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Year 4

Friday 30th April 2021


It has been a great week in year 4, finished off with a rather cold and damp painting session in the Aquadrome this afternoon, however the paintings looked great with a little rain on them to add atmosphere!

In English we have begun a new book 'Azzi in Between' looking at the story of a refugee. We have been mapping out the events and will be moving on to writing in character. In Maths we have started looking at fractions - making complements to 1 and adding and subtracting fractions without regrouping. 


Home Learning

English - Grammar Punctuation and Spelling - pages 52,53,54 and 55 Apostrophes for Possession


Maths - Targeted Question Book - pages 30 and 31 Adding and Subtracting Fractions


Spelling - Please spend time practising words from the Year 3 and 4 Statutory Word List (please use the one sent home or see the list below).


Have a lovely Bank Holiday weekend. Please remember that school will be closed on Thursday and Friday for Polling Day and INSET respectively.






Year 3/4 Statutory Word List

Friday 23rd April 2021


This week, all the children have been busy writing their own adventure for the characters in the book Journey. We have been really impressed with the quality of writing and the fabulous vocabulary they have used in their stories.

In Maths, we have been working on adding and subtracting amounts of money and also problem solving.  In Science, we are learning about Sound and we spent a slightly noisy lesson investigating how musical instruments vibrate when we play them!

Also, in RE we are digging deeper into the Creation Story, in particular The Fall and the children wrote news reports to demonstrate their understanding of this. 

The class were thrilled to return to swimming this week, it felt like quite an adventure heading off in the coach! The children worked hard and really enjoyed themselves.


Home Learning

Maths Targeted Question Book – pages 23 and 39

Comprehension – The Real Princess pages 16 and 17

Spelling – to revise plural nouns










Please continue to practise times tables and to read regularly, thank you.


Friday 16th April

Welcome back, we hope you've had a lovely Easter and are looking forward to the Summer Term and a return to some normality! 

This week we've have been looking at the book 'Journey' by Aaron Becker and have written some great dialogue and poetry. We will be writing a story based on the book next week. 

In Maths we have been practising column method for adding and subtracting decimals and have made an excellent start. We have begun our new topic - looking at the history of Rickmansworth - so please ask the children if they can remember any of the key events we placed on our timeline today.


Home Learning

There has been some discussion in class as to which Comprehension activity and Maths Mental Workout we are doing and we think some of the children may be on different pages. For this week only, please can the children do the next Comprehension and the next Maths mental workout in their book. We will collect all books in on Wednesday to check, so that we can all start on the same page next week. Thank you.




serial, cereal

piece, peace

berry, bury

compliment, complement

We will test the spelling and the definitions on Wednesday.


In addition to this week's spelling, we have sent home spellings from the Year 3 and 4 Statutory Word List. We have tested all the children on the first 3 columns of words and have highlighted those they have spelt correctly. Please can you support them to learn those words that are not highlighted, as we will test them again on these before the end of half term. We will then focus on the second half of the list.

Not all children have words to practise.



Next week sees the return of swimming lessons, which will take place on Thursday afternoon. As a result, we have made the decision to move PE from Thursday to Tuesday, so children will need to come to school dressed in their PE kit on Tuesday please. We will send out a reminder on Monday. Thank you.







26th March 2021


We have had a lovely week leading up to the end of the Spring Term. In Maths, we have focused in particular on our fluency, practising rounding numbers and placing decimals on a number line. The children have written some wonderful playscripts using their storyboards and completed the painting of their dragons. Please look at the pictures below.

We are so impressed with their progress in learning times tables. Keep it up over the holidays! Also, we are delighted with the amount of reading that is taking place at home. We’ve noticed a real enthusiasm and lots of great progress when we assessed their reading. We look forward to supporting the children with finding some new and exciting books to read next term, so that they can explore and experience different genres and authors.  


Home Learning



Continue to read regularly throughout the holidays.



Words below are chosen from the Lower Key Stage 2 statutory word list.  If you can spell correctly and with confidence all the words from List 1, please look at List 2 from Upper Key Stage 2. This is attached below.






















