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The latest news, home learning, learning and events will be posted on this page.

Friday, 26th May 


This week has been Art week. All the children were given a picture by the artist Henri Rousseau. We immersed ourselves in the picture by listening to a soundscape. We wrote a story based on the picture and practised Art techniques The class then decided on their Art project - they decided on a large-scale rainforest with miniature dry clay rainforest animals. Their clay pieces are so detailed and intricate. The class worked so well together, building on each other's designs to create their large-scale rainforest. 


We finished our Art project - creating a rainforest mono-print. Our Computing learning journey has come to an end, and we are now able to create a band using the Scratch programme. In PSHE we learnt about 'being our best' and in RE we finished our learning journey on 'What do Christians learn from the Creation Story'. In Maths we learnt how to regroup when using the formal method of division. We will be continuing this next half term in our fluency. In English we wrote our own non-chronological reports on pirates. I have been so impressed with the children's writing stamina and the work they are producing. We have continued with the story 'Iron Man' in Guided reading and will finish this next half term. 


The badge machine used to make the badges broke a few weeks ago. Miss Paxton and Year 6 are still waiting for the new part so they can continue making the badges. I have a list of the children that still need their gold reading badge. Sorry for the delay. 


I can't believe there is only half a term left in Year Three! 


Over half term 

Please can you recap telling the time! 


Have a lovely half term.

Mrs Bennett 🙂 

Friday, 19th May


In English we have continued with our sequence of non-chronological reports. We have written notes, identified sub-headings and written debates. In Maths we have used the inverse to help support our division questions. We have started to use formal division (with no regrouping). In RE we wrote a letter to Mrs Day about ways we can support the environment. In Geography we learnt about the different layers of the rainforest and created a 3D poster. In Guided Reading we have started reading 'The Iron Man'. We explored the skill of 'visualisation and inference'. In Art we created our rainforest prints. In PSHE we learnt that everyone has different talents and how to develop these. I have been very impressed with the children's programming skills - they have been creating their own band! 


Next week - please come into school on Monday in your school uniform and bring your PE kit. We have school photos!


SPAG - Page 67 - headings and subheadings

Maths - Page 28 (using times table facts)

Spelling - Year 3/4 spelling words


Have a lovely weekend. 

Mrs Bennett 

Friday, 12th May 

Although we only had a four day week - we still completed lots of learning! 


In Maths we finished our short multiplication learning sequence and moved on to the expanded form of dividing. In English we have have started our new learning sequence on non-chronological reports (pirates). In PSHE we developed our debating skills by discussing health and wellbeing issues! In RE we discussed how the church looks after the world - we learnt about eco-churches. In Computing we continued with our music project (using Scratch). In Art we planned and drew out our prints.  We have enjoyed our rounders games in PE. In Geography we started our Rainforest learning sequence. We identified the main rainforests in the world and used an atlas to locate the countries. We had a jigsaw of South America we had to put back together! 


Home learning

Comprehension - Daddy fell into the pond (page 14 and 15)

Maths - Progress Test One (Page - 18-21)

Spelling - continue with the spellings on the Year 3 and 4 spelling word list - Spelling Frame is a great website to use

Reading - 5 times a week

Timestables - Hit the Button is a great website to use



Have a lovely weekend. 

Mrs Bennett :) 


Friday, 5th May 


What a fantastic week!


This week we have finished our Stone Age topic. In RE we wrote instructions on how God intended Christians to look after the world he created. In Computing we started to use sound sprites to combine sounds. In PSHE we identified the internal body parts (e.g lungs) and their functions. In Art we started to plan our prints. In Maths we started with expanded multiplication and then learnt how to multiply using formal multiplication (regrouping and no regrouping). In English we wrote and performed our own playscripts based on the book 'The Adventures of the Dish and the Spoon'. 


Home learning

Maths - sheet sent home

SPAG - punctuating speech (page 60 and 61)

Spelling - we have practising out Year 3/4 spelling words - please continue to practise these at home

Reading - 5 times a week 



We had a lovely time celebrating the King's Coronation. Thank you to everyone who joined the parade!


Have a lovely long weekend! See you on Tuesday.

Mrs Bennett  :) 


Friday, 24th April

Time flies when you are having fun! 


This week we continued with out playscript in English. In History we drew our own Iron Age fort and answered the question 'what historical age would you have liked to have lived in?' We will be starting our Rainforest topic next! In RE we discussed that Christians believe they are created in God's image and we wrote a letter from God's perspective about his creation. In Art we continue with our printing topic - we created observational drawings. We worked on 'proportion' and drawing what we can see. In Computing we continued with our programming topic on Scratch. 


Comprehension - Let's get growing (page 12 and 13)

Maths - 40 and 41 (fraction problems)

Spelling - famous, dangerous, curious, fabulous, serious, poisonous 

Reading - please continue to read 5 times a week


We are looking forward to seeing you on Friday to celebrate the King's Coronation.


Have a lovely bank holiday weekend. 

Mrs Bennett 🙂 

Friday, 21th April

Welcome back to the Summer Term! I can't believe we are in the Summer Term already!


This week we have started our playscript unit. We have engaged with a text and responded critically, we have written a diary entry from the perspective of Alice, we identified the features of a playscript, acted out a scene from Alice in Wonderland and compared a playscript to the movie. In Maths we have finished our unit on fractions. We compared and ordered fractions, added and subtracted fractions (with the same denominator), solved word problems and solved fractions of shape. We are moving on to formal multiplication and division. 


In RE we created an animation of the Creation Story and identified what Christians believe God is like. In Computing we explored 'Scratch' and learnt new vocabulary. In PSHE we explained how different food groups benefit our bodies. In Art we started our unit and learnt about the artist Henri Rousseau. We had a fantastic cricket session with the School Sports Partnership! 


