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Year 4

Dear Year 4

I hope your second week of home learning has got off to a good start, with a bit of Maths, reading and writing each day. I certainly miss seeing you all each morning and hearing the interesting bits of information you love to share.


I have been doing quite a bit of reading, which is something I have neglected for the last few months. What have you been doing? I would love to hear about it on the schoolsout email. I'm sure by now that your reading books are completed. There is a great website called Epic! Books for Kids, with lots of interesting books that you can read online or offline. If you are bored, please take a look at them. One of the books that caught my attention is called Time Twisters. 


Keep well and look after yourselves. 

Mrs Lotter

Dear Parents

Here are a few links that you might find useful during your home learning. (Videos and articles on all curriculum areas) (Core subject games and home learning packs) (Reading activities)  (Curriculum Activity Books) (Maths investigations and puzzles)


Please don't hesitate to contact me via the schoolsout email address if I can help in any way. I hope this time of home learning has gone beyond the books and your child has managed to pick up a new hobby during this time, we would love to hear about it!

Stay safe

Mrs Lotter

Dear Parents

I have included some additional Maths worksheets if you find your child requires more of a challenge.

If you would like, please make use of the Comprehension Book One and complete one or more comprehensions a week. 

Trust your week is going well.

Dear Parents

The home learning books have been sent home. We encourage learning to take every day place but appreciate that each family set up will vary. Try to aim for your child to spend some time on Maths, reading and writing each day.  

The Maths daily home learning has been uploaded, as well as the times table tests which are to be completed at the end of each week.

The History comprehension from Task One has also been uploaded (please complete the first comprehension in the pack).

Please also encourage your child to try something new every day, this might be cooking, sewing, art etc. 

As ever, PE and Sport is very important for the well-being of our children. Joe Wicks has some great Youtube videos to keep your child/children active in the house. 

The Homework for this week is set below:

Maths: Please complete pages 14 and 48 of your Math's Workbook.

We will be focusing on then 12 times table in class this week, please spend time revising this at home.

English: Please read 'Aesop's Fables' on page 6 of Book One and complete the questions on pg 7.

Please learn these spellings and write them in a sentence to explain the meaning:

exercise, forward, minute, quarter, although

The Homework for this week is set below:

Maths: Please complete pages 34 and 35 of your Math's Workbook.

We will be focusing on the 9 times table in class this week, please spend time revising this at home.

English: Please complete 'The Tale of Custard the Dragon' on page 4 of Book One and complete the questions on pg 5.

Please learn the spellings and meanings of these words:

business, consider, different, height, interest


New Creative Curriculum Y4

The Homework for this week is set below:

For Maths, please complete pages 38 and 39 of your Math's Workbook.

For English, please read 'Choosing a Bike' on page 2 from Book One and answer the questions on page 3.

Please learn the spellings and meanings of these words:

heard, naughty, sentence, surprise, therefore

For Maths, please complete pages 28 and 30 of your Math's Workbook. We will be focusing on the eight times table in class this week, please spend time practicing this at home.

For English, please complete 'An Unexpected Visitor' on page 32 and create the questions on page 33 about the text.

Please learn the spellings and meanings of these words:

address, centre, circle, continue, fruit

The Homework for this week is set below:

For Maths, please complete pages 22 and 23 of your Math's Workbook.

For English, please read 'The Jungle Book' on page 30 and answer the questions on page 31 about the text.

Please learn the spellings and meanings of these words:

bicycle, decide, learn, library, natural

The Homework for this week is set below:

For Maths, please complete pages 10 and 11 of your Math's Workbook.


For English, please read 'A Letter from Barack Obama' on page 28 and answer the questions on page 29 about the text.

Please learn the spellings and meanings of these words:

enough, actually, breath, certain, peculiar

The Homework for this week is set below:

For Maths, complete Section One: Number and Place Value on pages 6-9 of your Maths Workbook.


For English, read 'The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe' on page 26 and answer the questions on page 27 about the text.

Home Learning - Friday 17th January

Please learn the spellings and meanings of these words:

opposite, perhaps, purpose, straight, favourite

Friday 10th January 2020

We've had a lovely first week back at school; the children have settled back into routines well and are looking forward to meeting Mrs Pilcher on Monday. 


The Homework for this week is set below:

For Maths, complete the 'Year Three Objectives Test' on pages 2-5 of your Maths Workbook.