Times tables

Keep practising your times table. If you are on a mixed grid, print off and see if you can complete it in under 3 minutes.


Have a wonderful holiday, see you on 12th April.


Miss Wilson and Mrs Bartram



19th March


Our second week back has been another great week in Year 4. In Maths, we have been learning about decimal numbers and regrouping tenths and hundredths flexibly. In English, we had a fun time comparing the film and text version of the Hatter’s Tea Party and investigating features of plays, ready to write a scene from a play next week. 


All the children looked amazing in their outfits and red clothes. We listened to all the class tell us jokes today - if only we could start every day in the same way! 


Home Learning



Complete storyboard from Friday’s English lesson. 

Children should draw between 5 and 8 sections of the storyboard. Each section should have a caption briefly explaining the scene, a picture of the events and 2 speech bubbles of dialogue for the characters. It should be coloured in carefully and returned to school on Monday as it is needed for the script writing lesson.



Targeted Maths: Decimals (tenths and hundredths) Pages 34 and 35 



We have begun investigating the long phoneme that sounds like 'ay' and is spelt 'ey', 'eigh' and 'ei'










Please read regularly and record this in Reading Record book.


Have a lovely weekend!




12th March 2021

What a great first week we have had at school!  As you can imagine, it was just so lovely to see all the smiling, perhaps slightly nervous, but mainly excited faces on Monday morning. All the children have had a fantastic attitude to their return to learning and, needless to say, we have been thoroughly impressed with them. 


So, we began our return to school with Science Week which has been great fun and full of different activities. On Tuesday, we started the day with a zoom assembly with Mr Nolepa, a lovely St Mary’s parent, and he answered lots of interesting questions from our class about his job as an Engineer. He then set us an investigation which involved testing sounds made by ear gongs (which we made out of wire hangers and string). It produced some exciting and surprising results. We couldn’t believe that a hanger with two pieces of string attached could sound like a loud gong!  Other fun activities included creating 3D insects out of paper, imagining a classroom of the future (see photos below) and using pipe cleaners to design and make a zip wire harness for their stone person.  We will test these out next week to see if they are fast, fun and most importantly safe for their stone! 


Of course, we have also been doing Maths and English, recapping some of our Remote Learning topics and some new learning as well, such as more place value work on decimal numbers in Maths and starting our new Playwriting unit in English. 


Next week, in Maths, we will continue to look at place value in decimal numbers, focusing on tenths and hundredths. In English, we will continue learning about the main features of plays by looking at dialogue and the use of adverbials. Our book to help inspire us with our writing is called, ‘Adventures of the Dish and the Spoon’ by Mini Grey. 


Home Learning 

Back to normal, so there is home learning this week, due to be completed by Wednesday, 17th March. Alongside practising all the times tables as a whole class, we will be returning to our regular 1 minute times table testing, so the children will be reminded of the times table they had reached prior to lockdown, so that they can focus on this at home. 



CGP  SpaG: 

Page 7: Adverbs 

Page 18/19: Adverbials 



CGP Targeted Question Book

Page 28: counting in hundredths



We have been looking at the sounds that follow words beginning with 'w' and 'qu'.

'a' sounding 'o': wander  swallow  squabble  quantity  quarter


‘ar’ sounding ‘or’: war   warm   towards   forwards   wardrobe


‘or’ sounding ‘er’: word  work  worm  world   earthworm

Please practise all 15 words.


Best wishes


Ms Wilson and Mrs Bartram













Science week: paper insects (no glue or tape) and Future classroom posters

17th December 2020


Ms Wilson and I would like to say a huge thank you for our wonderful plants and vouchers, they are very much appreciated. It has been an absolute pleasure to teach your children this term; they have worked so hard and coped so well with all the changes to their daily life. They make coming to work each day a real joy. 


We wish you and your family a peaceful and magical Christmas and hope you manage to have the best festive season possible.  


Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!


Mrs Bartram

11th December 2020

It's been a fantastic week. The children have been working hard to grasp long division - which has been tricky - but they will continue with this on Monday. In English, we have  finished off our Biscuit Bear sequel stories, which have been entertaining and funny to write and we hope to read them to Key Stage One children after Christmas. 