Our topics this half term are:

RE - What do Christians learn from the Creation Story? 

Science - Forces and Magnets

PSHE - Being my best

Computing - Programming a music sequence

Geography/History- We will be finishing our topic on Stone Age and moving on to the Rainforest topic.

Art - Rainforest monoprinting. 

PE - Rounders and Athletics

Music - creating compositions in response to an animation + pentatonic melodies and composition.


Today was World Earth Day. We all came into school wearing green, helped plant some flowers, planted some seeds to be grown in plastic bottles (so we can see how the growth happens), decorated our stones - we linked this to the Creation Story and created our own bumble bee poster. 


Home learning

Maths - Page 36 and 37 

SPAG - Page 58 and 59 (inverted commas)

Reading - 5 times a week

Home learning is to be handed in by Friday morning.


Have a lovely weekend. 

Mrs Bennett :)



Friday, 31st March 


We have completed the Autumn and Spring Term in Year Three. I am so proud of all the children. 


This week has been very busy! We have been adding and subtraction fractions, identifying what some Christians do to celebrate Easter and answered the question 'why is it called good Friday'. We completed our Science topic on rocks and soils. The children learnt about the three main types of rocks: igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic. We also explored a range of different fossils. It was lovely to see so many of the children carry on their learning at home. 

This week we have been celebrating Easter. On Thursday, we had a lovely church service at St Mary's. Well done to the children in Year Three who read the poems and prayers so clearly. We made Easter biscuits, created Easter Artwork (magic scratch card), completed an Easter quiz and an Easter Hunt! All the children were given an Easter egg to celebrate. 


On Friday we celebrated with an Easter bonnet/hat parade. The entries were of a very high standard in Year Three and I found it VERY hard to judge the winner - so I picked two! Well done to Amber and Darcie!


Home learning

-Continue to read 5 times a week

-Continue to learn timetables (the children all know which one they are working on) 

-Spelling lists were also sent home 


It was lovely to see you all at Parent's Evening last week. 

I hope you all have a lovely Easter break. Hopefully the weather starts to improve! 

Mrs Bennett :)



Friday, 24th March 


This week the children have learnt about the prefix 'dis', 'mis' and 'un'. In English the class have written their own instructions. They included prepositions, imperative verbs, adverbs of manner and time. In Maths we have been ordering fractions and finding equivalent fractions. In PSHE we were challenged to work out how much a child could spend. We had to work out their budget! We also worked with our learning partners to create a poster on how to take care of our school environment. We spoke about it being everyone's responsibility. We had a fantastic DT day. We looked discussed the EatWell plate and carbohydrates, looked at a range of recipes, found our ingredients on TESCO, prepared and made bread rolls and evaluated our bread roll! 


We had a fantastic Collective Worship from Watford Schools Trust  who told the Easter story through her delivery bad from 'EASTER EATS!' 


Maths - Page 34 and 35 (ordering fractions)

SPAG - Page 68 and 69 (prefixes - 'un', 'dis', 'mis')

Spelling - dislike, misbehave, unknown, disapprove, uneven, misprint 

Reading - 5 times a week - some children are very close to their gold awards! 


Next week

Wednesday - The Author Steve Cole is visiting next week. If you wish,  you can buy his book from him to sign. 

Thursday -  Easter Church Service and Day at school

Friday - Easter hat/bonnet - parents/carers can come to watch! Early finish for the Easter holidays 


Have a lovely weekend

Mrs Bennet 

Friday, 17th March 

This week has been another super busy week in the life of Year Three!


In Maths we have been finding fractions of amounts and quantities. We also learnt the difference between a unit fraction and non-unit fraction. In English we started our 'How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth' learning sequence. We retrieved facts from a non-fiction text, wrote sentences that included prepositions and imperative verbs. In PSHE we learnt that people could earn an income through their jobs. We spoke about how nurses should be paid a lot more money! In History we learnt about Skara Brae and in Computing we carried on with our branching database. 


On Friday it was was Comic Relief. Thank you for your generous donations. 


For Science week we had the owner come in from Cassiobury Farm. He taught us all about looking after the animals and we even met an armadillo called Taco! We also designed our own mural for our gardening area. We will be making it of recycled bottled tops. We also made a bird using recycled paper - we couldn't use any glue!


Home learning

Maths - Fractions of amounts (page 38 and 39) In class we drew out the sharing circles

SPAG -verbs (8 and 9) and adverbs (10 and 11)

Spelling - injection, invention, location, action, direction, subtraction

Reading - please continue to read 5 times a week



Next week we will be completing our DT learning journey. Please could your child bring in a Tupperware box to bring their bread roll home in (on Wednesday) If your child has a cooking apron they can bring into school on Tuesday and Wednesday that would be great! 


On Friday, 31st March St Mary's will be holding their Easter Bonnet/Hat parade. This will take place on the last day of term. 


Plastic bottle tops - please can your child bring them in so we can start a collection at school.


Have a lovely weekend. 

Mrs Bennett :) 


Saturday, 11th March 


Time flies when you are having fun! We had a class discussion on how quickly Year Three is going! :( 


In Maths we have been applying our timestable knowledge to answer a range of questions. We have also learnt how to divide and half larger numbers. We learnt that 2x3x5 can be answered in any order - we decided which would be easiest for us! In the Summer Term we will be learning the formal methods of division and multiplication. We have continued to use the word commutative in our explanations for multiplication. In Guided Reading we summarised the information read for an information book. In RE we discussed the feelings of Mary throughout the Easter story and created an emotion graph. In PSHE we spoke about why people volunteer and linked this to the ways of wellbeing. In Computing we created our own branching database (using yes or no questions). 


