focus on letter formation. 


Thank you for your continued support. 


Week 5


Another super busy week this week! 


We have been finishing our recount work. We re-told the story of 'Where's my Teddy?' and sequenced the story in the correct order. We also created our own WANTED POSTERS for our lost bear, Freddy! We used descriptive language. In Maths we have been working on identifying one more and one less using bar models (representing it pictorially). We have also been ordering values from biggest to smallest and smallest to biggest. Before we record any work in our books we make sure we practice with resources first. In History practised using 'chronological language'.


This week was our Harvest Festival at school. Year One sang the 'Harvest Samba' to the rest of the school. Thank you all for your donations. 


For National Poetry Day Year One perfomed a poem called 'The Months'. It was the first time the children had stood up in front of the school. The all stood up with confidence and used their 'loud' voices. It was lovely to see!


I hope you all have a lovely weekend. 

Miss Clegg

Week 4 home learning


Comprehension - page 4

Maths - page 7

Spelling words - turn, card, fork, surf, the


Please continue to read every night with your child.


I hope you all have a lovely weekend - hopefully the sun makes an appearance!

Miss Clegg :)

Week 4 - what have we been up to in Year One?


In Maths we have been making different numbers and matching them to their values.  We have been practising writing (in words) numbers 1-10 and have also been looking at one more and one less using a beadstring. We have been making sure we are counting accurately.  In English we have been reading 'Voices in the Park'. We used this book as it is set in a familiar setting. We wrote about the characters' feelings, we created a story map of key events and even wrote our own short recount on our 'trip' around the school. In Science we described materials (we even used the word opaque and transparent). In History we learnt about 'chronology'. We ordered our ages into the correct order - we used our baby pictures for this. We had great fun playing 'guess the baby!'


Year One were SO lucky the sun came out for forest school. The children told me they had to make houses for the fairies!


In the middle of the day or in between lessons we take part in a movement break. This might be a 5 minute workout or a just dance! The children love taking part in these!


Year One are very settled into their new routine and are producing great work!

Week 3 home learning

Please make sure your child completes the correct pages as this will help support and consolidate their learning in class.


Maths - page 2-5 start of Y1 test

Comprehension - page 4

Spelling: book, cook, wait,  zoom, boot


Please continue to read with your child every day.


On Monday, I will choose the 'councils' with the children. I will ask if your child would like to represent one. The three councils are: Sports, School and Ethos.


I hope you all have a lovely, sunny weekend!

Miss Clegg :)

Week Three Overview 


We have had another lovely week. In Maths we have been making different numbers using a range of resources. In English we used 'Toy Story' to support our caption, labelling and sentence practise. In History we explored old objects and what they were used for. In Science we identified and named a range of different materials. In R.E we have started our 'what does it mean to belong?' topic. We identified what groups we 'belong' to. 


Year One had a fantastic time at Forest School with Miss Warne. The children were looking for special objects to give to the fairies inside the tree. 


Remember to bring in or leave your child's PE kit in school. For after school or before school sporting clubs please provide sports clothes for them to use. Please remember to bring in your child's baby picture on Monday - thank you for those who have already brought it in!


Thank you!

Week Two - What have we done this week?

In English we have been reading our book 'Plenty of love to  go around'. We have been writing lists, labels and captions. In Maths we have been learning about positional language. We have been using mathematical vocabulary and ordinal numbers to help us describe the position of things. 

In Science we have started our 'materials' topic. We were identifying the objects and the material. 

In History we have started our 'Now and Then' topic. We had a discussion about what 'History' is and we sorted old and new objects. 


NEXT WEEK: Please can you send your child in with a baby picture of themselves by Friday 20th September. We will be using this in History. I will photocopy the oirginal and we will use a copy. 


I hope you all have a lovely weekend, Miss Clegg :) 

Week Two Home Learning

Comprehension - Page 2 and 3 in the CGP book

Maths - Page 66/67 in the CGP book. 

There are answer pages in the middle of the book that you may want to cut out! On the left hand side there is a practise page to talk through with your child. On the right hand side there is a practise page for your child to complete

Spelling - shock, cash, much, chick, check


Please encourage your child to put their book in the home-learning box by the door when they have completed it. 

Week One

It has been lovely getting to know all the children this week.


The children are bringing home their reading folders this weekend. Their reading pack contains 2 reading books and a reading record. Please record every time your child reads with you. It is important the children read their books twice. This helps with fluency, reading with expression and confidence. Books will be changed every Friday morning.


Please make sure your child has their PE kit in school all week. The children will be having PE on Mondays and Fridays.


Next week we will be having our 'meet the teacher' meeting at 9:00am on Friday 13th September  in the Year One classroom. In the meeting I will be giving out useful information and documents for the year. If you are unable to attend, please let me know and I can send home the power-point slides and hand-outs.


I hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Miss Clegg :)

Curriculum Overview for Year One

Welcome back to Year One. I hope you all had a restful Summer Break.