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Year 5

Welcome to Year Five


Friday, 9th July 2021

This week we were very excited to spend some time in our new classroom (can you believe it - Year 6?!) and meeting our new teacher. We had a very different but very fun Sports Day (photos to follow) today and enjoyed being able to have one this year! 


Home Learning 

Maths - Please complete the Year Five Objectives Test on pages 74 - 77 of your Maths workbook. 


Next week (the final week!) 

On Monday we have inflatables in school and we will have a session on them at some point during the day. Please bring in £1 if you would like to go on them. 

On Tuesday we have a special celebratory afternoon of Sports! 

On Wednesday we will participate in a Zoom session with the Canal & River Trust to learn more about the work they do and how our canals are used. 

On Friday, we will have our end of year service at school in the morning. 


Next week we will begin clearing out the children's trays etc. Please send them in with a bag at the start of the week so that they can bring home their work. 


Have a great weekend, 

Miss Paxton :) 




Friday, 2nd July 2021


We cannot believe there are only two weeks left of this school year - it has flown by! This week we have begun making our Automata based on Shakespeare, and look forward to sharing these with you when they are complete. Next week we will be having a Transition morning on Thursday (for part of the morning) and Sports Day on Friday. 


Home Learning

Maths: Please complete pages 38 & 39 (Ordering and Comparing Decimals) in your Maths Workbook. 

English: Read and answer the questions on 'Hiding Out' on pages 26 & 27 in your Reading Comprehension book. 

Reading: Please read five times this week and get your reading record signed. 

Spellings: Please learn the meanings and spellings of the following words with the suffix -al. 
Musical, tropical, political, professional, accidental, central, mathematical, global, functional, industrial.


Next week: 

We will be having our PSHE lesson within our unit 'Growing and Changing' in which we will be learning the correct names of the external sexual organs for males and females. We will also be learning what menstruation is and why it happens. You may wish to talk to your child about these lessons as they may have questions. 

In Maths we will be revising our knowledge of perimeter, area and volume. 

In English we will be learning about the characteristics of letters, and writing formal and informal letters. 

PE days are Tuesday and Friday. 


Have a wonderful weekend. 

Miss Paxton

Friday, 25th June 2021

We've had such an exciting week with lots going on in school. On Monday we had our trip to Woburn Safari Park which was fantastic. During the road safari, the monkeys got on top of the coach! Thankfully the rain held out for us and we managed to see so many animals in the park. On Tuesday we had our Play Leader Training in which the children learnt how to set up a range of activities for younger children and to alter the games depending on skills needed. We have also enjoyed a Rapid Fire Cricket session and we watched the School Partnership awards ceremony in which some Year 6 children were awarded trophies and certificates. 


Home Learning: 

Maths - Please complete pages 29, 30 & 31 (Ordering Fractions & Adding and Subtracting Fractions) in your Maths workbook. 

English - Please complete pages 18 & 19 (Trickier Relative Clauses) in your SPAG workbook. 

Reading - Please remember to read regularly and get your reading record signed 5 times. 

Spelling - Please learn the meanings and spellings of the following words: 

creative, attractive, addictive, assertive, offensive, expressive, co-operative


Next Week: 

In Maths we will be learning to solve problems involving fractions, such as those with decimal/percentage equivalents, adding, subtracting and multiplying fractions, and calculating fractions of amounts. 

In English, we will be writing our own poems based on dreams and aspirations. 

PE days are Tuesday and Friday. 

Friday, 18th June 2021

It has really felt like Summer this week (with the exception of today!) and we've been enjoying a lot of time outdoors. In Forest School, we made wind chimes out of items found in nature, we have enjoyed PE sessions on the field and even had a visit from the Nite Owls (photos below). This week the children brought home their photo from the Nite Owls visit with instructions on how to buy, and purchased copies of the class photo. Thank you so much for bringing in the boxes for our DT project. Now that we have enough, we will (hopefully!) get to begin next week in amongst the busyness of Sports Week. 