This afternoon we enjoyed watching 'Jack and the Beanstalk' and joining in (quietly!) with the songs and 'It's behind you...' 

A huge thank to FoSM's for arranging that for the school.


Next week we will have Christmas themed work on Monday,  biscuit decorating on Tuesday and a Christmas party on Wednesday. Please can children bring a small treat to have after the party games on Wednesday.


There will be no homework this week - but please keep up the daily reading.


Have a great weekend.



Mrs Bartram

4th December 2020


Our classroom is starting to look lovely and festive as we have been busy making decorations this week to add to our nativity scene. The excitement is certainly starting to build in Year 4, and after a visit from Santa's reindeer to deliver letters to the class and our class disco, it's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!


The children have produced some lovely writing about our new book  - Biscuit Bear - and they are becoming more confident using conjunctions to extend and develop their ideas when writing, which we have continued practising this week.

We began looking at long division in maths today and the children have brought home their classwork for you to see. They made a fantastic start with the formal method and we're looking forward to developing their skills with that over next week. The class will bring home some written work for you to look at on Monday, when they have published it on Google classroom.


Home Learning 


English - SPaG book pages 40 and 41 looking at sentences.

Maths - Mental Workout Exercise 4

Spelling - continue to practise words from last week


Enjoy the weekend.


Mrs Bartram and Ms Wilson

27th November 2020

We’ve had a fantastic week in Year 4, as the children have been inventing machines and writing their own explanation of how they work, along with a picture and labels. You will be seeing their finished work as soon as they have completed their published version, which they are typing on a Chromebook.

In Maths, we have been finishing our week on Time and they have all made great progress with many telling the time very accurately to the nearest minute and transferring onto a digital clock too. Next week, we are looking at time duration problems and the 24 hour clock. 

In Science this week, we had such interesting discussions about the effect of changes on a habitat, both natural and human made, including volcanoes, floods, deforestation, pollution and invasive species such as grey squirrels.  The children have super knowledge about living things and they knew the name of many endangered species too.

It is exciting that Advent begins next week and we are all looking forward to lots of Christmas activities, including having fun making our own decorations and decorating our classroom. I can’t wait!

Have a lovely weekend!

Miss Wilson


Home Learning


Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation: page 16 and 17.

We have been learning about expanded noun phrases this week, so this will be useful practise.


Mental Workout Exercise 3


The spellings last week were challenging and following the Friday test, I have decided to keep teaching the same spelling rules this week.  Below there are two lists of spellings.

List A is last week’s spellings.

List B is new words using the same spelling rule, for those children who are confident with List A.  (We will discuss meanings in spelling lessons next week).

The children know which list they will practise.

Spelling List A












Spelling List B




















Friday, 20th November 2020

Another busy week and all the children are continuing to put an excellent effort into their learning.

This week we have been learning about multiplying and dividing by 10 and 100. This has introduced the subject of decimal numbers for the first time this year and we will continue to develop our understanding of this throughout the year for numbers including tenths and hundredths.

In English, we have really enjoyed reading a book called, ‘Until I met Dudley….’  By Roger McGough and Chris Dudley.  It introduces imaginative explanations for how things work – like the dragon who makes your toast by breathing fire! Then, it gives the actual technical explanation for a toaster. The children are learning lots of new technical words and also how to organise their sentences and link ideas smoothly.

In Science, we learnt about food chains and we also discussed what would happen if a part of the food chain was taken out for some reason.

Home Learning


Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation: Commas to separate clauses  Pages 44 to 45


When you divided by 10 and 100, the answer may include a decimal. Draw your own place value grid to help. You could even use playing cards or make your own 0 – 9 digit cards to help find the answer.

Targeted Maths: pages 36 to 37

















Friday, 13th November 2020

Happy Children In Need Day! We have had another busy and productive week, fitting in all sorts of different activities as well as our daily Maths and English, from a muddy Forest School session to painting stones with great care for Remembrance Day and finally finishing our Canopic Jars! You will see them home soon – they need to dry today.

