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Year 1

Welcome to Year One

Reading Books Rota:



































Home learning: 


KS1 Maths- 10-minute workout

Please complete Spring term workout 5.


KS1 English- Grammar, Punctuation & spelling 

Please complete pg 8-9. 


Phonics- Phonics screening practice- PhonicsPlay - Parent Information

You are able to make a free account and the children are able to play games to practice reading real and nonsense words. 

Please also use the phonics packs that were sent home previously to practice. 



Common exception words- 










List 5 is this week's focus spellings. 




Phonics screening check details- reminder

Friday 13th May 2022


A fantastic week of learning this week. 

In English, we started our new non-fiction focus on bats. The children have been researching and writing facts that they have found. In Maths we finished our focus on mass and recapped sharing by 2 to start our multiplication unit. In science, we identified Evergreen and deciduous trees. In Geography we identified human and physical features in the local area. In PSHE we learnt about germs and how to clean our hands properly. As a class, we created a giant poster to promote handwashing. To end the week was our trip to the Aquadrome to support our Geography and science topics. 


Phonics Screening check

Just a reminder the phonics screening check is fast approaching and will be taking place the week commencing Monday 6th June.  We are also off school Monday the 6th so the screening will take place as of Tuesday 7th June. Please keep up with the phonics practice and reading especially over the half term.


Glue sticks- Please can you supply your child with a new glue stick if they do not have one. 



Have a lovely weekend. 


Miss Devlin :)

Home Learning


KS1 Maths- 10-minute workout

Please complete Spring term workout 4.


KS1 English- Grammar, Punctuation & spelling 

Please complete pg 6-7. 


Phonics- The phonics screening practice test is attached below. 

Please practice sounding out the real and nonsense words. 



Common exception words- 

List 3 is this week's focus spellings. 

Friday 6th May 2022


A short but productive week this week!

This week we concluded our work on Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We finished retelling the story and completed some role play in small groups with some fantastic performances. We have some budding actors and directors amount us. In maths, we investigated measuring length using cm. In science, we investigated types of plants whether they are wild or garden plants. We have also been monitoring the growth of our sunflowers and broad beans. The tallest broad bean stem is now 5cm and the tallest sunflower is 30 cm! In PSHE we focused on what to do if you have a worry and the children were introduced to our new class helper the worry monster. In Geography we explored direction using compasses. Today year five had Play Leader Training run by the School Sports Partnership. They learned how to plan opportunities for younger children to be active. They had to consider elements of teamwork, before planning and carrying out our activities in groups with KS1. Year one thoroughly enjoyed taking part and loved working with year five.


I hope you have a lovely weekend and enjoy the sunshine.


Miss Devlin :) 


Monday 2nd May 2020


Home learning:


KS1 Maths- 10-minute workout

Please complete Spring term workout 3.


KS1 English- Grammar, Punctuation & spelling 

Please complete pg 4-5. 


Phonics- Phonics screening practice list. 



Common exception words- 

List 2 is this week's focus spellings. 

Friday 29th April 2022



This week we have continued our English focus on Goldilocks and the Three Bears. The children have produced some wonderful pieces of writing including sentences using suffix endings -est and -er and a diary entry. In Maths We completed our unit on counting in 2s, 5s and 10s and counting with 2p, 5p and 10p. We have also started our measuring unit. We explored volume using measuring cylinders and water and explored length with cubes. We will be exploring length with rulers and introducing centimetres next week. The children enjoyed finding items around the classroom to measure how many cubes long they were. They even measured how many cubes long I was! 

In science this week we started our new topic on plants. In pairs, the children planted seeds which we will explore their growth through this half term. We also discussed the parts of the plant and their different uses. 

In PSHE we explored healthy eating further and the children designed a healthy lunch box.

We have also focused on friendship and what makes a good friend, this has linked to the teamwork that we have been working on in P.E. 


Just a note that we have cleared out our early morning work trays today. The work that the children have chosen to bring home consists of independent activities that they choose to complete in the morning before we start our learning. 


*Sunflower competition reminder*

Please bring in your sunflowers for our competition vs year 2! 


The children have worked incredibly hard this week.

I hope you enjoy a restful long weekend. 


Miss Devlin :)



Home Learning: 


KS1 Maths- 10-minute workout

Please complete Spring term workout 2.

For those new children who do not have this book, I have inserted a copy inside of the English homework book. 


Autumn can be completed at any time. 


KS1 English- Grammar, Punctuation & spelling 

Please complete pg 2-3. 


Phonics- Phonics screening practice list. 



Common exception words- 

We will be focusing on common exception words for the next 5 weeks. 

Please practice reading and spelling these words at home. 

List 1 is this week's focus spellings. 




Friday 22nd April 2022


Year one has had a fantastic start to the Summer term!


In English, we have started our traditional tales focused on Goldilocks and the Three bears.  For Maths, we have started our new topic and have been focusing on counting in 2s, 5s and 10s.  In PSHE we have started our new topic “being my best” we looking at what foods are considered healthy and what a balanced diet looks like. During P.E we started our team-building unit of work. In Geography our new topic of local area study on Rickmansworth has begun with the children identifying the difference between human and physical features.

We have also had a lovely start of term church service and a drama 4 all workshop focused on global warming. Today is also Earth Day and during assembly, we explored what this means and ways we can care for our planet. 



If the children would like to return their sunflower seedling to school, that would be great, as we are competing with Year 2 in our sunflower growing competition.


All reading books were changed this week on different days following half- term we will return to the usual days as of next week.


Have a lovely weekend.


Miss Devlin :)

Tuesday 19th April 2022


Welcome back!


I hope you have had a wonderful break! The children have come back today in great spirits and excited to learn. It has been lovely to hear all the exciting things they got up to during the holidays. I was especially impressed with their homework today, they really enjoyed sharing their work. 


Year 1 Super Readers Challenge!


I have created a brand new reading challenge. I want to encourage a love for reading among the children and have therefore created a new challenge that will hopefully add a level of excitement to get them started on their reading journey. The children will be sent home with a reading chart, for each book they read at home they are able to colour in a space on the chart. This includes any book they have at home not just school reading books.

When they reach the end please bring the chart back in, the children will receive a special certificate to congratulate them on being super readers!



Home learning 

Home learning for this week (due 25th April) includes the following:

Maths- counting in 5s activities

English- Suffix endings -ed and -ing 

Spellings- suffix ending -ed and -ing

Phonics- Phonics screening practice, please get your child read through and practice the real and alien words. These can also be cut up and used as flashcards. 