We had the most amazing trip to Celtic Harmony. We travelled back in time to the Stone Age and learnt how to ; make fire, hunt and gather food, make dens and trade. 


The whole class was awarded a value leaf this week. On our trip to Celtic Harmony it was commented on how well behaved and knowledgeable the children were. I am a very proud teacher! 


Next week we will be starting our instruction writing unit and fractions in Maths. 


I look forward to seeing you at the book look tomorrow. 

Comprehension- Sam Wu is not afraid of the dark (page 16 and 17)

Maths - page 16 and 17 (solving number problems)

Spelling - division, conclusion, explosion, confusion, decision, explosion


Have a lovely weekend. 

Mrs Bennett :)



Friday, 3rd March 


Brilliant Book Week has been fabulous! 


On Monday we wrote our own letter to Duncan from 'Rainbow Crayon'. This was based on the book 'The Day the Crayons Quit'. This week we have written three different types of poetry: Haikus, Kennings and Limericks. On Wednesday we each got to pick a different bedtime story to listen to in the hall. We even got to drink hot chocolate! On Thursday it was World Book Day! The children had such fabulous costumes. We also watched the 'masked reader' - we had to guess who the staff members were! We had a parade in the hall to show all the classes our costumes! On Friday it was so lovely to have all the parents/grandparents in to the classroom to read with the children.  


Comprehension - dragons and marshmallow (page 10 and 11)

Spelling - continue spelling words - Mrs Allen has been testing the children and updating their lists

Reading - continue to read 5 times a week 

Maths - sheet sent home and page 27 (CPG book). 


We are all very excited for our trip next Thursday to Celtic Harmony.


What have we been learning?

In Maths we have been learning how to multiply and divide by using arrays. We have learnt that multiplication is commutative and have been writing 'fact' families for division and multiplication. In English we wrote our own fables and wrote a range of different poetry. We have been working hard to use paragraphs in all our writing. In RE we visited the Synagogue. I was so impressed with the children's knowledge and questioning.


We have started our new learning sequence of 'Why do Christians call the day Jesus died Good Friday?'. We wrote a diary entry from the perspective of Mary. In History we sequenced events in the Stone Age to the Iron Age and wrote a diary recount from a Stone Age person. In Computing we have started our sequence on data branching. We have had to ask yes and no questions to organise data. In PSHE we started our learning on 'Rights and Responsibilities'. We learnt about people who are responsible for keeping us safe and the difference between fact and opinion. 


This half term in DT we will be making bread rolls. In Science our learning sequence is 'Rocks and Soils'. 


Have a lovely weekend. 

Mrs Bennett

Friday 24th February 


I hope you all had a lovely half term break. The children are all ready for Spring Two! 


Spelling - please continue to practise the spelling words sent home before half term 

Comprehension - The demon headmaster (page 18 and 19)

Maths  - The 3,4 and 8 timestables (page 26) and counting in multiples (page 8)

Reading - 5 times a week


We have continued with our weekly timestables tests - I am really proud of how the children are progressing with these.


Have a lovely weekend. 

Mrs Bennett :)


Friday, 3rd February 


Reading - 5 times a week 

Maths - Page 48 and 49 (Perimeter) 

SPAG - Page 92 and 93 - (Possessive apostrophes) 

Spelling - I will be testing the children on 10 words from the HFW / Year 3&4 list and will send home an updated copy.


Please can you make sure your child has a glue stick in school. 


Have a lovely weekend. 

Mrs Bennett 🙂 

Friday, 27th January 

Good afternoon, 


This week we have finalised our newspaper articles based on the book 'The True Story of The Three Little Pigs'. The children have written fantastic articles that included: time adverbs, inverted commas, expanded noun phrases, conjunctions, synonyms for 'said' and prepositions. In Maths we have finished our learning sequence on 2D shapes. We learnt about congruent shapes and regular and irregular polygons. In Guided Reading we applied the skill of inference. We looked at what the author told us about Stig and what information we could infer from this. In Spelling we started our apostrophe learning sequence.


In Science we investigation reflections using different mirrors. In Art we planned ad designed our Stone Age Art. In RE we learnt about the story of Passover and how this links to the Exodus story. In PSHE we identified risk situations and suggested ways of reducing and managing risk. 

In Computing we started to type our newspaper article. 


On Monday afternoon we had a 'healthy hero' session with the Sports Partnership. I was very impressed with the learning the class could remember from their Science lessons on healthy eating. 


Please remember to give permission and pay for our trip to the Synagogue and Celtic Harmony.


Home Learning


Comprehension -   Page 6 and 7 - Harriet's Hare   - sorry about the confusion of the pages last week! 

Maths - 64 and 66 

Spelling - Please could the children write a sentence with the following words in - Mrs Bennett's, girl's, boy's, child's, dog's

Reading - 5 times a week. 


Well done to all the children who have achieved their silver reading badge. 


Have a lovely weekend, 

Mrs Bennett 🙂 

Friday, 20th January 

What a busy week!


In English we have been learning key skills to use in our newspaper report. We learnt how to use conjunctions to add detail to sentences, prepositions to describe and inverted commas for direct speech. In Maths we finished our learning sequence on lines (perpendicular and parallel). We described 2D shapes used our learnt vocabulary. We have moved on to our learning sequence about 2D shapes. We have learnt the term: polygon and sorted shapes into regular and irregular polygons. In Spelling we finished our learning sequence on homophones and have started our learning sequence on contractions. In Guided Reading we have continued with 'Stig of the Dump'. If your child has this book at home - please can they bring it in to school. We have predicted what the book is about and made predictions on the characters. We used the book to support our predictions.


