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Year 2

Friday 3rd April 2020


Wow, I can't believe we are already in April! I hope you have a had a lovely week and are looking forward to the Easter break. I also hope you are still well and keeping safe as much as possible. The weather looks like it is going to be great too so I hope you have some great fun in the garden or on your daily walk. 


I wanted to add in a special thank you to parents and carers on this blog post. It has been such a big change for the children and the school community but it has been for all of you too. We are trying to make it easy as possible for all parents, including those who are still trying to work full time or are key workers too. Therefore, thank you very much for all of your hard work, I hope you enjoy a rest at some point over the next two weeks too.


I also want to say thank you to all of the children! You have been completing some great work and I am very proud of you all for adjusting to your new home routine. Make sure you're being helpful at home and giving your parents the rest they deserve too!


Over Easter there will be no official work set, however if you like the structure and routine of the timetable, please do continue using it as much as you would like to. I would also recommend completing any work that has not yet been done from the last two weeks so you are ready to start on the next lot after Easter.


It would really benefit the children, as always, to continue with reading. I'm sure you're coming to the end of the books given out at the end of term so I wanted to suggest a website you can sign up to for free that links to our levelled books. It has a few ebooks to read in each level. 

After Easter, I will be updating you on how we will be setting reading books for your child.


I will also be updating you after Easter about our new way for setting the children their learning. We will be moving onto something called Google Classroom, which some older children in the school are already using. This enables me to set work and use short videos that will teach our next topics. The structure of the day will remain the same and most activities will too, writing will be the thing that will change. 


You will be told all about it in the first week after Easter (20.04.20) with the intention of starting to use it in the second week back (27.04.20). Therefore, the first week back will follow the same structure as the last two weeks. 


Below I have listed some activities/websites that you may want to use at some point but there is no pressure to at all.


- Easter craft ideas on Pinterest using recyclable materials 

- Joe Wicks workout on YouTube

- Write stories/poems

- Draw/colour pictures 

- Baking/decorating (especially with left over Easter Eggs!)

- Make a card for a neighbour or older relative 

- Video call a friend or relative

- Build a den using things in your house

- Have a mini disco playing your favourite songs

- Make a quiz for your family to complete

- (learning resources for free)

- Oxford owl for reading (see above)

- (Disney dance alongs)

- (Disney themed indoor games)

- ( Sign up for free active videos - these also include mindfulness and yoga)


Remember you can still send these all to me, I'd love to see how you are filling your days! If you have any questions, please let me know.


Take care, stay safe and well both in your body and mind. I hope to see you all soon.


Miss Moran smiley

Learning from week 2!

Learning from week 2! 1 Lillia's collage
Learning from week 2! 2 Lena's collage
Learning from week 2! 3 Lily's gingerbread man
Learning from week 2! 4 Lily's clock
Learning from week 2! 5 Leo's sculpture
Learning from week 2! 6 Caoimhe's rainbow
Learning from week 2! 7 Lily's drawing
Learning from week 2! 8 Lily's writing
Learning from week 2! 9 Cole's collage
Learning from week 2! 10 Dylan's Kenya art
Learning from week 2! 11 Jack's Kenya art
Day 8 - actual answers uploaded below (apologies)

Day 8 answers

Day 7 and 8 answers 


Apologies for the delay in putting the answers up on here today. In case I forget again tomorrow as I'm in school, I've uploaded the answers for tomorrows Maths too.


Hope you're all having a good week, talk to you all soon!


Miss Moran smiley

Pictures of work from last week


I have been really enjoying the emails and pictures from you all but I thought it would be nice for you to see what your friends have been up to! Take a look at the pictures below smiley


Miss Moran

Week one learning

Week one learning  1 Lily's Eiffel Tower
Week one learning  2 Bobby and Blake's shop
Week one learning  3 Bobby's creation
Week one learning  4 Jack H's spelling and reading tasks
Week one learning  5 Dylan's cake
Week one learning  6 Lillia's Kenya art
Week one learning  7 Lillia's clock
Week one learning  8 Jake's Kenya art
Week one learning  9 Caoimhe working with her sister
Week one learning  10 Cole's Kenya art

Monday 30th March 2020


Good morning all!