Homework packs will be sent home with your child. 


Friday 1st April 2022


This last week of term has been full of exciting activities and projects. We started the week by completing our computing unit and had a focus day on our D&T project which was creating bird sculptures which we will finish at the start of the next half term. On Wednesday was our Easter Celebration day the children looked fabulous in their Easter bonnets and it was lovely being able to parade and sing to parents. The day consisted of lots of Easter-themed activities including an easter quiz, biscuit decorating and an Easter egg hunt. On Thursday was our school trip to Paradise Wildlife park the children had an amazing time. They were fantastic at identifying animals and identifying the correct categories they belong to. Thank you again to the parent helpers and Mrs Allen for your help on the day. To conclude this week we had a lovely end of term service at St Mary'schurch. 

Thank you for all your help and support this term.

I hope you have a lovely break and I look forward to seeing the children refreshed and ready to learn on Tuesday 19th of April. 


Have a lovely Easter,  


Miss Devlin :)

Friday 25th March 2022


Only one more week till half term and the children are still working really hard. Another week was filled with fantastic learning. This week in maths we have been learning about finding halves of amounts and odd and even numbers. Please ask your children about the rhymes to remember odd and even numbers. In science, we explored the meaning of omnivore, herbivore and carnivore and recapped the different animal categories ahead of our trip to Paradise wildlife park next week. In English, continued our poem focus and even rehearsed our poems. In PSHE we learnt about the importance of knowing first aid and knowing what to do in an emergency. In geography, we found out about Northern Ireland and its key features. We also had the opportunity to compare England to Brasilia identifying similarities and differences. 


The trip next Thursday- Paradise Wildlife Park

We are leaving early from school on Thursday so please arrive in the playground at 8:15 am as the coach will be leaving promptly at 8:30 am. 

Please ensure your child has the following:

  • A weather-appropriate coat (weather dependent)
  • Suncream and a hat (weather dependent)
  • Sensible shoes (trainers)
  • A packed lunch in a rucksack that your child can carry independently – No nuts, sweets or fizzy drinks
  • Taken a travel sickness tablet before leaving home if required.


Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Devlin :)

Home learning- Week 5


Homework booklets have been sent home with your child today including a piece of English comprehension, phonics focus and spellings. 

Please can you read the comprehension to your child if they are unable and support them to answer the questions. Please read back through the text to support them to double check their answers.


 Maths- CGP book Pgs 14-15.

Those children that do not have the maths CGP book I have attached a maths sheet to their homework pack.

Friday 18th March 2022


Another fantastic week has flown by in year one, the children have had a busy week filled with lots of learning and fun activities. 


This week in English we have been looking at free verse poetry and have created some wonderful poems about Spring. In maths, we have been focusing on tens and ones. In Geography we focused on a different country within the UK this week which is Scotland. We have also been learning a song about the continents, you may want to ask your child to sing the song to you. They are able to use the song to work out which continent is the biggest to the smallest. In R.E we recapped the Easter story and discussed why it is important to Christians. In PSHE we looked at the importance of money and how we can keep it safe. 


This week was science week we were very lucky to have a STEM ambassador Mr Nolepa come into class for a session with the children. They were able to design backpacks that would be used to help them take pictures of their favourite animal. Mr Nolepa was really impressed with the children's designs. We have also planted some cress seeds which we are excited to watch grow. 

Finally, we ended the week with the children raising money for comic relief and a fabulous disco which I know the children loved.




Please can I ask that you practice cutting up food with your child at home as they have been particularly struggling with cutting up their school dinners. Thank you. 


I hope you all have a lovely weekend and enjoy the sunshine!


Miss Devlin :)


Home learning


Home learning packs were sent home with your child today. Please let me know should you require a replacement. 


Thank you. 

Friday 11th March 2022

Our Learning This Week

This week in English we have started a new book called Scaredy Squirrel makes a friend by Melanie Watt. The children have loved the story and it has inspired some fantastic work. The children have also been applying their knowledge of split diagraphs in their writing this week which has been fantastic. 

In Maths, the children have developed their skills of worded problem solving this week. We have focused on word problems. We explored a variety of questions that either had a part missing or the whole missing. 

In Geography we explored England, the children had to locate it on the map and recognise it as one of the countries in the United Kingdom. We also explored key characteristics. In science, we explored the senses and which body parts they are linked to in further detail. In PSHE we discussed responsibility and the importance of taking care of things. In R.E we explored the Easter story and why it is important to Christians. 


Trip to Paradise Wildlife Park 

I am pleased to announce our school trip to Paradise Wildlife Park to support our science project. You will have received the letter yesterday with all the details. Please fill out the permission slip and make payment ASAP. Any questions please do not hesitate to ask. 


New starters 

I would also like to say a warm welcome to the new children that have joined our class. The blog is where we share information about the children's learning and any notices or reminders. 


Homework is set on Mondays to be due the following Monday. 

Reading books and records have been sent home, we have a rota in which they are changed I will upload the rota below. Please bring in your child's reading books and reading record on their designated day. Please read with your child at least 5x a week, repetition of the books set home is a great way to develop comprehension. If additional books are required please let me know. 

Please can you send in a set of labelled spare clothes (this doesn't have to be uniform) and a labelled pair of wellies.


Any questions please either speak to me in person or send an email to the office. 

Thank you.


Have a lovely weekend!


Miss Devlin :)


Home learning 

Spring 2- Week 3


English comprehension- “Energy”

Maths CGP- pg 8-9 Tens and ones


List 1: o-e, u-e

List 2: ai, oi 


Phonics sheets: 

o-e, u-e and identify split diagraphs

ai, oi focused sheets


Packs are sent home with your child each week. If they have misplaced them please let me know.




World Book Day 2022!

Friday 4th March 2022


This week has been filled with lots of exciting opportunities for the children including Shrove Tuesday (pancake day) and World Book Day. We enjoyed two lovely services this week from Reverend snowball for Shrove Tuesday and ash Wednesday. 

During our learning this week we explored the following; In maths, we focused on 3D shapes the children explored shapes such as cuboids, spheres and pyramids. We identified 2D shapes within 3D shapes and used key vocabulary such as sides and corners. 