Home Learning

Maths - Complete pages 56 & 57 (3D Shapes) in your Maths Workbook. 

English - Read 'From a Railway Carriage' on pages 16 & 17 in your Reading Comprehension book. 

Reading - It is so important that you are reading regularly. Please read at least 5 times and get your reading record signed! 

Spellings - Please learn the meanings and spellings of these verbs which have had the prefix over- added:

overthrow, overturn, overreact, overuse, overpaid, overlook, overslept, overestimate


Next Week: 

It is National Sports Week - Please wear your PE Kit all week (except for Monday).

On Monday we have our class trip to Woburn Safari Park. Please make sure you are at school by 8.40am promptly on that day. Bring your lunch and water in a small backpack to carry with you. You may bring something to do/read on the coach journey (no electronics!). Please wear trainers (or wellies if you prefer) and a waterproof coat - it is forecast to rain!

On Tuesday we have Play Leader training all day hosted by the School Sports Partnership. We will be learning skills to set up and run a range of activities. 

On Wednesday we will have a Rapid Fire Cricket Session hosted by the School Sports Partnership. 

In Maths we will be practising how to find equivalent fractions and order fractions. 

In English we will be looking at poetry based on dreams and aspirations, and practising how to write relative clauses. 


I hope that you all have a great weekend. 

Miss Paxton

Friday, 11th June 2021


We've had such a lovely first week back, and are thrilled to have returned to sunshine! It's been great to hear how everyone has managed to have a restful but fun half term, and finally able to take some holidays, have days out and see family/friends. 

On the last Friday of last half term, some Year 5 children took part in an Orienteering competition at York House School, and we received confirmation this week that our team won! Their medals are on the way...


Home Learning

Maths - Please complete pages 70 & 71 (Line Graphs) in your Maths workbook. 

SPAG - Complete pages 26 & 27 (Linking ideas in a paragraph) in your SPAG workbook.

Reading - It is so important that you are regularly reading at home. Please remember to sign your reading record. 

Spellings - Unstressed vowels in polysyllabic words. 
definite, desperate, literate, secretary, stationary, dictionary, familiar, original


This half term:

Our topics for this half term are listed below. If you have any questions regarding our PSHE learning and were unable to attend Mrs Crilly and Mrs Batrram's meeting this week, please get in touch via the office. 

Art - Papier mache animal sculptures
Science - Animals, including humans (the changes as humans develop to old age. This will include puberty). 
RE - Gospel: How do Christians decide how to live? What would Jesus do?

DT - Automata based on Macbeth

PSHE - Growing and Changing. This will include acceptable/unacceptable touching, knowing the correct words for the external sexual organs, changes in puberty, menstruation, changing emotions and bullying behaviours).  


Next week: 

In Maths we will be learning to identify 3D shapes from 2D representations. 

In English we will be writing reports based on games. 

We hope to begin creating our automata. Please could you send your child in with a small cardboard box (not a shoe box). The boxes of Innocent Smoothies work well as they are rigid and of a suitable size. If you have anything similar at home, please bring this in.

We will have a Games/Forest School session on Monday. Please wear trainers. 

On Monday, we will be visited by the Night Owls!



Have a great weekend! 

Miss Paxton


Friday, 21st May 2021

This week we enjoyed a Road Safety session delivered online by Herts County Council and considered how to eliminate distractions, such as mobile phones, when travelling near roads. We also got to watch Year 6's Leavers performance of Alice in Wonderland, which was fantastic! 


Home Learning: 

Maths - Please completes pages 72 & 73 (Tables and Timetables) in your Maths workbook. 

English - Pages 50 & 51 (Comma Practice) in your SPAG workbook. 

Reading - Read at least five times this week and get your reading record signed. 

Spelling - Learn the meanings and spellings of these words, which have had the suffix -ful added to them. 

Boastful, faithful, doubtful, fearful, thankful, beautiful, pitiful, plentiful,  merciful


Next week: 

In Maths we will be learning to read and interpret information from line graphs. We will also be looking at mathematical language and vocabulary in problems. 

