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Year 3

Friday, 16th July 2021


A HUGE thank you to everyone for our lovely gifts, cards and messages. We really appreciated your kindness and thoughtfulness.  We have so enjoyed teaching our class this year; they have been such a delight! 


We hope you all have a fantastic, safe Summer holidays.

Take care, 

Mrs Lee, Mrs Tuffey and Mrs Duxberry

Friday, 9th July 2021

Good afternoon everyone!

Our penultimate week is now behind us; the class have enjoyed a range of activities from Sports Day to transition, from first aid training to tennis coaching! We are looking forward to more wonderful activities next week as we end the academic year: we will be performing poems in English, gaining further first aid skills in PSHCE, learning about Roman numerals in Maths, and completing our RE topic thinking about the role of the Holy Spirit, which we started this week. We are also looking forward to art activities (Monday), decorating biscuits (Thursday), inflatable bouncing (now Thursday), wedding themed sports (Tuesday –children can bring in a hat or veil!) and our end-of-term service on Friday. It will be action-packed!



This week we have asked the class to read through the performance poems on the poetry sheet (attached below in case they have mislaid their copy). They can either choose one poem to practise to perform to the class OR think about how one of the poems could be performed as a group. Ideas can be written down ready to share on Monday. We will be learning how to perform with different voices and actions as well as with expression.

Reading: please continue to read the school’s reading scheme books for this last weekend before they are all taken back into the reading areas next week.

Times tables: Mrs Tuffey will send a final message on GC as to which times tables to practise over the Summer holidays.

Final CEW words were given out last week. Please encourage and help your child to learn these over the Summer holidays too.


Please can the children bring in an extra bag next week in which to take home some of their class books. Thank you!


We will certainly say this again next week but your children have been an absolute delight to teach; a sentiment Miss Jessit shared after meeting them on Thursday­čśŐ

(On that note, Miss Jessit gave the children a postcard to complete and return at the end of the Summer, letting her know what they are looking forward to in moving up to Year 4. Writing on one side, a picture on other. They can return this this week if they would like.)


We hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Mrs Lee and Mrs Tuffey

Performance poetry

Friday, 2nd July 2021

Good afternoon! 2 weeks to go until the end of a fantastic year! 

We have spent this week expanding our understanding of: tropical rainforests, non-chronological report writing, what Pentecost means to Christians and how to describe 3D shapes. Everyone has continued to work hard:)



Maths: 10 minute weekly workout, Summer Term, Workout 7 (p.62, 63)

English: SPAG, paragraphs, p.64-66

CEW: Mrs Tuffey will send home a final sheet soon. Please keep learning these spellings over the Summer holidays. 

Times tables: Mrs Tuffey sent a message via GC. Next week is the last times table test.

Spellings: height, naughty, heard, heart, imagine (Groups 1 and 2), fruit, flower, seed, pollen, rainforest (Group 3)


For the next 2 weeks we will be learning some basic first aid in our PSHCE lessons using the British Red Cross resources. Sports Day is on Friday (more details to follow later).


We hope you have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Lee and Mrs Tuffey

Friday, 25th June 2021


We have had a great Sports Week and enjoyed a range of activities including frisbee, skipping and handball. As well as improving our fitness this week, we have learnt a lot more about the Amazon tropical rainforest, including the four 'layers' of the forest and animals that live there. The class have approached the topic with their usual enthusiasm and interest:)


Next week, many of the teachers are spending 2 days refreshing our curriculum, bringing it into line with our new vision and mission statements. As a result, Mrs Tuffey will be covering for Mrs Lee on Tuesday. Our PSHCE lesson will be paused until the week after when we will spend the final 2 lessons of the unit learning some basic first aid. In English, we will be working hard writing our non-chronological reports on the rainforest, and in Maths we will be exploring 3D shapes. Please could children bring in 1 or 2 different 3D shapes on Tuesday (eg, an empty tissue box or a toy icecream cone etc). Thank you!



Maths:  Mental addition and subtraction p.18-19

English: SPAG p.34-35 Staying in the same tense

Spelling: silent consonants

Group 1 - kneel, knuckle, gnarled, wrestle, wrinkly +knowledge, island, guide. 

Group 2 -  kneel, knuckle, knowledge, wriggle, gnome

Group 3 - knee, when, what, where, while

CEW: Mrs Tuffey will send new, updated lists next week.

Reading: 5 times a week, signed

Today, Mrs Lee came into school to assess reading for the final time. ALL reading will be re-assessed in September in Year 4. Please can we encourage you to ensure that reading does not stop over the Summer holidays! Thank you for all your support with hearing and discussing your child's reading this academic year.

CEW: Mrs Tuffey will send new, updated lists next week.


Several of you have asked for an explanation and model of how we teach long division. This will be uploaded soon!


We hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Mrs Lee and Mrs Tuffey

Friday, 18th June 2021

Good afternoon!