In Science we completed an experiment to see which material/colour is most reflective. In Art we created a whole class cave drawing using chalk pastels. In Geography we identified the features of a river: mouth, source and tributaries. In RE we learnt about the story of Exodus and what the story means to Jewish people. In Computing we created a template to use for our newspaper on Google Slides. In PSHE we defined the words: risk and danger. We demonstrated strategies for dealing with risky situations.


Spelling - can't, shouldn't, wouldn't, hasn't, it's, didn't, I'll

Reading - 5 times a week 

Maths - Page 54 and 55 (2D shapes), Page 59(some of you have completed this already!)

Comprehension SPAG - Building Stonehenge (Page 4 and 5)


I hope you all had a lovely weekend. 

Mrs Bennett :)

Friday, 13th January


The first full week back has been filled with so much learning!


In Spelling we have focused on 'homophones'. In Guided reading we have applied different reading skills to the book 'The Box, The Mole, The Fox and The Horse'. The children came up with very thoughtful answers to the questions. One of the questions focused on the author's choice of picture and vocabulary.  In English we have started our new learning sequence on 'recounts'. We will be writing a newspaper article based on the book, 'The True Story of the Three Little Pigs'. We summarised newspaper articles, explored newspapers and identified they key features of a newspaper article. In Maths we finished our learning on angles and moved on to our learning sequence of 'lines'. We identified and explored 'perpendicular lines'.


In Geography we located the Nile and used an Atlas to explore the countries if flows through. We also wrote facts about the Nile and learnt about the position of it. In PSHE we learnt about safe and unsafe situations. The children identified if a situation was unsafe or safe - we then suggested ways we could make the situation safe. In Computing we use Google Slides to type our headings and headlines. We learnt how to format the text (changing font, colour, size and position). In Science we learnt about light sources and wrote an explanation explaining how darkness is the absence of light. In Art the children have started their Art learning sequence. They explored different sketching pencils and practised sketching cave drawings. The children have started their PE learning sequences and enjoyed two active lessons!


Our value this half term is 'Courage'. We started the term with a lovely church service at St Mary's. 


Home learning

Spelling -berry/bury, here/hear, meet/meat, peace/piece, plain/plane (please encourage your child to put these words into a sentence when learning to spell them)

Reading - please continue to read 5 times a week and sign your child's reading record 

SPAG - homophones - page 94/95

Maths - angles (page 58) 


Have a lovely weekend. 

Mrs Bennett :) 

Friday, 6th January 


Happy New Year! Welcome back to the Spring Term. 


Reading - 5 times a week 

Comprehension -Page 4 and 5 - building Stonehenge

SPAG - Page 40/41 and page 42/43 - question marks and exclamation marks 


Have a lovely weekend, 

Mrs Bennett 

Wednesday, 21st December 

This week has been filled with lots of Christmas Arts and Craft!  We made Christmas cards, 2023 calendars and tree decorations. The children enjoyed a Collective Worship that involved the Christmas Story being told with Football Teams, and a chocolate eating race! Rudolf arrived to hand us our presents and we enjoyed a whole school end of year service on Wednesday.


I have been so impressed with the children's learning this term and look forward to the rest of Year Three. I will update the blog over Christmas with our new learning sequences and topics. 


Thank you for all the gifts and cards - it is vey generous of you all. 


I hope you all have a lovely Christmas and Happy New Year with all your family and friends. I will see you all in 2023!


Mrs Bennett :)

Friday, 16th November


Our last final week of the term has arrived!


This week we have finished our Ancient Egypt learning journey. We discussed the similarities of other civilisations around at the same time as Ancient Egypt. In RE we learnt about Hannukah and made an animation of the Christmas Story. We discussed the similarities and differences between the different festivals of light we have learnt about. In Maths we learnt about different angles and In English we wrote a leaflet page about the Great Barrier Reef. The children used precise noun phrases, prepositions, conjunctions and rhetorical questions in their writing. 


We had a lovely carol service at Church, enjoyed a Christmas lunch, Santa run and watched the Reception Nativity! 


There is no set home learning this week. I will be sending home a list of CEW words next week. 

Please continue to encourage your child to read five times a week.


Have a lovely weekend and stay warm! 

Mrs Bennett

Friday, 9th December 


It is feeling very Christmassy in school.... Today another elf joined our classroom! 


In English this week we have used prepositions to express place, used precise noun phrases and used a dictionary to create a glossary. We also summarised ideas to write a postcard (we used rhetorical questions, conjunctions, expanded noun phrases and commas in a list). In Maths we solved word problems by identifying the part and whole. We used our prior knowledge of column addition and subtraction to help us.  We completed our statistics learning sequence. In guided reading we discussed the different types of sentence structure the author has used. We evaluated our pop-up books in DT. In PSHE we learnt what to do if someone is being bullied and strategies to deal with bullying and name calling. In History we looked at different sources showing Ancient Egyptian God and Goddesses. We learnt about the key Gods and Goddesses. 


We got to watch the Key Stage One Nativity - it was brilliant! 



Home learning

Maths - Page 65 (bar charts) and 67 (interpreting tables and charts)

SPAG - Page 38 and 39 - capital letters and full stops   - Page 24 and 24 (prepositions)

Instead of spelling, I have set another SPAG page.

Reading - please continue to read 5 times a week


Next week

We will watch Reception's Nativity in school. 


Tuesday - Panto at Watersmeet - pick up from Watersmeet

Wednesday - Christmas jumper day, Christmas lunch and Santa Run

Thursday - Carol Concert (everyone welcome to watch!) 