In English we will be learning about Shakespeare's London and discovering about the life and work of William Shakespeare to write factual guides and biographies. 


We have Class photos on Tuesday. Please come to school in your PE kit and bring your uniform in a bag. We will get changed before the class photo. We will be having PE on Tuesday and Thursday next week. We will have a games session on Friday, so please wear something you can do this in (Friday is a non-uniform day and children have been asked to come into school dressed as something they wish to be when they're older). 


Have a great weekend. Stay dry! 

Miss Paxton





Friday, 14th May 

It's starting (slightly) to feel like the Summer Term has arrived. We enjoyed a few sunny days on the field this week, followed quickly of course by a day of wet play. The children enjoyed making leanning towers of Marble Run, creating some detailed drawings and playing card tricks. We were honoured to participate in a Zoom session with Baroness Floella Benjamin this week. She spoke so well about her life in Trinidad and the move she made with her family to England. We have read her book 'Coming to England' and so knew lots of details, but she added some interesting detail which we hadn't known! Harriet and Charlie have written about this in the newsletter this week. 

Next week will get the chance to watch Year 6's Leavers performance of Alice in Wonderland, which we are very excited about! 

Next week is 'Walk to school' week. We will be collecting data on how many children have an active part of their journey to school each day. We will also have a Road Safety session delivered online on Wednesday.

Home Learning

Maths - Complete pages 46 & 47 (Imperial Units) in your Maths workbook. 

English - Read and answer the questions on 'The Great Fire of London' on pages 10 & 11 of your Reading Comprehension book. 

Reading - Read at least five times this week and get your Reading Record signed. 

Spelling - Please learn the meanings and spellings of these words containing the letter string -ough. 

plough, thorough, ought, borough, thought, enough, bought, brought, bough


Next week, we will be learning:

Maths - About time: time conversions, understanding timetables and solving time problems

English - Planning, drafting, writing and editing our own narrative version of Macbeth. 



Have a lovely weekend. 

Miss Paxton

Friday, 30th April 2021

What a busy week it feels like! It was lovely to catch up with you all this week at Parent Consultations and share some of the wonderful learning the children have been doing. As we continue to settle back into school life, we hope that we'll be seeing more of each other and are looking forward to being able to invite you into school.

This week, we have been really get stuck into Macbeth in English. We made our own Globe Theatre outside and performed some scenes from the play. Standing ovations all round! When we arrived at school this morning we were surprised to find a crime scene in our classroom. We had to comb through the evidence left behind, interview witnesses and write police reports. Our main suspects still need to be interrogated further. 

On Tuesday, four children took part in a Maths challenge after school, in which 250 schools across Hertfordshire competed. We are still awaiting confirmation of whether we reached the final, which will be some time in May - so watch this space! The children worked brilliantly as a team and pulled their different strengths together to answer some quite tricky mathematical problems. 


Home Learning 

Maths - Please complete Pages 30 & 31 (Adding and Subtracting Fractions) in your Maths workbook. 

English - In your SPAG book, please complete pages 36, 37, 38 & 39 (Capital Letters & Full Stops, Question Marks, Exclamation Marks and Sentence Practise). 

Reading - Please remember to read and get your Reading Record signed. 

Spelling - Please learn the spellings of these words that we are learning in Science. We will have our spelling test on Wednesday next week as we are not in school on Friday.

reproduce, reproduction, process, mammal, fertilise, environment


Next Tuesday (4th) is 'Number Day' in aid of the NSPCC so please remember to wear something number-themed. We will still have PE on Tuesday as normal. 


Have a great Bank Holiday weekend. 

Miss Paxton


Friday 23rd April 2021

What a difference the sunshine makes! This week we have enjoyed spending more time outdoors. In Science, we have been learning about how plants reproduce and were able to explore some of the plants around the field and playground. 


Home Learning: 

Maths - Please complete pages 60 & 61 (Angle Rules) in your Maths workbook. You won't need a protractor. 

