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Year 6

Welcome to Year Six


Friday, 10th July 2020


The end of Year 6 has come around much quicker than I'm sure most of us imagined it would. It has been so lovely to be able to celebrate you all this past week and have time to share some of your memories of your time at St. Mary's. I hope that you all have made some great memories this week too, which you will cherish. 


Thank you to you all, parents and children, for your incredibly generous and thoughtful gifts. We are humbled by your kind words and it was so lovely to say goodbye to so many of you in person at the gates yesterday. We not only say goodbye to Year 6, but also to some families too who have been part of the St. Mary's family for many years. We hold you dearly in our hearts and thank you for your support over the years. We would love to see you again at future events and celebrations when we are able to hold them. 


On behalf of all the staff, we wish you the very best for the future and the best of luck on your new adventures at secondary school. 


Miss Paxton  x

Reading Week 5 (29th June - 3rd July)

Reading Week 3 (15th - 19th June)

Afternoon Tasks Week 3 & 4 (15th - 26th June)

Miss Clegg's PE challenge is below:
Week 12
Activity: Mountain Climbers - How many mountain climbers can you achieve in 60 seconds?

Instructions: Starting in a plank position, to complete a mountain climber bend your knee and foot towards your chest and then back out. Alternate between legs. Count how many you can do in 60 seconds?
Can you complete it each day and see if you can achieve a personal best by the end of the week? Can you achieve Bronze, Silver or Gold?

Achieve Gold - 60 Mountain Climbers
Achieve Silver - 40 Mountain Climbers
Achieve Bronze - 20 Mountain Climbers

Record the your score and see if you can achieve a personal best by the end of the week.

Your score can be submitted via the Google form on the website using the following link:

Reading Week 2 (8th - 12th June)

Friday, 5th June


Good Morning Year 6!
It has been a strange but lovely week having so many of you back in school - I hope that you feel you've settled in and are enjoying your last few weeks of Year 6.
If you've been in school, you don't need to share work with me via the assignment on Google Classroom (unless of course you want to!). Those of you who haven't been in school this week, please share work as normal through the assignment or my email.

This morning at 9.30am there is a live virtual assembly on the NSPCC facebook page with Ant & Dec and David Walliams! It will also be available to watch afterwards on their website and Youtube channel.

Have a great weekend. See you on Monday!
Miss Paxton

Monday, 1st June 2020


Welcome to the 2nd half of the Summer term - your last in Year 6! Below you will find the work for this week. For the English work, you will not be able to watch the videos in the PowerPoints from home, but I have explained where to find other videos/resources to use. 

For the Afternoon Tasks, I have uploaded a PowerPoint or challenge sheet to go with each task from the grid. The History, Art and RE tasks make more sense if you do them in order (e.g. do Task 1 before you do Task 6). 


Over the coming weeks, as well as providing you with your home learning, I will be asking you to complete various activities for me to help me put together something for the end of the year. I'll give you specific details soon. 


Please make sure that you're staying in touch with me - it's really important that I know how you're getting on and we can discuss your work. Remember you can email me or speak to me on Google Classroom. 


See you soon!

Miss Paxton smiley

Friday 22nd May


Hello Year 6, 


Well done for completing another week, and making it to half term! Hopefully now that we're allowed out a bit more and the weather is set to stay beautiful, you'll have lots of ideas of how to keep busy next week. There are a range of activities for you to complete, if you wish, on the class page area of the website. These are optional. Please continue to keep reading - make use of Epic! and Oxford Owl if you haven't already. 


We have been busy in school this week making sure we are ready for returning to school on Monday, 1st June. You will be hearing soon what group you are in and what time you will start/finish school from Mrs Edwards, as well as some reminders of how school will be different. If you are coming back, please make sure you understand what you need to bring to school and what you can't. If you are unsure of anything or have any questions, please ask me! I have attached a PowerPoint which shows you the idea of what school will be like. 


