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Year 5

Hello Year 5!


I hope you have had a very lovely and restful break and are ready to do some more excellent learning as we head into our Summer 2 half term. 


It still feels very strange that I have not seen you all in so long, I hope you are all keeping well and managing to smile every day. Hopefully we will be able to do a virtual meet up as a class very soon! 


I will be in school from Monday supporting some of the other teachers and the children who are coming back but I will still be planning and teaching you remotely as I have been doing throughout this period of time, so nothing will be changing for us! I will get back to you on Google Classroom as quickly as I can but it may take a little longer until we get settled. I look forward to seeing some of your work on Friday as you either email it to me or upload to Google Classroom. 


We have a very exciting new English learning sequence that I have planned for you, where we will be making our own mini-movie and designing our own cartoon characters based on the Retro TV series Wacky Races. 


In Maths this week, you will be looking at Perimeter. I would like everyone to complete the challenges and ensure you feel confident with this by the end of the week. 


The afternoons will take a slightly different format, each week I will upload a document which is based around a particular theme (this week is animals) and you can pick and choose which activities take your fancy each day. I know you have been working very hard and you will decide as a family which tasks work best for you. You may wish to complete some activities with your brothers or sisters or as a family!


Remember that I am still here as your teacher so if you have any worries or questions please do speak to me on Google Classroom or ask your parents to email me. I am missing each and every one of you and I look forward to seeing you hopefully very soon!


Miss Warne

English Timetable

Perimeter- Slides

Afternoon Activities- Summer 2- Week 1

Happy Monday Year 5!


I hope that you all had a wonderful weekend and managed to enjoy a walk in the fresh air and sunshine.


It is a lovely sunny morning again and I hope you are all ready for another positive week with lots of successful home learning. You have a week of Maths looking at the formal written method for Multiplication and Division which I would like you to try your very best at. In English, we are going to take a week to really hone our skills with grammar, looking at how to effectively use adverbials in a sentence to create cohesion. You have a range of afternoon activities to complete and these are all on Google Classroom. 


Well done to everybody who has been doing lots of reading either on Epic Books or using books at home. I also enjoyed looking at everyones work that they sent me on Friday- if you have not sent me your work as of yet over email or Google Classroom please make sure you do today! 


Have a lovely week everyone!


Miss Warne

Suggested Home Learning Timetable

Word of the Day







Meaning: to resemble soap; soapy


'After visiting the car wash, there was a saponaceous substance on my windscreen.'

'The saponaceous pet jumped out of his bath leaving a foamy puddle on the floor.'

Challenge Day 19- Answers

Challenge Day 18- Answers

Word of the Week:




An adjective that describes someone who is extremely angry.

'He was furious at the treatment he received.'

'Lady Macbeth was furious with her husband and flounced off to her quarters.'

'She spoke with a furious tone.'



Maths-Challenges- Solving multi-step word problems- Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

Maths- Tuesday- Roman Numerals Answers (Day 17)

Maths- Monday- Roman Numerals Day 1 Answers (Challenge Day 16)

Hello Year 5, 


As mentioned in the letter from Mrs Edwards and Miss Paxton, we are now moving our learning on to Google Classroom. My teaching videos and some other resources can be found on Google Classroom but I will continue to upload the activities on the class page too. Google Classroom can be downloaded as an app on any device such as an ipad or tablet or a phone.


Below, you will see the unit plans for this week's English, our first week of the Macbeth learning sequence. Please refer to this to track the tasks I would like you to complete. You will also continue to see the Maths tasks and the answers will continue to be uploaded each morning. Please make sure you are reading for at least 15-20 minutes each day and revise the spelling list I have given you. Spanish games are accessible on the Language Angels page too!


Try to keep to a routine as best as you can and attempt to complete your work independently without too much support from your parents. You can ask your parents to email me with any questions or comment on our class stream on the Google Classroom page. 


A reminder to you all that you are doing an amazing job and I am very proud of you all. 


Speak soon,


Miss Warne



Maths- Roman Numerals- Monday and Tuesday

Challenge Day 15- Answers

Good Morning lovely Year 5, 


I hope you are having a good day so far! I have uploaded below a spelling crossword if you can print it out have a go! If not, perhaps you could try to make one of your own using our Year 5/6 spelling words. 


I am also sending you the link for our Spanish learning website Language Angels. You can play games and revise some of the learning you have done in class. I am going to try to learn some key phrases myself in the evenings.


login: Thomas

password: Edison


Let me know how you get on!


Miss Warne

Challenge Day 14- Answers

Challenge Day 13- Answers

Good Morning Year 5, 


What a beautiful day it is outside. How are you getting on with your Maths and English this week so far? Have you started any of the afternoon projects? Remember you have two weeks to complete these and then either email a photo of your work to me or upload it to Google Classroom. 


