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Year 3

Year Three Class Page

The latest news, home learning, learning and events will be posted on this page.

Friday, 13th May 

A short week last week and a busy week this week!


In Maths we have been learning how to multiply 2 digit numbers by one digit numbers using the short multiplication method. In Guided Reading, we have finished 'Iron Man'. In English we used adverbs of time to write a newspaper report, wrote a description using a range of conjunctions and planned our narrative ending. We also re-wrote the last chapter of Iron Man. I have been so impressed with the children's writing stamina over the last few weeks.


In PSHE we learnt that other people have strengths and talents. We created our own medals to show our appreciation for these talents. We also learnt that the brain sends messages through the nerves, and we worked together as a class to complete a task to demonstrate this. In RE we wrote a letter, from God, about the world he created and why he created it. We also wrote a set of instructions on how we should be looking after our beautiful earth. In Computing we started our programming unit ( 


This week was mental health week. We spoke about ways to look after our mental health.


Home learning

SPAG - Page 10 and 11 (adverbs)

Maths - sheet (regrouping) and page 16 (solving calculation problems)


I hope you have a lovely weekend. 

Mrs Bennett

Friday, 6th May 


Home learning

Comprehension - High Adventure (p.18-19)

Spelling - unhappy, misbehave, disappoint, disappear, incorrect, irregular 

Maths - short multiplication (sheet) page 30 (CGP book)

Friday, 29th April

The weeks seem to be flying by!


This week we started a new text in English and Guided Reading - The Iron Man. In Guided Reading we have made predictions, identified new vocabulary and used inference skills to draw the different characters. In English we wrote a first person recount using descriptive language taken from the text, a letter of complaint using rhetorical questions and practised writing descriptive sentences using a specific sentence structure. In Maths we have been multiplying by 10 and multiplying multiples of ten. We are moving on to the formal multiplication method this week. In PSHE we practised our debating skills around 'health and lifestyle' topics. We also identified our own strengths and goals. In Science we made chocolate rocks and we learnt the 3 types of rock: igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic. In Art we reflected on artwork by Henri Rousseau and created our own observational drawings. 


I hope you all had a lovely long weekend. 


This week - school is closed on Thursday (Polling day). 

Mrs Bennett :) 


Home learning

Maths - Page 31 (ordering fractions) page 36 (solving fraction problems)

SPAG - Page 6/7  (articles)  and 8/9  (verbs) 

Reading - 5 times a week 

Summer 1 learning journeys 


Geography - Rainforest and rivers

Science - Rocks and soils

PSHE - Being my best

Computing - Programming a sequence in music

Art - Printing, collage and observation drawings

PE - Rounders and running

This half term the children will have Spanish


We go to the school library every Friday. PE days are on Monday and Tuesday.

Friday, 22nd April


A lovely start to the Summer Term! We finished off our Science topic on magnets and forces. We explored the magnetic strength of different magnets and found out that magnets have two poles. We used the terminology: attract and repel to describe what happens when two poles touch. In English we wrote our own 'alternative traditional tale'. We will be editing our work next week. In Maths we practised adding and subtracting fractions with the same denominator and finding complements of 1. 


We have also started two new learning sequences. In RE we created an animation to show the Creation Story and in PSHE we created a poster to show how hygiene routines can prevent illness. 


Home learning 

Comprehension - Robotic Baby Penguin

Maths - Page 32, 33 and 35 (adding and subtracting fractions + fractions of amounts) 

We have re-started our time table tests. Your child will know what times table they are working on. The sheets are uploaded on the class blog shield page if they would like extra practise.

It is really important that your child reads 5 times a week. If they are reading a home book, this can also be recorded in their reading record. 


Home learning is to be completed and handed in by Friday.


Please can you ensure your child has: 

A glue-stick, green editing pen and white board pen. 


I will update the blog with the topics this half term. We will be visiting the Living Rainforest in Summer 2 for our School Trip.


Have a lovely weekend. 

Mrs Bennett :)

Friday, 1st April


The children have worked so hard over the Spring Term. I have been so impressed with the progress they have made.  On Thursday, finished our Stone Age to Iron Age topic this week. When we return after Easter we will be having a DT day to complete our DT unit (cooking).


The Easter Show was a success - the children sang and performed beautifully!


I have sent the children home with their updated spelling lists. Please continue to practise spellings overs the Easter holidays. The children have also brought home extra reading books. Please encourage your child to read daily over the Easter holidays (they can read their school books or their own). 


Our learning for the Summer Term is on the class overview (at the start of the Year 3 blog). 


I hope you all have a restful and enjoyable Easter break. 

Mrs Bennett :) 


Wednesday 30th March


In Maths we have been finding equivalent fractions and comparing/ordering fractions. We have been using the terms denominator and numerator to support our learning and thinking. In English we started our topic of 'alternative traditional tales'. We read the book 'The True Story of The 3 Little Pigs'. The children compared the alternative version with the original, created a story map (we had to focus on key parts and phrases), wrote a diary with a focus on coordinating conjunctions, wrote a debate answer with a focus on subordinating conjunctions, used inverted commas to punctuate direct speech and wrote a descriptive piece using figurative language and expanded noun phrases. We have continued reading 'Stig of the Dump'. We will finish this text off after the Easter holidays.


During this half term the children have created their own branching database and in PSHE we have focused on volunteering, how to stay safe, looking after the environment and money (income, affordability and saving). 