We had a wonderful start to the week with our visit from the Night Owls. It was mesmerizing watching them fly! We all felt rather in awe. In English we have enjoyed investigating non-fiction books and are ready to start gathering notes to plan out and eventually produce a report on tropical rainforests. In RE we spent time considering 'I wonder' questions as we revisited the story of Pentecost. There were many thoughtful questions and ideas. We have created cards for Father's Day. These have been taken home today to hand out on Sunday:) 


Next week is Sports Week and we will be aiming to have a time of sports every day. (Pupils to wear PE kit each day please.) On Monday, we will be spending time with Jack and Daryl in Forest School as well as Monday's sports activity:) In Maths we shall be revising column addition and subtraction as well as exploring notes, coins, values and change in a short topic on money. Our PSHCE lesson will focus on knowing the difference between a safe secret and an unsafe secret; recognising how different surprises and secrets might make us feel; knowing who to ask for help if a secret makes us feel uncomfortable.



Maths - p.34-35, fractions of amounts

English - SPAG, 'ation' and 'ous', p.78-79

Spellings - alternative grapheme for 's' (sc): Group 1: disciple, discipline, science, scenery, fascinate.

Group 2: disciple, scissors, science, scenery, fascinate

Group 3: parents, money, messy, fussy, silly

CEW - a new list will be sent out next week. Thank you for spending time revising these words.

Timestables: see GC for update for next week

Reading: 5 times plus a signed Reading record!


We have decided as a teaching team that Year 3 will begin using a pen at the beginning of Year 4. More details on that will follow.


We hope you have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Lee and Mrs Tuffey

Friday, 11th June 2021


Good afternoon and welcome to the last half-term in Year 3. We can not quite believe that the time has flown by so quickly!

This week we have launched our new topics, including:

PSHCE: growing and changing

RE: Pentecost and beyond!

Science: flowers, fruits and seeds

Geography: tropical rainforests


Next week, we will be focusing on non-fiction books and will start to make notes ready for a non-chronological report about tropical rainforests. In Maths, we will be completing our division units, and in Science learning about pollination. Next week's PSHCE lesson will be all about understanding body space (personal space) and identifying when it is appropriate to allow someone into our body space. The Night Owls are visiting on Monday and we have a special Quick Cricket Workshop on Wednesday morning so it will be a very busy week:) 



Reading: 5 times and signed please

English: Comprehension, p.24-25, 'Poems about crocodiles'

Maths: 10 minute weekly workout, p.32-33 Spring term workout 4

Timestables: please revise those sent via GC during half-term, for a test next week

Spellings: Group 1 = obey, sleigh, weight, reign, neighbour plus fruit, grammar, group. Group 2 = obey, eighth, weight, reign, neighbour. Group 3 = Mr, Mrs, water, again, half


Please ensure that your child has a glue stick  in school:) 


We hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Mrs Lee and Mrs Tuffey 





PSHCE update for after half-term:

Week 1: identifying different types of relationships (e.g. parents, siblings, friends); understanding and exploring what makes a positive, healthy relationship (e.g. trust) 


Friday, 28th May 2021

Good afternoon and welcome to half-term!

We have had another good week, the highlight of which was the Caveman experience of yesterday! The class really enjoyed meeting the prehistoric cave men and following their adventure:)


Homework for half-term:

Please revise timestables (Mrs Tuffey will send an updated message as to which on GC) and all CEW spellings (as given on their individual highlighted sheets, several weeks ago). This was spelling homework  for this week as your child(ren) hopefully explained and we will be testing them on their individual lists over the first 2 weeks back. Please continue to encourage reading!


During the half-term week we will update the class page with details of our PSHCE unit for after half-term so that you are aware of the topics we will be covering in RSE.


All pencil cases have been sent home to replenish please:)

We hope you have a lovely half-term week.

See you on Monday 7th June

Mrs Lee and Mrs Tuffey

Friday, 21st May 2021

Good morning! We have had another great week in Year 3 and enjoyed the treat of the Year 6 production on Tuesday as well as an informative workshop on road safety. We all practised the phrase: 'Stop, Look, Listen, Think' with actions and now need to remember this. Please encourage your child(ren) to get into this habit as they cross roads.

In Maths, we have worked hard with our division of 3 digit numbers and today we are completing our persuasive letter to Mrs Edwards to convince her to  allow the school to pick up litter around the school site. We have worked hard on our emotive language and rhetorical questions!



Maths p. 42-43 (Money and Clocks/Time)

English: comprehension p.20-21 An Interview with Rebecca Adlington


Group 1 and 2: myth, Egypt, pyramid, gym, mystery. ('y' in a word)

Group 1 extra CEW words: extreme, February, forward

Group 3: any, many, clothes, busy, people

Timestables: please continue to practise the same timestable as last week. New times tables will be sent out for half-term.

Reading: 5 times with a signed Reading record


Next week we will be analysing then writing our own version of a poem called 'The Magic Box' (one of Mrs Lee's favourites) as well as continuing to expand our understanding of division. We will be completing our cave painting in Art and will be meeting some REAL prehistoric cave men on Thursday morning! More details to follow!


We hope you have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Lee and Mrs Tuffey

Friday, 14th May 2021

Good afternoon! We have had a lovely week in Year 3, and have enjoyed completing our bean investigations, learning more about division, starting to understand how to write a persuasive letter and being challenged to be courageous and confident in who we are in our online workshop with Baroness Floella Benjamin.


Next week we have an online workshop on Tuesday morning all about road safety, coinciding with 'Walk to School Week'. We have also been invited to watch the Year 6 production in our bubble groups :)



Maths: Ordering Fractions p.30-31

English: Nouns and Adjectives p. 4-5 (SPAG book)

Reading: read 5 times a week and ensure that the Reading Record is signed. Please do ask your child simple comprehension questions as they read to you as well as helping them to understand new vocabulary.