For English, read 'Wayne Rooney: Captain of England' on page 24 and answer the questions on page 25 about the text. 


For spellings, learn the following words (remember to learn the meanings of them too): experiment, length, strength, particular, increase.

Year 4


Thursday 19th December 2019


Dear Parents,


What a wonderful week it has been. Mrs Wilson, Mrs Duxberry and I are overwhelmed and touched by your generosity and kindness. It was a lovely day today in class with wonderful hugs and kind words from your children - and many of you. Your children have been delightful and we are sad to see the end of the term, I am very sad to be leaving but I end this week with fantastic memories, especially the amazing service at St Mary's Church on Tuesday and a wonderful service this morning.


I wish you all a very Merry Christmas, a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year and a fabulous 2020.


Love from


Mrs Bowler x





Year 4


Friday 13th December 2019


Wowzers! The last Friday (at school) of 2019!!! Where has the Autumn Term gone?


This week has simply flown by and the children have soared with it. On Monday we had a magnificent Design and Technology day linked to the Mayans. Children had already designed 'Mayan Muffins' last Friday, learnt how to write a recipe on Monday morning and then the bake off began. Eight children approached the baking area at a time and they weighed, mixed, blended, folded and beat ingredients - who cared that they spilt a bit, made a mess or got a bit carried away with the honey - they loved every minute. They added their choice of flavourings to their own mix and the chilli flakes proved very popular for the bravest children. Oscar added quite a 'teaspoon' of flakes to his muffin mix and he kindly broke off a chunk for me to taste once baked. According to Oscar it was nice and tasty, so I tried a bit; as the children would tell you my face went red, my tongue was tingling and to say it was 'warming' would be an understatement - one very brave Year 4 and one wimp of a teacher! Luckily, for the children, Mrs 'Mary' Dux-'berry' was on hand with her incredible master-baker subject knowledge to explain why Georgia's centre was runny and raw, Jamie's muffin had risen well and Alessia's chocolate muffin was rock solid! The children learnt sooooo much about cakes and baking, way beyond the expectation of the curriculum.


The rest of the week has been filled with making, singing, eating and partying. Children have had an amazing week and I am positive they will need a good rest at the weekend. The 'Christmas Jumper Party Day' today was fab and our chef Skanda cooked an incredible lunch that every child ate with relish.


I hope you have a wonderful weekend with your children and I look forward to my last week with them next week.


Please remember the Christingle service on Sunday and the Christmas Carol Service on Tuesday evening at St Mary's Church. I look forward to seeing you there.


Mrs Bowler

Friday 6th December 2019


Dear Parents,


Another week of hard work and great learning this week. All children have been incredible despite a few tired looking faces today. With less than two weeks to go, we are still working hard to complete the elements of the curriculum that need to be finished before Christmas.


As requested at the Parent Forum, there will be no further homework or spellings set until the new year - children cheered in the class when they heard the news today! However, Key Stage 2 staff have asked the children to learn the words for the concert - Year 4 need to learn The Holly and the Ivy, they were given the words by Mrs Wilson this week.


We will be baking on Monday to complete the D&T topic linked to the Mayans, some children have already selected chilli peppers to flavour their cakes - brave people!! They will design, weigh, mix, fill, decorate, taste and evaluate their designs - Mrs Duxberry and myself will put the cakes into and take them out of the ovens! Health and safety accounted for!!


Please remember school is closed on Thursday 12th for Polling Day.


It is also Christmas Jumper and Party Day on Friday 13th, so let's see who has the craziest, funniest, funkiest jumper - it won't be me laugh


Finally, my sincere apologies for the news you were given this week that I am leaving at Christmas. It has been great getting to know the children and it was not my intention to upset them, or you their parents.  


Have a wonderful weekend


Mrs Bowler





Friday 29th November 2019


Dear Parents,


Apologies for the delayed Class Page this week but my login was hit by the Black Friday gremlin and I have not been able to use my laptop for anything until this morning. It felt like I'd lost my connection with the world! However, I did explain all the homework to Year 4 on Friday morning as usual - so they should have known what to do.


It has been another lovely week. Your children have been listening to myths from the Mayans and the Greeks. On Friday they came up with some amazingly original resolutions to a myth, having only read part of the story to them. Next week we will continue with myths, but our focus will be sharing imaginative ideas for the dilemmas in myths.