I hope you all had a lovely and relaxing weekend and are ready for another great week of learning!  I wanted to post a message with the answers for the maths task today. See the PDF below. When the work has answers, I will upload them that morning.  


I hope you have a lovely day, looking forward to receiving more emails of work today.


Miss Moran smiley

Addition answers

Spelling sheets


I have just uploaded some spelling sheets that may be useful when editing any writing completed. These words can also be found in the children's reading records.

Handwriting sheets


Hi all, I emailed out some sheets for handwriting to a parent but I then thought it would probably be useful to you all! There is no pressure to complete them but it goes through the alphabet so you can choose any letters you'd like to do.


Hope it's helpful!


Miss Moran

Handwriting sheets

Thursday 26th March 2020


Good morning Year Two!


I hope you're all doing well and are settling into your new routine at home. I know it probably feels quite strange so I wanted to let you know that I am feeling the same and I'm missing you all a lot! I have been doing lots of work at home and have also been completing the Joe Wicks workout every morning, have any of you?


I hope you have all been managing to complete the work set, I would love to see any pictures you have of your brilliant work or new hobbies you have been trying! If you or your parents have any questions, please do send them to me on the email address sent out to you.


I will update this page every few days so watch out for anything new! I'm very proud of you all and I hope to see you soon. Remember to be happy and stay safe at home!


Miss Moran smiley


The next two weeks


It feels very strange to be writing this, but the time has arrived. The children have been sent home today with a book outlining the things to complete over the next two weeks. I have gone through this with them and explained how it will work at home (I have also tried to say they need to do it without too much complaining...). The only thing not in there is the Maths work, which is uploaded below. If you have any questions about any of it, please do let me know tomorrow. 


As ever, PE and Sport is very important for the well-being of our children. Joe Wicks has some great Youtube videos to keep your child/children active in the house. 


Here are some links that may be useful in this time too. (Videos and articles on all curriculum areas) (Core subject games and home learning packs) (Reading activities)  (Curriculum Activity Books) (Interactive maths games and challenges)


There are also many apps that are useful for all areas of the currciulum too.


Thank you for your support and I hope to see you all very soon.


Miss Moran smiley

Week three


This week has been Science week! We have had a fabulous time completing many different activities and having some great volunteers in to do some assemblies! Yesterday we had a whole science morning, which involved lots of different science activities with our families. Thanks to everyone who was involved.


Next week we will be continuing Non-Chronological reports but changing our topic to Kenya as we have finished our sharks one. In Maths we will be finishing off time and moving onto doubling and halving with numbers and money. 




Maths: p. 54

English: The next two reading comprehensions








Have a lovely weekend and stay safe!

Week two


This week we have been working hard in lots of areas! In Maths we have been solving problems using bar models to support working out the answer. In English we continued working on our reports and we started our new art topic looking at buildings around the world. We also had a brilliant workshop with Affinity Water that the children enjoyed looking at the water cycle and completing some experiments too. World Book Day was a great success and the children enjoyed taking part in the different activities. 


Next week is Science week so we will be having a lot more exciting activities! In Maths we will be moving on to time so it may be worth looking at this with your child over the weekend, as we know this is an area that can be quite tricky! English will continue writing reports.



Maths - p. 19 on solving problems


English - This week I would like the children to complete some research on our topic - Kenya. I would like them to research the facts below:

Capital city:



Animals found there:

It would be great for them to add any other interesting facts or even add some pictures!









Have a lovely weekend, hopefully the weather gets better!

Spring 2 - Week 1


Welcome back! I hope you had a lovely half term break and are ready for another busy half term leading up to Easter!