Remember that the angles in a circle or around a point (one full turn) equal 360°, and the angles on a straight line (two quarter turns) equal 180°. 

English - In your Reading Comprehension book, please read and answer the questions about 'The Wind in the Willows' on pages 24 & 25. 

Reading - Read five times and get your reading record signed. 

Spellings - Please learn the spellings of these adverbials 

similarly, contrary, comparison, nevertheless, instead, whereas, despite, (in) addition


Next week, we will be learning: 

In Maths: Solving division and multiplication problems, including missing number problems, and solving problems involving scaling up/down by fractions. 

In English: We will be focusing on the roles of Macbeth and Lady Macbeth, debating dilemmas in the play and practising using our voices with appropriate intonation to show meaning when we read. 


On Monday, we will have a Forest School session, so please bring in trainers/wellies. 


Have a brilliant weekend :) 

Miss Paxton

Friday, 16th April 2021

Welcome back to school! We hope you all had a wonderful Easter break and are ready for the Summer Term. We are looking forward to being able to begin some whole school events, such as National Sports Week, during this term and returning to a sense of normality! Below you can find out what we will be learning about this half term - we're particularly excited about our DT project! 


Home Learning: 

Maths - Please complete Pages 58 & 59 (Angles) in your Maths workbook. Remember to use a ruler, sharp pencil and protractor to accurately measure and draw angles. 

English - Complete Pages 57 & 58 (Apostrophes for Single Possession & Apostrophes for Plural Possession) in your Grammar workbook. 

Spellings - Please learn these adverbials of time. You may like to try using them in sentences by changing where they come. 

eventually, tomorrow, recently, earlier, previously, immediately, meanwhile, afterwards.


Next week we will be learning: 

Maths - To find and describe the angles in shapes, on lines and around points. We will also be using a formal method for multiplication and division (long multiplication and short division including remainders). 

English - We are beginning a unit on Macbeth! In this topic of Fiction from our Literary Heritage, we will begin by dramatising some scenes, describing settings, using modal verbs and adverbs of possibility and placing ourselves in the role of Lady Macbeth to show the passage of time. 



This half term: 

Science - 'Living Things and their habitats' - life cycles of mammals, amphibians, insects and birds; the process of reproduction in some plants and animals. 

Geography - 'Enough for Everyone' - When learning about Land Use and Trade, we will be learning about sources of electricity, food and access to natural resources across the world. 

RE - 'How is faith expressed in Islam?' - We will be learning about key beliefs in Islam, the values and experiences of Muslims in Britain today, and making connections between beliefs and practices. 

DT -  'Automata' - Designing and making cam mechanisms. 

Computing - Video Editing - How and why videos are edited for different purposes. If you have any examples that you have made at home that you would like to share, please email them into school!

PSHE - 'Being my best' - How to stay fit, including the effects of drinking alcohol and smoking, identifying and celebrating our strengths and talents, and basic first aid. 



Have a lovely weekend, see you on Monday! 

Miss Paxton

Friday, 26th March 2021

Yesterday we enjoy an activity-filled day to celebrate Easter! The children's Easter bonnets were amazing and so creative. We enjoyed gathering with the other classes so much, singing a song together and parading our headwear! Thank you for the efforts in creating them! We also took part in some activities set up by the Year 6 House Captains, made Jesus' tomb from biscuits and icing, and made Easter cards. 


While there is no set homework over the holidays, please continue to read regularly and practise the spellings on the lists sent home (the same as in the reading records). 


Have a wonderful Easter, and we look forward to seeing you all back on the 12th April! 


Miss Paxton

Friday 19th March 

This week we began to make our Dragon Eyes which the children designed during lockdown. Some pictures are below. Next week we will paint them, which we are looking forward to! It was lovely to see everyone in red today to raise money for comic relief!


Home Learning 

English - Read 'Poems about Knights' and answer the questions on pages 22 and 23 in your Reading Comprehension book. 