On Wednesday, we had a fantastic Easter Day. The hats were amazing and the egg decorations were very creative. It was so lovely to see so many of you at the Easter parade. In school we finished off our RE learning sequence by discussing the emotions of different people throughout the Easter story, writing our own poem and answering the question 'Why do Christians describe the day Jesus died as 'Good Friday'. The children performed their Easter play to the school - their singing was fantastic! They also got to decorate Easter themed biscuits, take part in an Easter quiz and hunt. 


I am sorry there was not home learning last week - the blog post did not save. 


I have been testing the children on 10 (unknown) words from their spelling list and this will be updated and sent home on Friday.


Year 3 are looking forward to performing their Easter show tomorrow! 

Friday, 18th March


The sunshine has arrived and all the flowers in the playground look beautiful! 


This week in English we have written our own Kenning and Haiku poems. In Maths we have been finding fractions of amounts, we used bar models to support our thinking. In History we discussed what sources of information we would use to find out about the Stone Age. We used pictures of objects to find out more about the Stone Age. In PSHE we created a Google Slide on how to look after the school environment. In Computing we continued to create our branching database. We discussed using specific closed questions so the database works. In RE, Deborah came into the class to talk about how Easter is celebrated at Church. In Science we tested different objects to see if they were magnetic or not. We came to the conclusion that if an object is metal it is magnetic. We will be exploring this further next week! 


This week was Science Week! We used our scientific skills to work out what each object was (the picture was zoomed in!) We also had an engineering workshop with Mr Nolepa (STEM ambassador). The children had to design and create a protective casing for an egg drop! The other part of the challenge was that the casing had to be light! We had one surviving egg! The children have brought home sunflower seeds to plan at home,


We have been rehearsing for our Easter Show. 

Costume - black/brown trousers, jeans or leggins and a black/brown top 

Please can the costume be brought into school by Friday, 25th March in a named bag.


Maths - fractions of amounts (Page 34)

English - Comprehension - The Demon Headteacher

Spelling - Year 3/4 spelling words (or the sheet provided)

Practise the songs for the Easter performance


Have a lovely weekend in the sunshine!

Mrs Bennett

Friday, 11th March


This week in English we have completed our unit on 'Limerick' poetry. We learnt about the features of a limerick before writing our own. In Maths we finished our learning sequence on multiplication and division word problems. We used bar models to support the process. In History we learnt about how hunter-gatherers survived and what they had as assets and what were 'risks'. In RE we discussed the emotions of Mary throughout the Easter Story. We created an emotion graph and explained our thoughts. In PSHE we discussed the difference between fact and opinion and wrote our own police report. In Science we completed an experiment to demonstrate friction. In Computing we created our own branching database using yes or no questions to sort objects


Home Learning

Maths - Page 23 - Using times tables facts

Spelling - friction, fraction, prediction, addition, subtraction, animation

SPAG - Page 5/6 - Nouns and adjectives

Reading - please continue to read five times a week


Next week is Science Week!


Have a lovely weekend. 

Mrs Bennett

Friday, 4th March


We are so happy to have our Collective Worship in the hall once again! On Tuesday, Deborah came into school to speak about Shrove Tuesday and on Wednesday she came in to talk about Ash Wednesday. We also spoke about what we may give up for lent.


I read the class the story book 'The Last Garden'. This book is a story about war, peace and hope. The children have been asking lots of questions about things they are hearing in the news. You may want to discuss these further with your child. We came to the conclusion that if Year Three were the leaders of different countries - our world would be filled with happiness, love and joy.


In Maths this week we have applied our knowledge of the four operations to answer questions from graphs, we made links between pictograms and bar graphs and used information to create our own pictograms. In English we finished writing our own playscripts based on the book 'UG'. We also practised performing them. In RE we wrote a diary entry about the Easter Story, from the perspective of Mary. In History we spoke about chronology and put events from the stone age to the iron age in chronological order. In Guided Reading we have continued to practise the skill of 'predicting'. We are really enjoying 'Stig of the Dump'.


On Thursday we had a great World Book Day! The costumes were fantastic. We had the opportunity to meet an illustrator and practised our drawing skills, we went to read with Year One, took part in a book swap, watched the 'Masked Reader' and wrote our own story based on a picture. 


Home Learning

Comprehension -Daddy fell into the pond (page 10 and 11) 

Maths - Practise 4 and 8 times table using the website below. We will be starting our times table levels again.

Spelling - Words off the 3/4 spelling list (or the sheet that was sent home)


Have a lovely weekend everyone. 

Mrs Bennett :) 

Reading lists


I have uploaded a lost of suggested texts.


In Guided reading, we are currently reading Stig of the Dump by Clive King. After this, we will be reading The Iron Man by Ted Hughes. If your child has their own copy at home, they can bring it in for our lessons. 

Friday, 25th February


Welcome back to Spring Two!


In English we have started writing our own playscripts! In Maths we have continued with our learning sequencing on multiplication, using different strategies to solve problems. We have also used our multiplication facts and linked this to division. In Computing we have started our unit on 'branching databases'. We created yes or no questions in order to find out information. In PSHE we started our 'rights and responsibilities' learning sequence. We identified different volunteers, people who are responsible for keeping us safe and explored what rights and responsibilities we have. 

In RE we started our Easter learning sequence. We spoke about how different crosses can be represented in the Easter story. We will be writing a diary entry from the perspective of Mary. In Science we started our learning journey on 'forces and magnets'. We learnt that push and pull forces need contact between two objects.


Next Thursday is World Book Day! 