I will continue to upload work to the class page and to Google Classroom for those of you that are remaining at home, and for days we are not in school. If you are continuing to home-school, please send a piece of work every Friday so that we can keep in touch and up-to-date with how you're getting on. 


I look forward to (hopefully) seeing many of you after Half Term. 


Stay safe and well. Have a lovely half term. 

Miss Paxton 


You may or may not realise that this week we would have been taking the SATs. Instead, it would be nice to celebrate you by having a different kind of SATs week - Share A Talent. It can be absolutely anything that you like; singing, acting, a football skill you've learned, a cake that you've baked, something you've created online, a story you've written, a drawing, a model that you've made etc.
You ALL have talents, so it would be nice if everyone shared something, but you don't have to if you don't feel comfortable. You can share it here, or email it to me privately if you want.

Miss Paxton :)

Reading and Spelling (11th - 15th May)

Friday 8th May 2020

Good morning, Year Six. It was lovely to speak to some of you earlier this week and to your parents also. I'm enjoying seeing all of the wonderful work that you're sending to me; It's nice just to hear and see what you've been up to! Today there is no set work as it is a Bank Holiday, but below you can find some Maths and English related activities (code breakers) and the VE Day activities sent out to you earlier this week, if you wanted to do any of them. 

Remember, you can email me any time if you need to, or if you just want to share something with me. You can also catch up with me/the rest of the class on Google Classroom. 

Thank you for all of the wonderful things you are sending over to me, and remember to thank you parents for all that they are doing for you. 

Speak soon, 

Miss Paxton

Reading and Spelling (Week 5 4th - 8th May)

Check out the Video Resource Centre page on the website to watch some great videos. Megan's stop-motion animation work is up there. If you have a video that you'd like to share, email it to me or share it via Google Classroom. 

Stay Home, Protect the NHS

Harry C has been busy making this beautiful rainbow feature to encourage people to stay at home and save the NHS. He and his family have put it in their window to share with others. Have you made a rainbow? I'd love to see them if you have!

Here you can also see the artwork of Ella, Daniel and Leila, who have made messages of their own. Brilliant effort!

Friday 17th April 


Hello Year 6, 

I hope that you had a lovely Easter and are continuing to enjoy time with your families at home, and are ready to start your home learning again next week. 

I have uploaded a few things for you:

  • An overview of Maths and English for the next 2 weeks.
  • One weeks worth of Maths and English Daily tasks (Monday 20th - Friday 24th)
  • Task grid of afternoon activities
  • Spellings and Reading (for 2 weeks)


You should stick to the timetable you were using before Easter (if you wish) for your new learning. There is no SPAg; I have given you a short daily reading comprehension instead. The English work is instead of Pobble. I will upload the Maths and Reading answers daily too.


As I mentioned before, from the 27th April we will be using Google Classroom. I have uploaded all of the same documents to there also, and will add Week 4 there next Friday. Use this time to get yourself confident with finding the work, and maybe even send some of it to me on there. You can do this easily if you do any typed work, or you can send photos. 


 I have loved seeing what you've been up to, so please do continue to send me photos or messages. I miss you all and hope to see you all soon.


Take care and stay safe, 

Miss Paxton


Friday 3rd April


It's been a very peculiar two weeks not seeing you all. I hope that you're all managing well with your new routine at home, and have had time to learn some new skills, find fun in things you hadn't before, and appreciated some time with your families. I've loved seeing what you've been up to and have been very impressed by the standard of work that you're achieving. Huge well done to all of you!


Over the Easter holidays (the next 2 weeks), there will not be any work set from school. 


I will set new learning for you on Friday 17th April ready to begin on Monday 20th April. This will be on here, our class page, as it has been. 

From Monday 27th April, we are going to be using Google Classroom to set work for you. I will upload tasks (like you've been doing) and photos/videos to help you. More information will be sent out about using Google after Easter. In the meantime, you might want to familiarise yourselves with it again. If you've forgotten your username/password, get it touch with me. 


Have a look at all of the website links below - I may have added more since you last looked! There's lots of different activities that you might like to try. 


