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Year 3


What a quick week this has been! The class have been working hard to learn their 3 and 4 times tables and exploring the modern fable 'War and Peas' by Michael Foreman. Next week will will be writing our own fables and moving on to division in Maths where will will be using our tables table knowledge.


Home Learning


Maths - 3 and 4 times table activities on a sheet. Please can you also practise quick fire questions (in order and mixed up) as this will support their work in division next week.


English - Comprehension, p20-1 'An Interview with Rebecca Adlington'


Spelling - This we are continuing with suffixes, -sub and -tele








Have a wonderful weekend!



We've made a great start to our new topic this week - Rainforests - and have started to look at locations around the world and the artwork of Henri Rousseau who liked to paint jungle scenes. If children have any books, articles or objects on this topic they would like to share, please send them in.


In addition to the shape work we have been studying in Maths lessons, we have begun to recap 'telling the time' as we have noticed the class need practise in reading digital and analogue clocks and relating this to the timing of breaks and lessons.

Please could you support them at home by discussing the time and reading clocks and watches, sharing timings for activities, how long they last, what time they start and finish etc. This would enable us to build up to reading the time to the nearest 5 minutes. Thank you in advance for your support with this.


Home Learning 


Maths - Perimeter worksheet, please write the answers onto the sheet

English - comprehension High Adventure (a memoir)

Spellings - we have been practising spelling words with the suffixes -ness and -ful








Have a great weekend.




We've started back with lots of enthusiasm and have been busy writing radio broadcasts, testing catapults and exploring parallel and perpendicular lines this week.


Home Learning


Maths - p50 and 51 of the CGP book -Angles and Lines

English - p16-17 Robotic Baby Penguins

Spellings will start next week and will be sent home at the beginning of the week.


Please continue reading regularly.

Have a wonderful weekend.





Happy New Year!


We would like to thank you for our wonderful and generous Christmas gifts and for the card signed by all the children, your cards and best wishes. We had a fantastic term - the children worked extremely hard and had lots of fun and it was a pleasure to come to work each day. Thank you for your continued support both in class and at home, it is invaluable.


We hope you have enjoyed time with family and friends this Christmas and had time to relax after a busy term.

We are looking forward to welcoming the children back on Tuesday and are busy planning for an exciting half term.

Enjoy the last few days of the holiday and see you all next week.


Mrs Bartram and Mrs Lee


Well, we are certainly full of Christmas Spirit this week, having watched Reception's wonderful Nativity. We are learning our class carols for the Christmas service and have sent home paper copies for the children to practise over the weekend. Please can they bring the sheets back in on Monday.


After the Parent Forum this week we have been asked not to send homework again until after Christmas. So other than carol practise and learning spellings this week, there will be no further activities set until the new year.


Have a wonderful time at the Christmas Fair and enjoy the weekend : )


Another busy week finishing our adventure stories and learning column subtraction with exchanging and regrouping. The children have all worked very hard!


Next week we will start our new book 'Atlas of Adventures', so children may enjoy looking at a world map over the weekend in preparation.


Home Learning


Maths - p21 Written Subtraction


Comprehension - 'Daddy fell into the Pond' p12



This week we have been looking at are 'y' making an 'i' sound (as in pig). We discussed that this would usually come at the beginning of a word.








Have a wonderful weekend : )




This week we have finished our unit on column addition and the children have brought home a page of calculations to practise for homework. We will be moving on to column subtraction on next week.


We are continuing with our adventure story based on The Tunnel - next week we will be writing a description of the land beyond the tunnel and the children have been asked to find a picture of this setting and write some descriptive words underneath for homework.


Home Learning


Maths - Column addition sheet, please complete Section B or C, both if children would like. Squared paper has been sent home with the sheet for the answers. Work should be set out as we have practised in class.


English - Find a picture of the setting of the land through the tunnel. The children have written their setting at the top of their sheet. Underneath the picture make a list of descriptive words and phrases - children should use adventurous vocabulary and practise finding synonyms that they can use in next week's story. Please bring this in on Monday.


Spelling - This week they are from the Y3 and 4 list:







 Have a wonderful weekend.




This week has been 'Friendship' week in school and we began on Monday with our new Family groups, made up of one  child from each year group, so seven children in total, making over twenty- five family groups across the school. They got together to share ideas about school life and the school community. We are looking forward to regular Family group meetings throughout the year.