We have started a new topic in English this week - Non-chronological reports. We will be looking at fish and sharks to begin with for this. This will continue into next week.

In Maths we have focused on subtracting. We have been working on subtracting 1 and 2 digit numbers, sometimes regrouping from the tens. Again if you would like me to show you how we have done this, I'm more than happy to! We also started our new Geography topic (Kenya) and started using the new and exciting chrome books in computing!


Next week we will be moving on to solving addition and subtraction problems in Maths and continuing our new English topic.




Maths: page 24 on subtracting (please encourage the children to draw their tens and ones for this)

English: The next 2 reading comprehensions

Spellings ('a' after 'w' and 'qu')







Have a lovely weekend!


Wenzels 1
Wenzels 2
Wenzels 3
Wenzels 4
Wenzels 5
Wenzels 6
Wenzels 7
Wenzels 8
Wenzels 9
Wenzels 10
Wenzels 11
Wenzels 12

Week 5


This week we have had some fun activities! On Tuesday we went to visit Wenzels (pictures to come) and on Wednesday we had a Rapid Fire cricket competition! We been writing our own Explanation texts about a monster, which will be finished off next week! In maths we have been working hard on adding 2 digit numbers using our tens and ones to regroup if needed. If you need me to show you how we have been doing this for practice at home, please do let me know. I have also been very busy assessing the children's reading levels, thank you for being patient with this while I try to do it for them all.




Maths: pg 23. When it says partitioning, remind the children to draw their tens and ones.


English: The next 2 reading comprehensions









Have a lovely weekend!

Minibeast models

Minibeast models 1
Minibeast models 2
Minibeast models 3

Week four!


A lovely week finished off with a fabulous Art Gallery! I will upload some pictures of our fantastic minibeast models if you missed it! We have completed our maths unit on statistics so we will be moving on to written addition next week! Our English unit on explanations will continue.



Maths: pages 71 and 73 on tables and tally charts.


English: I would like the children to write a short explanation for how something works around the house - for example how to do a certain job or work something particular in the house.

They should be encouraged to use conjunctions (and, but, because etc) and adjectives to describe. 









Have a lovely weekend!

Week three!


We are already half way through the first half term! We have been working hard this week in our new topic on Explanations using a monster guide book and finishing measures in Maths. 


Next week we will be continuing our Explanations topic but moving on to statistics in Maths.



Maths: pages: 45 and 47 to finish our unit on measure.


English: Next two reading comprehensions in your book.









Have a lovely weekend!


Week 2!


We are back into our routine properly this week with the children continuing all the topics started last week and our new times for the day beginning. We wrote some lovely poems this week in English and have just finished our comparison topic in maths.


Next week

Next week we will be starting a measurement unit in maths where we will look at what things are measured in and how to read different scales. This would be useful to practice at home. In English we will be starting a unit on explanations. '



Maths - page 49 on comparing measure


English - as we have written lovely poems this week, I would like the children to write a poem as if they are floating up above their favourite place with a balloon, such as a funfair, park or beach. They have written a similar one in class this week so just need to remember:

- To use adjectives to describe what they can see

- Sound words out when spelling

- Start each line with a capital letter

- Use some exciting vocabulary


It can rhyme but doesn't need to and can be in a shape if they want. I would just like the children to be creative and see what comes out but please ask any questions if you are unsure. 









Have a lovely weekend!

Happy New Year!


We have made it to 2020! The children have had a busy first week back with a few changes to their normal routine, but have coped very well. We have done a lot of Maths this week, focusing particularly on money problems and finding change. It would be useful to reinforce this at home using some coins as the homework this week will focus on that.


We have also started our new topics - Our Wonderful World in Geography, Animals including humans in Science, Hand puppets in DT, Creation in RE and Getting creative in Computing. As you can see, we have achieved a lot! Alongside this we completed a practice reading paper to get the children used to completing questions independently. This weeks homework will be two reading comprehensions that I would like the children to try and complete as independently as possible.