Home Learning

Maths - Page 22 (The 3,4 and 8 timestables)

SPAG - Page 76/77 (ment, ness, full and less)

Spelling - playful, stressful, fearful, hopeless, thoughtless, meaningless

Please continue to sign your child's reading record. 

Timestables - 3,4 and 8


Remember spelling frame is a great website to practise spellings! We have been signing our timestables in class: 


Have a lovely weekend. 

Mrs Bennett :) 

Friday, 11th February


Can you believe we are half way through the school year!


This week we finished off our Judaism learning journey. We spoke about what family traditions we have and why they are important to use. In PSHE we learnt about how our body lets us know 'something is wrong'. In Maths we have been practising our times tables. We used different counting strategies to support us. In English we have been developing our 'speaking and listening skills'. We asked questions, listened to our peers, considered different viewpoints, justified answers and discussed the meaning of words. Our discussions were based around the different values identified in the book. 


We needed better light for our shadows lessons so will complete this next half term! 


On Wednesday we had our 'vision and values day'. In the morning we had a collective worship with Karl where we leant about the Bible story Daniel and the Lion's Den. Lottie had to have courage to put her hand in a box (luckily it was just a toy lion and not a spider!) We linked this back to our value of courage and created our own posters. We spoke about ways we have shown courage. We also created our own lion biscuits. In order to support our physical health we had a fantastic time on our bikes/scooters and completed a scavenger hunt! To support our mental health we read the book 'The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and The Horse'. We identified the different values throughout the story and drew our own picture to represent 'thankfulness'. We used the same style as the illustrator. We also created our own value stone to hide somewhere in Rickmansworth and a pot plant (we hope it puts a smile on their face). 


We also finished our dance based around the theme 'wild animals' and had a great Spanish lesson! We started to practise our songs for the Easter performance!


I have handed out your child's spelling list. They will be updated each half term. Please continue to practise these words. I have also sent home lots of reading books for half term. 


Each child has brought home their pencil case to replenish. 


I hope you all have a lovely half term.

Mrs Bennett :)

Friday, 4th February 


This week has been super busy, although it has been a little different! I have been videoing in each morning and afternoon to see the children on Google Meet! It has been lovely to hear about their day and all the learning that has been taking place! We also completed part of our PSHE lesson and editing lesson on Google Meet with Mrs Duxberry supporting in class! There are some fantastic instruction texts! I am so proud of the children - they take everything in their stride and are so adaptable! 


This week the children have completed their Art project. They created their own cave drawings using pastels and charcoal. They also created their own postcard using cave drawings and techniques learnt. Their last creation was their own 3D woolly mammoth. I can't wait to see them when I return! In spelling this week the children have focused on the suffix 'ness' and 'ment'. In guided reading they have been practising the skill of 'retrieving' information from a text. They worked on recording their answers as full sentences. 


In Maths we started our multiplication learning sequence. The children have been using arrays and repeated addition to solve multiplication problems. In PSHE we learnt about things that can 'help' or 'harm' us. We spoke about how medicines can 'help' but we need to make sure we follow the instructions and take them with a trusted adult's permission and supervision. In RE we learnt about Jewish prayer and came up with a list of all the things we are grateful for.  In English, the children wrote their instructions on 'How to wash a woolly mammoth'. They used the success criteria to check they have included all the key features and components. In computing the children found out that desktop publishing is a lot more efficient than designing posters by hand!


On Friday, the children had a 'Number Day'. There were some great number outfits and the children worked hard on their class 'riddle'! 


Home learning

The 3/4 spelling list will be sent home next week now. 


Maths: make sure you are confident with your 2, 5, 10 and 3 times table. Practise the 4 times table. This is a great website to  use:

You will see there is a 5-step plan to pratising and there is also games and worksheets! The 5 steps are: view, read aloud and repeat, in sequence, drag the right answer, shuffled questions, multiple choice and a timed quiz.


Spelling: happiness, kindness, darkness, enjoyment, amazement, excitement 

You can use spelling frame to practise - year2/spellingrule24


Next week is Children's Mental Health Week. We are also having and 'vision and values' day on Wednesday! Further details have been sent out via email.


Reminder: If you are at home isolating, I have been uploading the work for you to complete on Google Classroom. You can send your work via the assignment tab.


I hope to see you all on Monday - I have asked all the children to keep their fingers crossed! 


Have a lovely weekend. 

Mrs Bennett

Friday, 28th January


Where are the weeks going?! The children have been demonstrating fantastic learning attributes. 


In Maths we learnt how to find the perimeter of shapes. We found the perimeter of regular shapes and had to measure the length of the sides to work out the perimeter. We learnt the terms: length, width and perimeter. In English we have started a new learning sequence: instructions. Our book is called 'How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth'. We sequence events using adverbs of time, learnt about adverbs of manner and wrote sentences using prepositions and conjunctions. In Geography we learnt that the Nile was important to Ancient Egyptians and modern Egyptians. We 'debated' the question - 'Who needed the Nile more?'. In PSHE we leant about keeping safe online when browsing the internet. In RE we wrote our own ten commandments and learnt about the festivals Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. We created our own targets for the year and wrote down things we would like to say 'sorry' for. In Computing we created a 'Number Day' poster (we changed the font, pictures and layout.) 


Home learning

Maths CGP book - perimeter (page 40/41)

SPAG - suffixes 'ly' (Page 80/81)

Spelling - finally, bravely, luckily, quickly, happily, loudly

Reading - please continue to read 5 times a week 


Reminder: The spelling frame website can be used at home!

