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Year 3

Year Three Class Page

The latest news, home learning, learning and events will be posted on this page.

Dear parents and carers, 


This week in English we have started a new learning sequence about fables. We identified the moral in different fables, identified the similarities and differences between two versions of the Hare and the Tortoise and created a checklist of features for when we write our own fable. We then used described a character by using an image in a book to infer information. The children came up with some fantastic vocabulary and used the synonym 'popcorn' to select different words.


In Maths we used our place value knowledge and understanding to read scales. We have also started a new learning sequence of 'mental strategies to support addition'. We added with no regrouping and for the last couple of days we have been 'thinking 10' to help us add.


In Science we learnt about the different skeletons (endoskeleton, exoskeleton and hydrostatic skeleton). In PSHE we    discussed what a dare is, learnt that we have the right to say no and discussed strategies to use if we feel uncomfortable or unsafe. We had a lovely trip to St Mary's Church for our RE lesson. We learnt how the Holy Trinity is shown in worship, Baptism and in a Christian's life. 


Home learning

SPAG - Page 72 and 73 (suffixed - ed and ing)

Maths -  Page 7 (reading and writing numbers) and page 14/15 (reading numbers on scales)

Spelling - please practise the words from the Year 1/2 common exception word list. If your child is confident with this they can move on to the Year 3/4 word list (saved at the start of the year on this page)

Reading - please continue to read 5 times a week. The 'main' book changing days are Wednesday and Friday but I am always happy to change them on another day if the children have finished them! 


Next Week

Book look - Thursday, 21st October at 3-3:30 in the Year Three classroom. This will be an opportunity for you to come into the classroom to see all our learning, see the classroom and look at your child's books. 


Have a lovely weekend, 

Mrs Bennett



Friday, 8th October 


Another busy week in Year Three! 


In Maths we have finished off our rounding to the nearest 10 and 100 topic. In English we identified the features of an instruction text and wrote our own instructions -  'How to catch a Wolf'. We then had a editing lesson where we re-wrote parts of our text to improve. We had to include prepositions, conjunctions, adverbs and adverbs of time! We applied our English skills in History and wrote an instruction text on 'How to build a pyramid'. We learnt about how and why pyramids were built - the children came up with some fantastic questions. In RE we had a poem with descriptions of 'God. We had to sort into God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. On Monday we will be writing our own kenning poem. In PSHE we had different scenarios and had to write what we would do to resolve the conflict. In Science we learnt about a human skeleton. We created the skeleton by using dog biscuits! We even learnt the scientific names!


Home learning

SPAG - Page 44 and 45

Maths - Page 12

Reading - 5 times


arrive, arriving, arrived 

love, loving, loved

copy, copying, copied

hurry, hurrying, hurried

topic words: skeleton


Have a lovely weekend, 

Mrs Bennett





Friday, 1st October


The children have had a super week. In English we wrote a diary entry making sure we included detail to explain the event, feelings and emotions. We made sure to include co-ordinating conjunctions to add further detail. We have been learning about using subordinating conjunctions and prepositions to detail to our sentences. We have practised identifying our favourite sentence in our writing and explaining why using the correct vocabulary (e.g I like the sentence because I included adjectives and an adverb to add detail). In Maths we have been comparing and ordering numbers. We have looked at the hundreds first, then the tens then the ones! We also completed a lesson on rounding to the nearest ten. In RE we painted our own version of the Baptism. We identified the trinity in our pictures. In History we learnt about Hieroglyphics and in Art we practised sketching our names before we make our own Cartouche. In Science we wrote a letter to the school cooks explaining the importance of a healthy, balanced diet. We even gave them recommendations!  In PSHE we spoke about who is special to us and how to maintain a special relationship with them. 


We also had a lovely Church service for Harvest. Thank you for your generosity. 


Home learning

Maths - Page 10

SPAG - Page 42 and 43    (Sorry it didn't upload earlier!)

Spelling -  what is the plural of boy, box, baby, fly, wolf and sheep

boys, boxes, babies, flies, wolves, sheep, 

topic words: protein, minerals 


I have sent home a spelling list for the children. Please continue to learn these spelling words alongside the weekly spellings.


The children asked me to put on the website we used in History: 


Have a lovely weekend 

Mrs Bennett :)

Sunday, 26th September 


Harvest Service at St Mary's Church on Thursday, 30th September. Please drop the children to the Church in the morning. Any donations will be greatly received. If you are able to walk back to school with us, please let the school office know. 

Friday, 24th September


What another busy week in Year Three!


This week in Maths we have been adding and taking away 100 and 10. We have had to regroup to solve some of the questions! In English we finished editing and improving our narrative based on 'A Paper bag Princess'. We worked hard on up-levelling our sentences by including adjectives and adverbs.  We started our new book 'Walk with a Wolf'. We made predictions, wrote facts and recorded learnt information. In Science we looked at food labels - we decided cheese was the healthiest snack (out of the ones we selected!) We were shocked to see how much sugar there was in the Yoyo Bears! (The children can still bring them in for snack!) In RE we read the Baptism of Jesus. We identified the Trinity in this Bible reading and discussed the meaning and symbolism of the water. In History we used the zone of inference to gather information about Egypt. In Computing we learnt about input and output. We also created our own machine using this vocabulary. 