Next week we will be having a vocabulary building week in English and Comparisons of amounts in Maths. 



Maths - p. 51 and 53.

English - the next two reading comprehensions independently.









Have a lovely weekend!

Week 13


I would like to say well done to the children for completing a very busy week of rehearsals and preparations for the show next week alongside some learning. It is going to very busy again next week so please could the children rest as much as possible in preparation for our shows next week and ensure they are confident with all of their lines!


As requested at the parent forum, no other homework will be set. Please continue to read!


Remember next Thursday is a polling day so it is not open to the children and Friday is Christmas Jumper day/lunch/party!


Have a lovely weekend!

Week 12


I can't believe how quickly these weeks are going! Only a few weeks left before Christmas but lots to fit in! We have one more week before our nativity week, so our homework this weekend is to rehearse and learn lines as much as possible (narrators can have their scripts). 


We will be starting our poetry unit properly next week and will be moving on to finding the parts and whole when working out problems.










Have a lovely weekend!

Week 11


Another busy week in Year 2! We unfortunately didn't get to see the firemen on Tuesday as they were called away on a job. Hopefully we will see them again soon!


We have been looking at finding the nearest multiple of ten and using that to re balance sums mentally. We will be continuing with mental addition and subtraction next week. In English we will be finishing off with a recount as if we are Guy Fawkes and then we will be moving on to a unit on poetry.



Maths - p. 9


English - the next reading comprehension









Have a lovely weekend!



Week ten!


Another great week in Year 2, finished off with a lovely PJ day for Children in Need! The children took home their Tudor houses this week. They are welcome to keep them, however I have said  if they would like to bring them in next week for the firemen to burn, that is absolutely fine. 


Next week:

In Maths we will be looking at re balancing sums mentally for addition and subtraction. We will continue with our traditional tales unit in English and we will beginning to rehearse our nativity properly!



Maths: page 11 on counting in 2s, 3s, 5s and 10s

English: I would like the children to read over their lines for the nativity and ensure they are confident with them. They can start to learn them but I'm not expecting them to be completely learnt, especially those who have a few.








Have a lovely weekend!




Autumn 2


Welcome back! I hope you all had a lovely half term break. I hope parents evening this week was helpful!


This week we have gone straight back into learning! In English we started our topic of traditional tales through comparing two versions of Rapunzel. In Maths we have looked at number bonds to 10, 100 and subtraction on a number line. We have also started our topic on Guy Fawkes in History and Living things and their habitats in Science. 


Next week we will be continuing with traditional tales in English but will be moving on to subtracting mentally. 


Maths homework: p. 21 on number bonds.


English: the next reading comprehension in their book.









Have a lovely weekend!


Week 8


Wow, the first half term is complete! We have had a fantastic term getting to know Year 2 and learning all about the Great Fire of London! Thank you for all of your hard work with your children, I hope you have a rest over half term!


After half term our topic will be looking at Guy Fawkes. We will be working on traditional tales and poetry in English, continuing with a range of topics in Maths and we will be working towards our nativity too... 


Have a lovely half term break, no homework to complete but please continue to read as much as you can :)


Thank you!



Our trip to London

Our trip to London 1
Our trip to London 2
Our trip to London 3
Our trip to London 4
Our trip to London 5
Our trip to London 6
Our trip to London 7
Our trip to London 8
Our trip to London 9
Our trip to London 10
Our trip to London 11
Our trip to London 12
Our trip to London 13
Our trip to London 14
Our trip to London 15
Our trip to London 16
Our trip to London 17
Our trip to London 18
Our trip to London 19
Our trip to London 20
Our trip to London 21
Our trip to London 22
Our trip to London 23
Our trip to London 24

Week 7


This week has been full of lots of learning, planning and building Tudor houses and a fantastic trip! Pictures will be uploaded soon!


Next week we will be continuing mental addition and subtraction up to 20 and we will be finishing our unit on instructions. 