Timestables: please revise the SAME timestable as this week to consolidate and embed this knowledge!

Spellings: see Tuesday's entry


Please could you check over the weekend that your child has a glue stick as well as 2 - 3 pencils to write with? Some of the class are running low!


We hope you have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Lee and Mrs Tuffey





Tuesday, 11th May 2021

Spellings for this week are as follows ('ous' as a suffix):


Group 1: anxious, curious, gorgeous, fabulous, hideous, eighth, experience, experiment

Group 2: anxious, precious, various, hideous, serious

Group 3: could, should, would, who, whole


Below is an example of how we teach and work out the formal method for multiplication. We draw a table showing H, T Ones, a part/part/whole model as well as the written strategy.


Wednesday, 5th May 2021

Despite such a short week in school, we have packed in some great learning:) We all enjoyed measuring various lengths, inside and outside yesterday, including our bean plants, many of which are growing magnificently and will need a home as of Monday afternoon! If you would like a bean plant (they are broad bean plants) then please let us know over the weekend by emailing the School Office. We have 10 -12 healthy plants that we would love to be planted and tended elsewhere. 


Next week, as well as concluding what plants need for healthy growth, we are moving onto division in Maths, a new genre in English (persuasive letter writing) and continuing with our Stone Age cave painting project. We had a brilliant lesson today and created a mural as a class. On Tuesday, we have our online book workshop with Floella Benjamin. 



Maths: p.16 - 17 'Solving Number Problems'

English: SPAG p.68-69 Prefixes 'un', 'dis', 'mis'

Reading: please read with your child and sign their Reading Record

Timestables: Mrs Tuffey has sent a message to each child with instructions about which specific timestables to practise. Please check Goggle Classroom for details.

Spellings (suffix 'ous'): 

Group 1 and 2: famous, dangerous, mountainous, poisonous, marvellous

(Extra CEW for Group 1 - early, earth, enough)

Group 3: move, prove, improve, sugar, sure


We hope you have a lovely long weekend! 

See you on Monday.

Mrs Lee and Mrs Tuffey

Friday, 30th April 2021


Good afternoon! 

Thank you to all those parents who were able to join us for a Parents consultation this week. It was a pleasure to speak to you. We hope you feel you have a good picture of your child's academic progress as well as their developing characters. We continue to thoroughly enjoy teaching them - they are a class of treasures! If you have any further questions, please do email the Office or speak to us after school.


This week has been a busy week and we have continued to practise formal multiplication and instructional writing, as well as learning about the Jewish festival of Passover and the Stone Age. We have been exploring capacity and mass in Maths for the last 2 days. Please can you encourage continued practise at home - both practical measuring as well as using the language of capacity and mass? 



This week we are setting a writing task (and no CGP pages): to write a full set of instructions. The instructions could tell us, for example, how to play a certain game, make a craft creation or cook something. It is completely up to them. We would like to see:

  • A 'What you will need' section/list
  • The aim of the game (where relevant)
  • Chronological, detailed instructions that are clear and easy to follow
  • Drawn pictures IF time

This is to be handed in as usual on Wednesday when we will be looking at these as a class, as we complete our instructional writing unit.


Spellings ('ou' making an 'uh' sound):

Groups 1 and 2 - touch, young, double, trouble, country 

Group 1 (extra words): describe, different, difficult

Group 3: plant, bath, hour, path, eye

Timetables: targets given per Parent consultation. Please keep practising!

Reading: read and sign 5 times


On Tuesday, we are having our NSPCC Number Day to raise money for the charity. Children can dress up in any way to represent a number! We will be taking part in lots of Maths activities during the day:)


We hope you have a lovely Bank Holiday weekend.

Mrs Lee and Mrs Tuffey

Friday, 23rd April 2021

Happy St George's Day!


We have enjoyed our new History unit this week - Stone Age to Iron Age - as well as a session of Forest School, getting to grips with short multiplication in Maths and having fun with instructional writing. 



English: comprehension p.18-19 High Adventure

Maths: 10 minute weekly workouts, Spring term, Workout 3 p.30-31. If your child completed this during Lockdown as an extension activity, please choose another Spring term workout

Timestables: practise the 8 timestable and if confident, begin to learn the 6s.

Spellings: exploring the prefixes 're' and 'super':

Group 1:  rebuild, return, supermarket, superhero, supersonic (+ continue, consider, decide)

Group 2: rejoin, return, rebuild, supermarket, superhero

Group 3: after, Father, class, grass, pass

Reading: please read 5 times with your child, and sign their Reading Record. We can not emphasise enough the importance of reading with your child - for comprehension, to encourage flow, to help them understand new vocabulary. The better the level of their reading, the better the level of their writing.


We are looking forward to speaking to each of you next week during the parent consultations. If you have yet to make an appointment, please can we encourage you to do so. 


Please can we request that you check with your child that they still have a glue stick? We have many children who are now beginning to need a new one:) Every child should also have a pencil and a ruler. Thank you!


We hope you have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Lee and Mrs Tuffey

Friday, 16th April 2021

Good afternoon!