In Maths, we have focused on multiplication, looking at the Distributive Law (5 x 7 = 3 x 7 + 2 x 7 = 35); patterns and laws of divisibility (eg all 2 times table facts are even) and strategies for recalling tricky times table facts.

In English, we completed our look at Coming to England. We considered how challenging life was for Floella when she arrived from Trinidad in the 1960s, full of expectation for a wonderful life here, but facing a different reality. The children thought about their own special and unique identity and we celebrated all our differences.

Our Geography topic this term is ‘All Around the World’ and we started to look at an Atlas and children located countries which lie on the Equator.


Home Learning


Reading Comprehension: Aesop Fables


Mental Workout: Exercise 2


Spelling rule this week is adding ‘tion’ and ‘ation’ .  (Words in bold are Year 4 Spelling List Words.)
















Have a great week. Take care and keep safe.


Miss Wilson


Friday, 6th November 2020

It’s been a fantastic return after half-term, with the children all raring to go and ready to learn new things. We have also welcomed Mr Holmes into our class and it is great to have him here working with us and supporting the children’s learning this term.

This week in Maths we completed our unit on addition and subtraction, looking at the formal written (column) method. The children did really well and many moved onto challenging missing number problems. In English, we have started to look at Coming to England by Floella Benjamin. This week, we focused on her early life in Trinidad and next we will be exploring what it was like for her to move to England in the 1960s.

Please can I ask your children to bring in a large stone with a smooth surface on Monday or Tuesday next week.  If you find a couple, spares will be happily received.  I will be searching my garden for some too.

The children will be decorating them for Remembrance Day on Wednesday 11th November.


 Home Learning


Targeted Maths pages 18 and 19: written addition and subtraction


Grammar, Punctuation, Spelling: pages 24 and 25  Prepositions


Adding ly and ally suffix
















Keep safe and have a lovely weekend.

Miss Wilson

Friday, 23rd October 2020

It was so lovely to meet with you all at Parents’ Evening and not too many technical hitches amazingly! Now, the children definitely deserve a half-term rest, as they hit the ground running at the start of the year and have worked so hard. They can all be incredibly proud of themselves.

Home Learning

During half term, homework is keeping up with reading and learning times tables.

You are welcome to use the CGP books to practise handwriting and have a go at a 10 minute workout in Maths.


Here is a list of words that have been commonly misspelt during Autumn Term 1. Have a look at see if you can use them correctly in a sentence.












Have a fabulous half-term everyone!

Miss Wilson

Friday, 16th October 2020

It’s hard to believe there is only one more week before half term! Next week, I am looking forward to seeing you at parents’ evening - I certainly have a lot of positive things to share.


In English this week, the children have each completed their speech persuading people, on behalf of the King, to ban the dark.  They have also written a speech on behalf of The Dark. They thought carefully about word choices and organised their writing in paragraphs. In Maths, we have begun to look at mental strategies for subtracting larger numbers and we will continue with mental strategies next week.

Finally, Year 4 were really lucky on Tuesday to have a go at a Tri-Golf session. The equipment was provided by the School Sport’s Partnership. We played team games that involved skills such as accurate putting or chipping into hoops. I was very impressed with some of the great golfing skills on show!


Home Learning



Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling:  page 38 and 39

Question Marks and Exclamation Marks



Mental Workout: Exercise 1


Spelling: Adding  suffixes beginning with consonant letters: ment, less, ful, ness

















Have a lovely weekend 

Miss Wilson

Friday, 8th October 2020

We have had a lovely view from our classroom this week as the leaves on the trees outside our door have turned a spectacular colour! It’s also getting a bit chilly, so if your child feels the cold, remind them to wear an extra layer.

In Maths, this week we have been looking at different mental addition strategies and next week we will be looking at mental strategies for subtraction. In English, we have been reading a book called ‘The King who banned the Dark’.  The children are having fun building ideas and vocabulary to be used when writing a speech - one to campaign to ban the dark and the other written by The Dark in its defence. 