In English, we have been comparing the Last Noo-Noo by Jill Murphy to Amazing Grace by Mary Hoffman. The children practised lots of skills throughout the week including identifying the suffix ending -ing. The children used these stories as inspiration for their own narratives today. 

In PSHE year one focused on what they like about school, who helps keep them safe and who looks after the school environment. In Geography the children identified the United Kingdom on the globe and used an atlas to identify England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. In science, we linked our senses to parts of our body e.g our eyes allow the sense of sight. We also identified and labelled body parts. 


Exciting themed opportunities:



On Tuesday we focused on instructions and the children wrote detailed instructions on how to make pancakes. We finished the day with a pancake flipping competition!

On Thursday for World Book Day, the day was filled with fantastic activities including a book swap, a workshop with an illustrator and the masked reader. The masked reader consisted of videos of St Mary's staff reading a poem or a part of a story in disguise, the children had to guess who was behind the mask! The children looked amazing in their costumes and loved the opportunity to show off their costumes in front of the rest of the school. It really was a fantastic day!


Have a wonderful weekend,


Miss Devlin :)


Monday 28th February 2022


Home Learning


Maths- CPG book (pages 62- 65) 2D and 3D shapes

English- Comprehension piece "Pets" 

Phonics- sheets focussing on

Group 1- a_e, e_e, i_e

Group 2- ng, th


Group 1- a_e, e_e, i_e

Group 2- ng, th




Friday 25th February 2022


It has been great to welcome everyone back after the half-term break and get settled into our new learning for this half term. It was lovely to be able to talk to so many of you during our parent consultations this week. Thank you for your partnership in your child’s education.  If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to ask me in person or contact the office. I am always happy to help in any way I can.


We started off our week with a focused English lesson sampling pieces of the children's work and looking at ways we can “fix it” and make it better. I identified correct letter formation, capital letters full stops and finger spaces. Having even dressed up for the occasion wearing a hard hat and hi-vis jacket and applying caution tape around the classroom the children got to work. We have also started some new books these are The Last Noo-Noo by Jill Murphy and Amazing Grace by Mary Hoffman and Caroline Binch. In maths, we finished our exploration of finding a missing part and started a new topic on 2D and 3D shapes. Our new topic subjects that we have started this week, of which include Rights and Responsibilities in PSHE and Animals including humans in science.



World Book Day

Next Thursday 3rd March is World Book Day and we have some wonderful ideas planned. The children can come to school dressed as a book character from a story or anything at all to do with books would be wonderful! I am looking forward to seeing their ideas.

Please send in any books you have finished reading (and are happy to exchange) so that children can swap these for another book.


Have a lovely weekend,


Miss Devlin :)

Spring 2- Week 1- Home learning


English comprehension- Non-Fiction Frogs and Toads. Please find attached, an additional copy sent home. 


Phonics- sound sheets focusing on the following sounds:

Group 1: oe, au, ey

Group 2:  sh, ch ,th 

Sheets sent home. 

The appropriate set will be sent home with your child. 


Group 1: oe, au, ey

Group 2:  sh, ch ,th 

Copy attached and sent home. 

The appropriate set will be sent home with your child. 


Maths- Explore different ways to make 20 using Cuisenaire Rods on the following website:

Rods ( 

Details are found below. 

Friday 11th February 2022


This week in year one we have had exciting themed days including computing, Religious education and our visions and values day. During our computing day, the children learnt how to log on and of a computer and how to write on a computer, I was very impressed with their development of skills throughout the day. During R.E the children explored the religion of Judaism further. Our vision and values day was a day full of amazing activities that incorporated spiritual, mental, physical and creative aspects within. The day included a fantastic assembly with Karl thinking about Daniel and the lion's den, creating oil pastel drawings showing 'compassion' using the book: The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse' and decorating lion biscuits. The children especially enjoyed scooting and cycling around a special course on the playground and a fantastic scavenger hunt. Thank you for ensuring that all the resources needed were brought to school.

We have also had very skill-specific lessons in English and Maths this week. In English, we created finger space pointers to support our finger spaces and have been working hard on perfecting this skill. In maths, we have been focusing on how to use resources to support our learning. In dance this week the children thoroughly enjoyed performing for the final time this half term. The children have made me really proud with how well they compliment others on specific skills they have shown whilst performing. 



Library books

During library time the children love exploring all the books on offer and developing their love for reading however they are very disappointed when they are unable to take a new book home. Could I ask parents to remember to return the books every Friday. If a book is lost a £5 charge occurs that can be paid on school Gateway. 



I apologise for the unforeseen charge that has occurred from the postcards. The amount will be deducted from the price of the next school trip. I hope you still enjoyed receiving them as much as the children enjoyed making and sending them. 


Pencil cases

Please ensure that your child pencil case is replenished over the half term with pencils and glue sticks especially. 


Home Learning

Please continue to read over the half term, additional books have been sent home. Your child may have two different levelled books due to changing days, the new colour will be their new level and reading records will be updated. Please also work on the sounds that the children do not know that were shared in the phonics pack sent home. 


Phonics packs

You will have also received an envelope including a phonics pack this is for ongoing work to support your child with their reading development. All information is inside the pack please let me know if you have any additional questions. 


I hope you all have an amazing half term!


Miss Devlin :)


Monday 7th February 2022


Home learning:


The following has been sent home with your child today:

English comprehension worksheet- Spots in trouble

Maths- number bonds of 10 and 20

Phonics- 3 pages 

Spellings- ph, wh, ew

Additional copies of spelling, English and maths can be found attached below.



Friday 4th February 2022


This week to conclude our work in English on the story of Doctor Duck, the children made postcards retelling the story. The children have worked so hard on them and loved posting them in the postbox! I hope you enjoy receiving them over the next few days. Thank you for sending in the stamps and a huge thanks to those of you who gave up your time to help.  In maths this week we explored representing the same value with different number combinations within numbers 11-20. During science this week we looked at how the sun changes position throughout the day in each season and how the lengths of daylight vary. Within Geography, we explored the problem of global warming and the effects on the planet and how we can make small changes to help in school. In PSHE the children learnt about medicine and the importance of safety around medicine. 

We also had fun today celebrating the NSPCC's Number Day, the children enjoyed playing some maths games and solving maths riddles. We also joined year 2 for a maths themed scavenger hunt! 


Have a wonderful weekend.


Miss Devlin 

Trip to the postbox!


Book changing rota:

MondayTuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday 




























Home Learning week commencing 31st January 2022

Monday 31st January 2022


Home Learning:


English- comprehension sheet attached.