We have thoroughly enjoyed our first week back and the children have settled well. In Maths we have been extending our understanding of multiplying multiples of 10 and started the formal written method today! In English, as a whole school, we have been reading 'Journey' by Aaron Becker. It is an enchanting and clever story with no text. In Science, our unsuspecting bean seedlings are now being subjected to various investigations in order for us to see what a plant needs for healthy growth. 


Next week, we are launching our new history topic - Stone Age to Iron Age - and will begin looking at instructional texts ready to write instructions the following week, in how to make clothing out of animal skin. Should be interesting! We will continue to learn how to use the formal method for multiplication.



1. Comprehension: p.10 'Let's get Growing'

2. Maths: p.22-23 The 3, 4, 8 timestables

3. Practise the 8 timestable

4. Spellings - see below (Monday's post)

5. Read and record in their Reading Record:)


On Monday (19th April) we will have a Forest School session so please can children come with appropriate shoes and coat, depending on the weather!


Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Lee and Mrs Tuffey

Monday, 12th April 2021

Welcome back to a new term. 

Spellings for this week help us to learn about adding the prefixes 'mis' and 'in'. Your child should have brought home their spelling sheet today:

Group 1: disappoint, disappear, disbelief, incorrect, incredible (and 3 CEW words: century, circle, certain)

Group 2: disobey, dislike, disagree, incorrect, inconsiderate

Group 3: pretty, beautiful, past, fast, last (all Year 2 CEW)


Please can your child remember to bring in their reading books so that they can be changed? Thank you to those who did so today. 


Below is the updated Creative Curriculum.


Have a lovely week!

Mrs Lee and Mrs Tuffey


Updated Creative Curriculum 2020-2021

Friday, 26th March 2021

Good afternoon and welcome to the Easter holiday! The last 3 weeks have flown by but the class has worked incredibly hard and settled back brilliantly into routines and friendships. We had a wonderful day yesterday celebrating Easter and finished the term today with a short service giving us plenty to reflect on over Easter.


As usual we are not setting homework CGP pages or a project over the Easter holidays but would like the children to learn their 8 timestable, read frequently and learn their personalised CEW which were handed out today. These will not be tested for a while (nearer to May half-term) so please help your child to learn 2 or 3 a week. When choosing reading books, please encourage your child to read non-fiction as well, as this expands their vocabulary and general knowledge. We have spent time in class revisiting making and telling times, please continue to do so over Easter, especially focusing on 'minutes to'. 


We are in the process of altering our Year 3 Overview and will post the revised version on the Class Page over Easter. When we return we will be completing our Geography topic on Rivers before launching into a half-term learning about the Stone Age to Iron Age periods in History:)


We hope you all have a wonderful Easter holiday and thank you again for all your support this term. 

Mrs Lee and Mrs Tuffey

Friday, 19th March 2021

Good afternoon! We have had a good week in Year 3 exploring fossils, making our clay dragon eye and dressing up to raise money for Comic Relief. In English, we started to explore the features and style of news articles, ready to write our own next week. In Maths, we continued our topic on fractions by learning about equivalent fractions and how to subtract fractions. We will conclude our fraction unit next week. In Science we had a wonderful afternoon exploring how fossils are made. Thank you to those children who brought in examples of rocks, fossils and crystals. We loved seeing them all.


Homework: apologies for the repetition of the reading comprehension last week!

Maths - Adding and subtracting fractions p.32-33

English - SPAG - Conjunctions with main clauses p.20-21

Reading - please read with your child and sign their reading record 5 times a week

Spelling - 'un'/'mis' prefixes: unwell, unkind, unfair, misbehave, mistreat

(3 Challenge words: misunderstand, misplace, misspell)


Next Thursday is our school Easter Celebration Day. Letters and details have been sent out but activities will include an Easter hat parade (please bring/wear one into school ready made), live assemblies with Karl, egg decorating (please bring in one hard-boiled egg) and an egg hunt designed and organised by Year 6. It is going to be an egg-cellent day!

We have a Competitive Sports challenge with Year 4 on Thursday afternoon as an extra PE slot so PE next week will be on Wednesday, Thursday AND Friday. Children will need to wear PE kit for those 3 days.


Please keep revising and going over the 3 and 4 timestables, as well as reading and making times, especially 'minutes to'. No spellings will be set next week. As we have reviewed all CEW, spelling groups will resume straight after Easter.


Thank you for all your support. We hope you have a good weekend.

Mrs Lee and Mrs Tuffey

Friday, 12th March 2021

Dear Parents, 

We were THRILLED to have our class back in the school building again this week! We have had such a lovely week, and Science Week to boot! Below are some photos of the fun we had investigating and exploring, including an activity to make a paper insect out of 4 sheets of paper alone and designing a case for the future.

The class have settled quickly and are clearly delighted to be back together with friends. Our huge thanks again for all that you did during the season of remote learning. We have been revisiting Maths and English objectives this week and clearly much learning took place during the 8 weeks we were not together:) We are now addressing gaps.



Maths - Mental Maths Workout 11, Autumn term, p.22-23

English - Comprehension - Robotic Baby Penguins, p.16-17

Reading - please hear your child read at least 5 times a week and sign their Reading Record.