Maths - Complete pages 34 & 35 (Writing Decimals as Fractions) in your Maths workbook. 

Spellings - We will be revising the use and meanings of the prefixes dis, de, mis, re and over. Please learn the meanings and spellings of the following words:

disbelieve, disapprove, disappear, misunderstood, misplace, descend, reflect, recycle, reaction, overreact

Reading - Please read (at least) five times during the week and get your reading record signed. 


Next week we will be having an Easter-themed day on Thursday, including a parade of Easter hats. We will be having Forest School on Monday so please bring in Wellies. 

Friday, 12th March 2021

It has been SO lovely to welcome everyone back to school this week. They have settled back into classroom routines and are quickly making up for lost time with their friends. The children have been enjoying being able to eat lunch in the dining hall again, and playing on the playground (despite the ever-changing weather). Thank you so much for all the support that you have given the children, and the school, over the last term. It is very much appreciated and has enabled the transition back to be smooth. 


We have been celebrating Science Week in school, and have taken part in some exciting activities, such as building bridges using only 3 sheets of paper and testing the weight using pennies, creating insects, competing in a poster competition, and hearing from people in STEM jobs. We also learnt about irreversible changes by mixing milk and vinegar - a very smelly investigation!


Home Learning for this week:

Maths - Complete pages 32 & 33 (Multiplying with Fractions) in your Maths workbook. 

English - Complete pages 16 & 17 (Relative Clauses) in your SPAG workbook. 

Spelling - Please learn the spellings and meanings of these words which have roots words ending in -fer. 

referring, referred, referee, transferring, transferred, reference, preference, transference 

Reading -  Please read at least five times this week and get your Reading Record signed. Remember, reading is as good for you as eating fruit and vegetables! 


Have a wonderful weekend, and a lovely Mother's Day on Sunday. 

Miss Paxton

Friday, 11th December 2020


Our last full week in school of 2020 has brought us some beautiful desserts made by the children! Thank you so much for sending in all of the tins, utensils etc. to help the children this week. They have loved doing it! Some pictures are below. In Science this week, we were learning about Friction and tested which kinds of surfaces created more friction by slowing down a toy car on a ramp. We also joined the rest of the school for an online Christingle service. We lit all of our Christingles in the classroom!


There is no Home Learning this week, but please continue to read regularly. 


Next week we will be taking part in various Christmas activities, such as learning about Christmas traditions around the world, decorating biscuits and making Christmas Cards. 

PE will be on Tuesday. 


Wishing you a restful weekend, 

Miss Paxton

Friday, 4th December 2020


Christmas has well and truly arrived at St. Mary's. This week, we've enjoyed an afternoon of decorating the classroom and making some crafts (which have come home in bags today). Each day, we have been opening the class advent calendar and lighting our advent candle during Collective Worship. We have also been keeping an eye on the St. Mary's Church advent calendar to see if any of our designs made it to the doors (the link is below). 


Home Learning:

Maths: Pages 36 & 37 (Rounding Decimals)

English: Pages 44 & 45 in your SPAG workbook (Commas after Subordinate Clauses)

Spelling: relation, operation, solution, correction, affection, organisation, pollution, translation, construction, caution.

Reading: Please make sure that you are reading regularly (at least 5 times) and getting your reading record signed. 


Next Week:

We will be learning:

Maths: Reviewing and securing learning on Multiples and Factors, Prime and Square numbers, and Written Addition and Subtraction.

English: We will be writing persuasive letters linked to our book The Boy at the Back of the Class.


We will be having Forest school on Monday, so please make sure you have wellies in school!

PE days are Tuesday and Friday. 

We will be cooking the meals/desserts that we have planned in DT throughout the week. On Monday, please can you bring in a named container to take your cooking home in. 


See you all on Monday!

Miss Paxton

Friday, 27th November 2020


The countdown to Christmas is nearly upon us. Next week our Christmas activities will begin with a decorating afternoon on Thursday. The children will be bringing home a craft that they have made. I will send out details of our upcoming DT project next week in a separate letter. 


