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Year 6

Dear Year 6 and your wonderful families,


I would like to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy new year!


You have all worked so hard this term and shown such resilience and determination and I am extremely proud of you. I hope you have a very relaxing break with your family and I look forward to seeing you all in January. 


Thank you so much for my very kind gift, I feel so lucky to have been able to carry on teaching you all in Year 6 and I look forward to the many memories we still have to make together as a class!


With very best wishes, take care.


Miss Warne

A Special Visitor

Dear Parents, 


Our core text that we will be studying next half term will be:


'Arthur Spiderwick’s Field Guide to the Fantastical World Around You' by Tony DiTerlizzi and Holly Black.


If this is a book that you have at home already or would like to borrow or buy a copy for your child to bring into school from January, this would be most appreciated. I will have a class copy that we will be able to share on the visualiser or with photocopied sections but it may be beneficial to be able to follow the text individually. 



Our first three Maths topics in January will be as follows:


  • Order of operations and algebra
  • Formal division
  • Perimeter and area


In Science we will be looking at living things and their habitats including classification and in Geography we will be learning about North and South America with a small-scale focus study. 


Kind regards


Miss Warne


Happy Friday!


I have a couple of notes regarding next week as we approach the end of term. 


Monday: Normal school day

Tuesday: PE Kits as normal please

Wednesday: Miss Moran's Wedding celebrations (shh!) remember to wear something special for our in-school celebrations in the afternoon! We will also have our class Christmas party so please could your child bring in a small individual packet of crisps, sweets or popcorn to eat during the party. 

Thursday: Last day of term, we finish at 1pm! Please come to school in normal school uniform. 


Remember to bring in your Christmas cards that you would like to put in the class postbox for your friends! We will hand these out on Wednesday. 


There is no homework this week, but I would still like you to practice the following spellings and make sure you are reading every day! 


Spellings (Maths themed):


  • circumference
  • radius
  • diameter
  • measure
  • circle


Have a wonderful weekend everyone! You are doing so well, almost time for a break!


From Miss Warne





Welcome to a very Christmassy Friday Year 6!


Our classroom is looking spectacular and has made me smile when I arrived at school today, hopefully it gives us all that wonderful Christmas feeling every day!


Home learning:


Maths- CGP: Pages 34 and 35 looking at finding percentages of amounts as we have looked at in class this week. 


English- CGP Comprehension: Pages 10 and 11 titled 'Cider with Rosie'. 



  • curiosity
  • possess
  • especially
  • excellent
  • frequently


Have a wonderful weekend with your family!


Miss Warne

Happy Friday to all!


We are getting closer to Christmas and I am so proud of your continued hard work! 


Next week, we will be looking at some practice papers for both English and Maths to boost our confidence and look at the areas we still need to work on. 


Home learning:


Maths: CGP- pages 16 and 17. 

SPaG- CGP pages 50 and 51 two activities: 'semi-colons and colons' and 'antonyms and synonyms'.










Have a lovely weekend!


Miss Warne



Another super week of learning Year 6, well done for your continued hard work!

Next week in Maths we are going to be focusing on solving multi-step word problems, thinking about how to chunk up test questions to find the best strategies to solve the calculations without panicking or becoming overwhelmed. In English we will be continuing to write our own narrative version of The Night of the Gargoyles.


This week's home learning:


Maths: CGP- pages 10 and 11 looking at multiplication and division. 


English: CGP comprehension- pages 8 and 9 'Hostages to Handheld Devices'


SPaG: Login to and complete Year 5 Test A. You have your logins and passwords in your reading records. 










Have a great weekend!


Miss Warne

Good Afternoon Year Six!


Next week we will be continuing with our text 'Night of the Gargoyles' in English, looking at the use of inverted commas for direct speech, so brush up on your skills over the weekend! In Maths, we will be learning about the formal method for division. This is an essential skill so again please have a little practice over the weekend to ensure you feel extra confident before next week.


This week's home learning is as follows:


Maths: CGP book- pages 50 and 51 (areas of triangles and parallelograms)


English: CGP comprehension book- pages 6 and 7, 'Born on a Blue Day'.


Spellings this week:









Have a wonderful weekend! 


Miss Warne

Happy Friday!


We have had a great start back to second half of the Autumn term and I am looking forward to seeing how much we can achieve together.

This week in English, the children wrote Cinquain poems dedicated to the fallen soldiers in World War II. I was blown away by the quality of their writing and they will be bringing these home to share with you. Perhaps they could share these with grandparents over Zoom?

In Maths this week, we looked at statistics and in particular, line graphs and comparing data sets. The children did a brilliant job with their challenges, extending themselves with lots of challenge X’s. Next week in Maths we will be covering a brand new topic, looking at calculating the area of triangles.

Just a reminder of key days during the week, PE kits should be worn on Tuesday and Friday and please could Forest School clothes be brought in on Wednesdays.


This week’s home learning is as follows:

Maths: CGP book- pages 72 and 73.

English: CGP book- pages 46 and 47.