Maths number stories (word problems) proved very interesting too, with some very creative problems being devised to multiply or divide by 10, 100 or 1000. Children worked in pairs, independently and collaboratively, throughout the week and on Friday had to be the teachers by correcting another group's work; as I explained to the children this shows a greater depth of understanding. 


The highlight of the week had to be a visit from Kirsty from Choccy woccy doo dah with the children designing and making their own chocolate lolly. The classroom was buzzing amidst the heady smell of heated chocolate! Kirsty was impressed with their work and I know the children enjoyed eating their hard work - can't say that too often.


Next week we are converting units in maths and developing our work about myths.


Have a great weekend


Mrs Bowler


Spellings: contracted apostrophes

can't (can not), didn't (did not), should've (should have), they've (they have), they're (they are)

accidental / accidentally, guard, special

Spelling note: should of, could of, must of does not exist in English, these are common mistakes due to the way we say these words when contracted - the 'have' is contracted to 've' which gives it the 'of' (or 'ov') sound.

Comprehension: Escape from Germany page 20

Maths: Conversions (and their vice versa conversions) to remember/learn off by heart

1 kilometre = 1000metres    1metre = 100cm or 1000mm      1cm = 10mm

1 kilogram = 1000grams   1/2 kilogram = 500grams

1 litre = 1000millilitres    1/2 litre = 500 millilitres

1 year = 12 months or 52 weeks or 365 / 366 days

1 month = 28, 29, 30 or 31 days

1 day = 24 hours 

1 hour = 60 minutes

1 minute = 60 seconds





Year 4


Friday 22nd November 2019


Dear Parents,


The children have been amazing this week, especially writing their character descriptions of Charlotte the spider, from Charlotte's web, and Charlie Bucket from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The children showed great empathy and understanding of both characters and thoroughly enjoyed the group work that supported their independent written work. Next week...myths! The children heard we will be reading lots of myths over the coming weeks and are keen to hear about all the quests and adventures of the Greek characters in each.


Tackling multiplication is one of the main areas of focus in maths this year, so it was good to see the children use sliders to solve calculations when multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000. We will continue this work next week as the children are gaining confidence all the time in this area.


In art, the children have finally finished their masks and to say they are impressive is an understatement. Mrs Bartram walked in to the classroom to see all 32 masks laid out on the tables as they were drying out for the final time. The children have worked so hard to complete them to a such high standard. They will look amazing on display in the new year.


Next week we have the joy of investigating chocolate for the final time. We are all super excited about Thursday and can't wait to see how it is made - it will be a wonderful conclusion to our reading book this term.


Have a wonderful weekend


Mrs Bowler


Comprehension: An Interview with Tim Peake, pages 16 + 17

Maths: Dividing by 10 and 100, pages 36 + 37

Spelling rule next week is adding the suffixes er, ing, ed and en. Spellings are:

gardener, limiting, cornered, fastener, sharpen

caught, ordinary, island

Year 4


Friday 15th November 2019


Generally on a Friday we do not wear our pyjamas, however we did today for Children in Need - we loved it because it was very cosy! Yay!


In English we have been writing instructions about how to find an Oompa Loompa. We have been using generalisers to start sentences, we have enjoyed this writing. In Maths we have been learning how to write our own word problems/number stories using bar models, pictures and column methods of addition and subtraction.


In art we have been using acrylic to colour and detail to our Mayan masks. Mrs Duxberry said it looked like organised chaos, but said everyone was thoroughly engaged among the mess and the results are amazing! The children said it was a fabulous afternoon. I'm not sure Mrs Wilson felt the same way as she had to clean all the paint pallets - sorry.


We have had another great week that has ended with wearing pyjamas, taking part in a 5 minute warm up with Jo Wickes in assembly (video - not the man himself!), fundraising and having a great 'friendship' day.


Have a fab weekend. See you Monday.


Written by all of Year 4 with Mrs Bowler!



Comprehension: Coram Boy page 16

Maths: Word problems pages 26 and 27


Rule is 'ei', 'eigh', 'ey'.

eight/eighth, freight, weight, sleigh, they've, grey

complete, guide, mention





Year 4

Friday 8th November 2019


Welcome back!


We hope you had a lovely rest over the half term break; was it me or did it seem to fly by?