Our Science has been linked to Art this week to help consider how to make careful observations. The children learnt about the artist Levon Biss who creates amazing and very large pictures of insects. Then, they created their own enlarged picture of a chosen insect.  Their pictures are fantastic!


Home Learning

For your information, until half term, we will have spelling tests on Friday. Times table tests will continue every Tuesday and Friday.


This week, please can the children complete the first reading comprehension called Choosing a Bike. It is quite challenging and parents are very welcome to support their reading before answering the comprehension questions. We will of course go over it in class as well.



 Again  - apologies about the wait for Maths, especially as some children have told me that they start their homework on Friday after school. 

This week, please use the 10 minute weekly maths workout book.

Workout 3 page 6



This week’s spelling rule is for adding  suffixes ‘y’ ‘er’ and ‘est’.
















I hope you all have a lovely week


Miss Wilson

Friday, 2nd October

We have had another lovely week and the children still continue to impress me with their enthusiasm to learn!


In Maths this week, we have been focusing on rounding numbers to the nearest 100 and 1000.   Rounding is a challenging skill and Year 4 did really well getting to grips with it.  In English, the children have worked so hard all week, planning and writing their own fantastic story, inspired by ‘Arthur and the Golden Rope’. I really enjoyed reading them. 


On Thursday, in our History lesson, the children travelled back in time to 1922. They imagined they were Howard Carter and entered the tomb of Tutankhanum (a darkened tunnel under some desks!). Whilst in the ‘tomb’, they made sketches of some of the incredible treasures that they discovered within! It was fun and we will learn more about it all in next week’s lesson.


Home Learning

The children are reading lots at home, which is fantastic to see. Also, they are doing really well with their times tables. I will make sure they note their achievements on the table in their reading record, so you can see how well they are doing.



Targeted Question Book: Rounding on page 12 and 13


Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling: Useful practise on capital letters and full stops on page 36 - 37


Spelling List

Spelling rule this week is adding a suffix – ed and –ing. Here are some words taken from their writing this week.

I have given the root word first. Children can practise the root word, then think about how they add ed and ing correctly.

climb                    climbed                 climbing

slice                       sliced                    slicing

escape                  escaped               escaping

grab                       grabbed               grabbing

drop                      dropped              dropping

enjoy                    enjoyed                enjoying

carry                      carried                  carrying

hurry                     hurried                 hurrying


notice                   noticed                 noticing

decide                  decided                 deciding

worship               worshipped          worshipping

Friday 25th September


We have had another busy week exploring our new book 'Arthur and the Golden Rope' and practising rounding, ordering and regrouping four digit numbers. The class have made a fantastic start on their canopic jars and we're looking forward to completing our paper mache next week.


Home Learning


We will be alternating English homework between comprehension and spelling and grammar. Maths will be set from either the targeted question book or the mental maths. 

The handwriting book and the 10 minute maths books are for home use - the maths book has a weekly activity which practises a range questions and is very good for developing fluency.


This week's homework


English - Spelling & Grammar - pages 5 and 6, Nouns and Verbs

Maths - Targeted Question - pages 10 and 11, Ordering 4 digit numbers

Spelling - We have been revisiting common exception words this week: with, watch, other, climb, fought

              Challenge words: appearance, aggressive, achieve


Next week

The children will be writing adventure stories based around a mythical creature and continuing work on place value so that they are confident working with four digit numbers.


The school will be celebrating Harvest Festival next Tuesday. Year five, will be attending church while the rest of the school join them on Zoom.


Have a wonderful weekend.


Mrs Bartram and Ms Wilson





This week, we have been looking in Maths at rounding to the nearest 10 in 2 and 3 digit numbers. Also, we have been learning about different units of time and the numbers of days in each month of the year.  Today, we have been practising telling the time to 5 minute intervals and it would be great if you could try this at home with your children. They were doing really well in the lesson. Times tables tests are off and underway and children are already moving to the next table, which is fantastic. Keep up the good work! 


In English, we talked about how our lives have been affected both at home and at school, due to the pandemic and they did some non-fiction writing and poetry on the subject. Next week, we are excited to start a new book called, 'Arthur and the Golden Rope'. 