Spellings - hopefully you have all seen a spelling sheet for this week's pattern: sion

We are all learning the same 5 words, for the next 2 weeks until after Easter.


division, invasion, explosion, decision, collision

Challenge words (extra for those who like a challenge!): intrusion, erosion, persuasion


All Homework to be handed in by end of Wednesday to be marked on Friday. There will be a weekly timestable test which will take place on Thursdays. Please particularly practise the 4 timestable this week. Spelling tests will resume on Monday.


Please could every child return their river collage to school for next Friday. (See Jack H's collage below - well done Jack) as this will be added to in the lesson next week. If for whatever reason, your child has not made one yet, please help them to make time over the weekend ready for Friday 19th. 


Finally, a huge 'well done' to Jamie N and Leo D who participated in the local schools Fun Run. 5 schools were competing with more than 50 KS2 children and Leo came 3rd overall! Wow!


We hope you have a great weekend.

Mrs Lee and Mrs Tuffey


Monday, 4th January 2021


Happy New Year and welcome to 2021! We hope you had a good Christmas and New Year.


Following on from the Government announcement of last week, our learning will look a little different for the next 2 weeks as we teach remotely. Every day we will upload 3 subjects: English, Maths and a Foundation subject (Science, RE,  Geography, PSHCE, Art/DT, PE). With each subject there should be a video for the children to watch as well as an information and instruction sheet giving all that they will need to complete the remote learning for that session. In Maths lessons, answers will be provided as well so that pupils can check their work at the end of the session, just as we do in school.


We will also have 2 Zoom sessions a day: 9:15am and 2pm where we will be explaining the tasks/learning at the start and checking their understanding and touching base at the end of the day. Where there are general questions, please ask via Google Classroom, where there are specific child-based concerns or questions, please email us via admin.


Please keep reading books from home and recording these in the Reading Records. There are other reading web sources and we will post details as soon as we have them.


We hope that this remote learning will be very short-term. Until then, take care and thank you for your support.


Mrs Lee and Mrs Tuffey 


Thursday, 17th December 2020


Firstly, a HUGE thank you for our cards, gifts and vouchers. It was incredibly generous and kind of you all. Thank you from all of us: Mrs Duxberry, Miss Igooute, Mrs Tuffey, Jack and Daryl, and Mrs Lee. It has been an absolute pleasure teaching our class and we are very proud of them.


There is no set Homework over the Christmas holidays. However, please revise 2, 5, 10, 3 timetables. Try counting up in 2s, 5s, 3s and 10s but also giving your child quick-fire questions in random order. Timestable tests will resume in January! We have also sent home extra reading books. Please keep up the excellent reading! Finally, we have sent home with some of the children, specific, highlighted CEW from the Years 1 and 2 lists, which your child did not spell correctly when we tested them. Please revise these over the Christmas holidays.


Ours thanks to FoSMS for paying for an online panto (Jack and the Beanstalk) which we have all enjoyed this week. 


Thank you again for your partnership with us. We have had a great term.

We wish you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year!


Mrs Lee and Mrs Tuffey


Friday, 11th December 2020


Good afternoon! We hope that the children have been recounting all the wonderful activities that we have enjoyed this week. We had a very special moment in our Christingle service on Wednesday afternoon when, having completed making the Christingles, we lit all of the candles and quietly reflected on the hope, joy and love we have in our lives.


There is no Homework set this week throughout KS2 but please ensure that your child is still reading to you, and that that continues over the Christmas holidays. It was such a pleasure to assess them this week. They are all doing incredibly well and we are very proud of how hard they work in every area of the curriculum. A credit to you all!


Next week we shall be finishing various units, including RE and PSHCE. We look forward to further lovely Christmas activities, including decorating biscuits and making our Christmas card.


We hope you have a great weekend.

Mrs Lee and Mrs Tuffey

Monday, 7th December 2020


Spelling for this week: words ending in 'le'

The rule is to add 'le' (rather than 'el') following an ascender or descender:







Friday, 4th December 2020


Good afternoon! We have had a wonderful week in Year 3 with an Advent/Christmas theme and have enjoyed lighting our candle, opening the class Advent calendar and following the St Mary's one online. We were delighted to see Jamie's and William's pictures behind Door 1 and 2:)


Yesterday, the class worked really hard to sew their Christmas decoration (see photo below) and to decorate our classroom. As well as that we have investigated shadows, started planning a written explanation on how earthquakes occur, and revised 2 and 3D shape in Maths. We also spent the week getting to know our new class friend, Noel. Welcome to Year 3, Noel!



Comprehension p.16-17 Robotic Baby Penguin

Maths p. 46-47 2D shape

We are very aware that the reading comprehensions in the Comprehension book are difficult and your child may well need support to answer all of the questions. We looked at other comprehension books but this was the best set of homework books to buy. Please do not worry if your child can not complete it all independently. They can mark in class what ever they have completed:)


Today, we have sent home 2 recent pieces of written work and a piece of Maths work. These are simply examples of your child's work as we were not able to show you the books during our parent consultations as we normally would. They do not need to be returned to school.


Please can the torches return for Monday and Tuesday this week?


Have a lovely weekend!