The children have been writing instructions and recounts this week, both results were amazing. The instructions for finding Oompa Loompas in Loompaland were brilliantly creative with some children instructing others to take a plane, car or even a submarine to get there. Children also wrote instructions today (Friday) about making chocolate titled 'From bean to bar', but not in the traditional way. Creativity was the order of the day and 'anything' was acceptable! Did you know that mice run around in a big wheel to turn the melanger that grinds the cacao bean? Or, that pixies spray the cocoa powder with multi-coloured sugar from purple violets? No, neither did I until this morning!


The children also learnt about Eid, Mecca and the Kaaba in their study of Islam. They had to imagine they had travelled there and then write a postcard home explaining what they had seen, heard, touched and felt - they were absolutely beautiful and incredibly reflective.


In maths this week the whole class completed a couple of short arithmetic and reasoning papers; whilst some children were a little worried about the papers I reassured them it is not a test!!! The papers will help me to target their learning even more and support them in future lessons. The children tried really hard and quite a few even surprised themselves - well done all.


The children's art is developing nicely and all the children finished adding the modroc to their masks. The masks need to dry for a few days before adding the finishing touches of paint and embellishments. Mrs Wilson and Mrs Bartram were so impressed with the results so far - the cleaners less so wink


Have a fabulous weekend, hopefully the weather stays dry and Jack Frost stays away.


Mrs Bowler



Comprehension: 'The Story of Nu Wa' on pages 14 and 15.

Maths: 'Factor pairs' on page 24.

Spellings: The children will be learning about prefixes next week in spelling. A prefix is a letter, or group of letters placed at the front of a root word that changes the meaning. The prefixes this week are 'in', 'im', 'ir', and the spellings are: incorrect, irregular, imperfect, illegal, immortal,

In addition, children will need to learn the following from the Year 3/4 National Curriculum Word List:

difficult, believe, regular


Don't forget to wear your pyjamas on Friday for Children in Needyes






Year 4

Friday 25th October 2019


It seems like only a week ago the children walked through the door, despite it being the longest half term ever! I think we can all agree we need a rest and the holidays couldn't come soon enough. Mrs Wilson, Mrs Duxberry and I agree it has been absolutely lovely getting to know all 32 characters in the class over the past 8 weeks and we are looking forward to the second half of the Autumn Term.


On Monday afternoon, whilst the dance rehearsal was taking place, I enjoyed teaching Year 1 and Year 2 PE alongside 9 fabulous Year 4 'coaches'. The children who were not going to the festival supported the younger children learning gymnastic movements and routines. Their attention to detail when modelling gymnastics, and their high expectations certainly helped the younger children to achieve.


On Wednesday evening I had the absolute pleasure of accompanying 23 of the class to the 'Rickmansworth Dance Festival' where your children performed brilliantly in front of an audience of over 300 people. To hear Miss Clegg  cheer them on was wonderful as they strutted their stuff on the stage; their headbands added a bit of colour to their 'all black' outfits. A special mention must go to Charles who manged to persevere and dance despite having a headache from bumping his head earlier in the day, to quote him "I didn't want to let anyone down". The highlight of the evening for me, however, was receiving a huge compliment from the stage crew who said "Your school have been the quietest children we have had over the week back stage. They have done everything we have asked them to do." Well done.


There is no homework set during this holiday (in line with every other class), however it is still important for every child to read every day, hence why children were sent home with three reading books. We have also dated the next comprehension in their books should anyone want to complete it now rather than in a couple of weeks time - it is not due in until 13th November.


Have a fabulous break, stay safe and I'll see you all on either Sunday 3rd at the fireworks, or on Monday 4th when we return to school.


Mrs Bowler, Mrs Wilson and Mrs Duxberry


Year 4 week ending 18th October 2019


Dear Parents,


We have had a fun week in Year 4, it all started with Science on Monday when we were investigating the temperatures of water when it freezes, melts and evaporates. We used ice cubes and salt to compare which one melts quickest. Then Mrs Bowler boiled a kettle and put a pot over the snout of it to create condensation. When the condensation evaporated the heat of the water  scrunched the pot up. Everyone laughed when the pot began to change shape.