I will be sending home the Year3/4 word list next week. I have highlighted the words your child is able to spell. Please continue to practise these words regularly. 


Have a lovely weekend. 

Mrs Bennett 

Friday, 21st January


This half term is flying by! This week we finished our learning sequence in English. We practised note taking from a video and used the chrome books to find further information about the Great Barrier Reef. We created our own double page spread (just like in the book) on the Great Barrier Reef. We applied our learning of conjunctions, precise noun phrases and prepositions. In Maths we learnt about polygons (regular and irregular). We also practised drawings and constructing regular ad irregular polygons.


In Science we learnt about reflections and used torches to find out which material/colour is the most reflective. We also experimented with reflections and different types of mirrors. In RE we learnt about the story of Exodus and linked this story to the beliefs Jewish people have about God. We also learnt about the story of Passover and how Jewish people celebrate this. We learnt how the different foods on the Seder plate link to the story of Exodus. In Geography we defined the terms mouth and source (in relation to the River Nile). We described our journey from the source to the mouth. In PSHE we learnt that drugs can be both harmful and helpful. Medicines are helpful but alcohol and nicotine can be harmful. 


The children have been enjoying their Spanish lessons, PE lessons and time in the library.


Home learning

Maths -2D shapes - Page 46/47

Comprehension - Let's get growing - page 10/11

Spelling - Children to write 5 sentences that include an apostrophe (singular and plural)

Reading - 5 times a week.

Please remind your child they need to hand in their home-learning by Friday. 


Have a lovely weekend!

Mrs Bennett :) 

Friday, 14th January 


This week has flown by! In English we have continued with our Atlas of Adventures book. We have used prepositions to express place and precise noun phrases. We also used our inference and retrieval skills to find out about different festivals and celebrations across the world. In Maths we finished our learning on lines. We now know the terms: perpendicular, parallel, horizontal, diagonal and vertical. We also had a DT day to create our own pop up page. We learnt how to make the spring pop up and the box fold before applying this learning to create our own page. We then evaluated our learning. In Computing we created our own invites by changing the font, text, size, images etc. The website we used was called 'Canva'. In PSHE we re-visited our learning on risky and dangerous situations and suggested ways to reduce or manage risk. 


On Friday afternoon we focussed on the importance of healthy eating (snacks) and daily exercise. We used the NHS Food Scanner App to see if our snacks were healthy. We then decided on alternative options! 


Home Learning

Reading - 5 times a week. Please ensure your child brings in their books to change once a week. 

Maths - 50 and 51

SPAG -  92 and 93

Spelling - (Practise the apostrophe for possession)

Ben's notebook.

The girl's pencil cases.

Mrs Bennett's bag.

The babies' dummies


Please ensure home learning books are handed in by Friday.


It has been so lovely to see the children applying their learning at home or reading books around their topics. 


In Art we will be creating stone age drawings. If you have any large cardboard boxes please can they be cut up into sections and brought in. Thank you in advance.


Have a lovely weekend. Stay safe. 

Mrs Bennett


Friday, 7th January 2022


Welcome back to the the Spring Term! I hope you all had a lovely Christmas holiday - it is so good to see all the children! 


I will update the blog this weekend with our topics and learning for this half term. We had a lovely start of term service (on Zoom) with Deborah. Our value this half term is 'Courage'.


In Maths we finished off our topic on angles and learnt about perpendicular lines. In English we started a new book 'Adventure Atlas'. We will be visiting lots of different places and countries throughout the unit! This week we covered conjunctions and synonyms. In Guided Reading we have practised the skill of predicting. We had to find evidence from the front page and blurb to support our answers and predictions. In Computing we discussed the difference between text and image and in PSHE we identified situations that were safe and un-safe. We also defined the words 'risky' and 'danger' and spoke about strategies for dealing with a risky situation. In Geography we are covering a short learning sequence on the Nile (we will also cover rivers in our Stone Age topic and Rainforest Topic). We used an Atlas to identify all the countries the Nile runs through and created a fact file about the Nile. 


Home learning

Maths - 54 and 55

Comprehension - Bill's New Frock

Reading - 5 times a week 


Have a lovely weekend

Mrs Bennett



Dear Parents/Carers, 


What a week! It was lovely to see some of you at the Christingle Service at St Mary's on Sunday. All our learning sequences are not finished (we will finish Science and our final pop up page during the first week back!) We started the week off with our lovely Christmas Carol Service held at St Mary's Church. The children sang beautifully. The recording is saved on your child's Google Drive. The username is the same as last year, but the password has changed. The children use this to log in to the chrome books (it is their initial and then birthday e.g    kb010913   (no spaces). We also watched the Reception and KS1 Nativities. They were great fun to watch (pre-recorded). We had a visit from Father Christmas and got our presents! On Friday we had our Santa Run to raise money for Herts Young Homeless. The children have brought home their hats and medals! It really is a magical time of year. 


The cheeky elf - hidden in tinsel, gymnastics on the window handle, snow ball fight with the tissues and sat on the Christingle. We said goodbye to Buddy for another year as he goes back to the elf workshop with Father Christmas.


-I have sent home a Maths CGP book for the children to keep at home. They can complete this when they like. Some areas we have not covered in Year Three yet.

- I have also sent home extra reading books - please continue to read over the Christmas break. It is great to hear about the books the children are reading at home! 

-I have also sent home their updated common exception word lists. The year 3/4 list has also been sent home to the children who have started working on this. I will test the children at the start of next term (so you have an accurate list of words to practise at home!)