Have a lovely weekend. 

Mrs Bennett

Friday, 2nd December 


We have reached the time of Advent! Each morning we read part of the Nativity story, open our advent chocolate calendar, open our knitted Nativity scene and reflect.


Year Three wrote to Father Christmas to ask if he could send us an elf. The elf has arrived - his name is Frosty! I am hoping he is a well-behaved elf! 


In Maths we have practised subtraction with regrouping. We have also applied our column addition and subtraction knowledge to word problems. We completed a lesson where we had to check the operation before we completed the question. In Guided reading we identified the meaning of new vocabulary and phrases. 


In English we wrote sentences about the Northern Lights, using conjunctions to extend and used a thesaurus to identify synonyms for 'spectacular'. In PSHE we identified the similarities and differences between people. We used the analogy of a bruised apple to explain how people might feel when they told mean things. The children shared thoughtful answers as to why it is important, we are all different. In History we decided who we thought was the greatest pharaoh. We had lots of different opinions but great reasons! In Science we learnt about the different animal skeletons: hydrostatic, exoskeleton and endoskeleton. In DT we continued with our amazing pop-up books. 


We have been working hard to learn our songs for the Carol Concert. We can't wait to welcome you to hear our beautiful singing. 


Home Learning

Spelling - puddle, jungle, middle, table, little, bottle, title 

Maths - Page 34 (written addition and subtraction)

Comprehension   - Robotic Baby Penguin (page 16 and 17) 

Reading - 5 times a week 


The children have put their timetables chart in their reading records - this will show you which timetable they are working on. 


Enjoy the St Mary's Christmas market at the weekend! 


Thank you for your continued support.

Mrs Bennett :) 

Friday 25th November


Time flies when you are having fun! It was so lovely to see so many of you at Parents Evening to discuss your child's learning and progress. I am so proud of all the children. 


This week in English we have started a new book 'Atlas of Adventure'. The children will be practising a range of skills over the next two weeks. We will be working towards creating our own information leaflet. In Maths we learnt how to add by regrouping the tens and ones. We also learnt to subtract (no regrouping) and had one lesson on regrouping with subtracting. 


In History we researched different pharaohs and in PSHE we learnt how to responds to different viewpoints respectfully. We learnt how to challenge another's viewpoint respectfully. In Science we learnt about the importance of having a skeleton and labelled a diagram. 


In Computing we created our own Egyptian animation using Play-Doh and Lego. The name of the App we have been using is called 'Stop Motion'.


On Friday we had a fantastic Ancient Egyptian Day - the children looked fantastic. We had pharaohs, pharaoh queens, Egyptologists and mummies.  In the morning we travelled back in time to Ancient Egypt. We learnt that it used to be called Lower Egypt and Upper Egypt, this was to do with the way the Nile flowed. We then learnt to dance learnt a pharaoh. We also learnt how they used to measure in Ancient Egypt - they used 'royal cubic and fingers'. We practised measuring different objects and people! We then discovered and explored a range of different artefacts and learnt why they were used.  In the afternoon we acted out the death and mummification of a pharaoh. The workshop providers were so impressed with the children's knowledge and behaviour. Everything today was pretend - nothing was real! 


Spelling Frame is a great website to use for spelling patterns. 


Home learning

Maths - sheet sent home

Spelling - quickly, slowly, happily, sadly, angrily, bravely

Reading - 5 times a week - please remember to sign and date


We will complete our times-table test, mark our home learning and spelling test on Monday


Have a lovely weekend

Friday, 18th November


In English we have finished our learning sequence based around the book 'The Bear and the Piano'. We developed our question asked by ensuring we used the correction punctuation. We also used prepositions to add detail to our questions. We also wrote a diary entry from the perspective of the Bear. We used co ordinating and subordinating conjunctions to extend our sentences. I have been really impressed with the children's writing and look forward to you seeing it at Parents Evening. Each lesson, we recap key terms and terminology (e.g. conjunctions, adverbs etc.). We have continued to develop our editing skills. 


In Maths we practised column addition with regrouping. We had a couple of practical lessons to ensure we understood the process and method before recording column questions in our book. We also 'drew out' the questions using dienes to demonstrate the regrouping process. We spoke a lot about place value and how important it is to put our answer in the correct column. We completed our timetables quiz today. The children have 3 minutes to complete the questions (this helps them prepare for the multiplication test in Year 4). Next week, the children will stick in their timestable record sheet in their reading record so you can see what timestable they are working on. They will move on to the next timetables when they have got them all correct in the time period.


This week has been anti-bullying week and Children in Need. We discussed bullying and ways to prevent it. We also discussed how we want everyone to feel in our classroom and how we can achieve this. We also drew ourselves on a puzzle piece and discussed that everyone is unique. We linked this to anti-bullying week as 'everyone is better together'. The children then went around the class and wrote something nice about that person.  We also discussed the saying 'Reach out Kindness' and took part in an orienteering activity and made friendships bracelets with our family group (one child from each year group.) 


 In Guided Reading we practised the skill of 'retrieving' from a non-fiction text. In RE we finished writing the story of Diwali. We had two great PE lessons - In Gymnastics we are learning about symmetrical and non-symmetrical balances. In DT we have started designing and making our own pages for our pop-up book. In History we learnt about Tutankhamun and his tomb discovery. We wrote a first person diary entry from the perspective of Howard Carter. I have been so impressed with the children's historical knowledge. In Music we started to learn our song for the carol concert! 


Thank you for all the donations for Children in Need. 


Next week 

I look forward to seeing you all next week at Parents Evening to discuss your child's progress. 