In Maths we were learning about multiples of 6, 7, 9 and 25 using coloured beads and dienes. In English were making sentences using a game with dice and a word grid. We used adjectives, verbs, nouns, adverbs, prepositions and we also used some fronted adverbials. Everyone enjoyed this game because it was a fun game. We have also designed our chocolate bars and edited our poems for display.


We have been busy learning our routine for the dance festival next week. Jack and Daryl have been coaching us in PE and in Golden Time so that we can be our best.


Next week we will be learning about multiples of 100 and 1,000 in Maths. In English we will be learning about explanation texts and a 'Snoozatron'.


Enjoy your weekend


Emma and Mrs Bowler



Comprehension: Armoured Dinosaurs on pages 12 and 13

Maths: Colouring the 9 x tables sheet (colour the answer to the 9x tables in one colour to find a hidden picture)

Spellings: appear, February, grammar, particular, pressure


Good afternoon,


We have had a fantastic week in school with the children now earning marbles for their table in order to earn a small treat (not an edible one!) once their pots are filled. Marbles are awarded for all manner of things including the neatest/quietest/quickest/most helpful/hardest working/trying hard (you get the idea) table.  The children's response to the jars has been quite staggering - outstanding in fact! In addition, children can also earn marbles for the class jar for a collaborative treat - both ideas are working well and the children have loved filling their jars.


Miss Moran popped in to see us working hard in Maths on Thursday - children were all on task, busy solving problems and working with their partners really well. Year 4 also completed their first times tables tests today (Friday) and 14 children got every question correct - they will receive their 'Bronze Certificate' next week. If your child did not achieve 100% do not worry, just practise the multiples sheet that I sent home so that they can try to succeed next Friday - you will be able to see where they went wrong; most children could see the mistakes themselves. In Maths next week we will be focusing on counting in multiples of 6,7,9,25 and 100.


We've started using fronted adverbials in English and we will continue with this learning next week as it is a tricky area for Year 4 to fully grasp in one week! However, I have been really impressed with just how imaginative they have been using visual prompts and talk partners to write some fairly complex sentences. Well done Year 4!


Have a great weekend - I hope the weather is kind to us all.


Mrs Bowler (normal service with a blog partner resumes next Friday)



Comprehension: Julius Caesar's Goat, pages 10 and 11

Maths: Written subtraction, page 19

Spellings: arrive, experiment, notice, special and weight

Year 4 2019 - 20


Friday 4th October 2019


Hello parents,


This week in school we've been incredibly busy!


On Tuesday, we were visited by Rev. Snowball who shared in our Harvest Festival with the whole school; there were also some local neighbours who had accepted the invitation I delivered last week. Everyone did a performance for the Harvest Festival and Year 4 acted out 'The Enormous Potato', a funny story (because we had tweaked it a little bit!) with a message from God about sharing spare food we have with people who don't have as much. Everyone laughed when the potato (Henry) popped out from the ground and the farmer, his wife, their daughter, their son, the sheepdog, the cow, the sheep and the pig all fell over after much heaving!


On Thursday, Archie and Lucy performed their own original poem about chocolate - and they really, really performed! Mrs Edwards was so impressed that she gave each of them a gold 'Headteacher's Award' sticker. In the afternoon, we also started to make our Mayan masks in Art with Mrs Wilson and Mrs Bartram. We made a bit of a mess, but it was a really good lesson. Mrs Bowler sends her thanks to Mrs Moran for sending the message to parents about the cardboard (and aprons), and to the parents who were able to bring one or both items to school the next day. We have plenty left over, so do not worry about bringing in any more.


Have a wonderful weekend.


Charles and Mrs Bowler



Comprehension: pages 8 and 9, GRRRR (yes, it really is the title!)

Maths: page 18, Written addition

Spellings: answer, earth, famous, medicine, separate





Friday 27th September 2019


Everyone agreed it was a quick week this week with lots of things going on.


In class we have learnt about molecules in science; in English we were in character as either Augustus Gloop, Violet Beauregarde, Mike Teavee or Veruca Salt to start our character descriptions which we will be continuing this next week; and in art we started to design our Mayan masks by practising the skill of continuous line drawings.


We also held our School, Ethos and Sports Council elections. Our Year 4 representatives (elected by the class) are:

School Council: Lucy and Alexander

Ethos Council: Millie and Charles

Sports Council: Niobe and Jamie

Well done to the above children. Also, well done to all the children who stood as candidates but were unfortunately not elected this time. Be very proud of how confidently they spoke. Mrs Duxberry and Mrs Bowler were incredibly impressed.


