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Year 1

Year One Class Page

The latest news, home learning, learning and events will be posted on this page.


Friday, 30th April 


Another lovely week in Year One. It was lovely speaking to you all during our parent meetings. 


We have continued with our book 'Tuesday' In English. We wrote sentences using adjectives and our senses to describe the swamp, we took part in a class debate 'Are the toads or the lily-pads flying?' - the children came up with some fantastic arguments. We also wrote a report pretending we were David Toadborough. We used conjunctions and description to explain what we had seen happen at the 'crime scene'. In Maths we have completed our learning sequence on 'missing parts and wholes'. First of all, we identified the parts and wholes, then we had to identify if a part or whole was missing, we found out that for each part part whole model you can write four number sentences (two addition and two subtraction). We then applied our new learning to decide if we needed to add or subtraction when a whole or a part was missing. We used Cusinnaire rods to support our learning. 


In Geography we explored England and London. We wrote a postcard explaining all the fun things we did on our trip. In RE we looked at the 6 main religions and then focused on the Jewish story of creation. In PSHE we learnt about looking after our environment. In Science we wrote our own non-chronological report on a made-up animal. We had to write about what it looks like, what it eats, where it loves and an interesting fact. We used our scientific vocabulary in our report. We have also been using our handwriting books to practise our letter formation and size. 


Home learning 

Comprehension book - please continue working through your child's comprehension book. I will mark it when it is finished. 

Phonics book 2 - We have covered all areas in this book now. This weekend and next weekend, please can you complete this book and hand in on Thursday, 13th May. We will be-revisiting and re-capping alternative pronunciations for the next couple of weeks before we move on to alternative spellings. 

Spelling: thumb, lamb, sign, wrist and wrong 

Maths - number bonds to 20 practise. I have also attached an extra sheet for your child to practise if they wish.

Reading - please continue to read and sign your child's reading record. 

Handwriting - I will be sending home a little handwriting pack for your child to practise on Tuesday next week. 


Next Week:

Tuesday is number day. Your child can wear anything with a number on it, with repeating patterns or even make their own! 

Wednesday - bring your pet to school day. 


Thank you for your continued support. Have a lovely bank holiday weekend! 

Miss Clegg 

At the start of the year I uploaded our yearly overview. I have attached this again for your reference. Some of the units of learning have been completed at different times. We will block out learning time for units such as DT, ART and Computing. 

Friday, 23rd April


We had a lovely celebration assembly. I am so proud of all the children and the progress they have made. I look forward to speaking to you all next week for our parent meetings. The children have loved their arrival of their mud kitchen! 


Another super busy week in Year One! This week in Science we investigated different animal poo! We had to decide if they were a herbivore, omnivore or carnivore depending on what we would see in their poo! We also created our own zoo by applying our animal knowledge (of different animal groups and what animals eat). In PSHE we recapped our first aid learning - we learnt about different scenarios and what key action we should do to help. We also learnt about the importance of personal hygiene. In Geography we re-visited step 1 of our learning sequence as we used an atlas to help us label the UK. We also learnt about the flags for the different countries. In English we started a new book called 'Tuesday'. We made predictions, wrote questions, used a story map to re-tell the story and wrote a description of a swamp using our senses. In Maths we explored different ways to total the same value (using addition and subtraction) and used cuisenaire rods to represent number bonds to 20. We have also started our gymnastics unit in PE and our other unit is team building. We have also started our weekly handwriting sessions. We are working really hard on our letter size and formation.


Home learning 

Comprehension book - continue until finished and then hand it in please.

CGP phonics book (2) - page 8/9 and 10/11

Maths - (number bonds to 20)

Spelling - cry, my, could, would, grey, donkey


Phonic books to be handed in on Thursday. Reading books to be handed in on Friday. Spelling test on Friday. 


We are working hard on looking after our own belongings. Please could you ask your child if they have a glue stick in school as a lot of the children do not have their own. 


I hope you all have a lovely weekend in the sunshine. 

Miss Clegg


Spellings for this week: Please continue to practise your child's high frequency words. If they are confident with these they can move on to the Year 1/2 common exception words. I will test the children on these at the end of the half term. 