Home Learning 

Maths - Page 9

SPAG - Page 40 + 41 

Reading - five times a week 

Spelling -   

 I have tested the children on the common exception words for Year 1 and 2. I will hand out individual spelling lists for these words next week. 


Reminder: The children are not allowed to 'trade' Yoyo Bear cards in school. If they would like to do this they can do it after pick up. 


Have a lovely weekend!  I hope the sunshine continues!

Mrs Bennett :) 

Friday, 17th September


I hope you all found the meet the teacher presentation useful. Today, our council representatives were awarded their badges in Celebration Worship. Well done to all the children who applied and those who were selected.


We have continued and finished our unit on place value in Maths. We have been partitioning numbers using different representations, regrouping, partitioning by regrouping and securing our equality knowledge (e.g 3 hundreds, 30 tens, and 300 ones). In English, we explored clauses and wrote multi-clause sentences, we wrote descriptive sentences using main clauses, identified the four main sentence types and acted out the story from the dragon's point of view. We also started writing a narrative from the dragon's perspective.


In Science, we identified the main food groups and used the Chromebooks to research the main functions of each food group. In RE, we started our learning journey on the Trinity. We used analogies to describe the Trinity (an egg and a Twix). We then designed our own Trinity symbol. In History, we located Egypt on a map and put main events in chronological order (we learnt about BC and AD). In PSHE, we spoke about some of the feelings people may have when they have lost something. We discussed that it is okay to feel like this and it helps people deal with a situation. This week in guided reading we have focused on the skill of 'retrieving'. We visited the library and started our PE units (communication and tactics and basketball)


Once a week the children will have Spanish or Music. 



On Monday afternoon the children will have forest school. Please provide your child with wellies and a coat (just in case it is raining!)


Home Learning 

Maths - place value (page 6)

SPAG - capital letters and full stops (page 38-39)

Spelling - Egypt, healthy, goal, snow, don't, ghost, toe, pole

Reading - 5 times a week (please remember to sign and comment)


Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Bennett 🙂

Meet the Teacher Presentation

Year 3 Curriculum Overview

Friday, 10th September


I am so proud of how all the children have settled in to Year 3. They have worked so hard over the last week and learnt all the Key Stage 2 rules and routines! 


In English we have started our unit based around the book 'The Paper Bag Princess'. We wrote sentences about our impressions on the book, wrote descriptions and up-levelled and edited sentences. In Maths we have started our unit on place value. We have represented numbers in a variety of ways, partitioned numbers into hundreds, tens and ones and compared representations. In Science we completed an experiment and learnt how to write predictions and conclusions. In PSHE we started our learning sequence on 'Me and my relationships'. We learnt about the importance of rules and consequences. We even created our own rules for different scenarios. In our spelling sessions we recapped the different ways of spelling 'ay' and 'ie'. We had our first PE lessons and Music. In Computing we spoke about internet safety and how to keep safe online. We also visited the school library. 


We had a lovely service at St Mary's Church on Tuesday. It was so lovely to see the whole school in one place again! 



Meet the teacher Zoom meeting - 1.15 on Tuesday, 14th September.

I will be in the dining hall from 3.15-3.25pm if you would like to talk in person for 10mins. 

I will upload the presentation and curriculum overview map for your reference on Monday.


Home Learning (hand in on Friday)

Maths CGP book - Page 2-5 (Y2 objectives test)

SPAG CGP book - Page 36-37 (capital letters for names and I) 

Spelling (test on Friday) - train, stray, came, eight, pie, cry, file, child 


Optional home learning - We will be having a range of different councils this year. Information about each council is in the newsletter. If your child would like to submit an application for sports, ethos, eco or school council they can hand in a letter (hand written or typed) to me by Wednesday, 15th September. Your child can apply to two councils (if they want). I will be selected the council members next week. 


I hope you all have a lovely weekend, 

Mrs Bennett :)

Sunday, 5th September


Hello and welcome to Year Three! 


It was so lovely welcoming the children back and seeing all their smiling faces. It is great to be teaching them again and seeing the progress they made in Year Two.  Over the two days  - I set the expectations for Year Three and we came up with our own class rules, we created our class prayer and filled in our helping hand. We started our first Maths unit on place value and wrote poems about what we 'didn't do' in the Summer holidays! 


I listened to all your children read and sent them home with two reading books. Books will be changed on a Wednesday or Friday. As books are getting a little longer, your child may only want to read them once. Please continue to sign your child's reading record so they can be changed. Although the children's reading ability is improving, it is still really important they read aloud to you. 


Some of the children brought home library books - these will be changed every Friday (if they are returned). 


More information on the 'meet the teacher' meeting will be provided next week. They will take place on Zoom this year and the PowerPoint/curriculum overview will be sent out before. I look forward to seeing you all then. 


As always, any questions, please ask! 


Mrs Bennett (Miss Clegg)