** w/b 3rd October ** Monday - Year 2 Trip to Windsor Castle, Y6 Hockey (selected children) ** Wednesay - Ethos Council Harvest Celebration at St Albans Abbey **
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Year 3

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The latest news, home learning, learning and events will be posted on this page.

Friday, 30th September 


A super week!


This week in English, we started a new book 'Walk with a Wolf'. The children wrote diary entries from the perspective of the wolf. The diary entry focussed on feelings, events and thoughts. The children also wrote facts about wolves - using learnt spelling strategies. We have focused on using conjunctions to expand our sentences. We have been editing our work to check for sense and errors. The children have been using synonyms to provide variety in their sentences.


In Maths the children have been comparing and ordering numbers. They have been using place value to estimate the order and magnitude of 3-digit-numbers. In History we have learnt about the process of mummification. - we wrote a set of instructions describing the process. I have been so impressed with the knowledge the children are sharing about Ancient Egypt and the research they are completing at home. In PSHE we learnt how to deal with different scenarios how how to come to a compromise, and the attributes our friends have. We had two great PE lessons, the children's skills in basketball are really developing. In Art the children made their canopic jars - they are fantastic! So far, in Spelling we has re-visited the alternative spellings for 'ai', 'ee', 'ie' and 'oa'.


This week the Bishop visited St Mary's to bless the prayer garden. The year 3 children read a beautiful creation story. We also had a lovely Harvest Service at St Mary's Church. Thank you for all your generous donations.


Date to remember - 11th November - Egyptian Day at school. I will be sending out a letter this week.


Home learning

SPAG CGP book - Page 20 and 21 (conjunctions with main clauses) 

Maths CGP book - Page 9 and 10 (10 or 100 more or less, ordering and comparing numbers)

Spelling (alternative spellings for long i - pie, July, bride, describe*, surprise*, exercise*, child, island*, library*, bright

*Year 3/4 statutory word list

Reading -please continue to read 5 times a week


Have a lovely weekend! 

Mrs Bennett :) 


Friday, 23rd September


A short but very busy week in Year Three! 


This week, the children sequenced a story and wrote sentences to describe the key parts, used drama to act out the story and defined the four sentence types: command, exclamation, question and statement. In Maths the children have been practising adding and taking away (10 and 100). The children had a lovely music lesson where they continue their unit on developing singing technique. In PSHE they had hand to work collaboratively and cooperatively to complete a tanagram activity. In Computing the class designed their own digital device, using the terms input, output and process. This week in the spelling the children learnt the variations for 'ee'. In Art the children sketeched and planned their canopic jars


Next week 

The children will have an extra PE session on Monday. Please can they wear their kit on Monday, Tuesday and Friday. 

Tuesday - the Bishop is visiting to bless the prayer garden. 

Thursday - Harvest service at church

*Please can the children make sure they have an art apron/old shirt in school next week*


Home learning (To be returned by Friday - we will mark it together as a class)

Spelling - cheek, freeze, team, increase*, complete*, extreme*, thief, believe*, recent*

*Year 3/4 spelling list

SPAG CGP - Page 36 and 37 (capital letters for names and I)

Maths CGP - Page 6 and 7 - (place value + reading and writing numbers)

Please complete the Year 2 objectives test at your own pace. I will mark it once it has been completed. 

Reading - continue to read 5 times a week


I hope you all have a lovely weekend. Fingers crossed I am back next week!

Mrs Bennett  :)

Monday, 19th September


I have uploaded the Meet the Teacher PowerPoint, 'usual' weekly timetable and curriculum overview. 


Please could you send you child in with an apron/old shirt for Art tomorrow. 

Friday, 16th September


Another fantastic week in Year Three! 


In English this week we practised editing sentences for spelling errors and missing punctuation, writing descriptive sentences using a range of adjective to describe the character's looks and personality, understanding, identifying and using multi-clause sentences and writing a diary entry from the perspective of the dragon! In Maths we have continued with our learning sequence - place value. We represented numbers using dienes and part part whole models, made number using different resources, regrouped numbers and partitioned numbers by regrouping. In spelling we looked at the alternative spellings for 'ai'.


In RE we learnt about the Trinity and what makes up the three parts of the trinity. In History we explored a picture to ask questions and state facts. We will refer back to this picture during our learning sequence. In PSHE we spoke about how we may feel if we have lost something important to them. We also spoke about how people may be feeling after the passing of the Queen. In Computing we learnt about input, process and output. In Science we started our healthy eating learning sequence. We learnt about the EatWell plate and also about the role of different nutrients. During our PE lesson we learnt the different skills for basketball and practised these in a mini-game format. We also had a great music lesson! 


Home learning

Spelling - fail, crayon, game, eight, lady, separate*, strange*, weight*

*on the Year 3/4 statutory spelling list

Reading - please continue to encourage your child to read five times a week. It would be helpful if you could date each time they read with you and add a short comment.


Next week 

Monday - bank holiday

Tuesday - PE

Wednesday - INSET day (children off)

Friday - PE


I will upload the meet the teacher PP, yearly overview and other useful documents this weekend. 


I am on jury service for the next two weeks (hopefully it is a short case and I can return to school). The children will be continuing with their learning sequences and I will be in regular contact with the school.


I hope you all have a lovely weekend. 

Mrs Bennett 

Friday, 9th September


Welcome to Year Three! It is so lovely to be teaching the children again and to see all the amazing progress they have made in Year Two. Thank you for preparing them so well for the new school year - they have settled into life in KS2 so well! 


This week we have written our class rules and class prayer. We have reflected on our school Bible story 'feeding the 5000' and linked this to our school values. We started our English unit - 'The Paper Bag Princess' and Maths unit on place value. In PSHE we have started our relationships learning journey and spoke about rules and why we have them. In History we started our Ancient Egypt learning journey - we located Egypt on the world map and found out where Ancient Egypt sits in our history timeline. In Computing we learnt about keeping save on the internet (Sharp, Alert, Secure, Kind and Brave) and played a game called 'Interland'. We also had a lovely start of term service at St Mary's Church. 


Today we marked the passing of  Her Majesty The Queen with a whole school collective worship. We took some time to remember her life and reflect. The children wrote some beautiful prayers which we will keep in our reflection corner in the classroom.


I have listened to the children read and have handed out their levelled reading books. The children are also bringing home a book from the Year 3 reading passports. Once the children reach level 12 and are reading it confidently, they will bring one levelled book home and a reading passport book to read independently (I will have noted this in their reading records). All the children in the class have brought a book home from the reading passports - they may be able to read all of it, part of it or they can have it read to them. 


Please listen to your child read five times a week and sign their reading record. The children may also want to read independently, and this can be recorded. As the children progress with their reading, it is still very important to listen to them read every week. Every Friday the reading records will be checked to see if your child has read five times . If books have been finished the books can be changed at any point in the week - the children are to place their reading books/record in the box at the front of the class. Some of the books may take a couple of weeks to finish!


Library books will be changed every Friday. 


More information will be provided during the meet the teacher on Wednesday, 14th September (1.30-2). I will also record the session so please let me know if you would like it to be sent to you. I will upload the PowerPoint slides onto the class blog.


Home learning (optional)

If your child would like to apply for the School Council, Sports Council, Ethos Council or Eco-Council please encourage them to hand in an application. This can be in the form of a poster, letter, PowerPoint slides (to be emailed to the school office) Thursday, 15th 


I look forward to seeing you all on Wednesday for the meet the teacher (zoom link sent). Please bring any questions to this meeting.


Have a lovely weekend! 


Mrs Bennett :)