Friday - Egyptian Day


Home learning 

Spelling - jump, jumping, jumped, happy, happier, happiest, healthy, healthier, healthiest 

Maths - sheet sent home (column addition)

Comprehension - poems about crocodiles (Page 24 and 24 CGP book)

Reading - 5 times a week


Have a lovely weekend

Mrs Bennett :) 

Friday 11th November


This week in English we started a new book 'The Bear and the Piano'. The children debated the question 'Should the Bear go to the city?'.  The children came up with great arguments for and against and then wrote their own persuasive piece. We made sure to include adverbs and conjunctions to extend our sentences. We also wrote a description of the city (New York). We used adjectives to describe and also used the Year 3/4 word list to support our writing. In Maths we learnt about fact families and the inverse. We then moved on to formal addition. We then followed the patter of 'make it, draw it, say it, represent it in a column'. Today we practised column addition with no regrouping. The children now know why we always say - 'one digit per box!'. In Spelling we revised the rules for making a word a plural. We used the terminology - singular and plural.  We were able to spot that some words to do follow the rule (irregular!)


In RE we started our new learning sequence - Festivals of Light. We learnt about Diwali and why it is celebrated. Thank you to Aaryan for bringing in lots of books and special objects to share with the class.  


In Science we made skeletons using dog bones! The children had to work in a group to put their skeleton together, before making changes after viewing the skeleton. In PSHE we learnt about the different communities we belong to and spoke about the benefits of belonging to one. 


At 11 o'clock today the school gathered for their 2-minute silence. 


Next week

Monday - Odd sock day (Anti-bullying week)

Friday - Great Spotacular (Children in need) or anything Pudsey Bear! 


Home learning

Spelling - thief - thieves, house - houses, computer - computers, match - matches, rock - rocks, family - families

SPAG - Page 4 and 5 (nouns and adjectives) 

Maths - Page 13 - partitioning

Reading - Please remember to sign and date your child's reading record


Please can you check your child has a glue stick in school :)


Have a lovely weekend, 

Mrs Bennett :) 

Friday, 4th November


A fantastic first week back! This week in Spelling the children have revisited the 'ou' and 'ow' rules. We have also used a website called Spelling Frame to practise our spelling rules and Year 1/2 common exception words. In Maths we have been learning about mental subtraction. In English we have finished writing our own novel - we used expanded noun phrases, a range of subordinating conjunctions to add detail, inverted commas to show direct speech and explored used a variety of sentence starters. 


In DT we started our pop up book learning sequence, in PSHE we learnt about different families and in Computing we made our own animated flip book. In RE we finished off our unit about the 'Holy Trinity' by completing our own reflection page. In Science we wrote a letter to the cooks asking them to give suggestions on how to make our school lunches healthier. We also explored food labels and the traffic light system used on many foods. We have been comparing which 'Walkers' crisps are the healthiest! 


Next week 

School cycling - Level 1 

Friday - Egyptian Day - please ensure you have made payment via the School GateWay. Costumes are encouraged! 


Home learning

Maths (CGP) - mental addition and mental subtraction (page 22 and 23)

Comprehension - Nature Tail - Page 8 and 9 

Spelling - towel, growl, frown, down, crowd, proud, sound, mouse, shout, mouth

Reading - please continue to read 5 times a week (date and sign reading record)


We will be starting our weekly times tables quizes this Thursday. We will start with the two times table. 


Hopefully the weather improves for the St Mary's fireworks on Sunday. 

Have a lovely weekend :)

Mrs Bennett

Sunday, 10th October


This half term the children will be making their own page in a 'pop up' book. If your child has any pop up books at home, please can they bring them in on Tuesday to show to the class. 

Friday, 21st October


Time flies by when you are having fun - we are at the end of Autumn One! I have been so impressed with the children's learning behaviours this half term. Every day, all the children come into school ready to learn. 


This week in Maths we have been adding and subtracting (no grouping). We have been completing this with concrete resources before working on our mental addition and subtraction skills. In English we have started a new book 'Mini Rabbit Not Lost'. This book is a picture book with very few words. Each day, we have focussed on a different double page spread in order to write the story. This week we focussed on writing a story introduction and setting description. We have been applying out knowledge of conjunctions to improve our sentences. 


In Computing we compared digital and non-digital devices to create a painting. We used the Paintz app to create a picture and discussed the positives and negatives of using a digital device to create media. In RE we have learnt about Baptism, wiritten our own grace and look at a church service to see where there is reference to the holy trinity.


In Collective Worship each class shared their learning for Black History Month. Year 3 created beautiful paintings of Raven Wilkinson.. 


Thank you for supporting your child with the new reading passport. We are continuing to add numerous copies as the year goes on and are slowly moving away from the levelled books in KS2. We may have to use the levelled books if there are not enough books from the passport available. To support the transition from Year 2 to Year 3, once your child is reading level 12 confidently, they will only bring home a reading passport book. If your child is not on Level 12 yet, they will continue to bring home two levelled books and a passport book. 


I have noticed the reading passport books are increasing the children's 'love' for reading and they are starting to verbalise what books they like/dislike and why. I will continue to keep track of your child's reading progress. 


The books on the reading passport are examples and suggestions of the books the children can be reading at home. If your child would like to read another book, magazine etc. this can also be recorded in their reading record and it will count towards the reading tally.


After half term we will have a Science day to complete our Science learning sequence.


I have sent their pencil cases home. Please ensure they return to school with a new glue stick and whiteboard pen! Some pencils are very short (we have done lots of work) and need to be replaced.


I hope you all have a lovely half-term! 

Mrs Bennett :)


Friday, 13th October


The children have had a fantastic week learning in school. 