Mrs Lee and Mrs Tuffey

Our Christmas sewing and meeting Santa's helper:)

November 30th Spellings - adding suffixes -er/-est to adjectives

This is following the rule of dropping the 'y' and adding an i' when the word ends in a 'y' and has more than 1 syllable:







Thank you to those able to bring in torches today. We had a great time investigating shadows:)

Friday, 27th November 2020


The Autumn term seems to be flying by! Next week we shall begin our Advent preparations and Christmas countdown! We have an Advent candle to light each day and an online and classroom Advent calendar, and we are very much looking forward to Decorating Day on Thursday. Please do check out St Mary's Church online Advent calendar as some of our Year 3 pictures feature:)


This week we have completed our unit on column subtraction. I have attached a Maths sheet that might help you to understand how we explain the process we follow as well as the language that is used: exchanging and regrouping. This might help with this week's Homework too! We have also been learning how: to write speech dialogue, count to 10 in Spanish, make a pop-up spring mechanism in DT and use a mirror to show reflections in Science.


Next week we are starting a 2 week writing unit looking at explanation texts, revising and extending knowledge of 2D and 3D shape, investigating shadows as well as learning about earthquakes in Geography. Year 3 have a Music lesson and extra PE slot on Tuesday afternoon (specially for an intra-school Year 3 sports tournament where they will be collecting points for their House) so PE will be on 3 days next week: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. Please could the children bring in a torch, if possible, for Monday's Science lesson.



Comprehension - Bill's New Frock p.8-9

Maths - Written Subtraction p. 21

Please keep reading and signing!


Thank you to all of you who have kindly donated boxes of tissues. We are very grateful. We have enough for the time being:)


Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Lee and Mrs Tuffey


Monday, 23rd November 2020


Spellings for this week: adding suffixes - ing, -ed (part 2)

The rule is: with a short vowel next to the end consonant, double the consonant before you add the suffix

skip - skipping - skipped

pin - pinning - pinned

shop - shopping - shopped

grab - grabbing - grabbed

load - loading - loaded

Friday, 20th November 2020


Good afternoon! We have spent time this week thinking about our friendships and how to unite against bullying as part of our Anti-Bullying and Friendship Week.  We have thoroughly enjoyed singing along with Andy and the Odd Socks band and wearing our odd socks with pride and excitement today! 


Below are photographs of our Design and Technology project - making different pop-up book mechanisms. The children have had great fun with this unit:) This week Year 3 have also enjoyed outdoor adventure activities in PE, learning about branching databases in Computing, writing our own version of The Tunnel in English, understanding where and why volcanoes are located in Geography, and recording our song for the Christmas CD!


Next week we will be investigating reflection and mirrors in Science and learning about Hanukkah in RE. In English we will be focusing on writing dialogue and direct speech in English, and in Maths we will be continuing to learn how to subtract larger numbers in a column method.



SPAG p.72-73 Section 12, Suffixes adding -ing, -ed

Maths Workout 6 Autumn term p.12-13

Homework must be in on a Friday please as well as Reading Records signed.


Apologies for not putting up the spellings on Monday as usual. The children always take home a paper copy list with them each Monday and it also contains the 3 CEW for their particular group.

(Pattern is adding -ing and -ed with a focus on the rules of dropping the 'e' and and dropping the 'y' sometimes to add an 'i'.)







Looking forward to a great week next week! Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Lee and Mrs Tuffey

Pop-up mechanisms

Friday, 13th November 2020


We have had a very busy week in Year 3: Children in Need daily workouts along with Joe Wicks, Christmas song rehearsals (ready for our school CD), and Forest School on top of all our usual learning! We had a special time of Remembrance on Wednesday as a school, then walked up the road to add our commemorative stones to the memorial area. This has now been moved to our school Prayer Garden.



Maths - p. 20 of the larger book (Written Addition). We have spent time this week learning how to set out addition as column addition. 

English - SPAG p, 26-27 Present Tense and Past Tense

Please keep reading and learning spellings too!


Next week we will be completing our adventure story, learning how to set out column subtraction and starting our new RE topic 'Festivals of Light'. On Monday morning we will be recording our songs for the school CD - please remember to place your orders:)! As next week is 'Anti-Bullying and Friendship week' children will be encouraged to wear odd socks on Friday.


We hope you have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Lee and Mrs Tuffey

Monday, 9th November 2020


Thank you so much for all the boxes, torches and pop-up books (as well as wellies) that arrived in school today:) They were all greatly appreciated!


Spellings for this week: 

plurals and understanding that nouns/verbs ending in 'y' change to 'ies'/ 'f' changes to 'ves':

fly - flies 

reply - replies

baby - babies

thief - thieves

life - lives

Friday, 6th November 2020


We have had a good week back and have particularly enjoyed starting our new Geography, DT and PE topics: We made a mini cross-section of our planet on Tuesday and set off a volcano on Wednesday! Yesterday the class really enjoyed our new PE unit - outdoor adventure activities and problem solving. They had great fun and they worked really well together in teams! Miss Igooute started  our Spanish lessons too.


Next week, we will begin our Science topic - light and shadows. Please see below (Monday's update) for the request for a box and torch.  Wellies and a coat will also be needed on Monday as well as a stone or smooth rock for our Remembrance activity. Thank you in advance! On Tuesday we will carry on learning our Christmas songs ready for our CD:)



Comprehension - Number 1 'Harriet's Hare' on p.2-3 This is quite tricky and your child may need support.

Maths - Numbers on Scales, p.14-15

Please keep reading and learning spellings.