Our spelling quiz will start next week. 


Friday, 16th April 


Welcome back to the Summer Term! I can't believe it is the Summer Term already - the Summer uniform has started to be worn! 


During the last week of term we had a lovely time celebrating Easter. We created our own tomb using biscuits and icing, had our Easter assembly with Karl, took part in 'House' activities outside with Year 6, reading of Easter stories and taking home our own Easter Egg given to us from FOSMs. We even had our own 'outside' Easter parade with the rest of the school. We sang two Easter songs to the rest of the school. Thank you for all the effort put into the Easter hats - all the children looked fantastic! 


I will upload the updated Year 1 curriculum map for you to look at over the weekend. 


This week we have completed a whole school writing assessment unit on the book 'Journey'. We have created our own story maps, used conjunctions, adjectives and wrote our own story at the end. I went through each piece of writing with the children to edit it together. In Maths we have been completing a Maths quiz in small groups. This will help me address any misconceptions and extend the children's knowledge further. In Science we learnt about Omnivores, Carnivores and Herbivores. Next week we will be looking at animal 'poo' and deciding if the animal is a Herbivore, Carnivore or Omnivore. We also finished off our RE topic of 'Easter'. We read the books: 'The paper dolls' and 'Water bugs and Dragonflies'. We linked these books to the Easter story and the understanding that some Christians believe in heaven.


From next week we will continue with: Geography - UK, Science - animals, RE - Judaism and our PSHE topic. On A Tuesday afternoon the children will continue their music lessons with Mrs Wilson. 



Home learning

1. Please continue to work through your child's CGP comprehension book. When it is completed I will mark it and award them with their sticker. 


2.  CGP Maths - please practise your child's numbers bonds to 10 and 20. There are lots of songs on YouTube that can be used. e.g 7+ 3 = 10   17+3 = 20       We will being to use our CGP book again when the topic matches our learning in class. You can also use the Mental Workout CGP book (if there are any pages left!) 


3. CGP phonics - Please check your child's phonic book is up to date. The only pages/ sounds we HAVE NOT learnt during school/home learning are: Reading and Writing tricky words, 'e' silent letters, e after an l and grand finale. 


Please hand in your Maths and Phonics book on Thursday. Reading books to be handed in on a Friday morning. We will have our spelling quiz on a Friday morning. 


Thank you for your continued support. 


I hope you all have a lovely weekend. 

Miss Clegg :) 

Friday, 19th March 


Thank you for your donations for Red Nose day! I loved all the super hero costumes, red themed clothes and jokes! 


The children have worked really hard this week. We have been practising writing the date and LI into our books and recapping our presentation expectations. 


In English we started our report unit based on bats. We have identified the features of a report text, written facts about bats, written questions and expanded noun phrases (e.g delicate, long wings). In Maths we used 'think 5 and think 10' to help us with our adding. We have used tens frames and dienes. I am so impressed with the children's fluency and independence in answering the questions during our fluency session! In RE we re-told the Easter story using captions and sequencing pictures. We also discussed the different emotions at different points in the Easter story. In Art we created our dragon eye using clay. They all look fantastic! We also had a great forest school session.


Next week we will be writing our own bat report, finishing off our RE learning sequence, painting  our dragon eye and learning about subtraction in Maths. 


On Thursday we have our Easter themed day. Please bring in a hard boiled egg and your Easter bonnet/hat. I will be making mine this weekend! 


Home learning

Please continue to complete the reading comprehension book. I will mark it once it is all completed. 

Spelling - Mr, Mrs, people, their, called, looked, asked, could

The children will have a spelling quiz on Wednesday. 

Reading - please bring in your child's books on Thursday next week so I can change them ready for the Easter holidays. 


Have a lovely weekend. Keep safe. 

Miss Clegg :) 



Friday, 12th March 


Welcome back everyone! It has been so lovely working with the children this week. Thank you again for all your efforts during home learning.


The children have come back ready to learn and so excited to see their friends. This week we have focused on getting back to our school routine, playing and talking with our friends, remembering the school and class rules, recapping learning covered in lockdown and having fun at school! 