Maths- CGP: pg 40-41

Phonics- Worksheet to be sent home sounds ir, ue and aw. 

Spellings- based on the phonics sounds ir, ue, aw please find the worksheet below. 



A copy of both English comprehension, phonics and spelling will be set home with your child.



Friday 28th January 2022


Please can you send in a 1st or 2nd class stamp with your child on Monday.

We will be walking to the local postbox and sending postcards home. There will be more details next week. 


Another successful week for year one, filled with lots of learning. This week we have been focusing on creating a story map and planning a postcard. In maths, we have been learning about subtraction and using different manipulatives such as a number line, bead string and tens frame. In Science, the children wrote diary extracts describing the seasonal changes in a certain season using key vocabulary. The children shared their diary extracts and we had to guess what season the children were describing. In P.E this week the children developed their dances in groups further, the children demonstrated great concentration and memory. This week the children have really applied themselves to their handwriting lessons and are really starting to take pride in their handwriting. A big focus this week has been on mistakes, the children are starting to realise that mistakes are ok and they help us learn. We are building a fantastic learning environment. 


Thank you for your support with the new show and tell rules. It was fantastic to see the things the children had made this week, we had an amazing range of fabulous things such as a book written and made from scratch, detailed drawings of castles and certificates of achievement. The children were so proud of their work and achievements, it was lovely to see. 


Have a lovely weekend,


Miss Devlin :)




Monday 24th January 2022


Home learning:

English CGP: Pg 30-32

Maths CGP: pg 22-23

Spellings: Words using the focus phase 5 sounds ie, ea and recapping ee please find a copy below and an additional copy was sent home with your child. 

Reading please read five times a week with your child and keep signing their reading record. 

In guided reading this week the focus is the ability to retrieve. Please can you focus on these questions when discussing the book with your child to consolidate the skill. Encourage your child to look back in the book to support their answers. 

1. How did _______________ feel? Why?

2. What did _____________ look like? 

I have also uploaded some additional suggested reading materials that your child may like to read at home. 


Challenge 1: To write a diary entry about the weather. 

Challenge 2: To write the pairs of numbers that made 20 (number bonds). 



Additional reading suggestions Year 1

Friday 21st January 2022


Year one have completed another week, working incredibly hard. This week we started a new book in English called Farmer Duck By Martain Waddell. We have been practising the skills of prediction, describing characters and have learnt what nouns are using inspiration from the book. In maths, we have been using "think 10" to regroup following on from last week we have extended our learning by regrouping using two-digit numbers and have used "think 15". We have also explored ways in which we can represent 10s and 1s. In Geography we learnt about the equator and identified the location of hot and cold countries on the map in relation to the equator. In science year one were able to describe the changes that a tree goes through in each season. In PSHE this week the focus was how can we keep ourselves safe and who can we ask for help, thus we discussed our helping hand in school. 


The new book changing rota has worked really well this week! Thank you for bringing your child books on the requested day.


Show and tell:

From next week children can only bring into school something they have made, achieved or work they are proud of. No more toys thank you. 


Yo-Yo Cards

No Yo-yo cards are allowed, please remove the card from your child snack before it comes into school. 


Many thanks for your cooperation.


Have a lovely weekend,


Miss Devlin 


*Covid Isolation work has been added to google classroom*


Home Learning: 


Maths - pg10-11

English CPG - pg 28-29

Spellings - Please find attached (a copy will also be sent home with your child tomorrow) 

Reading- continue to read 5x a week. 


English challenge- To Write some sentences including the spelling words. Remember to include capital letters, finger spaces and full stops! 


Maths challenge- Can you create your own 100 square.


(Challenges are not compulsory)

Spellings week commencing 17th January 2021

Friday 14th January 2022


This week we have been looking at free verse poetry, specifically the Silver Speck; and this has been the inspiration for their own poems. In maths, we have been recapping "think 10" and the part- part- whole model. 

Weather is our new geography topic that we have started this week. We identified the United kingdom on a map and the globe and described common weather in the UK. Furthermore, we have started recording the weather daily to identify different types of weather using a weather chart whilst also recording the temperature using a thermometer. 

In science, we have started our new topic on seasonal change, identifying and naming the four seasons whilst also exploring the changes that occur. During PSHE the children discussed ways in which we can stay say ahead of our new topic of "keeping myself safe". In P.E we continued creating a dance that represents the growth of a seed into a plant. Finally, in year one have learnt all about the importance of staying healthy. This involved identifying food labels and exploring the fact that they that provide us with knowledge about our food. The children found it fascinating and proceeded to look for the labels on their food from their lunchboxes. 



If your child is off due to COVID and isolating, from Monday, work covered in class during each day will be added to google classroom that evening. You can then work through it with your child at home. In the meantime, the children should have their reading books, spellings to practice and homework to complete. This is an expectation if your child is positive but also feeling well. 


Please remember to bring your children reading records and books on the correct day (please refer to the table below). 


I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, stay safe and in good health.


Miss Devlin :)

New Reading Record Rota


I am introducing a new reading record rota.  I am conscious that it is very difficult to change all reading books/ records on the same day. 

Please find the allocated day below for your child. Please ensure that your child's reading record and reading books are brought in on their day. This rota will commence on Monday 17th January.

Homework will still be due in on Mondays. 


MondayTuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday 





























Monday 10th January 2022


I want to wish you all a Happy New Year and hope you all had a lovely break. The children have come back to school with a fantastic attitude to learning and great big smiles on their faces, it has been so lovely to see. I am really excited to see the progress they make this term. 


Home Learning:

CGP Maths- pg 54-57 (2 double pages)

CGP English comp-pg 26-27










(Due Monday 17th January 2022)






Friday 17th December 2021


We have had such a busy week to end a very busy term! This week included a special visit from Father Christmas, performing our Nativity, singing to parents in the playground, Santa dash making cards, and much more!


Elvis the Elf was very busy again this week he made the children a Christmas card and left glitter all over the classroom! He even brought the children some cupcakes before returning to Santas workshop to help with the final push before Christmas Day! 

We've had such a busy term full of fantastic learning. The children have worked extremely hard this term and I am so proud of each and every one of them. I look forward to seeing the progress the children make next term also! 


I have sent home the list of high-frequency and common exception words for the children to be working on, both reading and writing them. I have also sent home extra reading books, please continue to read over the Christmas break. 