We hope you have a brilliant weekend.

Mrs Lee and Mrs Tuffey

Monday 2nd November 2020

3 requests and this week's spelling list:

Thank you for sending your child with wellies or similar today. They had fun with Forest School:) We will be having another session next Monday so please send in again wellies /outdoor shoes and coats on Monday (9th).

Also, next week we will be using boxes to explore light and dark in Science. If you have a sturdy cardboard box (reasonably strong and at least 30cm high), please can we have it for school? Also if some of the children could bring in a torch, that would be helpful too - for Monday 9th please.

Finally, our DT unit is all about making pop-up mechanisms. If you have a pop-up book at home, that your child is happy to show at school, please also send that in for next Wednesday (11th).


Thankyou in advance!


This week's spellings:

Common Exception Words: everybody, break, pretty, beautiful, father


Friday, 23rd October 2020


A huge well done to our amazing Year 3 - we made it to half-term! We are really proud of the way they have worked hard and taken in so much over the last 8 weeks. They have been a joy to teach:)


Thankyou to everyone who was able to join us for a Parent's Evening meeting. Again, huge apologies to Wednesday night parents for the technology failings. Thanks for persevering! It was good to talk to each and every one of you.


This week we have completed out Science, History, Art, Computing and PSHCE units. The canopic jars are looking good:) We have learnt about various figures for Black History month, including Maya Angelou and Harriet Tubman, and were inspired by their lives. We are excited to launch new topics after half term, including light and dark (Science), the Jewish faith, volcanoes and earthquakes, and pop-up books. in DT We will also be resuming our Spanish lessons. Much to look forward to...


Homework over the holidays:

Please help your child to securely know their 2, 5, 10 timestables (quick-fire questions would be brilliant)

CEW for Year 1 and 2 (see bottom of page under 'Resources')


spellings (oi/oy) from Monday


Please can the children check their pencil cases - lots of our whiteboard markers need replacing.


When we return on Monday 2nd November, please can all children have a coat and wellies/suitable outdoor shoes ready for an hour of Forest School in the afternoon.


We hope you all have a lovely half-term.

Mrs Lee and Mrs Tuffey

Monday 19th October 2020


Here are this week's spellings, following the oi/oy sound:






Friday, 16th October 2020


We have had another wonderful week in Year 3. We thoroughly enjoyed our 'Healthy Heroes' Science afternoon on Monday and the class showed a huge amount of knowledge and understanding. I was very proud of them! In RE we learnt how to explain the idea of the Trinity using a Twix bar and they came up with some brilliant ideas themselves! 


Next week, we hope to finish painting our canopic jars. In Maths we will be learning strategies for mental subtraction; in English we will be designing a poster to 'Visit Egypt' and its historic sites using powerful, persuasive language. On Friday we will be celebrating 'Rainbow Day' which should be a fitting end to a great half-term!


Homework this week:

Maths - Autumn term, Workout 2 - Ten Minute Workout book 

English - Statements and Questions, Commands and Exclamations, p. 18-19 SPAG book

Spellings - see below

Please keep reading. We have assessed reading this week and are really pleased with their progress. Thank you for your parental support in encouraging them to read such a lot at home. It is making a real difference.


We look forward to talking to you all about their progress at the Parents Evenings, online next week.


Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Lee and Mrs Tuffey

Monday, 12th October 2020


Here are this week's spellings ('oo' sound):







Friday, 9th October 2020


Thank you for sending in aprons and old shirts for Wednesday. We had a great time making our canopic jars. They are now drying in our resources cupboard (no organs inside as yet!) and we will be painting the base coat next week. We have also spent time this week learning about forms of poetry as well as rounding numbers and learning how to read more challenging scales in Maths.


Next week is a busy week:

On Monday, please remember to send your child in with PE kit as we have our workshop 'Healthy Heroes' coming for an active scientific afternoon of fun!

On Tuesday, we hope to paint our jars as well as learn a Christmas song for a special Christmas project...

On Wednesday and Thursday we will have PE as usual.

We will also continue assessing their reading next week so please can every child have their reading books and records in school on Thursday.


We have a delightful PGCE student teacher spending time in Year 3 for the next few weeks - Miss Iggoute. She will be learning the ropes:) She has started to get to know the children already.


Homework this week:

Maths - 10 minute weekly workout book, page 14-15. Workout 7

Comprehension Book 1 Nature Trail', p 6-7 (poem). Your child may need some support to answer this comprehension. Year 3 found them quite challenging at times last year!


Have a brilliant weekend!

Mrs Lee and Mrs Tuffey


Monday, 5th October 2020

Please can you send in an old shirt or painting apron for Wednesday morning if you haven't done so already as we are hoping to spend time on Wednesday making our clay canopic jars:)


Here are the spellings for this week, all with a long o sound:








Please help your child to learn how to spell them as well as being able to put them into a sentence correctly.

Friday, 2nd October 2020


We have had a great week, full of enthusiastic learning about our skeleton, Harvest and how to count on and back in tens and hundreds. Thank you to everyone who donated food for St Mary's Church Harvest appeal. The food has been taken to the church today.