Well done again for all of your hard work over the last weeks and remaining positive. Have a good Easter break and stay safe. 


Miss Paxton smiley


Monday 30th March 2020

Good morning, Year Six. I hope that you've all had a good weekend and managed to enjoy the good weather - it seems to have disappeared now! I've enjoyed reading and seeing some of the wonderful and interesting things that you've been doing since you've been at home. Please do share them with me at

I keep adding some links to the list of websites (below) so make sure you're checking there and using them as there are some wonderful activities out there for you to try. 

I hope that you're all doing what you can to help your parents, whether that's cooking dinner, tidying up or just doing as you're told! smiley

I hope to hear from you soon. 

Stay safe, 

Miss Paxton 

Tuesday 24th March

Good morning, Year Six. I hope that you settled in to your new routine well yesterday, managed to complete some of your learning and perhaps even began a new hobby or found an activity to enjoy. I'd love to hear about them and see what you have been up to. You can send emails (including photos) to for Mrs Edwards (and the teachers) to see. You might also want to send some work to me via Google classroom. 


I have attached above the answers for yesterdays Maths and Reading learning - I thought that you may like to mark your work - and will carry on doing this. 

I hope that you are all keeping safe and well, and listening to your parents smiley

From Miss Paxton

Home Learning

Below you will find all of the work set for you for the next 10 days. Each day there is Maths work to be completed in your purple book, and either a Reading or SPAG task to be completed in your book. Your suggested daily timetable is attached here as well as stuck in your book. 


Below are some useful websites that you might wish to explore during this time. (Videos and articles on all curriculum areas) (Spanish games - using the login given to you) (Core subject games and home learning packs) (Reading activities)  (Curriculum Activity Books) (Interactive Maths games and challenges) (Free audiobooks) (Make pictures using pixels) (Computing themed free activities) (Free Science, Computing, Maths & DT activities) (Radio show with interactive activities and guest speakers) (Cartoon workshop videos) (Live stream of free coding lesson, weekdays at 10am) (Download app to play Maths and English games. Search using school postcode (wd3 1ny), username is your full name and initial, e.g. AdamN, password: password.)



Don't forget that you can log in to your Google account and use the resources, e.g. Book Creator, Google Docs, Google Slides etc. 


Whilst it's important that you are continuing to practise your Maths and English skills, remember that there is lots more to be learned whilst at home through many other activities, such as baking, drawing, gardening, exercising etc. 

As ever, PE and Sport is very important for your well-being. Joe Wicks has some great Youtube videos to you active whilst at home. 


We look forward to seeing and hearing about all that you have done when we return to school. 



Home Learning - 13 03 20

Maths - Complete pages 22 and 23 (Multiplying fractions and dividing fractions by whole numbers) in your Maths workbook. 

English - Complete both tests on Hyphens, Dashes and Bullet Points on The other tests are there if you wish you practise, but it's not compulsory. 

Spelling - Learn the spellings and definitions of these words which relate to your Geography and Science topics:

source, course, meander, evolution, inheritance.

Reading - It is important that you read regularly; make sure that you read at least 5 times and get your reading record signed by an adult.

Home Learning - 06 03 20

Maths - Complete pages 66 & 67 (Co-ordinates) and pages 68 & 69 (Reflection and Translation). When translating, remember that negative translations are left or down, positive translations are right or up. 

English - Read and answer the questions on The Lord of the Rings (pages 18 & 19). 

Spellings - Learn the spellings of the words below which all contain the short 'i' sound spelt with a 'y':

symptom, mythical, physical, Egyptian, crystal

Reading - It is important that you read regularly; make sure that you read at least 5 times and get your reading record signed by an adult. 

World Book Day

We have been using Book Creator on the Chromebooks to make stories on the Water Cycle, and on World Book Day we shared our own books with Year 1. We then went over to Reception to have a look at the ducks before they leave!

Home Learning - 28 02 20

Maths - Complete pages 64 & 65 (Angle rules) in your Maths workbook. 