I would also love for the children to take pictures throughout the holidays to bring in to talk about on the first day back of the spring term. We will be writing about our Christmas holidays on the first day back it would be great if the children had photos to share with the class. So please could you send your child in with photos on Wednesday 5th January 2022. If you do not have any access to a printer please send the photographs to the office admin email. 


Finally a massive thank you for my Christmas presents, cards, and kind wishes it was beyond generous of you all. I really appreciate it! A huge thank you on behalf of Mrs Collett also. I huge thank you for your continued support this term. 

 I hope you all have a safe, joyful Christmas surrounded by loved ones and I look forward to seeing you all in the New Year!


Miss Devlin :)

Visit from Father Christmas today!

Nativity 2021


Thank you all for coming to watch us perform some of the songs from our nativity today. The children did so well considering it was acapella! I am really proud of all their hard work. The Nativity recording has been uploaded onto the google classroom page, I really hope you enjoy it! 


The login for access to your child's google classroom is the same as what they used to log in, in reception. Their first name then the initial of their last name. It is also the same password, any problems please let me know. 



Monday 13th December 2021

Home Learning:

CGP Comp- pg 24-25

Maths- Please find worksheet below. The document can be printed out and answers written on. Alternatively answers can be written on a piece of paper and handed in if you have no access to a printer. 











Just a note to say some children forgot to pick up their homework workbooks at the end of the day today, I will ensure they are brought home tomorrow.


Can I also say a big thank you for all the card board boxes brought into school day! We have started creating our cars today and there were so many boxes for the children to choose from it was so helpful. 


I will be assessing reading this week, I have had a few questions about reading levels. I will be conducting formal assessments throughout this week on reading and phonics specifically. Please make sure reading records and books are brought in everyday this week to facilitate this. 


Many thanks,


Miss Devlin :)

Maths Home Learning

Friday 10th December 2021


Another fantastic week has passed in Year One! The children have made me incredibly proud this week!



We have completed two dress rehearsals and even had Reception as an audience today. The children performed their dances perfectly and sang beautifully, they should be really proud of themselves. As you know there has been a change of plans regarding our official performance on Monday 13th December. The children will be performing the Nativity without parents coming in and this will be recorded and made available for you to watch. We are absolutely gutted that you will not be able to watch in person however we need to take the necessary precautions in order to keep us all safe. We will also be performing some of the songs from the Nativity on the key stage one playground on Wednesday 15th December at 3.15 pm.  


The children have been working hard this week alongside our rehearsals for the nativity.


In maths this week we have been ordering the days of the week. The children have been struggling to understand the concept of yesterday and tomorrow. Please could you try to work on this at home? For example asking questions such as, if today is Friday what day was yesterday? If Today is Friday, what day is tomorrow? We have also learnt about a timetable and how to read it to help us answer questions. 


In English this week we have been practising sentence structures. The sentence doctors have been working hard again. We also found a letter from Santa asking us to write a Christmas list. 


In R.E the children created a paperchain with all pictures of things that are special to them. Linking back to the importance of Christmas to Christians. 


In History, the children identified how and why toys have changed over time. 


Elvis The Elf


We have had a special visitor arrive in our classroom this week and he has been causing havoc ever since. Elvis the Elf joined us on Tuesday morning leaving a message on the board for the class. Ever since he has been causing mischief in the classroom. We have found him cutting up early morning work, swinging from the paper chain and knocking over the milk cups! 


Design and Technology


Please can you bring in some cardboard boxes of different sizes for Monday morning for us to create our D&T project. We need a couple of boxes per child for them to create their pull-along car. Nothing bigger than a shoebox or cereal box would be great!

Thanks a lot for your continued support!


I hope you have a lovely weekend!


Miss Devlin :)

Monday 6th December 2021



CGP Maths- pg 16-17

CPG comp- pg 22-23














Thank you to those of you who have brought your child's costume into school in a clearly labelled bag. If you haven't brought the clothes in yet please do so ASAP. I am currently missing 10 outfits. 


Many thanks for your continued support,


Miss Devlin :)

Friday 3rd December 2021


This week we have been rehearsing for the Nativity and the children cannot wait to perform. Information regarding costumes can be found below.

This week marks the start of Advent and every morning we light our candles and our special advent candle and open a piece of the nativity. The children have loved listening to Bible stories and have learnt about what Advent means.

Year One have also been working really hard with their learning as usual.

In Design and technology, we have been researching different vehicles. The children have also sketched their own designs and evaluated them. Next week we will be constructing them.

In English, we have been focusing on the structure of a sentence. We have been "sentence doctors"  we have been working to make our sentences feel better! We have been focusing on what the end of a sentence really means and where it is appropriate to use fulls stops.

In maths, we have been started a new topic. We have been learning about mass and length. We have been comparing the weight of different items in the classroom. 

In Computing year one practised login into the chrome books and using the paintz app. The focus this week was to log on to a website and practice creating lines and shapes within the paintz app. 


Year One also created Christmas decorations for a Christmas tree in St Mary's Church. We created candles with flames they looked beautiful and I cannot wait to see what they look like on the tree in the church!



Our nativity is just over a week away and we have been sorting through the costumes in preparation. I have organised the children into three groups each with a different costume. You will receive correspondence via school COMs regarding which group your child is in. 


I have the main part of the costume for every child however they will need clothing underneath. Every child will need a long sleeve top or t-shirt, trousers and leggings or tights.






A blacktop and black trousers or leggings.

A white top and white trousers or leggings. 

A dark top and dark trousers or leggings.


Please send these into school in a clearly named bag by Tuesday 7th December.


The children have been so excited about the school disco today, I really hope they have an amazing time!


Have a lovely weekend!

Miss Devlin


Week commencing 29th November 2021

Home Learning :


Math CGP: pg 28-29

English CGP: pg 20-21










Friday 26th November 2021


Christmas has come early in Year One! The children loved coming in this week to the surprise of a Christmas tree and Father Christmas in their classroom! A few of the children reminded me that it is still only November, however, I think we needed the joy a little earlier!