- Spelling Frame is a great spelling website you may want to use at home with your child (we have used it in class). The children get to play games while learning specific spelling patterns. Some of the spellings patterns are free and the rest need a subscription. 


Thank you for all your continued support this year. The children have made so much progress and I am so proud of them all. 


Thank you for my lovely Christmas present - it is very much appreciated! 


I hope you all have a lovely Christmas and a Happy New Year. Stay safe and I will see you all in 2022!

Mrs Bennett :) 


Dear Parents/Carers, 


This week has been extremely busy! We have had lots of 'theme' days to finish off our learning sequences. In PSHE we learnt about how people can have similarities and differences. We also learnt why people might bully others and how we can deal with this. We learnt three new terms: discrimination, prejudice, and origin. The children are so thoughtful and offered great ideas for overcoming bullying. We linked our new learning to prior learning about Black History.


 In Computing we created our own animations using playdoh. I have loved seeing the animations the children have created at home. In History we compared the Ancient Egyptian civilisation to other civilisations at that time. I have been so impressed with the children's knowledge of Ancient Egypt and how much research they have completed in their own time! 


In Maths we completed a learning sequence on statistics -we interpreted and read scales. We also started our new learning sequence on angles. We learnt the new terminology: acute, obtuse, and right angle. We also re-visited the term 'vertex'. We even made our very own right-angle checkers using the corner of a piece of paper!!!


We were able to watch the Reception Nativity (recorded)! I reminded Year 3 that they were that little once! The choir got to record their songs for the Christingle Service at St Mary's on Sunday. 


Today we had a 'Christmassy Day'. We got to wear our Christmas jumpers to raise money for the 'Save the Children' charity. We also got to have our lovely Christmas lunch! We also spent the afternoon listening to Christmas music while making our tree decoration (we will bring this home next week!) 


The elf has been busy as well.... he has performed gymnastic moves using tinsel, hidden in the cupboard and behind the Christmas card post box, became a pharaoh on the Egyptian table and he even put himself in the Nativity scene.


After school, we enjoyed putting on our 'dancing clothes' and 'partying' the afternoon away at the school disco! 


Home learning

Maths - Page 52 and 53 

SPAG - 50 and 51 (Apostrophes for missing letters)

Spelling - please practise the spelling words from the Year 1/2 common exception word list. An updated list will be sent out next week. If your child is confident with these they can move on to the Year 3/4 list. 


We look forward to another 'Christmassy' filled week next week! 


Have a lovely and safe weekend. 

Mrs Bennett

Dear Parents/Carers, 


Your child has brought home their pencil case - please can you check they have their white board pens, glue stick and a green editing pen. Well done to all the children singing at the Christmas Fair in Rickmansworth - I managed to catch the last couple of songs!


This week we have started 'Advent' at St Mary's. Each morning we open our advent card, open a present for the nativity scene, read the Bible verse and watch part of a video. We also light our advent candle. 


In English we learnt about the present perfect tense and wrote our own news reports. In Maths we have finished applying our knowledge of column addition and subtraction to solve mixed word problems. We drew bar models first to help us identify the operation. In Science we learnt about UV light and how important it is to look after our eyes. In PSHE we learnt how we can use respectful language to challenge viewpoints. In Computing we started creating our own animations. Next week we will be creating an Egyptian animation using PlayDoh! The app is called Stop Motion Studio.  In History we decided who was the most important pharaoh and learnt about the different Gods and Goddesses. We created our artwork for the school Christmas tree at St Mary's. KS2 Ethos Council went to decorate it today! 


We were very lucky to have the elf arrive. On Wednesday he arrived with magic glitter, Thursday he arrived with toast as a blanket with a note saying 'I'm feeling toasty' and on Friday he had hidden himself in a cupboard! 


Upcoming events

Saturday 4th - Christmas Fair at St Mary's School 

Wednesday, 8th - Learning showcase in the hall (2:30-3)

Friday, 10th - Christmas Jumper Day, Christmas Lunch, Auditions for the talent show (in school), KS2 Disco (after school - sign up on the Gateway). 


Home learning

Comprehension - 6/7 - Nature Trail         (We go through the answers as a class and then I mark the work when it is handed in)

Maths - Page 16         (We mark together as a class)  

I have also put in a sheet of mixed column addition and subtraction questions (optional)

Spelling - couldn't, shouldn't, can't, didn't, hasn't, it's, I'll, they'll, there's

Reading - please continue to read 5 times a week. Books can be changed at any point during the week.


Have a lovely weekend. I look forward to seeing some of you at the Christmas Fair. 

Mrs Bennett 🙂 

Optional sheet for Maths

Dear Parents/Carers, 


This week in English we have started our new unit on newspaper (report) writing. We read a selection of newspaper articles, identified features and changed verbs into the past tense. In Maths applied our regrouping and no regrouping column addition skills to answer word problems. We also learnt how to subtract (no regrouping and regrouping). To practise all the column addition and subtraction skills we used dienes first. We will continue with regrouping subtraction next week. In PSHE we identified the different communities we belong to and how belonging to a community is beneficial. In DT we evaluated a range of pop up books. In RE we learnt about Christmas and the values this festival shows. In DT we explored a range of pop-up books. In order to show compassion, we have created Christmas cards and pictures for two different charities.


Good luck to the children singing at the Rickmansworth Christmas fair tonight. Thank you to all the children who brought in chocolate for the St Mary's Christmas fair. 


Christmas will be starting next week at St Mary's! 