Remember: The angles in a triangle and on a straight line add up to 180°, the angles in quadrilaterals, circles and around a point add up to 360°, and vertically opposite angles in intersecting lines are equal. 

English - Complete the two tests 'Semi-colons and colons' (A) and (B). There are full practise tests uploaded; you are not expected to complete these, but are there for you to use as revision if you wish. 

Spelling - Please learn the spellings of the following words which all use a 'y' to spell the short 'i' sound:

pyramid, mystery, symbol, oxygen, typical

Reading - Make sure that you read at least five times this week and get your reading record signed by an adult. 

SATs Club

Below is a timetable of the sessions for the morning SATs club this year. The focus will be on Maths until Easter when we will revise SPAG and some areas of Reading. 

If possible, please bring a small notebook to the sessions so you can keep your own notes and things to remember in one place. 


In Computing, we have been learning to make 2D stop motion animations. Here are some examples of the children's first attempts!

Still image for this video

14 02 20

The children have been working incredibly hard over the last half term. We hope that you all have a well-deserved restful half term break!


When we return to school, we will be learning about Evolution and Inheritance in Science. To support us with our learning, please bring in 2 photos of members of your family (e.g. mum, dad, grandparents, aunties or uncles) and one of yourself. We will be looking for observable inherited characteristics. 

If you are unable to print photos, please email them to the school ( 


See you on the 24th!

Trip to Wenzels

Home Learning - 07 02 20

Maths - Complete pages 11 (Written Division) and 14 (BODMAS) in your Maths workbook. 

English - Read 'An Interview with Nixie Labs' and answer the questions on pages 2 and 3 of your reading comprehension book. 

Spellings - Learn the spellings and meanings of these words (prefixes and root words) which are hyphenated

co-ordinate, co-operate, re-enter, co-own, re-cover (not recover)

Reading - It is incredibly important that you are reading regularly. Please make sure you read at least five times this week and get your reading record signed by an adult. 

Home Learning - 31 01 20

Maths - Complete pages 42 and 43 (Missing Number Problems) in your Maths workbook. 

English - Complete the test set on The terminology is in your reading record if you need reminding. 

Spellings - Learn the meanings and spellings of the following words which contain silent letters:

solemn, thistle, knight, gnaw, island

Reading - It is so important that you are reading regularly. Make sure that you read at least 5 times this week and get your reading record signed. 

Home Learning - 24 01 20

Maths - Complete pages 56 & 57 (Making 3D shapes) and pages 60 & 61 (Circles) in your Maths workbook. 

English - Read and answer the questions on 'A Letter from C.S. Lewis' on pages 16 & 17 of your Reading Comprehension book. 

Spelling - Learn the meanings and spellings of the following homophones:

aloud, allowed, affect, effect, cereal, serial

Reading -  Make sure that you read at least 5 times and get your reading record signed by an adult. 

Y6 Athletics Competition

Last week we took a team of Year Sixes to an Athletics Competition at Rickmansworth alongside other local primaries. The children showed resilience and brilliant teamwork during all of their events. The boys team came second overall and won a place at the Athletics Final later in the year! Well done to all of the children. 

Home Learning - 17 01 20

Maths - Complete pages 58 and 59 (Shape Properties) in your Maths workbook. 

Remember: the angles in a triangle add up to 180° and the angles in quadrilaterals add up to 360°.

English - Complete the full SPAG test set on 

Spellings - Learn the meanings and spellings of the following homophones:

dessert, desert, stationary, stationery, principal, principle

Reading - Make sure that you're reading at home at least 5 times and get your reading record signed by an adult. 


Home Learning - 10 01 20

Maths - Complete pages 50 and 51 (Area of a triangle and Area of a parallelogram) of your Maths Homework Book. 

English - Read and answer the questions on 'White Fang', a story set in Canada, on pages 28 and 29 of your comprehension book. 