We have had a fantastic week filled with lots of learning. In English this week we have been looking at two new books "Voices In The Park" and "Where's My Teddy". We have been focusing on adverbs of time and using varied conjunctions. The children even created their own lost teddy poster with some fantastic sentences. In Maths we have been exploring the language of subtraction and regrouping to make 5. In science Year One solved a problem for the three little pigs. They had to suggest which material they believe would be best to use to make their house. I have been really impressed with how their knowledge of materials has excelled over the last term. We have been looking at some tricky words such as transparent and opaque which the children have been remembering the meaning of. In History, the children identified whether a toy was old or new and explained why. PSHE this week focused on school rules and why they are important. In P.E we continued our work on our topic of gymnastics. 



We are starting rehearsals for the nativity the children will be split into 3 different groups of stars, angels and inn keepers. You will be informed what role your child has and the requirement for their costumes ASAP. 



Home learning:

Just a reminder that homework is now due on Mondays. 

Books are changed on Thursdays or on request. 

Library books are changed on Fridays.

Please can outstanding library books be returned.

The children are quite upset that they cannot take another one out until the last one has been returned. 



Can I also please ask for tissue donations and another reminder about glue sticks and whiteboard pens!

Thank you again for all your support!


Hope you have a lovely weekend!


Miss Devlin :)

Home learning- Week commencing 22 November 2021:


CPG English:  pg 18-19

CPG Maths: pg 24-25


Continue reading five times a week. Please ensure you are signing your child reading record. 












It really disrupts our learning when some children do not have the correct resources. At the moment the majority of the class do not have their own pen or glue stick. Please ask your child if they need a new one. 





Friday 19th November 2021


This week the children have had an action-packed week including their first-ever school trip and a pantomime! 


Bekonscot Model Village was such a lovely trip on Tuesday the children made me so proud with how well they represented St Mary's during our visit. We had such a great day exploring the village looking at the models. We also thoroughly enjoyed the History of toys workshop. The children were able to compare modern toys to toys made one hundred years ago! Mrs  Allen and I even had a go on the different scooters, the children loved this! Although I didn't think the wooden scooter was quite the best idea for me to ride! The highlight of the day for the children was the train ride! A big thank you to the parent helpers and Mrs Allen thank you for all your help on the day it is really appreciated! 


On Thursday the children enjoyed the pantomime of Cinderella. The children were overwhelmed with excitement it really was so lovely to see. It was such a fantastic performance.  A special thank you to FoSMs for organising and funding the event. 


To finally end the week with children in need. Thank you for all your donations to such a worthy charity. We joined in with a live workout with Joe Wicks! We also had the pleasure of having year four come to read their own story versions of Biscuit Bear. Year One loved to listen to them read. 


Whilst we have had lots of activities this week we have also been working very hard! This week we finished off our work on Mr Big in English by writing a letter. This focused on including all the skills we have been practising. We also had some focused handwriting sessions. During maths this week we have been continuing with the part, part-whole model but have also explored the language of addition and number sentences. We have also explored matching pentominoes to number sentences. This week was also Anti-bullying week so we had a great focus on friendships and the difference between teasing, being unkind and being bullied. The focus this year is 'One kind word' our Monday assembly week focused on the importance of this. In R.E we continued learning about the religion of Judaism following our visit from a Jewish believer last week. The children had remembered a lot of information which was really impressive. 


Home Learning:


Homework is now due Monday and set on Monday's as per my last post. 

Reading books changing day is still Thursday however they can be changed on request. The children are becoming more responsible in letting me know if their books need to be changed. 


Just a reminder again about glue sticks and whiteboard pens. We are really low at the moment and this causes the children to stress if they do not have what they need to complete their work. Please can you ensure your child has both. Many thanks for your help and support as always!


Have a lovely weekend!

Miss Devlin :)

Home Learning:

Homework will now be set on Mondays to be handed in the following Monday. 

This week tasks are as follows. 


English CGP: pg16-17

Maths CGP: pg26-27












Friday 12th November 2021



Please can I request that you check if your child needs a new whiteboard pen or glue stick that it can be replaced. Any donations would be greatly appreciated, Thank you.


Trip to Bekonscot Model Village

A reminder that our first school trip will be next Tuesday 16th November! The children, Mrs Collett and I are so excited! They will need to be in full school uniform. Please bring your child's lunch in a disposable bag. 


In Maths this week we used Cuisenaire rods to look at different ways to make 10. We also learnt all about the part,part-whole model.

In English, we continued looking at our story Mr Big and the children retold the story using a story map. This helped the children to write a letter to reception telling them all about Mr Big. The children will be finishing their letters next week and we will be sending them to Mrs Crilly to look at. 

In computing this week the children practised logging in and using the paint app to create different designs. This took a lot of skill to be able to navigate around the computer and use the mouse and keypad.  

During R.E the focus was on the Christmas story and the importance of baby Jesus. 

We also had a special visit from a Jewish believer who came to tell the children all about Judaism.  

In History and D&T this week our focus was toys. Every child brought in their own toy which was amazing! The children loved looking at all the different types and we focused on what material they were made from and why they were their favourite. In History this half term we will be looking at the history of toys so it was great to start by looking at so many modern toys. In Design and Technology, we will be making our own pull-along toys so this allowed for lots of inspiration!


We have been learning all about the importance of Remembrance Day this week. The children learnt lots about the meaning of Remembrance Day and why we use the poppy as the symbol. The children also worked hard painting poppies which we then made into a class wreath. The children were very proud to lay the wreath in the prayer garden with the help of Year 2 on Remembrance Day. We spent some time reflecting and praying. 


Hope you all have a restful weekend!


Miss Devlin :)


Remembrance Day 2021

Year One Class Page

The latest news, home learning, learning and events will be posted on this page.


Friday 5th November 2021


Due to a large proportion of the class having come down with norovirus  today I have made the decision to postpone our trip to bekonskot model village.

The trip will now take place Tuesday 16th November 2021. 

If your child is ill, please call 01923 776529 before 8.30am and report the absence via option 1. If your child has been sick or has had diarrhoea, please allow 48 hours before the last bout of illness before they return back to school.


It has been wonderful welcoming the children back after a well deserved break over half term. It was also great being able to speak to so many of you over Tuesday and Wednesday evening for parents evening. I hope it was helpful and informative to hear how your child is getting on in year one. 

This week we started our nee book Mr Big in English. We practiced writing lots of sentences and even wrote a letter.
In maths we have been looking at the part,part whole model, number bonds to 10 and number lines. 
We have started some of our new topics and continuing some from last term also. 

Please can the children bring in one toy of their choice next Thursday 11th to support our D&T project.