We all enjoyed our first trip out of school to the Aquadrome, identifying trees and looking for mini-beasts. 


Home Learning

This week in spelling we have been looking at the 'air' sound in words: air, aire, ar, are, ear and ere.


Words to practise this week are as follows:












Challenge words:   millionaire





Please keep up the reading at least 5 times a week with an adult and sign reading record books. 


Continue with times table practice - we know lots of you are busy at home with this already! 


CGP books have now been purchased and will be sent home to you next week. Further details will be on next Friday's blog. 


Have a fabulous weekend! 


Mrs Bartram and Miss Wilson










On Friday, we will be starting to make canopic jars in our art lesson. The children designed them this week, so have a good idea of the shape they would like to make. Please could you help them find a suitable container or jar for this project - it must have a large flat lid as we will be sculpting a head onto the lid which can be either screwed or pushed into the container. A Pringles tube, a large Heinz baked bean container or even jar of some sort would be suitable. We will take great care when working, if children bring in a glass container.

In addition to the jar please can they bring in the following items by Thursday:


  1. A named art shirt - if they had one in school last year I have them in the cupboard so no need to send another. If you are unsure we can check on Monday - just ask your son or daughter to check with us.
  2. A roll of tin foil -  we won't use all of it, so children will bring home the rest on Friday.
  3. A newspaper for paper mache.


Thursday's science will take place in the Aquadrome as we are looking at animals in their habitats. Please could children have wellies or old shoes in school for exploring as we don't want to spoil any new school shoes!


Thank you for your support in providing these resources. I will post pictures next weekend of our sculpted heads!!


Mrs Bartram



We have had a great first full week back and the class are continuing to settle confidently into class routines and explore the new topics.


Homework this week is reading, spelling and times table practise.


Children will have come home with 2 reading books this week: as last year, please listen to them read at least five times over the week and comment in their record book.They can change books whenever they are ready in class.


For spelling, we would like the children the read over the Year 3 and 4 common exception words and practise spelling a  selection from the first half of the list that we worked on last year.


Children have been given the times table they should begin practising - they may know it already but just need to improve their speed. We will be having twice weekly timed tests and when they complete two tests with 100% accuracy in the time given they will move onto the next table. A record sheet is stuck in the front of the Reading Record book so that you can chart progress and is dated each time a new table is begun.


Please find Year 4's Meet the Teacher powerpoint below. If you have any questions please join us for a Zoom chat next Wednesday (16th) at 2pm or alternatively email the office and we will respond to any questions you may have.


Wishing you a wonderful weekend.


Mrs Bartram and Ms Wilson

Welcome to Year 4!


It is wonderful to be back, to see the children and to welcome the class into Year 4. Thank you for preparing them so well, they were organised and clearly delighted to be in school and we have enjoyed an exciting two days settling back into school routines and the new timings for the day. 


Homework and reading books will be sent home next week, once we have assessed the children's reading.

Homework days remain the same - work will be set on a Friday and returned by the following Wednesday and we will mark the homework in class together. Reading books will now be held in class so the children can change these weekly as before.


Times tables are a focus this year, so we have assessed the children's times table knowledge this week and on Monday they will be given the table they need to practice. We will test them at least once a week in class and once they have achieved 100% 3 times, within the given time, they will move to the next times table. Your support in helping the children to practice is much appreciated.


PE days are Tuesday and Wednesday. Please can children come to school dressed in their kit, details have been sent in one of the many communications this week.

We will be taking the children outside for regular breaks through the day (in most weathers) so they will need wellies or old shoes to change into and a suitable coat or jacket. These can stay in school or be sent in each week.


Ms Wilson and I will share the class in the same format as last year. Ms Wilson will teach Monday to Wednesday and I will teach Wednesday to Friday. 

We will use the class page to update you and post pictures of our activities - please ensure you have completed the relevant permission forms so that we can include your child in the photos.


We are really looking forward to a fantastic year ahead and have some wonderful activities planned for the class.


Enjoy the weekend!


Mrs Bartram and Ms Wilson