Spellings - Learn the meanings and spellings of the following words:

observant, hesitant, expectant, tolerant, habitant


Media Diaries

In our PSHCE lessons we are learning about 'Life in Britain'. This week we looked at forms of mass media and discussed their impact on different groups of people. We estimated how much time we spend each day looking at or using some forms of media. Some of our results are in the table above. 

Happy New Year!


Welcome back to school! We hope you have all had a wonderful Christmas break and are returning well-rested and refreshed. 

Miss Paxton and Mrs Allen would like to thank you all for your incredibly kind wishes, cards and gifts given before the Christmas holiday; they are all very much appreciated. We wish you all the best for a healthy and happy new year.


We've got a busy term coming up so keep checking back to our class page to see what we have been learning and getting up to. Check in on our school twitter account too, @stmarys698, as you might see snippets of us around the school. 

Christmas Jumper Day

On Friday, 13th December we celebrated Save the Children's Christmas Jumper Day. We had a festive day filled with making Christmas cards, enjoying Christmas lunch and a Christmas party. We cannot believe that there is only one week of this term left!

What are we learning next week?

Maths - We will be looking further at problems which involve using the formal methods for multiplication. We will then be learning how to calculate the area of parallelograms and triangles. 

English - We are learning how to write atmospheric texts based on our theme of WW1. We will be learning how to carefully use speech to advance actions, and how to turn speech into indirect speech and actions. We will be focusing on using a range of adverbs to add detail and cohesion.

Home Learning - 29 11 19

Maths - Complete page 10 (Written Multiplication) in your Maths Workbook and the page (below) which you have been given. 

English - Read and answer the questions on 'Hostages to Handheld Devices' on pages 8 & 9 of your Reading Comprehension Book. 

Spellings - Learn the meanings and spellings of the words below which are from your curriculum word list:

sincerely, parliament, government, environment, especially

What are we learning next week?

Maths - We will be continuing to work with percentages: learning how to find percentages of amounts, percentage increases and decreases, finding totals given a percentage, and solving a range of worded and visual problems using these skills. 

English - We will be continuing to learn how to persuade different audiences using facts from research. We will learn how to directly address the reader and weave our opinion into facts, use rhetorical questions and subordinating conjunctions. 

Home Learning - 22 11 19

Maths - Complete pages 34 & 35 (Percentages of Amounts) in your Maths workbook. 

SPAG - Complete the two tests on Formal and Informal language on

Spelling - Learn the meanings and spellings of the following words which end in -cial or -tial. Remember to consider if there is a root word!

crucial, beneficial, artificial, impartial, potential

Reading - Make sure that you read at least five times this week and get your reading record signed by an adult. 



Children in Need

On Friday 15th November we raised money for Children in Need. In exchange for £1, we came to school in our pyjamas! We had an assembly in the morning in which the whole school took part in a live streamed workout by Joe Wicks, joined by many schools across the country! 

What are we learning next week?

Maths - We will be learning to solve problems involving the calculation of percentages and using percentages for comparison. 

English - We will be learning to write formal pieces of persuasion in the form of letters and speeches. We will be learning how to use the subjunctive form in formal writing and adverbials to contrast and compare. 


Home Learning - 15 11 19

Maths - Complete pages 24 and 25 (Multiplying or Dividing by 10, 100 or 1000) in your Maths Workbook. 

English - Read and answer the questions on 'Born on a Blue Day' on pages 6 and 7 of your Reading Comprehension book. 

Spellings - Please learn the spellings and meanings of the following words 

official, special, essential, partial, confidential

Reading - Read at home at least five times this week and get your reading record signed by an adult.

Imperial War Museum

On Wednesday we visited the Imperial War Museum in London. We explored the First World War Galleries which are home to a huge range of artefacts, images, models and information from World War One. We got to explore a life-size trench, see weaponry up-close (including bayonets and shells) and saw the different uniforms soldiers from across the world would have worn. We also saw medals, letters and diaries from soldiers who served in the war. It was incredible to see so many items that would have formed part of 'normal' life during WW1.