Home learning this week:

CGP maths- pg20-21 (number bonds to 10)

CGP- English pg 14-15









Hope you have a lovely weekend! 
I wish a speedy recovery to those of you that are unwell!

Miss Devlin :)







Friday 22nd October 2021


Firstly I want to say a big thank you for the messages and cards of condolences that I have received from you all I really appreciate your support at this hard time. It was also great having you all in to visit the classroom and see for yourselves how hard the children have been working! 


This week I will keep the update short and sweet. The children have had another busy week focusing on assessments and finishing off pieces of work and topics. It has been a lovely week to conclude this half-term and they deserve a well-earned break!


Home Learning:

The wallets I sent home with the children today are just optional tasks you may choose to do over the half-term. The pack included common exception words for year one and handwriting practice for the days of the week and months of the year. 

Please please please keep reading over the half-term. I have sent the children home with three books yesterday to accommodate this. 

The children have really enjoyed going to the library so if possible that could be an idea for a fun and free day out!


I have also sent the children home with their pencil cases could these please be topped up for the next half-term. Especially glue sticks. Could I request that items like glue sticks be named so they can be returned to the rightful owner, thank you. 

Please enjoy a lovely, restful week with family and I look forward to seeing you all after half- term.



Miss Devlin :) 

Friday 8th October 2021


This week in English the children created their own books and presented them to the class! Creating their own versions of Stanley's Stick. The children worked really hard and should be really proud of their hard work. They also loved presenting their stories! We also started our new topic today by looking at instructions. The children had to sit back to back and instruct the other child to try and build the same model as them with lego. This highlighted to the children how important clear precise instructions are. This is in preparation for starting our new story next week. In maths this week we were looking at subitising numbers and varied representations of numbers. In History this week we sorted the children's photos in chronological order and grouped them into stages of their life. The children loved this and used and understood the historical terminology really well. Thank you for sending the photos in. During PSHCE this week we looked at different types of families and created 'Our special people balloons'. In R.E this week we focused on how love goes both ways and how Christians show love for God. The children have also had green fingers this week as they have been helping to plant flowers in our new prayer garden. We have also planted some bulbs in the area outside our classroom. We are excited to watch them grow. The children have also put their names next to the bulb they have planted so they can watch the bulb they planted grow. 

We have also been creating Christmas cards. It may only be October but Christmas can never start too early! The children have been working hard on their designs and you will be able to purchase their designs on cards if you would like. The design and information will be sent home on Monday. 


Home learning:

English: CGP pg. 10-11

Maths: CGP pg. 2-5 Start of year one test (please can the children do this without support)


(I will now also be adding two topic work based spellings each week from now on)










Please continue to read regularly and comment in Reading Record books. I will begin assessing children's reading over the next two weeks.


Have a lovely weekend!

Miss Devlin :)



Friday 1st October 2021


This week the children have been working extremely hard and should be really proud of themselves.

In English this week we continued to look at Stanley’s Stick. We have focused on sentence structure and how to include adjectives into our sentences. We also looked at split diagraphs and rhyming. We went fishing in our classroom pond to inspire our ideas.

The children have also loved playing phonics games this week and it has been so lovely to see them applying their knowledge and focus sounds to the activities.

In Maths we started our new topic numbers to ten. We have been exploring different objects in groups and understanding the value of an amount. We have been representing the amount on tens frames also practising our number formation. Whilst also practising some additions with Tens frames to support.

In Art, the children sketched large scale portraits and painted them. We focused on two artists one that focuses on a more realistic approach to portraits and then an abstract comparison. These artists were Basquiat and Picasso.


In science, we sorted materials into groups independently. We also looked at a range of objects that are made from two types of materials.


PSHE this week focused on the difference between our physical feelings and emotional feelings and how they can also overlap.


During R.E this week the children learnt about the purpose of a parable and how it has a hidden meaning. We used a box decorated with the story to represent this, the children then drew pictures and wrote sentences to explain the real meaning of the story.

Church Service

We also had a lovely church service this week and the donations that the school made for Harvest were amazing. So thank you so much for that amazing contribution. Also a special thank you to the parent volunteers.

Thank you so much for sending in the pictures of your children to support our history lesson. Due to the busy week, we didn’t get time to get round to this lesson today. I will keep the pictures safe and we will use them early next week.


I have also started to gain a collection of cardigans and jumpers with no names. If your child is missing one of either school or P.E please let me know as I have both types and would love to return them to their rightful owners.

Home Learning:

English: Pg 8-9

Maths: pg 12-13








Hope you have a lovely restful weekend!


Miss Devlin :)

Friday 24th September 2021



Please could you send in some printed pictures of your child as a baby, toddler and now.

We will be using these pictures to support our history lesson next week.

Please send an email to the office with the pictures attached if you are unable to print them.

Due in Thursday 30th September.


Our Learning this week: 


This week in English the children have started a new book Stanley’s Stick by John Hegley and Neal Layton. The children loved reading about the adventures Stanley went on. They even came up with their own ideas of what they could use their stick for. The children have also been making sentences make sense. Please ask the children about our song for remembering our capital letters, full stops and making sure our work makes sense. They love the song!

In maths, we have been looking at positional language further. We have been learning about 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th. We have been exploring this with animals in the classroom.

In art, we have experimented with different media including oil pastels and chalk and charcoal. The children focused on a section of their face either their eyes or mouth and experimented with observing what they could see with a mirror. The children really enjoyed experimenting with media that most of them had never used before.

In PSHCE we spoke about different feelings we may have and how we can tell somebody how we are feeling. We also spoke about the importance of telling a teacher how you feel.

During Computing this week year one looked at technology within their classroom. The children learnt what technology means.

During P.E we have been looking at our running technique. The children really enjoyed practising different ways of running and finding out the best technique to use. They cheered each other on at the end of the lesson as They especially enjoyed cheering me on which was lovely!

We have also started our history topic this week the children have learnt about the meaning of past and present. Next week we will be looking at what the children looked like in the past. Could you please send a printed baby, toddler picture and a recent picture of them by next Thursday please.  


Home learning:


Maths CPG: pg 18-19

English Comprehension: pg 6-7

Spellings to learn this week the children will be tested on them next Friday (1st October)

(This is nothing for them to worry about, please make sure they know this. I have been encouraging them that this informs me what they know and what we can practice on next).








Friday 17th September 2021


This week we have been working very hard in year 1. We have finished our book “Plenty Of Love To Go Round” and the children wrote sentences to describe the actions of the cat in the story. 