After the fun of our class assembly on Wednesday, we have settled back into our usual routines. We will continue with column addition next week and begin looking at regrouping (carrying). In English we will start our adventure stories, beginning with describing characters and settings.


The children performed very well in their spelling test this week and have obviously been working hard to learn the five words. This weeks spellings are listed below.


Home Learning

Maths - p16-17 Solving number problems


English - Comprehension - 'Daddy fell into the Pond'


Spelling - Negative prefixes -re and -mis







Enjoy your weekend.



It's been a great first week back. The children have settled quickly and have been working hard on their recounts of the trip to Verulamium and reflecting on what they have learnt about the Romans. We will be starting our new geography topic next week - Extreme Earth - looking at volcanoes, earthquakes and tsunamis.


In Maths, we have been working on missing number problems and begun using the inverse to solve these. Homework is on a sheet this week as we would like the children to continue addition and subtraction practise.


Work has begun on our class assembly, which will be at 2.40pm next Wednesday (13th). For English homework, we would like the children to learn their line(s) and practise the song ready for Monday.


We would like the children to wear a 'toga' type outfit on Wednesday. If possible could they bring a large scarf (pashmina sized) to put over one shoulder and a belt/cord/tie that can be tied around their waist. We will bring in some of our own as spares, in case you don't have anything suitable at home. Please do not buy anything. 


Home Learning


Maths - addition and subtraction sheet (and squared paper for the calculations). Children can choose which section to work on and may complete as many sections as they wish.


English - Learn lines and practise song 'Just like a Roman' ready for Monday.


Spellings - We have been looking at suffixes this week and how the ending of the root word may change when a suffix is added. This weeks spellings are:








As many of the children have Show and Tell and we have very little time to fit this in each week, we have drawn up a rota for this half term. A copy of this is in the classroom window and we have attached a picture below for your reference. When it is their allotted week, please can children have their show and tell in school all week, as we will fit in when we have spare moments. Many thanks.


Week 12 - Samuel (SC)

Week 13 - Stephanie (SC)

Show and Tell Rota

Show and Tell Rota 1

Here are a small selection of the class's mosaics - they look fantastic!

Here are a small selection of the class's mosaics - they look fantastic! 1
Here are a small selection of the class's mosaics - they look fantastic! 2
Here are a small selection of the class's mosaics - they look fantastic! 3
Here are a small selection of the class's mosaics - they look fantastic! 4
Here are a small selection of the class's mosaics - they look fantastic! 5
Here are a small selection of the class's mosaics - they look fantastic! 6


Well its been a fantastic half term getting to know all your children; they've worked extremely hard and we hope they enjoy a relaxing half term.

In the classroom we've been busy learning lots about the Romans, which culminated in our school trip this week, where we looked at Roman artefacts and explored how they lived and shopped in our Market workshop - a huge thank you to the parents who came with us.


On Friday we finished our mosaic project, with the grouting of the children designs. This is the first project of our new Art curriculum and we've been amazed by the children's imagination and creativity. We stayed late on Friday to clean the mosaics and unfortunately ran out of time to post any pictures, so we will put a few on the class page when we are in on Monday. We are planning an exhibition of artwork from across the school after Christmas, where we will display the mosaics from the whole class.

We would not have been able to complete this project to such a high standard without your help. Thank you so much to the parents who gave up their Friday afternoons each week to support us, we couldn't have done it without you!


Next half term will be looking at the story 'The Tunnel' by Anthony Browne and writing our own adventure stories. If you have any of his other books at home, it would be great if the children could have a read and bring them in to share after the holidays.


In Maths we will be looking at addition and subtraction word problems and focussing of the range of language associated with each operation (subtract, less than, minus).


We are not setting any homework for the week but we would like the children to read as much as possible and practise counting in 2's, 5's and 10's from different starting points.


Have a wonderful half term break and see you all on Monday 4th November. 


This week, the children performed a wonderful poem that they had written for the Dedication service on Wednesday celebrating the school's anniversary. We will continue looking at poetry next week in class, as we begin our final topic of the half term. This week's homework will help get children in the mood, as we would like them to find a short poem to practice and perform to the class.

In Maths, we have been looking at different strategies for subtracting numbers mentally. The class have worked so hard at learning and applying these, we have been really impressed with their efforts.


Home Learning


English - Find and practice a short poem to perform in class next week.