Next week we will be moulding and sculpting our canopic jars (I have been assured the clay will be in by Wednesday morning!) and will be exploring poetry in English, muscles in Science and pyramids in History. We have loved looking at relevant resources brought from home for our Science and History topics. Thank you


Home learning:

Maths - p. 9 '10 or 100 more or less'; p. 10 'Ordering and Comparing numbers'

English - p.38-39 'Capital letters and full stops'

Please keep learning spellings (see below) and reading (5 times a week, signed)

Homework to be brought back to school on or before Wednesday, please.


We hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Lee and Mrs Tuffey

Monday, 28th September 2020


Spellings for this week (all contain an 'i' sound):






Friday, 25th September 2020


We have had another lovely week in Year 3 and have worked hard to understand the value of 3 digit numbers in Maths as well as reading and exploring our new text in English: The Paper Bag Princess . We have designed our Ancient Egyptian canopic jars, ready to make out of clay. In RE we have been exploring the idea of the Trinity.


Next week, we will take part in our school Harvest festival via Zoom on Tuesday morning as well as counting in steps of 10s ad 100s in Maths. We will write our own version of 'The Paper Bag Princess' from the point of view of the dragon. It should be a great week!


Homework this week - to be completed and returned to school by Wednesday please:

English - p.36-37 (capital letters for names) in the Grammar and Spelling Book

Maths - p. 6-7 (place value, reading and writing numbers) in the Maths Workbook

Spellings - see below

Reading - please hear your child read 5 times and sign the book


The Handwriting and 10 Minute Maths book can be used at home as and when.


Have a lovely weekend!

Mrs Lee and Mrs Tuffey

Monday, 21st September 2020


This week's spellings all have the long e sound in them:







They need to learn the spellings, be confident of the meaning as well as be able to write the word in a sentence.


Friday, 18th September 2020


Good afternoon!


We have had a lovely week in Year 3 - doubling and halving in Maths, writing our own versions of 'I'll take you to Mrs Cole' and learning to create healthy meals for our pretend clients in Science.

Next week we will be reading 'The Paper Bag Princess' in English, focusing on place value in Maths and enjoying more learning about Ancient Egypt. We are starting our canopic jar project in Art:)


Homework this week:

The CGP books have not yet arrived in school so please continue to read and concentrate on their spellings (see list below) for our test on Monday. To help prepare for Maths next week, we would encourage the children to spend time counting to 100 and beyond. Can they make a pile with exactly 100 then 100+ things in it, eg, 100 pieces of dried pasta, 249 Lego bricks, 125 shells? 


Thank you to everyone who was able to join us for our teacher/parents session on Wednesday. If you were not able to attend, we highlighted key information from the Powerpoint which included our strategies for 'catching' up with the curriculum and how we are reactivating learning. We also talked about the need to read and how to communicate messages (paper form via child, email the Office or giving Mrs Palmer a message as the children are dropped off at school). We want to partner well with you in your child's education so please do communicate concerns or questions.


We hope you have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Lee and Mrs Tuffey

Monday, 14th September 2020


Spellings for this week, following the ai/a-e/ay phonetic sound:







The children will be tested next week, on Monday 21st September.

Please also note that we would like every child to read out loud to an adult 5 times a week and to have their book signed as confirmation. Books are checked and changed regularly on a Friday but can be changed before then if required.


Many thanks,

Mrs Lee and Mrs Tuffey

Friday, 11th September 2020


Good afternoon!

Well done everyone for getting through our first full week for 5 months. We have had a very good week together and the children have been amazing in continuing to learn new routines and in showing great enthusiasm for our topics. 


This week in Maths we have been revising lots of key Year 2 concepts to make sure that our confidence and ability has returned before we head further into Year 3 learning. In English we have been studying the text 'I'll Take you to Mrs Cole' and we wrote some brilliant descriptions:)


Homework this week is simply reading and spellings. New spellings are introduced and sent home on a Monday to be tested the following Monday. This weekend, please can you ensure that your child can read every word from the Year 2, and Years 3 and 4 CEW lists (Common Exception Words). They can practise spelling the Year 2 list. (See below)


Below I have attached some documents for your information regarding the curriculum, including the Meet the Teacher Info Session presentation. If you have any questions, please do join our 'Meet the Teachers' session via Zoom next Wednesday at 2:30pm or do not hesitate to email the Office 


We hope you have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Lee and Mrs Tuffey

Friday, 4th September 2020

Welcome to Year 3!


We have had a brilliant start to Year 3 and have been really pleased to see so many smiling faces each day! We have started to introduce our routines and have enjoyed spending time getting to know each other. We are looking forward to an excellent year ahead!

We will update this class page each week with details of what we have been learning and what we will be learning, details of homework and important reminders. There is no set Homework this week (4/9/20). We will upload our Creative Curriculum planner on this page next week.


A reminder that PE days are Wednesdays and Thursdays. Please send your child in their PE kit on those 2 days, as of next week.


We have carried out reading reviews with every child and given them 2 reading books which they should have brought home today along with their new Reading Record. These will be reviewed each Friday but reading books can be changed earlier in the week. Please hear your child read every night and sign in their record. We can not underline enough the importance and value of reading - both your child reading to you and you reading to them.


We very much look forward to working with you and your children this year. We also look forward  to introducing ourselves as well as explaining the expectations and routines of Year 3. More details to follow...


Have a great weekend!


Mrs Lee and Mrs Tuffey