We have also been learning about different types of turns in maths. 

We have been practising and exploring turning left, right, half turns and even quarter and three quarter turns. 


In science this week we have started our topic on materials. The children enjoyed finding different items in the classroom and sorting them into groups based on the material of which they are made. They found it fascinating that some things are made from more than one material. 


In R.E this week we looked at the parable of “The Loving Father”. The children discussed the message that God is kind and forgiving. They retold the story reflecting on the message of the parable.


During P.E we enjoyed some games practising our throwing and catching, jumping and balance. 


Within PSHE this week year 1 looked at our classroom rules and their importance.


In art this week the children drew self-portraits using a mirror and pencil to observe their features and sketch. Throughout our self-portrait topic in art, we will be using observations of detail and working on proportions. This work will lead up to a clay piece based on their self-portrait. I cannot wait to see this project develop.

We even had the opportunity to create a card in Thursdays classroom collective worship for the Cook and kitchen team, to show our thankfulness for making such delicious and nutritious meals for the children every day. 


As you can see another action-packed week the children have worked so hard. I was very impressed with all their efforts throughout the week.


I hope that the Meet the Teacher presentation was helpful. It was really lovely to be able to speak to you all and answer your questions. It was also really lovely to speak to a few of you in person after school. 



Home Learning this week:

English comprehension CGP pg 4&5

Maths: pg 68-69 


Reading books have been changed. As said at my meet the teacher meeting please read the books twice each with the children. If you need them changed before Thursday. Please let me know by sending a note in with your child in the morning. 


I hope you have a lovely, restful weekend. 


Miss Devlin :)

Friday, 10th September 2021


The first full week of Year one is complete!


I am so proud of how well the children have settled into their new routine. They have all showed such a fantastic attitude to learning and have thoroughly impressed me with their efforts this week. We have been very busy this week getting used to the structure of our new lessons by starting our new curriculum. They have also had the opportunity to be very creative, which has been fantastic to see. 


 Some of our learning this week has included the following; In English, we have been reading Plenty of Love To Go Round by Emma Chichester Clark. The children loved the story, we used this story to look at predictions and labelling. In Maths we have been looking at positional language.  With the help of 'Waffle Doggie,' the children have been learning about different keywords that can be used to describe positions such as next to, beside, underneath and to the left. In Year one we have also explored the importance of internet safety with the help of 'Digi Duck'.  Our half term value is thankfulness and the children created lovely pieces of work expressing what they are thankful for.  We even had the opportunity to go on a nature hunt! 

As you can see we have been very busy!


Next week we will be starting our science topic on materials, self-portraits in art and in history we will be looking at chronology 'now and then' (me). 


Healthy Snacks 

The children have been very hungry, even after eating all their lunch. A snack is provided for them by the school in the morning. Can I please request that the children bring in an additional healthy snack for the afternoon, details of the types of snacks appropriate for school will be sent out in a newsletter. 



I have sent the children home with their new reading records, reading books and CGP homework books. 

I have shown and explained to the children what to do. Maths is related to our maths lessons this week and English consists of targeted comprehension practice. 


Please can you help the children to complete the following:


English comprehension: Pg 1-2 

Maths- Pg 66-67 


There will be no spellings to learn this week. 

Reading- please read the books the children have been given with them twice over the week to improve comprehension. 


Both homework and (signed) reading records are to be returned on Thursdays, please. 


Meet The Teacher 

Just a reminder that my Meet The Teacher Meeting will be held at 2 pm Wednesday 15th September ( Next Wednesday).

Monday evening I will upload the PowerPoint and curriculum information, so you will have some time to have a look before our meeting. I look forward to seeing you then!


I will also be available to speak to you in person Wednesday after school. I will be in the dining hall from 3.15-3.25pm if you have any other questions/ queries or additionally would just like to say hello in person. 


Hope you have a lovely restful weekend!


Miss Devlin :) 

Friday, 3rd September 2021


Welcome to Year 1!


It has been wonderful to welcome your children into Year 1. I am looking forward to teaching them and partnering with you throughout this year ensuing the best for them.


Our class page will keep you updated on the learning taking place each week, key events and information. This page will be updated weekly. 


Settling into Year 1

Thank you for preparing the children so well for their return to school. It has been lovely hearing about all the fun they have had during the summer!  The children have had such a fantastic start to the year and I have been really impressed with how quickly they have settled into their new classroom. It has been wonderful starting to get to know the children and their amazing unique personalities. We have had an exciting start to the term with lots of crafts, storytelling and exploring the classroom. We have also practised our writing and Maths skills. Year 1 also attended their first assembly with the whole school! They all sat beautifully and I was so proud of how well they behaved and listened throughout. 


During this week we have discussed their new routine, class rules and responsibilities. There has been plenty of time for questions and I have addressed any worries or concerns. I have also been thrilled to hear how excited they are about starting Year 1.


Each day the children need to bring in their bag or bookbag, coat (depending on the weather they may need a sun hat and suncream), water bottles and packed lunch (if provided from home).

Please ensure your child also has a pair of named wellies in school so they can use the field when it is muddy.

I would also like to request that your child has a named bag that stays on their peg with a spare change of uniform or clothes (in case it is ever needed, I would like them to feel comfortable in clothes that you have sent in although spares will be found if this is not possible). 


Reading books

Over the next week, we will be listening to your children read and will send home their reading records and reading books. Please return their books and records on a Thursday so we can change them and send home new ones on Friday. Please ensure you sign the reading record and read each book with them twice. This will support their fluency and comprehension. 



Children will bring home learning books on a Friday and this will need to be returned completed on Thursdays. The work will be based on things the children will have covered in class to consolidate their learning. There will also be a spelling test on a Friday. The pages that need to be completed for homework and the list of spellings will be updated on the class page on Fridays. 



PE days are Wednesday and Fridays so they will need to come into school in their PE kits on these days. 


Wednesday- PE kit 

Thursday- Reading record, books and homework books returned 

Friday- PE kit and Spelling test


Meet The Teacher

Our Meet The Teacher meeting will be held Wednesday 15th September, at 2 pm. Further details will be sent out to you. I look forward to speaking to you then!


Please feel free to send any questions or concerns through the office, or of course, you can always speak to me on the playground for anything quick!  Please be assured that I will contact you if needed. I look forward to partnering with you in their education and care. 


Have a wonderful weekend, 

Miss Devlin