Home Learning:

Maths - Pages 27 (Thousandths) and 28 (Equivalent Fractions) of your maths workbook. 

English - Pages 28 & 29 (Wolves in the UK) in your Reading Comprehension book. 

Spellings - playful, wonderful, thoughtful, delightful, boastful, unsuccessful, disgraceful, respectful, plentiful, insightful

Reading - It's really important that you're reading regularly. Please make sure to read at least five times and record this in your reading record.


Next week, we will be learning:

Maths - Revising and securing our knowledge of: multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000, rounding decimals and using negative numbers. 

English - Learning to use prepositions and adverbs, and writing non-chronological reports about mythical creatures. 

PE days are Tuesday and Friday. 



Have a lovely weekend. 

Miss Paxton

Friday, 20th November 2020


During Anti-bullying week this week, we have been thinking of and sharing ways of being 'up-standers' or 'defenders' to bullying. We thought about differences between bullying and banter, and looked at the effects of cyber-bullying. The children have some fabulous (and passionate) ideas of how to unite against bullying. 


Home Learning

Maths - Page 25 (Written Division) and 26 (Solving Calculation Problems) in your Maths workbook. 

English - Pages 22 & 23 (Subordinating conjunctions and Using conjunctions for Cohesion) in your Grammar workbook.

Spelling - council, fossil, muscle, physical, special, actual, natural, mystical, comical, mythical ('le' sound endings)

Reading - Please remember to read five times and get your reading record signed!


Next week

PE is on the normal days of Tuesday and Friday. 

In Maths, we will be learning to find and express equivalent fractions. 

In English, we will be using the book 'The Monsterology Handbook' to inspire non-fiction writing about creatures, focusing on adding detail using subordinating conjunctions and multi-clause sentences.



Have a lovely weekend, and thank you for another great week smiley

Miss Paxton


Friday, 13th November 2020


Lots of exciting things have been happening this week! We have been taking part in Joe Wicks' daily workouts as part of the 'Five to Thrive' for Children in Need (and watched as he finished this morning after raising an incredible amount of money). We joined the school in an online service for Remembrance Day on Wednesday after putting our commemorative stones at the end of Stockers Farm Road. They are now in the prayer garden. Below are some photos from this week, including some from Science when we were measuring the force of objects using Newton Meters.


Home Learning:

Maths: Page 12 (Written Addition/Subtraction) and Page 24 (Written Multiplication)

English: Reading comprehension book Pages 6&7 (Why Recycle?)

Spellings: ancient, appreciate, sincere, experience, excellent, existence, necessary, nuisance, sacrifice, criticise (words with a 'soft' c)

Reading: Please read at least five times and remember to get your reading record signed!


Next week:

Maths - We will be learning different strategies for dividing, including the method for short division, and writing remainders as fractions as decimals. 

English - We will be reviewing, editing and publishing our Explorer's booklets, focusing on sentence structure, modal verbs, subordinating conjunctions and subordinate clauses. 


It is Anti-Bullying Week next week so we will be discussing this in class through PSHE lessons. Topics will include cyber-bullying and strategies to unite together against bullying. Children are encouraged to come in odd socks on Friday to celebrate. 

PE days are Tuesday and Friday next week. 


Looking forward to seeing you next week; have a safe and happy weekend!

Miss Paxton


Friday, 6th November 2020


It was lovely to welcome you all back this week. I hope that you had a restful half term! This week we've been rehearsing for the Christmas CD, playing basketball with the School Partnership, and beginning new topics such as Cooking (DT) and Forces (Science). PE days next week will be normal - Tuesday and Friday. 


Home Learning for this week:

Maths - Pages 50 and 51 in your workbook (Area)

English - Pages 6 and 7 in your SPAG workbook (Modal verbs)

Spellings - hoping, hopping, forgetting, beginning, limiting, allowing, skipping, writing, travelling, loving

Reading - Please make sure that you read at least five times this week (this does not have to be your school book alone!) and get your reading record signed. These are checked on Friday. 