In English they wrote a set of instructions - 'How to catch a moose'. The children used a variety of time adverbs, prepositions, expanded noun phrases, coordinating and subordinating conjunctions. The children were challenged to use adverbs of manner and to see if they could include all four of the sentence types. In Maths the children re-visited rounding to the nearest 10 and 100. We also used our prior learning of benchmarks to help us read scales and select appropriate units of measure. In Guided Reading the children have started to develop the skill of 'summarising'. In spelling our target grapheme and phoneme was 'oi' and 'oy '.


The children had their first Spanish lesson on Monday - they all told me how much they loved it! In PSHE the children wrote a set of instructions on 'how to make up with a friend'. They discussed the qualities of friends and how to resolve any arguments or different viewpoints. The children also learnt about 'dares', and what to do if someone has dared us to do something that makes us feel uncomfortable. In Computing we learnt about computer connections - how a network switch, sever and a wireless access point all work together in a network to send information and messages. 


Year Three are learning about Raven Wilkinson for Black History Month. Raven was the first African American woman to dance for a major classical ballet company. The children created a portrait of her and will continue their learning about her next week.


The children celebrated the anniversary of St Mary's being at it's current site. We also said goodbye to Deborah who is leaving St Mary's Church and will be starting at a new parish church. We wish her all the luck and have her in our prayers.


The children have created their Christmas card designs and will be bringing this home. If you would like to purchase any, please return the form on Monday.


Home learning

Reading - 5 times a week. Please sign to show this has been completed on 5 different days over the week.

SPAG - Page 24 and 25 (prepositions)

Maths - Page 14 and 15 (numbers on scales)  - optional game to practise rounding to the nearest 10 and 100.

Spelling - point, joint, soil, destroy, annoy, oyster, enjoy, royal


Comprehension home learning will start after half-term. SPAG and Comprehension will alternate each week.


Thank you to all the children who have brought in pictures/objects/facts about our Egyptian learning sequence. I love seeing the children take their topics home to continue their learning.


I hope you have a lovely weekend. 

Mrs Bennett 🙂



Friday, 7th October 


This week in English we have learnt about subordinating and coordinating conjunctions. We have listened to songs to help us remember the terms. We have learnt how to use prepositions in our writing to add detail. We have also planned our instruction text, ready to write on Monday. In Maths we have practised rounding numbers to the nearest 10 and 100. 


In Guided Reading we have been inferring a characters' feelings and description. We have also inferred to describe the setting. We are reading Fantastic Mr Fox. If your child has this book at home and would like to bring it in to use for our guided reading sessions that would be great! 


In Spelling we learnt the alternative spellings for 'ew'. In RE this week, we learnt about how water is used as a symbol of Baptism. We also looked at different pictures from artists who have represented the Holy Trinity through a picture of Baptism. We reflected on the pictures and identified: God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit and God the Father in the pictures and painted our own pictures.


In History we learnt about hieroglyphics and how they were used as a way of communicating. We identified common symbols used. We created our own cartouche and learnt why cartouches were used in the Ancient Egyptian times. The children also had a fantastic Art day on Wednesday where they painted their canopic jars and drew and painted their own scarab beetles. 


Next week

Monday - PE kit please + Spanish. Children in KS2 will be taught Spanish by a specialist from the Reach Free School on alternate weeks. 

Tuesday - PE kit

Friday - PE kit + library books to change, home learning handed in, reading records checked.


Home learning

Reading - 5 times a week - please ensure your child's reading record is sign 5 times on 5 different days.

Maths - CGP book - Page 12 (partitioning numbers) and Page 11 (comparing and ordering numbers)

SPAG - CGP book - Page 22 and 23 (conjunctions with subordinate clauses)

Spelling - glue, continue*, zoom, June, flew, coal, low, ghost, code, suppose*


If you need to speak to me, please email the school office. 

Have a lovely weekend - hopefully the sunshine stays for a bit longer. 


Mrs Bennett :)

Friday, 30th September 


A super week!


This week in English, we started a new book 'Walk with a Wolf'. The children wrote diary entries from the perspective of the wolf. The diary entry focussed on feelings, events and thoughts. The children also wrote facts about wolves - using learnt spelling strategies. We have focused on using conjunctions to expand our sentences. We have been editing our work to check for sense and errors. The children have been using synonyms to provide variety in their sentences.


In Maths the children have been comparing and ordering numbers. They have been using place value to estimate the order and magnitude of 3-digit-numbers. In History we have learnt about the process of mummification. - we wrote a set of instructions describing the process. I have been so impressed with the knowledge the children are sharing about Ancient Egypt and the research they are completing at home. In PSHE we learnt how to deal with different scenarios how how to come to a compromise, and the attributes our friends have. We had two great PE lessons, the children's skills in basketball are really developing. In Art the children made their canopic jars - they are fantastic! So far, in Spelling we has re-visited the alternative spellings for 'ai', 'ee', 'ie' and 'oa'.


This week the Bishop visited St Mary's to bless the prayer garden. The year 3 children read a beautiful creation story. We also had a lovely Harvest Service at St Mary's Church. Thank you for all your generous donations.


Date to remember - 11th November - Egyptian Day at school. I will be sending out a letter this week.


Home learning

SPAG CGP book - Page 20 and 21 (conjunctions with main clauses) 

Maths CGP book - Page 9 and 10 (10 or 100 more or less, ordering and comparing numbers)

Spelling (alternative spellings for long i - pie, July, bride, describe*, surprise*, exercise*, child, island*, library*, bright

*Year 3/4 statutory word list

Reading -please continue to read 5 times a week


Have a lovely weekend! 