For homework this weekend, I would like to children to write a recount for their trip to London.

They need to include adverbs of time (first, secondly, etc.), adjectives and edit their work for key spellings we have learnt so far this year.









Have a fantastic weekend!


Week 6


Another week complete and lots of learning has taken place! We started our instruction unit and started to recognise the difference between questions, commands and statements. We will continue with this unit next week. In maths we worked a lot on estimating and placing numbers on a number line. Next week we will be focusing on mental addition and subtraction with numbers up to 20.



Maths: page 13 on number lines


English: the next reading comprehension









Please continue reading your books and ensure reading records and books are with your child every day should anyone want to read with them.


Thank you very much for your shoe boxes this week. please keep them coming, we hope to begin our houses next week and need as many as we can!


Thank you and have a lovely weekend :) 

Week 5


Wow I can't believe how far into Year 2 we already are! We have worked very hard this week on counting forwards and backwards on a hundred square and comparing/ordering numbers. We have also finished our recount topic.


Next week we will be continuing to compare and order different amounts. We will also be starting our topic on instructions.



Maths: page 17.


English: I would like the children to write a short recount of day in their weekend. They should use adverbs of time (first, next, then etc.), conjunctions (and, but, because etc) and commas if they are writing a list. The challenge can be to use some adjectives (fluffy dog).









Have a great weekend!

Week 4


Another busy week in Year 2! We have worked very hard this week on place value, thinking about tens and ones and how we can represent them in different ways. We have also started our recount topic using the book 'Toby and the Great Fire of London'.


Next week we will be moving on counting on and back in ones and tens from any 2 digit number. This can be practiced on a hundred square if you would like. We will continue with our recount writing too.



Maths: page 15 - encourage children to draw the tens and ones like in class if they're stuck.


English: the next reading comprehension.









Have a lovely weekend!

Week 3

Well what a week we have had! It has been busy and a little bit crazy but we managed to keep things as normal as possible for the children. They have done very well even with everything going on. I also wanted to say thank you so much for the flowers given to me after my fall last weekend, it was very kind.


Next week

Next week we will be looking more at place value with tens and ones. In English, we will be starting our topic on recounts linked to the Great Fire of London. 



We will also be voting for councils next week so if the children want to be part of any of the below, they can come in next week prepared to say why.

- Sports council

- School council

- Ethos council



Maths links to place value - page 7.


English - we have written poems this week around a picture of London in the fire. Please could the children use a picture either from the internet or a book to write a descriptive poem about in their green books.









Please make sure you're reading too!


Have a fantastic weekend!

Week Two


This week we have been working on our writing skills. We have begun cursive handwriting practice and focusing on what is included in a sentence. We have also worked on predicting events and retelling stories. In Maths we have continued work on Fluency to 20. Next week we will be working on vocabulary for poetry about the Great Fire of London in English and will continue looking at numbers to 20 and place value in Maths.


Homework this week

Maths - please could your child complete the Year 1 test that is on pages 2-5 of the green CGP book. 


English - please could your child complete the first reading comprehension in the CGP book.


Spellings -






Reading - most children have taken home 2 new reading books, those who haven't may not have read twice yet or at all or did not bring their books into school today.


As requested at the meet the teacher meeting, I have uploaded a timetable that states what we will be doing each week. This may alter depending on events in the school calendar or work that needs to be completed.


Have a lovely weekend!

Timetable for Year 2

Welcome to Year Two!


It has been an exciting and busy first three days but the children have settled in very well 


We have been looking at the illustrator author Oliver Jeffers in the first few days but will begin our writing skills and topics next week. In maths we have started looking at fluency to 20, which we will continue into next week. We will begin our normal timetable next week so the only homework being set this week is reading (5 times a week and read twice - unless reading level purple and above) and spellings. 









Next week will be our meet the teacher meeting at 9am Friday morning. Key information will be shared with you about Year Two.


Have a lovely weekend!