Basketball Tournament

On Tuesday some Year 6 children took part in a Basketball Tournament against other primary schools in our School Sports Partnership. After 6 matches, St. Mary's were declared the winners of the tournament with the most won matches and secured a place in the County Finals in March! You'll find us practising every lunchtime, come rain or shine, between now and then!

Armistice Day

On Monday we attended the service of Remembrance at St. Mary's Church to mark 101 years since the end of World War One. The children read some of the names on the memorial aloud during the service and said prayers of thanks to those affected by WW1 and who lost their lives, and prayers of hope for peace.

What are we learning next week?

Maths - We will be continuing to learn how to convert between fractions, decimals and percentages and apply these skills to a range of problems. Why don't you test yourself on the key equivalents?

English - We are learning to create effective settings when writing about WW1. We are learning to use figurative language and describe senses. We will also be continuing to use subordinating conjunctions to write complex sentences. 

Home Learning - 08 11 19

Maths - Complete pages 28 and 29 (Fractions, decimals and percentages) in your Maths Workbook. 

English - Complete the two tests on Synonyms and Antonyms on

Spellings - Learn the meanings and spellings of the words below, which are from the KS2 word lists:

address, achieve, definite, breath, breathe

Reading - Remember to read at least five times this week and get your reading record signed. 


Half Term


There will be no homework set over half term. However, please do make sure you continue to read regularly. If you would like to practise some key Maths and English skills, the BBC website has lots of useful resources, including games, to use. 


Have a restful week! laugh

Black History Month

We have been celebrating Black History Month in school this October and Year Six have been learning about the life and achievements of Mae Jemison, the first African-American woman in Space. The children wrote some beautiful biopoems about her life. Here are just a few for you to enjoy. They have been put into a book which you can find the the school reception area. 

What are we learning next week?

Maths - We will be learning to add and subtract fractions with different denominators, continuing to apply our understanding of simplifying and ordering fractions. 

English - We will be editing and redrafting our narratives focusing on characterisation, giving effective feedback and learning to up-level with a focus on sentence types. 

Home Learning - 18 10 19

Maths - Complete page 19 (Ordering Fractions) in your Maths Workbook.

English - Read and answer the questions on 'Holes' (pages 4 and 5) in your Comprehension book. 

Spellings - Learn the meanings and spellings of the following words which contain the spelling rules we have learned this half term:

preferred, irresponsibly, transferable, thoroughly, reversible

Figurative Sculptures

We will be beginning to make our figurative sculptures next week; please bring in tin foil and any old newspaper you may have at home. 

Home Learning - 11 10 19

Maths - Complete page 18 in your Maths Workbook (Simplifying fractions)

English - Complete the 'Grammar' and 'Apostrophes and Commas' tests on

Spellings - Learning the spellings and meanings of the following words which contain the -ough letter string. 

drought, tough, roughest, brought, although

What are we learning next week?

Maths - We will be learning to simplify fractions using our knowledge of common factors and common multiples. We will also be learning how to change pairs or sequences of fractions so that they have a common denominator. 

English - We will continue our learning of how to describe characters effectively, including using pronouns and adverbial phrases, and write our own character descriptions based on figures from WW1. 

Home Learning - 04 10 19 


Maths - Complete pages 9 and 15 in your Maths Workbook (Solving Number Problems & Multiples, Factors & Primes).

English - Read and answer the questions on 'Poems about Seasons' on pages 14 & 15 of your Comprehension Workbook. 

Spellings - Learn the meanings and spellings of these words which all contain the -ough letter string.

thoughtful, enough, plough, cough, thorough


National Poetry Day

For National Poetry Day, the school took part in a Poetry X Factor competition, judged by Mrs Edwards. Year 6 performed the poem 'The War Horse' by Brenda Williams. The children spoke clearly and confidently and created suspense! 

Harvest Service

On Tuesday, we had our Harvest Service at school led by Rvd. Snowball. Some of the children wrote their own poems addressed to key objects/ people involved in Harvest time (such as the farmer, the Earth & God). They were thoughtful poems which were thoroughly enjoyed by the other children and our visitors. 