Next week we will be learning:

Maths - To find the area of compound shapes, and to use the formal methods for short and long multiplication. 

English - Through writing Explanations in the form of an Explorer's Booklet, we will be learning to use expanded noun phrases, formal writing, and to critically review writing. 


Have a great weekend, 

Miss Paxton


Friday, 23rd October 2020


The children look wonderful and bright for Rainbow Mufti Day today. Thank you for your donations. Today we celebrated Mrs Foster and Mrs Garland who are sadly leaving us and moving on to new and exciting ventures with their families. 

It has been a brilliant first half term back at school. I am so proud of the way that the children have settled into their new routines, their fantastic attitude towards learning and their resilience. 


There is no homework set over half term. The children will have come home this week with the rest of the CGP books purchased in the bundle, should you wish to use these for some learning over half term. This includes 10 minute maths, a mental maths workbook and a handwriting book. I will also upload a list of useful websites.


When we return on the 2nd November, we will be learning:

Maths - Method for formal multiplication and calculating area

English - Explanation Texts (including modal verbs and noun phrases) using the book How to be a World Explorer

PE will be on Thursday and Friday on the first week back as the School Sports Partnership are running a Basketball session. 


A more detailed overview of our curriculum is in the document shared at the bottom of this page. 



Wishing you a happy, healthy and safe break. 

Miss Paxton




Friday, 16th October 2020


Can you believe our first half term is nearly over?! I look forward to catching up with you all next week at Parent's Evening and celebrating the children's hard work over the last few weeks. Below is the homework for this week and our focus of learning for next week. My apologies for the late notice, but next week our PE days will be Monday and Friday as the children will be having their individual photos on Tuesday. There will be a rainbow mufti day on Friday. For this, the children should come in clothes suitable to do PE in please! 


Home Learning:

Maths - Please complete pages 6 and 7 (Counting Backwards Through Zero and Place Value in Big Numbers)

English - In your reading comprehension book, read page 2 (The Word Party) and answer the questions on p.3. 

Spelling - chef, chalet, machine, brochure, parachute, league, tongue, antique, unique, fatigue

Reading - Don't forget to read at least 5 times this week and get your reading record signed. 


Next week we will be learning:

Maths: Different strategies to add and subtract (e.g. estimating, place value, regrouping). 

English: To use similes, metaphors and personification in poetry (based on Remembrance). 


Have a restful weekend. 

Miss Paxton

Friday, 9th October 2020


Thank you for being prepared for our change of PE day this week. Next week, we will return to the normal days of Tueday and Friday. Thank you also for the cardboard that the children brought in to begin our DT project of toys with moving mechanisms, as we have been learning about levers and linkages. Pictures will be coming next week as these develop!


Below is the Home Learning for this week:

Maths - Complete pages 22 & 23 (Multiplying and Dividing by 10, 100 and 1000, and Mental Multiplying and Dividing).

English - In your Spelling, Punctuation & Grammar book, complete pages 4 and 5 (Nouns & Verbs).

Spellings - scheme, chorus, chemist, echo, character, stomach, school, chaos, ache. 

Reading - Please read at least five times during the week and get your Reading Record signed. Remember, this doesn't need to be just your school book! 


What we will be learning next week:

Maths - To read and use negative numbers (counting backwards and forwards, using scales etc. 

English - Choosing specific vocabulary for poetry, using similes and metaphors, and performing poems (based on animals) .

Our topic in Science is Earth and Space, and last week we were learning how day and night occur. We used basketballs to represent Earth (with pieces of blue tack to show the UK), and torches to represent the Sun. We explored how the Earth rotates while the Sun stays still. We then showed how the Earth revolves around the Sun whilst rotating, by revolving and rotating around our partner - very dizzy business!

Friday, 2nd October 2020


This week we were invited to the Harvest Service at Church and experienced our first socially-distanced service. It was quite strange (and very quiet) but a lovely opportunity to celebrate Harvest together. We have been having Collective Worship online together so we are quite used to a different kind of worship now!