Home learning

SPAG - Page 94/95  and 26/27 

Maths - Page 21    (I have attached an optional subtraction sheet)

Spelling -  brake/break 







Have a lovely weekend. 

Mrs Bennett 🙂 


Friday, 19th November

Dear Parents/Carers, 


The weeks seem to be flying by at the moment! This week was anti-bullying week and Children in Need. This linked in very nicely with our PSHE learning sequence of 'valuing difference' and our value for the half term 'compassion'. We spoke about bullying (we will also be covering this later in our PSHE lessons) and wrote compliments for other children in the class. We had a great day today raising money for children in need. The children showed great compassion and kindness. 


In English we finished off our skill learning with expanded noun phrases, adjectives to add detail and varying our sentence openers. We then wrote our own story - applying all the learnt skills. I am so impressed with how well the children have worked on this piece of writing. It was lovely to see so many of them applying the skills learnt over the week and referring to the success criteria to remind themselves. We have been editing together under the visualiser. In Maths we have started our sequence of column addition. This week we practised column addition with regrouping and no regrouping. 


In History we learnt about Tutankhamun and debated 'should we dig up the past'. We learnt that it was okay to disagree with someone's idea and learnt how to form a response. In PSHE we learnt about the many different family types and learnt about adoptive and foster families. In RE we learnt about Hannukah, including how and why it is celebrated. On Friday afternoon we went to the library, read with Reception children (it was so lovely to see Year 3 reading with them) and spoke about Children in Need. 


We had an AMAZING time watching the Panto of Cinderella. Year Three agree with me - my dancing was the best! 


Reading - 5 times a week. Please continue to include the books your child is reading at home

Comprehension - page 4 and 5 (building Stonehenge)  

Maths - two sheets sent home to practise column addition + Page 20 CGP (the children should write out the column addition method to answer them)

Spelling - funny - funnier - funniest

quick - quicker - quickest





(Y3/4 statutory - special, possible, natural, material) 


If your child has a 'pop' up book at home, please can they bring one in on Friday. We are going to be starting our learning sequence for DT. 

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Bennett 🙂

Friday, 12th November


I hope you all had a fantastic time at the fireworks! This week we have started all our new learning sequences.


In Maths we learnt to create fact families, learnt about balancing number sentences (equality), and using the inverse to find missing number. In English we started our new book 'Mini Rabbit not lost'. We have described the looks and personality of the rabbit, used dialogue to reveal information (we learnt how to use direct speech correctly), wrote a description using appropriate verbs, adjectives and prepositions and used subordinating conjunctions to join ideas together. We are building up to writing our own story of Mini Rabbit Lost (the book has limited language and is based around pictures). In guided reading we read the book 'Monkey and the Panda'. We have applied our inference skills and prediction skills. We learnt how to use a dictionary to find new words and wrote a short review on the book.


In History we learnt about mummification and in RE we learnt about Diwali. We also had a visit from Wendy, who spoke to us about the Jewish Faith (we remembered lots of facts from Rabbi Aaron). Each week the children have two PE lessons and enjoy going to the library to read and take home a library book. 


This week was National Maths week. We watched different videos and spoke about how many words have a line of symmetry in them! 



Home learning

Reading - 5 times a week. Please encourage your child to write any other books they are reading at home. 

Maths - Page 17

SPAG - Page 74 and 75 

Spelling - 



I hope you all have a lovely weekend. 

Mrs Bennett :) 

Friday, 5th November


Good evening, 


What a fantastic start to the week! It was lovely to speak to so many of you at parents evening. The children have come back ready to learn! This week we finished off our computing learning sequence and learnt all about networks and how messages are sent using a switch. We also finished our Art learning sequence on Egyptian Art. In English we wrote our own fables, we made sure to include a moral! In Maths we have started our unit on mental subtraction. We started our new text in guided reading and continued to apply different reading skills. In PSHE we started our topic and spoke about our learning sequence. We also welcomed Rabbi Aaron into school. He taught us about the key Jewish festivals (a topic that we are starting this half term and continuing in the year). In RE we wrote a diary entry about a Baptism and discussed and identified where we think God is after listening to a song. We discussed that everyone will have different views and opinions and that everyone's view is valued. 


We also had our Egyptian themed day! In the morning the children stepped back in time to Ancient Egypt, they learnt facts and new information, danced like a pharaoh, took part in a quiz and learnt how to measure in royal cubits and fingers. In the afternoon we took part in a whole class drama. A Pharaoh was poisoned and died. We had to mummify him and set up the funeral procession. We took our funeral march all around the school. It was all acting - although some bits did look very real! The children all looked great and took so much learning from the day! 


New learning for this half term:

History - Continuing with Egyptians

Geography - The River Nile 

PSHE - Valuing difference 

DT - Pop up books

Computing - animations

Science - lights


Home learning

Reading - 5 times a week. If your child is also reading another book at home, please can they record this in their reading record. 

Maths - Page 18 and 19 (mental addition and subtraction)

Comprehension - 2/3   Please add a comment in your child's book on how they found this comprehension. 


I hope you all have a lovely weekend and have a great time at the fireworks. 

Mrs Bennett :)


Friday, 22nd October

What a super half term we have had! I am so proud of all the children.


It was great to welcome you to our 'learning showcase' on Thursday. It was lovely to hear the children sharing all their learning, showing their books to you and showing you around the classroom. 