The Ethos Council met for the first time and were given Harvest Celebration invitations to decorate and on Thursday lunchtime we put them in envelopes, addressed them and posted them in the letterboxes of the local residents of school with Mrs Sharpe and Mrs Bowler. The very same afternoon, an elderly neighbour brought in a bag of vegetables that he has grown in his garden for our harvest collection. He also said that he and his wife would love to come to the celebration next week.


Have a wonderful weekend.


Homework this week:

Comprehension: pages 6 & 7 'The Dragonsitter's Island'

Maths: pages 20 & 21 'Estimating and Checking'

Spellings: popular, various, experience, remember, disappear.


Blog written by Millie and Mrs Bowler

Year 4 class page

Weekly updates and news from Year 4



Friday 20th September 2019


Hello! Welcome to the 2019/20 Year 4 blog.


Firstly, my sincere apologies that Year 4 did not have a blog last week, it shan't happen again! However, I am positive we are all (parents and teachers) trying to prepare children to become increasingly independent as they move through school, so the children should have been able to tell you about their homework, spellings and reading books without referring to this page - we had discussed it all in class. I always ask the children to highlight their new spellings and write on the appropriate page in their Comprehension and Maths books when the homework is due in; we will mark it at an opportune time together so that children can see where they have excelled, or need to correct any mistakes.


It has been lovely getting to know your children over the past few weeks. Can you believe it is their third week already? It was also great meeting so many of the parents at the 'Meet the Teacher' session in your child's class on Wednesday. If you couldn't attend the meeting, please take a look at the copy of the Year 4 power point sent home the same day as it covers everything I mentioned and talked about. If you should need further clarification about anything, just ask. A few parents asked some questions (below) and my response is included:

Q. There used to be a homework club in school. Is this going to be running again?

A. I am not aware of a Homework Club, but I will ask.

*I sought advice and at this moment in time we are not able to run a club during the school day.


Q. Year 4 didn't have a blog last week, will there be one?

A. Yes, my apologies for not having a blog ready. I have only been here a couple of weeks and didn't know about a weekly blog until Friday afternoon.


Q. What happens if my child cannot complete their homework?

A. Please speak to myself or Mrs Wilson on the Monday morning. We would still expect the homework to be completed, but it might be your child needs a reminder, extra time, or a gentle word about expectations.


Now for this week in Year 4! What have we been up to this week? Well, continuing with our 'Choccywoccydoodah' theme we have been designing our very own chocolate treat. Year 4 children have the most incredible imaginations and have designed chocolate statues, fountains, machines, mousse, buildings and all manner of delicious creations - if only we could make them for real! In Maths we have been rounding numbers to the nearest multiples of 10, 100, 1,000 and 10,000. The children even rounded 7,635,418 - ask them to show you how!!


Mrs Wilson has been forging ahead with music and the response to learning the recorder has been impressive. Hopefully, children are practising at home so that you can also 'enjoy' their efforts. By the end of the year they will be playing a tune together in our class assembly, so please do support them and encourage them to practice for 5 minutes every day.


In future, I will be asking the children (in turn) to write the weekly blog with me on a Thursday or Friday. They will definitely let you know if they have written it, so there's no need to ask when it will be your child's turn as names will be drawn out of a hat each week; it will be a surprise for them, me and you.


If your child would like to stand for School Council, Sports Council or Ethos Council they need to stand up and speak to their peers saying why they would be a suitable candidate to represent the class. I have told the children they do not need power points or a script; a few brief notes should be more than enough if they feel more comfortable using them. Children can stand for all councils, but will only be able to be elected for one pending the results of each election.


Homework this week:

Comprehension page 4 and 5 titled 'Geocaching'

Maths pages 12 and 13 titled 'Rounding'

Spellings (please learn the meanings also): material, calendar, describe, through, reign

Daily reading - at least 5 times every week.

Times tables - keep practising! A favourite game my children used to play on the way to and from school was multiplying door numbers or car registration numbers, for example house number 27 was 2x7 or 7x2, or car registration LK56 TRZ became 5x6 or 6x5 etc. No need to practise at home if it's done before you get there!


Next week, less words and more pictures! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and that the weather remains warm and dry.


Mrs Bowler