This week we have had our Science week. We made insects, learnt about stereotypes in Science, looked at different STEM jobs, watched a chick hatch (live!) and created our own posters based on what we think the world will be like in the future. Mr Nolepa (Amber's Daddy) set us a engineering challenge and told us all about virtual reality and life as an engineer. The children showed great resilience and team work when trying to balance as many objects on their rulers and created a balancing structure. They also demonstrated lots of working scientifically skills.


I am so proud of all the children and how well they have settled back into school life this week! It has been so lovely not having to speak to myself or a screen!


I have listened to all your children read, assessed their current reading level and handed out new books. 


Home learning will be handed in on a Wednesday. Reading books will need to be handed in on a Friday in order for new booked to be sent home. Some of the books are a becoming a little longer, so please don't worry if your child is unable to read it twice. I would encourage you to read with your child each day. 


Next week we will continue with Maths home learning, phonics, and spelling. All the children are at different places with their CGP comprehension book. Please complete 2 pages each weekend and hand it in once the whole book is finished. I will then mark it and award a sticker to your child! 


I hope you all have a lovely and safe weekend. 

Miss Clegg

Monday, 4th January


Happy New Year! Welcome to the world of home learning. I have attached a document below that explains everything. All learning, videos and messages will be located on Google Classroom. Any problems logging in to Google Classroom please let me know.


I look forward to seeing you all at 9.15am tomorrow morning.

Any questions please let me know.


Miss Clegg :)



Home Learning Guidance

Friday, 18th December


Thank you so much for our generous Christmas gifts. It was very kind of you all. 


I am so proud of all the children! Each day they have come into school with a smile on their face - ready to learn. Although this term has been a little different, the children have faced each challenge with a positive outlook and attitude. Our little Year One 'bubble' has been full of learning, laughter and happiness. The children have still had the same experiences and opportunities - the only difference is we stay in our bubble! 


Although the Christmas 'lead up' was a little different we still decorated cakes, danced to Christmas music, sang Christmas songs, decorated the classroom, had an Arts and Crafts day, created a hanging star that can be kept for years to come. On Wednesday we had a 'zoom' wedding for Miss Moran. We had to make a wedding dress out of toilet paper - Coralie was our bride!  


Good Luck to Miss Bhanderi who is moving to a new school after the holidays to continue her teacher training. We wish her lots of luck in her teaching career. 


I hope you all have a lovely Christmas full of laughter, love and memories. 


Stay safe and I will see you all in 2021. 

Miss Clegg :) 





Elf on the shelf - week 2

Friday,  11th December 


Another week has flown by! The elf has got up to lots of mischief! 


This week in Maths we finished our balancing of number sentences and moved onto 2D and 3D shapes. In English we started our new book 'Farmer Duck'.  In History we compared toys (cars and bears). We started planning and making our toy cars. In Maths we finished our equality and balancing number sentences. 


We also went on a 'virtual' school tip to Chester Zoo. We got on the school bus and drove our way to the zoo. The zoo put on a live video and explained why different animals change colour!


On Monday we got to watch the Reception Nativity - on zoom. On Wednesday we had our own Christingle Service on Zoom. Each child got to make and bring home their own Christingle. On Friday we enjoyed our Christmas jumper day!


Spelling - (no spellings this week) 

Comprehension - Page 14

Maths -  Page 2, 3, 4 and 5 (Year 1 start test)

Phonics - Page 4 and 5 (oy)


I have sent home a CGP Maths mental workout book. This can be used at home and does not need to be brought back into school! 


Please remember to send your child in with a plastic bag on Tuesday to bring home all their 'Christmassy' bits and bobs!


Over the Christmas holidays I will be sending your child home with 5 reading books. Please bring in their home learning and reading books on Wednesday. 

Next week is a week filled with 'Christmassy' activities! 


Have a lovely and safe weekend! 

December has arrived and so has Buddy the class elf. We seem to have a very cheeky elf in our class that gets up to lots of mischief! Advent has started - see below for pictures.


On arrival he put glitter in the classroom and wrote us a lovely little note. The children noticed that his handwriting is very 'square' and have suggested he reads their writing to see how to write properly! On day two he put tissue paper around the lights and used it as a swing! On day three he decorated the bananas as minions! On day 4 he decided to have a bubble bath! See below for pictures. 