Have any of you been growing or looking after any plants? I am attempting to grow some more herbs. I have uploaded a photo of my basil shoot that I am attempting to grow. I like the way you can see the roots spreading out- did you know that a plant can continue to grow in water? See if you can take a small shoot with a little root and grow it in a glass or jar of water. I will pot this shoot when it has grown a little bigger. 


I would like to start something together called my 'word of the week'. We started to do this when we were at school. I will choose an interesting word to focus on each week and I would like you to experiment with it in your writing and ensure you know the spelling very well. 

Our word of the week this week is : 




This is an adjective and the definition is 'to be optimistic or positive, especially in an apparently bad or difficult situation.' 

An example: He's remarkably sanguine about the problems involved. 


Try to use this word in your writing and maybe even surprise your families by using it in a sentence!


Have a wonderful day!


Miss Warne



Basil Plant

Challenge Day 12- Answers

Challenge Day 11- Answers

Hello Year 5,


How are you all? I hope you have had a lovely time over Easter and are enjoying spending time with your families. I hope you have got some rest and are ready to carry on with some excellent learning over the next week. I have uploaded below the Maths challenges I would like you to complete each day and also the next task grid with afternoon activities to complete over the next two weeks. Please carry on learning your spellings, practising some writing and reading each day. The following week we will be starting our next English unit.


I have asked you to upload some of your work on to Google Classroom which you all should have access to; if you are struggling to log in, ask your parents to send me and email and I can help you. If it is not possible to access Google classroom this week, you could email it to me. We will be using Google Classroom a lot more going forward so try to have a play around and get yourself confident with using it ready for the following week. 


I would love to hear all about some of the things you have been doing at home over the last two weeks so please do send me a message or some photos! I miss you all very much!


Answers to the Maths challenges will be uploaded to our class page daily so you can mark your work. 


Have a fabulous weekend and I look forward to catching up next week!


Take care of yourselves and your families,


Miss Warne

Afternoon Topic Activities Task Grid (w.c. 20th April- 1st May)

Hello Year 5,


I hope you are all feeling well and keeping yourselves busy!


I miss you all very much and I look forward to when we are all back together at school. We must stay positive and keep smiling every day, even if we have moments of feeling a little bit sad. The picture I have uploaded below is one from a walk I went on at the weekend near to my house, I couldn't believe my eyes when I stumbled upon this beautiful pond. Have you found any new beautiful places close to where you live? Remember you can ask your parents to send me any photos of you out and about or doing things during the day. 


You are now on your Easter holidays and I hope you are doing some fun things and also taking some time to relax and rest- this is very important. Have you read any books that you have loved? I am currently reading an exciting book, which feels like I am watching a film as I turn each page! 


I am also doing lots of cooking, last night I made homemade pizzas and I am going to make some meringue today, I will show you some pictures when it is ready! Have you been putting any of your new cooking skills to good use? You know I like having a tidy and clean classroom, I have been doing lots of cleaning at home and I hope you have been helping your parents by keeping your bedrooms neat and tidy! 


I know you must be missing your friends but hopefully soon we will all be able to connect over Google Classroom! 


I will post again later this week! Remember that I am very proud of each and every one of you.


From Miss Warne

Challenge Day 10- Answers

Challenge Day 9- Answers

Challenge Day 8- Answers

Challenge Day 7- Answers

Challenge Day 6- Answers

Happy Friday Year 5!


I hope you are all getting on well with the work. I have added in some pictures on the answer sheets for the Maths challenges to show you how to work out the answer- as I would with you in class. I hope this is helpful!


I can see that some of you have been working on Google Classroom which is great to see, I will put up some more activities soon. 


For those children who have not accessed Google Classroom yet, here are the instructions to access:


1. Go to and find the log in section.


2. You will need your username which is your first name and first initial of your surname, followed by For example,


3. Your password will be your first initial then surname initial followed by your date of birth in the format dd/mm/yy. You should have this written down from where we logged into the Chromebooks. For example, ps080510 (09 for 2009 babies!)


4. Once you have logged in you will be asked to provide a class code, this code is: 7pw5c5j 


5. I will be able to see when you have joined the class and can also see the work you have produced. I think this will be a useful tool where it can be accessed going forward. 


Give it a go when you can and if there any problems parents please contact me via email and I can provide some help as best as I can. 


Don't forget to send me some pictures of what you have been doing!