What are we learning next week?

English - In English, we will be exploring the ways in which characters are presented by authors (looking at description, dialogue and action) to create our own character descriptions based on our class book Private Peaceful. We will be using expanded noun phrases, metaphors and similes in our descriptions. 

Maths - We will be learning to recognise and solve problems involving factors, multiples and prime numbers. Test yourself on your times tables as this will help you to find the Highest Common Factor of a number, and the Lowest Common Mutliple. 



Don't Forget!

We have our Harvest Service at school next Tuesday (1st). If you have been asked to write a poem, these need to be ready for Tuesday. 


Have a lovely weekend!

Home Learning - 27 09 19

Maths -  Complete pages 16 & 17 in your Maths Workbook (Solving Calculation Problems).

English - Complete the work on (Terminology & Linking ideas)

Spellings - Learnt the meanings and spellings of these words which end in -ably or -ibly.

possibly, reasonably, understandably, irresponsibly, incredibly



In Science we've been learning about the Human Circulatory System. On Thursday we explored the effect of exercise on the way our body functions. We completed three exercises and measured our heart rate to see what happened when we exercised - we had some questionable heart rates! We know that exercise keeps our heart muscle healthy and makes it better able to pump blood (and therefore oxygen) around our bodies. 

What are we learning next week?

English - We will be writing biographies next week and focusing on how to link ideas across paragraphs (using adverbials to sequence or contrast and repetition or words or phrases). We will be also learning how to correctly use semi-colons, colons and dashes in writing. 

Maths - We will be learning how to solve problems involving the four operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division). The children will be using the formal written methods for these operations, as well as learning how to represent these pictorially (such as in bar models). We will look at the language of these operations too. Do you know which of the operations these words refer to?

Product, distribute, sum, total, difference between

Home Learning - 20 09 19

Maths - Complete pages 12 and 13 in your Maths Workbook (Mental Maths and Rounding)

English - Read and answer the questions on 'Cider with Rosie' (autobiography on p.10) in your Reading Comprehension Workbook

Spellings - Next week we will be learning to add suffixes beginning with vowel letters to words ending in -fer. Learn the meanings and spellings of these words:

referring, transferred, preferred, inferring & deferred


Visit to Harefield Hospital Open Day


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

On Tuesday (17th September) we we fortunate to be able to visit Harefield Hospital's open day. We explored some of the theatres that were open to us on the day and were shown some incredible things by the staff. The children were able to touch a pig's heart and lungs (with gloves, of course) and were shown how to identify the arteries and veins, and even how a heart bypass is performed. We were shown impressive machinery and equipment, including artificial hearts. The children were able to practise their CPR skills and watch the oxygen rise to their patients head. They also learnt how to properly wash their hands and were shown bacteria under UV light. 

It was such a fantastic experience - we may have some future surgeons in our midst!

Thank you to our adult helpers!

Home Learning - 13 09 19

Maths - Complete pages 6, 7 & 8 in your Maths Workbook (Place Value, Rounding & Negative Numbers)

English - Research the life and work of a famous WW1 figure, e.g. Edith Cavell, Dame Caroline Haslett, Jack Cornwell or Wilfred Owen. We will be looking at Walter Tull in class so do not use him as focus for your research. Bring your research in in any form (such as notes in a notebook or on paper, a book you may have etc.)

Spellings - Learn the meanings and spelling of the following words which have the suffixes -able or -ible

reliable, divisible, considerable, plausible, changeable. 


Welcome back Year Six

Welcome back to school after a (hopefully) restful break. Year Six have settled quickly into their new classroom and routines and are adjusting to life as the eldest children in the school! During our transition session in July, the children reflected on their favourite part of themselves; sense of humour, imagination, skilled feet etc. All of these unique attributes are now proudly displayed in our classroom. Throughout the year, hopefully the children will have many more parts of themselves that they will consider as fantastic and their favourite!