Maths - CGP pages 18 and 19 Mental Addition and Subtraction


Spelling - Year 3/4 common words:








We have spoken with several parents recently about the comprehension homework. It is challenging for most children at the start of the year as there is a jump in expectation from KS1 to KS2. The answers require them to use inference and be familiar with a range of text types. This knowledge takes time to teach and understand. Please support your child as much as you feel is necessary - this may mean reading the text for them first and discussing tricky language or meanings. It could be highlighting the text where the answer can be found or helping them to form sentences correctly to answer the questions. These discussions are essential in building the skills they will need when reading. We are teaching them in our Guided Reading sessions and we greatly appreciate your support with this at home. Please come and chat with us further about any aspect of the comprehension homework.


Wishing you a wonderful weekend.



This week have been continuing our work on addition, looking at different strategies for adding numbers. One  method was finding complements to 10, 20 and 100 when adding several numbers.

For example, when adding 3 + 9 + 7, you would begin by adding 3 and 7 to make 10 and then adding 9.

Or when adding 16 + 8 + 4, first you add 16 and 4 to make 20 and then add 8. 

For homework this week, we are sending home a sheet to practise complements to 100


In English, we have continued our writing on Roman buildings, turning our notes into prose, ready to create a 'Guide to Rome' leaflet next week.


Starting next week, we are moving the spelling test from Friday to Monday. This is because we begin a new spelling focus/rule at the start of each week. We will have the test on Monday morning and then begin to teach the new spelling rule for the week and children will have five words from this rule to learn for a test the following Monday. Although that leaves less time at home for children to practise, we will be be doing daily spelling practise in school. This way children will not be practising two rules at the same time, one at home for the spelling test and another at school. We hope this change will make it easier for the children to learn spellings and use these in their writing. 


Home learning


Maths - Complements to 100 worksheet. We will put this inside the comprehension book so that it doesn't get lost!


English - CGP Comprehension 'Let's Get Growing' p10-11


Spelling - alternative spelling of 'long a' sound - eigh, aigh, ei, ey







In Science next week we will be measuring shadows. Please can the children bring in a small toy (dinosaur, doll, teddy etc) no bigger than 20cm tall and a small torch if you have one. We have torches at school, but some children asked if they could bring in their own. Many thanks in advance.


Have a wonderful weekend!



This week in Year 3 we have been researching Roman buildings ready to write our 'Guide to Rome' leaflets next week. In maths, the  children have done very well in learning a new strategy for adding numbers, by regrouping the smaller number. We will be continuing with addition next week and then moving on to subtraction. Following Miss Moran's letter about times tables, we will begin next week with counting in 2's, 5's and 10's from any number. We have done some practise in class but the children would benefit from further repetition at home, particularly when bridging across 10's.

E.g.   37, 39, 41


Home learning

Maths - CGP pages 14-15 Reading scales


English - Comprehension, 'Bill's New Frock' pages 8-9


Spelling - Year 3 and 4 common words:







We have made a wonderful start to our mosaic project, a huge thank you to the parents (and brother!) who were able to help this afternoon.


Have a lovely weekend. 



Home Learning 27.09.19


Maths - CGP Maths book, Year Two Objectives Test, pages 2-5. Please complete the first two pages only, if you feel that is more appropriate for your son or daughter.


English - CGP Comprehension 'Nature Trail' pages 6-7


Spelling - This week in spelling we have been looking at the negative prefixes -un and -dis.








For the next two weeks as part of our Art project, the children will be creating their own mosaics . If you are able to help on a Friday afternoon from 1.40 - 3.15pm we would greatly appreciate it. Please could you let the office or one of us know if you're free. Thank you and have a wonderful weekend.


Home Learning


Maths - Pages 9,10 and 11 from CGP book


English - 'Building Stonehenge' comprehension p 4-5


Spelling - We have been looking at suffixes this week, including -s, -es, -er, -ed and -ing :








Have a lovely weekend.

Welcome back to school, we hope you all had a relaxing summer break. Year Three have settled very well into the new routines of Key Stage Two and have made an excellent start to the year. We are certainly looking forward to an exciting term ahead.


Home Learning 13.09.19

Maths - Complete pages 6 and 7 in your Maths Workbook (Place Value and Reading and Writing Numbers)


English - Complete 'Harriet's Hare', pages 2 and 3 in your KS2 English Comprehension book.


Spellings - Revise the spelling of Year 2 common words: could, would, should, beautiful, everybody


We look forward to meeting you at next week's Meet the Teacher session. Have a wonderful weekend.



Please find the slides from our Meet the Teacher presentation and the Year 3 curriculum overview attached, for those who were unable to attend Wednesday's meeting.