Below is the Home Learning for this week:

Maths - Pages 18 & 19 (Multiples and Factors & Primes)

English - Pages 4 & 5 of your Reading Comprehension book (An Astronaut's Guide to Life on Earth)

Spellings - Usually, finally, happily, frantically, truly, busily, completely, definitely

Reading - Please read at least five times this week and get your reading record signed. 


Next week:

  • PE will be on Monday and Friday (next week only)
  • We will be learning to use different mental strategies to multiply and divide in Maths (e.g. using known facts, doubling and halving, and divisibility rules). 
  • In English, we will be writing letters and reports based on different perspectives from Coming to England (by Floella Benjamin)
  • As October is Black History Month, we will be learning about different famous black astronauts (e.g. Mae Jemison), and explorers (e.g. Matthew Henson)


Wishing you all a great weekend.

Miss Paxton

Friday, 25th September 2020


Another week has flown by! The homework for this week is listed below. The children have their own CGP books; for English we will alternate each week between a grammar task and a reading comprehension. 


Home Learning

Maths - Pages 8 & 9 in your Maths Workbook (Ordering & Comparing big numbers, and Counting in powers of 10). 

English - Pages 20 & 21 in your Grammar Workbook (Phrases and Co-ordinating conjunctions). 

Spelling - Homophones: our, are, hear, here, groan, grown, peace, piece, weather, whether. 

Reading - Please read at least five times over the week, and get your reading record signed. 


Next week we will be learning:

Maths - To find multiples and factors of numbers (as well as prime and composite numbers)

English - To write reports and recounts (Coming to England by Floella Benjamin)


Deborah has invited us (Year 5 only) to visit Church next week to celebrate Harvest. We will be walking to church from school on Tuesday morning, so please remember coats etc if it is raining (PE kits as normal). 


Have a wonderful weekend. 

Miss Paxton

Friday, 18th September 2020


We have had another busy week in Year 5, and have been blessed with beautiful weather! 

For Homework this week, please learn the spellings and meanings of the words below. They all contain prefixes which have negative meanings. 


disappear, disagree, disappoint, misbehave, mislead, misspell, inactive, incorrect


Please also read 5 times this week. This should be mainly, but not exclusively, your school reading book. 


Next week we will be learning to multiply and divide by 10, 100 and 1000 (including decimals)  in Maths. 

In English, we will be learning to use co-ordinating conjunctions to vary sentence length within short stories. 


Have a great weekend. 

Miss Paxton



Friday, 11th September 2020


What a busy week we've had! We've managed to fit a lot into our first full week back and made a start on some of our exciting topics this half term. Thank you for ensuring that the children are coming to school well-equipped each day! It has meant that we are able to maximise learning time in class. 


The children have been set Reading and Spellings for homework this week. They have all been given a school reading book and their reading record. We expect that they read at least 5 times this week and we actively encourage you to read texts other than just your school book! The spellings for this week are below (taken from the Year 3 and 4 Statutory word lists); we will test these words next Friday. 


Height, weight, eight, eighth, reign, believe, build, straight. 


Below I have attached some documents for your information regarding the curriculum, including the Meet the Teacher Info Session presentation. 


Have a great weekend!

Miss Paxton



Welcome back!


It has been wonderful to welcome Year 5 back to school this week. We have had a busy two days settling into new routines, but the children have taken all of the changes on board brilliantly! I hope that they have enjoyed being back in school and spending time with their friends. 


I will update this page regularly with photos and notes of what we have been doing, including any important reminders for the week ahead. Details of the weekly homework will be uploaded here too. 


There is no homework this week (04/09)! Over the next week, we will be reading with the children and providing school books to send home along with reading records. As a reminder, our PE days are Tuesday and Friday.


Detailed curriculum information will be uploaded here from next week so that you can see what we will be learning this year - there's lots of exciting topics which we have already begun to explore!


Have a wonderful weekend!


Miss Paxton