This week we have been authors and have written the story of Mr Big. The children have been up-levelling their work and re-reading it to check it makes sense and to check for any mistakes. We have sent the work home to show you! In Maths we finished our unit on finding the 'difference'. We have now moved on to equality. We have been working out different ways to make different amounts, ensuring they are equal. We even learnt that it doesn't matter where you put the equals sign e.g 3+2 = 5 or 5 = 3+2. 


In History we learnt about four ways toys have changed over time: materials, technology, safety and attitudes. In RE we learnt about the different ways Christians use the story of the nativity to guide their beliefs and actions at Christmas. We looked at different Christmas cards to spot the different signs of Christmas. We even learnt that a Christmas tree is linked to the holy trinity. The children are learning lots in Spanish and have even been singing Christmas songs in Spanish! 


We had a lovely Christmas decorating morning on Thursday. The classroom was turned into an elves' workshop. We made cards, Christmas ornaments, classroom decorations and much, much more! We listened to Christmas music ALL morning! See below for pictures! You will never guess who recorded St Mary's a video - it was the real Father Christmas!  He has even written letters to the children who wrote to him! In the afternoon the reindeer came round to deliver the presents!


As the children are having their PE lessons outside please send in gloves (it is getting a little bit cold!). 


Next week we have a busy week: Christmas Christingle, reception nativity (on zoom), Christmas hunt, Christmas jumper day and parade. Friday, 11th will be the last day to post your class Christmas cards (ready for quarantine over the weekend!)


Phonics - 'ea' page 8 and 9 

Comprehension - Page 13

Maths - Page 6/7

Spelling - phonics, dolphin, come, some, grew, threw


If anyone has anymore 'small' cereal boxes please bring into school. We will be making our cars on Wednesday. 


On Tuesday, 15th December the children will be bringing all their Christmas crafts and cards home. Please send your child in with a named plastic bag. 


I hope you all have a safe and restful weekend. 


Miss Clegg :) 

Advent in Year One

Christmas Decorating Day

Elf On The Shelf - Week 1

We have written to Father Christmas to ask for our own Elf. We are hoping that he isn't cheeky and he will arrive by Tuesday. Remember to look for him on Tuesday morning! 

Friday, 27th November 

Can you believe it is nearly December?! 


Next week we will be starting our lead up to Christmas. We have our picture advent calendar that we will be opening each day, we also have our advent candle and wooden nativity set. On the St Mary's Church website there is an advent calendar created by the children at St Mary's! 3 of the pictures are from Year One children. 


This week the children enjoyed their first forest school session! They really enjoyed making a house for the fairies that live in the tree. In Maths we have been applying our knowledge to solve missing part and whole questions. We had to identify if the part or whole was missing. This helped us to know if we needed to add or subtract. We have also started our unit on finding the 'difference' In English we have been using the book 'Mr Big' to support our writing. We even used inverted commas in our writing! In History we used time words to describe a range of toys. We have loved looking at all the 'old' toys! In Computing we used the chrome books to watch stories. We learnt that there are different forms of media. In PSHE we spoke about special people and who are special people are. We also spoke about what makes us special. We also had two very active PE lessons! In RE we wrote sentences for the key parts of the Nativity story. We have set up our wooden nativity in the role play corner. It was lovely to see the children acting out the story in their CIL time (child initiated learning). We also evaluated our clay portraits - we will be bringing them home next week.


Next week the children will be completing a piece of work to bring home (as you have been unable to look at their books!) I am so proud of all the children and the progress they are making! 


After Christmas we will be moving on to 'thin' line books. We will have a focus on letter formation and handwriting. We will start to use our purple handwriting books. 


If anyone has the 'small single serve' cereal boxes please can they be brought into school by Friday, 4th December. We will be making a moving vehicle in our DT lessons. 


The children had such a fantastic time at the school disco. It was so lovely to see them in their disco clothes! I even had a little dance! 