This week in English we have continued to practise different skills that we will apply to our fable writing (after half term). In Maths we have continued our learning on 'mental addition'. We have been thinking 10, 100 and identifying if we need to regroup or not. In Science we finished our learning sequence on healthy eating and our bodies. We conducted our experiment to answer the question 'Do you jump further if you have a longer femur?' We also answered the question 'What would happen if we didn't have a skeleton'. In Art we made our own clay cartouche - the detail put into them was amazing! In guided reading we have focussed on the skills of inferring and summarising based around the book 'War and Peas'.  We also finished our PSHE learning sequence of 'me and my relationships'.  


There is no home learning this half term but please continue to read and learn the Year 1/2 common exception words. If your child is confident with these they can move onto the 3/4 curriculum words. I will update the blog in the week for our learning next half term.


Dates to remember ( I have corrected the dates!)

Monday, 1st November - virtual Synagogue tour/speaker 

Thursday 4th November - Egyptian Day 

Tuesday, 2nd and Wednesday 3rd - Parents Evening - please remember to sign up! 


I hope you all have a lovely and relaxing half term! Stay safe. 

Mrs Bennett :)

Friday, 15th October

Dear parents and carers, 


This week in English we have started a new learning sequence about fables. We identified the moral in different fables, identified the similarities and differences between two versions of the Hare and the Tortoise and created a checklist of features for when we write our own fable. We then used described a character by using an image in a book to infer information. The children came up with some fantastic vocabulary and used the synonym 'popcorn' to select different words.


In Maths we used our place value knowledge and understanding to read scales. We have also started a new learning sequence of 'mental strategies to support addition'. We added with no regrouping and for the last couple of days we have been 'thinking 10' to help us add.


In Science we learnt about the different skeletons (endoskeleton, exoskeleton and hydrostatic skeleton). In PSHE we    discussed what a dare is, learnt that we have the right to say no and discussed strategies to use if we feel uncomfortable or unsafe. We had a lovely trip to St Mary's Church for our RE lesson. We learnt how the Holy Trinity is shown in worship, Baptism and in a Christian's life. 


Home learning

SPAG - Page 72 and 73 (suffixed - ed and ing)

Maths -  Page 7 (reading and writing numbers) and page 14/15 (reading numbers on scales)

Spelling - please practise the words from the Year 1/2 common exception word list. If your child is confident with this they can move on to the Year 3/4 word list (saved at the start of the year on this page)

Reading - please continue to read 5 times a week. The 'main' book changing days are Wednesday and Friday but I am always happy to change them on another day if the children have finished them! 


Next Week

Book look - Thursday, 21st October at 3-3:30 in the Year Three classroom. This will be an opportunity for you to come into the classroom to see all our learning, see the classroom and look at your child's books. 


Have a lovely weekend, 

Mrs Bennett



Friday, 8th October 


Another busy week in Year Three! 


In Maths we have finished off our rounding to the nearest 10 and 100 topic. In English we identified the features of an instruction text and wrote our own instructions -  'How to catch a Wolf'. We then had a editing lesson where we re-wrote parts of our text to improve. We had to include prepositions, conjunctions, adverbs and adverbs of time! We applied our English skills in History and wrote an instruction text on 'How to build a pyramid'. We learnt about how and why pyramids were built - the children came up with some fantastic questions. In RE we had a poem with descriptions of 'God. We had to sort into God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. On Monday we will be writing our own kenning poem. In PSHE we had different scenarios and had to write what we would do to resolve the conflict. In Science we learnt about a human skeleton. We created the skeleton by using dog biscuits! We even learnt the scientific names!


Home learning

SPAG - Page 44 and 45

Maths - Page 12

Reading - 5 times


arrive, arriving, arrived 

love, loving, loved

copy, copying, copied

hurry, hurrying, hurried

topic words: skeleton


Have a lovely weekend, 

Mrs Bennett





Friday, 1st October


The children have had a super week. In English we wrote a diary entry making sure we included detail to explain the event, feelings and emotions. We made sure to include co-ordinating conjunctions to add further detail. We have been learning about using subordinating conjunctions and prepositions to detail to our sentences. We have practised identifying our favourite sentence in our writing and explaining why using the correct vocabulary (e.g I like the sentence because I included adjectives and an adverb to add detail). In Maths we have been comparing and ordering numbers. We have looked at the hundreds first, then the tens then the ones! We also completed a lesson on rounding to the nearest ten. In RE we painted our own version of the Baptism. We identified the trinity in our pictures. In History we learnt about Hieroglyphics and in Art we practised sketching our names before we make our own Cartouche. In Science we wrote a letter to the school cooks explaining the importance of a healthy, balanced diet. We even gave them recommendations!  In PSHE we spoke about who is special to us and how to maintain a special relationship with them. 


We also had a lovely Church service for Harvest. Thank you for your generosity. 


Home learning

Maths - Page 10

SPAG - Page 42 and 43    (Sorry it didn't upload earlier!)

Spelling -  what is the plural of boy, box, baby, fly, wolf and sheep

boys, boxes, babies, flies, wolves, sheep, 

topic words: protein, minerals 


I have sent home a spelling list for the children. Please continue to learn these spelling words alongside the weekly spellings.


The children asked me to put on the website we used in History: 


Have a lovely weekend 

Mrs Bennett :)

Sunday, 26th September 


Harvest Service at St Mary's Church on Thursday, 30th September. Please drop the children to the Church in the morning. Any donations will be greatly received. If you are able to walk back to school with us, please let the school office know. 

Friday, 24th September


What another busy week in Year Three!