  • business
  • certain
  • disappear
  • length
  • guard

Have a wonderful half term Year 6, filled with lots of rest and some Autumnal fresh air. 


You have worked so hard since returning to school and I am very proud of each and every one of you.


See you on Monday 2nd November!


Take care, 


Miss Warne

Happy Friday Year 6!


A fantastic week again filled with lots of hard work and excellent successes for each and every one of you. 


Don't forget that next Wednesday is our evacuee day so please dress up in the style of a WWII evacuee! School photos will take place on Tuesday so please ensure your uniform looks smart! 

On Friday we have mufti day which has the theme of 'rainbow colours', this is the children's second PE day so please ensure the clothes are suitable to wear for PE activities and that they are wearing trainers. Thank you for your help with this. 


Next week we will be looking at a text that has a focus of a young girl and her experiences travelling in the 1960s from Trinidad, we will be celebrating Black History through our journey with this book. In Maths, we will be spending the last week before half term looking at the formal method for multiplication and division. 


This week's home learning:


English- Comprehension in your CGP books. Pages 4 and 5 titled 'Holes'.


Maths- CGP book- pages 20 and 21 'adding and subtracting fractions'. We have covered this in detail this week in class.










I would like you to think about which suffix you could add to the end of these root words to build a new word. How many new words can you make? Write them down and bring them in.


Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


Miss Warne

A fab week Year 6! Well done to everyone, you have worked incredibly hard in all subjects this week and I am very proud of you. 


Home learning:


Maths: CGP book pages 15 and 18 looking at prime numbers, common factors, multiples and then simplifying fractions. 


English: CGP book pages 8 and 9 focusing on synonyms and antonyms.












I have been so pleased with how well you have been doing with learning and recalling your spellings- keep up the hard work Year 6!


Next week in Maths we will be continuing our work on fractions, looking at adding and subtracting fractions and working with mixed fractions. 


Please remember to top up your pencil cases with any finished stationery and please bring into school an old shirt that can be worn during Art lessons. If possible, please start to collect one or two newspapers for the papier mache aspect of our project.


Have a wonderful weekend!


Miss Warne

Happy Friday Year 6!


This week’s home learning is as follows:


Maths: CGP book pages 8 and 9 focusing on negative numbers and solving number problems.

Comprehension: CGP book pages 2 and 3 titled, ‘An interview with Nixie Labs’.


This week your spellings are to focus on more homophones. Ensure you are confident with the spelling and the definition of each.


  • practice
  • practise
  • missed
  • mist
  • guessed
  • guest


Next week in Maths we will be looking at fractions, factors and prime numbers. In English, we will be starting a new learning sequence focused on the WW2 text 'Children of the King' by Sonya Hartnett. 


Have a fantastic weekend!


Miss Warne

Happy Friday Year Six!


This week's home learning is as follows:


SPAG book- pages 12, 13 , 14 and 15.

Maths Targeted Question book- pages 12 and 13. 



This week's spelling focus is on homophones:


  • advice
  • advise
  • device
  • devise
  • dessert
  • desert


Please remember to read at least five times and ask an adult to sign your reading record. 


Homework is due in on Wednesday and the spelling quiz will be on Friday. 


Have a lovely weekend, 


Miss Warne


Hello Year Six, 


I hope you have had a lovely weekend in the sunshine! 


Here are this week's spellings:








We will be focusing on these spellings each day in class and there will be a quiz on Friday!


Please ensure you are reading every day and asking an adult to sign your reading record at least five times per week. Remember that reading is integral to help you progress in all areas of your learning. 


See you in the morning!


Miss Warne

Meet the Teacher Presentation and Curriculum Overview 2020-2021- Year Six

Home Learning


This week's spellings:













Please make sure you are reading every day and ensure that your reading record is signed at least 5 times per week. 


Have a lovely weekend,


Miss Warne

In Science this half-term we are looking at Inheritance and Evolution. Today, we were identifying characteristics that we have inherited from either our parents or grandparents. For next Wednesday's lesson, it would be very helpful if the children could bring in some photos of a parent or a grandparent so that we can see the inherited features in a more life-like way. These can be from any period of time (younger or older). 


We will of course return these photos after the lesson is completed. 


Many thanks,


Miss Warne



A very warm welcome back Year Six! 


It has been a wonderful two days of learning and getting back into the routine of school. You all looked so smart in your uniform and I was very impressed by the organisation you had shown with your pencil cases and equipment. Please do remember to bring a coat to school every day and some kind of outside shoes (wellie boots or old trainers). Our PE days are Tuesdays and Fridays, please ensure that you come to school in your PE kits on those days. 


Remember to hand in your applications for Head Boy/Girl, House Captains and Sports Captain by Monday at 11.30am. 


This term our class novel will be Goodnight Mr Tom by Michelle Magorian. If you would like to borrow or purchase your own copy and bring it in to school this would be most helpful. 


Homework will go out on Fridays and should be returned the following Wednesday. Spellings will also be sent home on a Friday and our spelling test will take place the following Thursday. 


I look forward to another fantastic week of learning! 


Have a fab weekend.


Miss Warne