Maths - add, subtract and equals signs - Page 24 and 25

Phonics - 'ie' - Page 12 and 13

Comprehension - Page 12 

Spelling: when, whisper, straw, draw, have, like


Have a lovely weekend. Stay Safe.

Miss Clegg

Maths challenge


told, cold, toy, oyster, girl, blue

Odd Socks!

Still image for this video

Friday, 20th November 


Another super busy week in Year One. This week we started our new book 'Mr Big'. In Maths we have been using part, part whole models to help with our addition and subtraction. We have been drawing cherry models and bar models to support with our addition and subtraction. We have been working really hard in class on our presentation for this. We have been drawing them ourselves to support our learning. If the whole is missing you need to add. If a part is missing you need to subtract. 


For computing we used the chrome books. We practised logging in and navigating around the chrome book. We realised that we can type and use it as a touch screen too! In RE we discussed the different ways that show Christmas is coming. We also re-told and acted out the nativity story in the hall. We sequenced the pictures ready to write our captions next lesson. In History we played with a range of old toys and learnt about the different ways we can find out about the past. Thank you for sharing some of your old toys with us - the children have loved seeing them!


As this week is anti-bullying week we have had a lot of activities to focus on this. We created our own buckets of happiness. We shared different ideas to show that how to make people happy. We also created our own Year One jigsaw puzzle. This puzzle reminds us that if we all work together we can stop bullying. On Friday we wore our 'odd socks' to show that being different and unique is good. 


Sorry I left my books at school so can't find the pages but have given the titles!

Comprehension - Page 11 

Phonics - 'ou' pages 

Maths - adding and subtraction page


On Monday the children will be having forest school. Please ensure they come into school with a warm coat and gloves. Remember to hand in your letters to Father Christmas!


I hope you all have a lovely weekend. 

Miss Clegg 

Message from Miss Bhanderi:


Dear Parents/ Carers,

This half-term, the Year Ones have started a new exciting topic in History, called ‘Toys from the Past’! We would be really grateful if your child could please bring in a toy from your past and/or their grandparents’ past, and have something to say about it - What is it? How do you play with it?


If it’s easier, feel free to email with some pictures of the toys that the children could talk about. Please can this be handed in/emailed by Monday, 23rd November.


Thank you so much for your help! 


Best wishes,

Miss Bhanderi :)


Friday, 13th November 


Another super busy week in Year One! The weeks are flying past!


This week in Maths we have finished our addition unit and have moved on to subtraction. The children are working so hard to present their work beautifully! In English we have finished our unit using the book 'Gruffalo Crumble'. We have been working on using the conjunction 'and' and improving our writing stamina by writing longer pieces of work. We even created our own Gruffalo cake outside and wrote instructions. We are learning how to edit our work using our green editing/teacher pen! I encourage the children to use the resources on their tables and around the room to help with the editing process. 


We started our new topic of 'Toys past and present' in History. In RE we read the Nativity story and learnt about the key people and events. We had to create our very own special bedroom for the baby Jesus! In PSHE we learnt about how everyone has similarities and differences. We also had two great PE lessons. 

As a school we created our own memorial for Remembrance Day. We walked to the end of the road to lay our stones out ready for the 2 minutes silence. We have put them in the school prayer garden.


Throughout the week we have been participating in daily workouts with Joe Wicks - Five to Thrive. On Friday we had a lovely day dressed in our own clothes to raise money for Children in Need. We even finished Joe Wick's 24 hour workout. Thank you for your donations. 


Reminders: Next Friday - odd socks day (wear normal school uniform) 

On Monday we will be recording our songs for the Christmas CD.


Home Learning

Phonics book - Page 4 and 5 

Spellings - pray, clay, cloud, house, pie, tie

Comprehension - Page 10

Maths - Page 28


I have sent home their yellow spelling books so you are able to see how they are getting on in their spelling quiz. Please return them by Thursday. In phonics we have been learning different sounds (as shown in their spelling words). Each week the children will be given a learnt sound to focus on in their phonics books.


Extra maths challenge below.


Thank you SO much for all the lovely cards, presents and 'adult juice' you have all given me. It is so kind and very much appreciated. 