Take care and speak soon,


Miss Warne




Challenge Day 5- Answers

Challenge Day 4- Answers

Hello Year 5, 


I hope you are all feeling okay and adjusting to a slightly new 'normal' for now. I am very proud of how well you are all doing and how hard you have been working for your parents whilst remaining calm and collected. As I am sure lots of you are aware, Joe Wicks has been doing a daily PE lesson online which you can join in with! Your parents could send me some pictures of you doing some of the activities throughout the day and I could share these on our page- it is nice to see what your friends are up to! 


I have uploaded 3 days of answers for the Maths challenges for your parents to look at while you check your work together. I will do this each day. In the next week or so I will remind you of your google classroom logins so we can access some activities online. Parents- you have my contact detail should you have any queries of your own or from the children.


Make sure you get a little bit of fresh air each day and keep smiling! You are all superstars!


Catch up soon!


Miss Warne

Day 3- STEM Workshop- building bridges

Day 3- Time to meet the ducklings!

Science Week- Investigation One

Home Learning- Week 2- Spring 2

Dear Parents, 


A very warm welcome to our Spring 2 half term. We have lots of exciting learning planned and the children have come back to school after the break full of energy and excitement. 


This week, we have been planning our DT project which will involve planning, purchasing food items and then making a meal. The children have planned their shopping lists and recipe methods today using our wonderful Chromebooks and we will be going to Tesco on Monday to go food shopping. Please send your child into school on Monday with £3 to contribute towards their group's ingredients. 


I would also like to ask for each child to bring in a Tupperware/food container to store their food in after they have made it, to bring home for you to try! An apron or old shirt to wear to cover their uniform would also be a very useful accessory next week!


If your child's group requires a specific cooking instrument (for example a pie dish) they may ask you this weekend if you have anything at home to bring in- this would be a great help if we could borrow any specific items needed that we may not have as part of our school equipment box. 


We are very excited to share our cooking results with you- Masterchef style!


Have a fab weekend and thank you for your ongoing support with our class endeavours!


Miss Warne

Spring 2- Home Learning- Week 1

Home Learning-Year Five- Week Five

Home Learning Year 5- Week 4

Home Learning- Year Five- Week 3

Home Learning- Year 5- Spring - Week 2

Home Learning- Spring- Week 1

Dear Parents, Children of Year 5 and Families,


As Christmas draws closer and we approach the end of term, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the children for their hard work throughout the last term and to thank you as parents and families for your ongoing support. 


We have had a fabulous start to Year 5, learning lots of new things and enjoying a range of exciting activities. In Maths, we have solved a multitude of word problems, learnt times tables, revised column addition and subtraction and learnt how to convert, add and subtract fractions with different denominators- to name just a few topics. In English, we have become authors, news reporters, journalists, editors and exceptional readers. The work the children have produced towards the end of term has been exceptional. As Scientists, we have endeavoured to research how forces interact with one another and the impact this can have. We have been designers, builders, investigators and entrepreneurs- even featuring on our own Dragons Den project. In computing, we have become experts at coding using Scratch to design platforms for games and interactive images. In Art, the children have created the most outstanding 3D models of cartoon animals which they are very proud of- we look forward to showing you these at our Art exhibition. As budding Historians, we have uncovered the truth about the not so well-known Shang Dynasty, understanding how people lived and how different their lives were to ours now. Forest school has been a particular highlight for both the children and myself. An opportunity to be lead by curiosity, nature and interaction with peers. We have some wonderful memories from our experiences and look forward to more later on in the year, The children have done a remarkable job in sporting activities and PE, taking part in many after school clubs, outside sporting events (and winning!) and learning new skills in their two PE sessions each week. 


In the run up to Christmas, the children continued to astound me with their resilience and skills as they performed a wonderful version of the Nativity story in our Church performance last night. I was immensely proud. 


I am sure you will join me in congratulating your children on the effort and progress they have made this term and I for one am very excited to continue to watch the children grow and flourish in the Spring term. 


Thank you so much for my very generous Christmas gifts and wonderful card signed by all of the children. 

I wish you and your families a very Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy new year!


Warmest wishes, 


Miss Warne

Home Learning- Year 5- Week 4

Home Learning Week 3 -Year 5

Home Learning- Year 5- Week 2

Home Learning Year 5- Autumn 2- Week 1

This is our text for next half term. It would be fantastic if the children could bring in their own copy of the book. This could be borrowed from the library or from a friend or bought as their own copy.

Half Term Home Learning

Year 5 Home Learning- Week 6

Year 5 Home Learning Week 5

Home Learning Week 4

Home Learning Week 3

Home Learning Week 2

Jellyfish Poetry Performances- Monday 16th September

Home learning week 1

Welcome back!


Your home learning is attached above.


Have a good weekend!