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Year 3


This week have been continuing our work on addition, looking at different strategies for adding numbers. One  method was finding complements to 10, 20 and 100 when adding several numbers.

For example, when adding 3 + 9 + 7, you would begin by adding 3 and 7 to make 10 and then adding 9.

Or when adding 16 + 8 + 4, first you add 16 and 4 to make 20 and then add 8. 

For homework this week, we are sending home a sheet to practise complements to 100


In English, we have continued our writing on Roman buildings, turning our notes into prose, ready to create a 'Guide to Rome' leaflet next week.


Starting next week, we are moving the spelling test from Friday to Monday. This is because we begin a new spelling focus/rule at the start of each week. We will have the test on Monday morning and then begin to teach the new spelling rule for the week and children will have five words from this rule to learn for a test the following Monday. Although that leaves less time at home for children to practise, we will be be doing daily spelling practise in school. This way children will not be practising two rules at the same time, one at home for the spelling test and another at school. We hope this change will make it easier for the children to learn spellings and use these in their writing. 


Home learning


Maths - Complements to 100 worksheet. We will put this inside the comprehension book so that it doesn't get lost!


English - CGP Comprehension 'Let's Get Growing' p10-11


Spelling - alternative spelling of 'long a' sound - eigh, aigh, ei, ey







In Science next week we will be measuring shadows. Please can the children bring in a small toy (dinosaur, doll, teddy etc) no bigger than 20cm tall and a small torch if you have one. We have torches at school, but some children asked if they could bring in their own. Many thanks in advance.


Have a wonderful weekend!



This week in Year 3 we have been researching Roman buildings ready to write our 'Guide to Rome' leaflets next week. In maths, the  children have done very well in learning a new strategy for adding numbers, by regrouping the smaller number. We will be continuing with addition next week and then moving on to subtraction. Following Miss Moran's letter about times tables, we will begin next week with counting in 2's, 5's and 10's from any number. We have done some practise in class but the children would benefit from further repetition at home, particularly when bridging across 10's.

E.g.   37, 39, 41


Home learning

Maths - CGP pages 14-15 Reading scales


English - Comprehension, 'Bill's New Frock' pages 8-9


Spelling - Year 3 and 4 common words:







We have made a wonderful start to our mosaic project, a huge thank you to the parents (and brother!) who were able to help this afternoon.


Have a lovely weekend. 



Home Learning 27.09.19


Maths - CGP Maths book, Year Two Objectives Test, pages 2-5. Please complete the first two pages only, if you feel that is more appropriate for your son or daughter.


English - CGP Comprehension 'Nature Trail' pages 6-7


Spelling - This week in spelling we have been looking at the negative prefixes -un and -dis.








For the next two weeks as part of our Art project, the children will be creating their own mosaics . If you are able to help on a Friday afternoon from 1.40 - 3.15pm we would greatly appreciate it. Please could you let the office or one of us know if you're free. Thank you and have a wonderful weekend.


Home Learning


Maths - Pages 9,10 and 11 from CGP book


English - 'Building Stonehenge' comprehension p 4-5


Spelling - We have been looking at suffixes this week, including -s, -es, -er, -ed and -ing :








Have a lovely weekend.

Welcome back to school, we hope you all had a relaxing summer break. Year Three have settled very well into the new routines of Key Stage Two and have made an excellent start to the year. We are certainly looking forward to an exciting term ahead.


Home Learning 13.09.19

Maths - Complete pages 6 and 7 in your Maths Workbook (Place Value and Reading and Writing Numbers)


English - Complete 'Harriet's Hare', pages 2 and 3 in your KS2 English Comprehension book.


Spellings - Revise the spelling of Year 2 common words: could, would, should, beautiful, everybody


We look forward to meeting you at next week's Meet the Teacher session. Have a wonderful weekend.



Please find the slides from our Meet the Teacher presentation and the Year 3 curriculum overview attached, for those who were unable to attend Wednesday's meeting.