I hope you all have a nice weekend. See you all on Monday :) 

Miss Clegg

Maths challenge 2

Friday, 5th November


What a lovely start to the new half term. The children have come back excited, enthusiastic and ready to learn. Thank you to everyone who is wearing a mask on the playground. It this crazy world, the Year One classroom is filled with laughter, learning, friendship and happiness. During this time, if you wish to speak to me please email the school office. I can then respond via email or phone.


This week we have stared our new English unit based around the book 'The Gruffalo Crumble'. We have been practising our sentence writing and have written instructions to make gruffalo tusks and a fox face! We also played 'human sentences'. This supports our learning and helps us remember what a sentences is, what is contains and how to write it. We also learnt what a nouns and verbs are - ask your child if they can remember! In Maths we have continued with our addition unit. We have been using different resources to support our addition. I have been so impressed with the presentation in our books (one digit per box!). In Phonics we have been recapping phase 3/4 and practised 'holding a sentence' before writing it. We will start Phase 5 next week. We have completed our Art unit on portraits. 


In Art we learnt about different portrait artists, practised sketching different parts of our face, painted our own portait and made one out of clay. In RE we learnt about forgiveness, and linked this back to the parable of the lost Son. We learnt that God will always forgive us like the father did in the parable. 


New topics: History - Toys, PSHE - valuing difference, DT - making toys, PE balls skills (hands) and locomotion (running) and RE - Incarnation. We will also be using the Chrome Books to start our Computing learning.


On Thursday we had a visit from the Sports Partnership. The children had a great time completing a multi-skills circuit and taking part in a 'Frozen' warm up. 


Please can your child bring in a large stone/rock on Monday. We will be decorating these to create a Remembrance Day memorial. 


I hope you all have a lovely weekend. Hopefully the sunshine stays out so we can go on lots of walks! 


Comprehension - Page 8 and 9 

Maths - Page 27 

Extra maths challenge - attached below 

Spelling - put, come, your, they, has


Miss Clegg :) 



Optional Maths challenge 1

Friday, 23rd October 


We have had a lovely 'rainbow' themed day today. The children have enjoyed decorating their rainbows, singing and dancing and playing! We also said goodbye to Mrs Foster and Mrs Garland who have been at St Mary's for 20 years. The children prepared a video to show them both (across Zoom of course!)


Children are bringing home their pencil cases. Please can they be restocked! The felt tip pens are still in their drawers so will not need any more of them! Thank you in advance. 


After half term I will send home their spelling books on a Friday, so you can see what they got. If these could be returned on a Monday morning. 


I will also set an 'extra challenge' for their Maths home learning. This will be put on the blog page at the end of the week. This is added extra - so please don't feel like you have to do it. 


I hope you all have a lovely half term. Stay safe. 


Miss Clegg 


Week 8 - Friday, 23rd October 


I can’t believe the first half term has finished! The children have worked so hard this half term – you should be really proud of them! I know I am!


This week we started a new book called ‘Coming to England’ to support our learning over Black History Month. The little girl in the story spoke about her favourite memories of different celebrations for when she lived in Trinidad. She also spoke about the weather in Trinidad. We wrote sentences describing our favourite celebrations and wrote a weather report.


In Maths we started our unit on addition. We created number sentences, part whole models and found out that addition can be done in any order!


In Science we wrote a letter to the Three Little Pigs telling them what material they should build their house out of and why. We applied our Science learning to write this letter. We had a great time in PE and Spanish. We also practised our songs for the Christmas CD. In History we learnt that we celebrate different celebrations because of events that have happened in the past e.g Remembrance Day and Firework Night.


I have sent home 5 reading books for the half term.


I hope you all have a lovely half-term break and I will see you in November ready for Autumn Two.

Miss Clegg

Week 7 - Friday 16th October


Hello everyone, 


Year One have had a lovely week this week! Lots of learning has been taking place! 