This week in Maths we have been adding and taking away 100 and 10. We have had to regroup to solve some of the questions! In English we finished editing and improving our narrative based on 'A Paper bag Princess'. We worked hard on up-levelling our sentences by including adjectives and adverbs.  We started our new book 'Walk with a Wolf'. We made predictions, wrote facts and recorded learnt information. In Science we looked at food labels - we decided cheese was the healthiest snack (out of the ones we selected!) We were shocked to see how much sugar there was in the Yoyo Bears! (The children can still bring them in for snack!) In RE we read the Baptism of Jesus. We identified the Trinity in this Bible reading and discussed the meaning and symbolism of the water. In History we used the zone of inference to gather information about Egypt. In Computing we learnt about input and output. We also created our own machine using this vocabulary. 


Home Learning 

Maths - Page 9

SPAG - Page 40 + 41 

Reading - five times a week 

Spelling -   

 I have tested the children on the common exception words for Year 1 and 2. I will hand out individual spelling lists for these words next week. 


Reminder: The children are not allowed to 'trade' Yoyo Bear cards in school. If they would like to do this they can do it after pick up. 


Have a lovely weekend!  I hope the sunshine continues!

Mrs Bennett :) 

Friday, 17th September


I hope you all found the meet the teacher presentation useful. Today, our council representatives were awarded their badges in Celebration Worship. Well done to all the children who applied and those who were selected.


We have continued and finished our unit on place value in Maths. We have been partitioning numbers using different representations, regrouping, partitioning by regrouping and securing our equality knowledge (e.g 3 hundreds, 30 tens, and 300 ones). In English, we explored clauses and wrote multi-clause sentences, we wrote descriptive sentences using main clauses, identified the four main sentence types and acted out the story from the dragon's point of view. We also started writing a narrative from the dragon's perspective.


In Science, we identified the main food groups and used the Chromebooks to research the main functions of each food group. In RE, we started our learning journey on the Trinity. We used analogies to describe the Trinity (an egg and a Twix). We then designed our own Trinity symbol. In History, we located Egypt on a map and put main events in chronological order (we learnt about BC and AD). In PSHE, we spoke about some of the feelings people may have when they have lost something. We discussed that it is okay to feel like this and it helps people deal with a situation. This week in guided reading we have focused on the skill of 'retrieving'. We visited the library and started our PE units (communication and tactics and basketball)


Once a week the children will have Spanish or Music. 



On Monday afternoon the children will have forest school. Please provide your child with wellies and a coat (just in case it is raining!)


Home Learning 

Maths - place value (page 6)

SPAG - capital letters and full stops (page 38-39)

Spelling - Egypt, healthy, goal, snow, don't, ghost, toe, pole

Reading - 5 times a week (please remember to sign and comment)


Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Bennett 🙂

Meet the Teacher Presentation

Year 3 Curriculum Overview

Friday, 10th September


I am so proud of how all the children have settled in to Year 3. They have worked so hard over the last week and learnt all the Key Stage 2 rules and routines! 


In English we have started our unit based around the book 'The Paper Bag Princess'. We wrote sentences about our impressions on the book, wrote descriptions and up-levelled and edited sentences. In Maths we have started our unit on place value. We have represented numbers in a variety of ways, partitioned numbers into hundreds, tens and ones and compared representations. In Science we completed an experiment and learnt how to write predictions and conclusions. In PSHE we started our learning sequence on 'Me and my relationships'. We learnt about the importance of rules and consequences. We even created our own rules for different scenarios. In our spelling sessions we recapped the different ways of spelling 'ay' and 'ie'. We had our first PE lessons and Music. In Computing we spoke about internet safety and how to keep safe online. We also visited the school library. 


We had a lovely service at St Mary's Church on Tuesday. It was so lovely to see the whole school in one place again! 



Meet the teacher Zoom meeting - 1.15 on Tuesday, 14th September.

I will be in the dining hall from 3.15-3.25pm if you would like to talk in person for 10mins. 

I will upload the presentation and curriculum overview map for your reference on Monday.


Home Learning (hand in on Friday)

Maths CGP book - Page 2-5 (Y2 objectives test)

SPAG CGP book - Page 36-37 (capital letters for names and I) 

Spelling (test on Friday) - train, stray, came, eight, pie, cry, file, child 


Optional home learning - We will be having a range of different councils this year. Information about each council is in the newsletter. If your child would like to submit an application for sports, ethos, eco or school council they can hand in a letter (hand written or typed) to me by Wednesday, 15th September. Your child can apply to two councils (if they want). I will be selected the council members next week. 


I hope you all have a lovely weekend, 

Mrs Bennett :)

Sunday, 5th September


Hello and welcome to Year Three! 


It was so lovely welcoming the children back and seeing all their smiling faces. It is great to be teaching them again and seeing the progress they made in Year Two.  Over the two days  - I set the expectations for Year Three and we came up with our own class rules, we created our class prayer and filled in our helping hand. We started our first Maths unit on place value and wrote poems about what we 'didn't do' in the Summer holidays! 


I listened to all your children read and sent them home with two reading books. Books will be changed on a Wednesday or Friday. As books are getting a little longer, your child may only want to read them once. Please continue to sign your child's reading record so they can be changed. Although the children's reading ability is improving, it is still really important they read aloud to you. 


Some of the children brought home library books - these will be changed every Friday (if they are returned). 


More information on the 'meet the teacher' meeting will be provided next week. They will take place on Zoom this year and the PowerPoint/curriculum overview will be sent out before. I look forward to seeing you all then. 


As always, any questions, please ask! 


Mrs Bennett (Miss Clegg)