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Year 4

Friday 30th September 2022

Another lovely week in school!
This week in Maths, we have been thinking about mental strategies for addition. We used our number bond knowledge to think about how we can break down tricky 3 and 4 digit sums into more manageable steps.
In English, we have started reading a book containing lots of Roman Myths. We have been exploring what similes and metaphors are, and we have been using them in our writing. I have been very impressed with all of the wonderful writing that has been produced.


Home learning:

Spellings: various, ordinary, millionaire, anywhere, therefore  (‘air’ sounds)

Table of the week: 10 x

Maths CGP book: 8-9
Comprehension CGP book: 4-5

Reading: 5 x reads aloud, signed in reading record


Have a super weekend,

Miss Jessett

Friday 23rd September 2022

Although it has been a short week, we have packed a lot of learning in!

This week we have continued rounding to the nearest ten, hundred and thousand. If you are finding this tricky, I suggest having a go at some further questions at home.
In English, we published our newspaper reports. Our newspapers include facts and figures, powerful adjectives and verbs, and we challenged ourselves to include fronted adverbials. Please have a look at them on Google Classroom! I have been so impressed with everyone’s attitude to learning.

Home learning:

Maths CGP book pages: 12-13

Grammar, punctuation and spelling CGP book pages: 36-37

Spellings: church, earth, girl, first, working (‘er’ sounds)

Table of the week: 5 x

Reading: 5 x reads to an adult signed in reading record.


Trip info: Mrs Palmer is still waiting to hear back from the coach company. As soon as we have confirmed the coach, a letter will be sent out.


Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Jessett

Friday 16th September 2022

It was lovely to meet some of you this week at ‘Meet the Teacher’. For those unable to make it, I have uploaded the recording onto Google Classroom, and I have uploaded the presentation under Curriculum Information below. Thanks to those parents who have signed up to come on our class trip- I will send out information shortly. 


English: In English this week, we have been exploring newspaper reports. We are currently drafting our own newspaper reports on the eruption of Mt Vesuvius, looking at using fronted adverbials to help organise chronologically. 

Maths: In Maths this week, we have been looking at rounding to the nearest 10 and 100. We will continue this next week, but if you are finding this tricky, I suggest some extra practice at home.

Home learning:

Table of the week: 2

Spellings: eight, describe, business, caught, favourite

Reading: 5 x reads signed into reading record by an adult

Maths: sheet on rounding to 10 and 100 (1000 is challenge- we have not done this yet). Please complete the first two sections. Uploaded in case lost.

English: page 2-3 of CGP comprehension book ‘the invention of the camera’. Photocopied.


CGP books have been ordered and we will hand them out as soon as we get them!



Times Tables

All pupils should now have a times tables check in their reading record. One tick means your child has got 12/12 on this table. Two ticks means your child has got this table correct twice and it is now time to focus on a different table.

A useful website is called Maths Frame Multiplication Tables Check (link below). Children can select their target table and the time to complete each question. In June, the children will have 6 seconds per question, so it might be worth getting to know that speed. Don’t worry, we will build up to that time!
As much support at home with times tables would be hugely appreciated.




Friday 9th September 2022

Welcome to Year 4!  hope you have all had a lovely summer. 

We have had a lovely first week of Year 4 and have already been very busy! I am looking forward to meeting you all at the ‘Meet the Teacher’ on Tuesday 13th- Mrs Palmer has sent out details.


Topics this half-term:

Science: Living things and their environment
History: Romans
RE: What kind of world did Jesus want?
PSHCE: Me and my relationships
Art: Roman mosaics
Music: Adapting and transposing motifs
PE: Invasion games and swimming

In Maths this week we were looking at Place Value, including regrouping, ordering 4 digit numbers and adding/ subtracting by thousands, hundreds, tens and ones. If you would like to practice at home you could order 4- digit numbers from largest to smallest (and vice versa) and be able to explain which value is greater and why (e.g. 7891 is greater than 7234 as it has a greater number of hundreds).

In English this week we started a book called ‘Escape From Pompeii’. This is a story about the eruption of Mount Vesuvius. We looked at planning and writing setting descriptions using powerful adjectives and verbs. We used a thesaurus to level up our work. Thesaurus skills would be great to practice at home!


Home learning

History- Research and sketch a Roman soldier. Make sure you draw and label what they wore and any weapons/ shields they might carry. Please make sure you include the material used.
Additionally- if you would like to create a fun fact file on the Romans, I am in the process of making a school display board and would love to put your work up!

Councils- if you would like to apply for one of the councils (Eco, Ethos, Learning/ School or Sports) please create a letter/ poster (or an alternative application) which includes why you would like to be part of that council and any ideas you have to help develop that council.

Reading- 5 x signed reads into reading record

Spellings- accident, actual, address, although, answer