In English we have focused our sentence writing around the book 'Peace at Last'. We are working really hard to remember to sound our words out, us finger spaces, capital letters and full stops! In Maths we have continued to regroup to make different amounts. This week I introduced Cuisenaire rods to the children. They are a great, visual resource. In RE we linked the Lost Son to how we show love to parents and how parents show love to us. In Science we completed a sinking and floating experiment. We had to make a predicition of what material would float and sink. We used our knowledge of different materials to make our prediction. We also had to decide what material would be best to build a boat. We have been busy in PE this week! The children always look so smart in their PE kit - thank you! The children are really loving Spanish! Ask them what they have remembered! You will be amazed. We also had a lovely church service on zoom today. 


Your child will bring home their finished Christmas Card design this weekend. It can be made into Christmas cards, mugs and calendars! Next Friday we are having a rainbow themed mufti day! 


I can't believe next week is the last week before half term. We are currently working towards our class reward. We have been working hard to collect all the pieces of treasure!  On Thursday we will be having a 'rainbow' themed mufti day. More information will be sent home for this. 


I look forward to seeing you all for the 'new normal' style parents evening next week. 


Home Learning

Comprehension book - Page 7 

Maths books - Page 12 and 13 (complete) 

Spelling: brown, cow, book, look , moon, spoon


Have a lovely weekend. 

Miss Clegg :) 

Week 6 - 9th October 2020


I am SO sorry this did not save on Friday. Home Learning can be handed in on Thursday. Sorry! 


Another super busy week! This week in Maths we have been regrouping to make numbers. We used resources first before recording them as number sentences and part part whole models. For example: 7+3 = 10 and 8+2 = 10. We practised writing our digits in each box! In English we read our books and editing them. We used out green editing pens. In History this week we focussed on 'Black History Month' In RE we learnt about the meaning behind the parable 'The lost son'. 


We have even started designing our Christmas cards. They will bring them home next week! 


Spelling: thing, rain, coin, three, keep, birthday

Maths: Page 21

Comprehension: page 6  




I hoe you all have a lovely weekend. 

Week 5 - Friday, 2nd October


I think that is the end of the sunshine. I have been so impressed with the children this week. They are becoming very independent. 


In English this week we have been 'authors' and 'illustrators'. We have been writing our own story book based on the story ‘Stanley’s Stick’. In Maths we have been practising writing numbers 1-20. We have also practised recognising these numbers. We have been ordering numbers and have been problem solving. In Science we sorted objects using a venn diagram.  In PSHE we shared who is special to us. We also started practising for the Christmas CD! In RE we created a story map with captions for the parable of the Lost Son. 


We have a lovely Zoom Harvest Service. Thank you to everyone who brought in some food. Well done to everyone who participated in the ‘get active challenge’.


Home Learning

Maths – page 18 (go over with your child) page 19 (to complete)  We covered this topic a couple of weeks ago.

Comprehension – Page 4 and 5 

Spelling: park, smart, nurse, turn , he, they


I hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Miss Clegg :) 

Week 4 - Friday, 25th September

I think we have had the last of the sunshine for this week! This week we have welcomed Miss Bhanderi who is training to become a teacher and is with us until the end of the Autumn Term. 


This week has been another busy week! In English we started our new book 'Stanley's stick'. We have been working on sentence structure and sounding out unknown words. In Maths we have worked on making amounts using resources, more or less and one more and one less. In Science we described the properties of different materials. We even learnt the words: transparent and opaque. In PSHE we learnt about hurt feelings and bodies. 


Reminder: paint aprons and wellington boots. As the weather has changed, the children are now wearing their wellies at break and lunchtimes. If your child wears laces, please ensure they can do these up themselves. 


I will be sending home their home learning books this weekend. We have 3 phonics books, 1 comprehension, 1 maths book and a 10 minute Maths book. I will send home the appropriate books and will mark at school. The rest of the books will be kept safe at school until they are needed.  At the moment, we will not be using the phonics books until we start phase 5. Currently, we are consolidating our phase 3/4 knowledge and learning.


Spellings: queen, shop, short, sight, chair, goat

(When you practise the spellings with your child, please put the word into a sentence so the children understanding the meaning of it.) Spelling quiz will be on Friday. 

Maths: Page 16 (go over with your child) page 17 (activity page to complete) 

Comprehension: Page 2 and 3  

Home learning to be handed into school on Wednesday.


Have a lovely weekend. 