Mrs Bennett :) 


Friday, 23rd September


A short but very busy week in Year Three! 


This week, the children sequenced a story and wrote sentences to describe the key parts, used drama to act out the story and defined the four sentence types: command, exclamation, question and statement. In Maths the children have been practising adding and taking away (10 and 100). The children had a lovely music lesson where they continue their unit on developing singing technique. In PSHE they had hand to work collaboratively and cooperatively to complete a tanagram activity. In Computing the class designed their own digital device, using the terms input, output and process. This week in the spelling the children learnt the variations for 'ee'. In Art the children sketeched and planned their canopic jars


Next week 

The children will have an extra PE session on Monday. Please can they wear their kit on Monday, Tuesday and Friday. 

Tuesday - the Bishop is visiting to bless the prayer garden. 

Thursday - Harvest service at church

*Please can the children make sure they have an art apron/old shirt in school next week*


Home learning (To be returned by Friday - we will mark it together as a class)

Spelling - cheek, freeze, team, increase*, complete*, extreme*, thief, believe*, recent*

*Year 3/4 spelling list

SPAG CGP - Page 36 and 37 (capital letters for names and I)

Maths CGP - Page 6 and 7 - (place value + reading and writing numbers)

Please complete the Year 2 objectives test at your own pace. I will mark it once it has been completed. 

Reading - continue to read 5 times a week


I hope you all have a lovely weekend. Fingers crossed I am back next week!

Mrs Bennett  :)

Monday, 19th September


I have uploaded the Meet the Teacher PowerPoint, 'usual' weekly timetable and curriculum overview. 


Please could you send you child in with an apron/old shirt for Art tomorrow. 

Friday, 16th September


Another fantastic week in Year Three! 


In English this week we practised editing sentences for spelling errors and missing punctuation, writing descriptive sentences using a range of adjective to describe the character's looks and personality, understanding, identifying and using multi-clause sentences and writing a diary entry from the perspective of the dragon! In Maths we have continued with our learning sequence - place value. We represented numbers using dienes and part part whole models, made number using different resources, regrouped numbers and partitioned numbers by regrouping. In spelling we looked at the alternative spellings for 'ai'.


In RE we learnt about the Trinity and what makes up the three parts of the trinity. In History we explored a picture to ask questions and state facts. We will refer back to this picture during our learning sequence. In PSHE we spoke about how we may feel if we have lost something important to them. We also spoke about how people may be feeling after the passing of the Queen. In Computing we learnt about input, process and output. In Science we started our healthy eating learning sequence. We learnt about the EatWell plate and also about the role of different nutrients. During our PE lesson we learnt the different skills for basketball and practised these in a mini-game format. We also had a great music lesson! 


Home learning

Spelling - fail, crayon, game, eight, lady, separate*, strange*, weight*

*on the Year 3/4 statutory spelling list

Reading - please continue to encourage your child to read five times a week. It would be helpful if you could date each time they read with you and add a short comment.


Next week 

Monday - bank holiday

Tuesday - PE

Wednesday - INSET day (children off)

Friday - PE


I will upload the meet the teacher PP, yearly overview and other useful documents this weekend. 


I am on jury service for the next two weeks (hopefully it is a short case and I can return to school). The children will be continuing with their learning sequences and I will be in regular contact with the school.


I hope you all have a lovely weekend. 

Mrs Bennett 

Friday, 9th September


Welcome to Year Three! It is so lovely to be teaching the children again and to see all the amazing progress they have made in Year Two. Thank you for preparing them so well for the new school year - they have settled into life in KS2 so well! 


This week we have written our class rules and class prayer. We have reflected on our school Bible story 'feeding the 5000' and linked this to our school values. We started our English unit - 'The Paper Bag Princess' and Maths unit on place value. In PSHE we have started our relationships learning journey and spoke about rules and why we have them. In History we started our Ancient Egypt learning journey - we located Egypt on the world map and found out where Ancient Egypt sits in our history timeline. In Computing we learnt about keeping save on the internet (Sharp, Alert, Secure, Kind and Brave) and played a game called 'Interland'. We also had a lovely start of term service at St Mary's Church. 


Today we marked the passing of  Her Majesty The Queen with a whole school collective worship. We took some time to remember her life and reflect. The children wrote some beautiful prayers which we will keep in our reflection corner in the classroom.


I have listened to the children read and have handed out their levelled reading books. The children are also bringing home a book from the Year 3 reading passports. Once the children reach level 12 and are reading it confidently, they will bring one levelled book home and a reading passport book to read independently (I will have noted this in their reading records). All the children in the class have brought a book home from the reading passports - they may be able to read all of it, part of it or they can have it read to them. 


Please listen to your child read five times a week and sign their reading record. The children may also want to read independently, and this can be recorded. As the children progress with their reading, it is still very important to listen to them read every week. Every Friday the reading records will be checked to see if your child has read five times . If books have been finished the books can be changed at any point in the week - the children are to place their reading books/record in the box at the front of the class. Some of the books may take a couple of weeks to finish!


Library books will be changed every Friday. 


More information will be provided during the meet the teacher on Wednesday, 14th September (1.30-2). I will also record the session so please let me know if you would like it to be sent to you. I will upload the PowerPoint slides onto the class blog.


Home learning (optional)

If your child would like to apply for the School Council, Sports Council, Ethos Council or Eco-Council please encourage them to hand in an application. This can be in the form of a poster, letter, PowerPoint slides (to be emailed to the school office) Thursday, 15th 


I look forward to seeing you all on Wednesday for the meet the teacher (zoom link sent). Please bring any questions to this meeting.


Have a lovely weekend! 


Mrs Bennett :)