Miss Clegg 

Week 3 - Friday 19th September 


Another lovely week in Year One! It has been so lovely and sunny. I hope the weather continues! The children have loved playing outside in the sunshine! We had our start of term service on Thursday, it was slightly different to normal as it was on Zoom. We even sang some of our songs using sign language. 


I hope you all found the meet the teacher PowerPoint helpful. It was great to see so many of you on Zoom. 


Our English learning this week has been based around the story "Plenty of love to go around". In Maths we have focused on quick recall of numbers, recognising patterns in order to recall quickly and using resources to make numbers. We are making sure our numbers are formed correctly and are the correct way round! In History we found out about household objects and what they looked like in the Victorian times. In RE, we read the story 'The Lost Son' and verbally re-told the story. In Science, we worked in groups to sort different objects into different material groups.
In Computing, we played a game on Interland. It taught us how to be kind on the internet.  


Reminder: baby photo and first day of school photo, to be emailed or brought in by Monday.

Painting aprons

Spare underwear to be kept in your child's drawer or in their school bag 


We will start our CGP book home learning as soon as they arrive at school. For now, the children have brought home their reading books. These can be left at home and brought into school, to be changed, on a Thursday. 


If you need an important message passing on in the mornings, please hand a note to your child to give to me. You can also email the office but I may not check my emails until lunchtime. 


Have a lovely weekend.

Miss Clegg :)



Year 1 - meet the teacher powerpoint

Year 1 useful documents

Week 2 - Friday 11th September


The children have settled so well into Year One life. I hope they have all had a lovely week.


This week we have focussed on getting into our 'normal' routine. There is still time for the children to have CIL (child initiated learning) to support their transition from Reception. During the week they complete 'rainbow challenges'. These are focus activities in 5 different areas of the curriculum. A normal morning consists of phonics, English and guided reading. Maths is after break and then in the afternoons we focus History/Geography, PE, Art/DT, PSHE, Computing and RE. We are working towards our 'full timetable'.


This week we started our History topic 'What is History?', in PSHE we had our first lesson on our 'Me and my relationships' topic and in Science we started our materials topic. In Maths we focussed on positional language and in English we have re-introduced sentence writing based on the book 'Here we are'.


Please can you send in a photo of your child as a baby and on their first day of school by
Friday, 18th September. I will photocopy the pictures and return them ASAP. We are learning about chronology in History so the pictures will support our lesson.


I have attached the meet the teacher meeting presentation and year overview for you to look at before next week. I have also uploaded 'Year One useful documents' booklet.


Please make sure your child has a pair of wellies in school. Also, please can your child bring in a spare change of underwear to keep in their drawer (just in case!)


I hope you all have a lovely weekend. See you all on Monday.


Miss Clegg :)

Welcome to Year One! 


It was so lovely having all the Year One children back to school on Thursday. Their smiles continued all day!  Thank you for preparing the children so well for their return to school. 


We have had a busy first few days. On Thursday and Friday we got used to the 'new routine'.  We found our pegs, trays and organised all of our new books! We also had lots of opportunities to ask questions, talk and share what we are excited and worried about. We explored the classroom and even practised our writing and Maths skills.


We have listened to your children read and have sent home their reading books and reading record. Please return their books and records on Thursday so we can change them and send new ones home on Friday. Please ensure you sign their reading record and that each book is read twice. This will support fluency and comprehension. 


As you know, our 'open door policy' has changed slightly. If you need to pass on a message please email the office and they will forward it to me. Of course, you can always grab on the playground after school for anything quick! Please be reassured that I will contact you if needed. I will be updating the class page weekly to share our news, learning and key reminders. 


Children will be bringing home learning books home on a Friday and these will need to be returned on Wednesdays.


PE days are Monday and Thursday. Please see the parent mail letter for further details. 


Each day the children need to bring in their coats, water bottles and packed lunch (if provided from home). Please ensure your child has a pair of wellies in school so they can use the field (I don't want their shiny, new school shoes getting all muddy!) 


Next week you will have further details about the 'meet the teacher' meeting.  


I hope you all have a lovely weekend. The children might have stayed in bed a little longer - I know I did! 


Miss Clegg :)