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Top Tips to Improve Attendance and Punctuality

Achieve Amazing Attendance! 


  • Running late? Just get here as soon as you can - better late than never - let us know with a phone call if possible.
  • Make doctors and dentists appointments during the school holidays or after school.  If you can only make an appointment during the school day, make it for the afternoon and bring your child into school first to get the correct mark in the register.  If possible your child should return to school after their appointment.
  • Teach your child good hygiene - regular hand washing and using a tissue will help prevent them picking up or passing on bugs that lead to absence due to illness. 
  • Avoid taking your child out of school during term time and remember your child is not automatically entitled to any leave – Please come and speak to Mrs Maxwell as soon as possible. You will then be asked to complete a request for absence from school form. All requests will be assessed on their own individual merit. You may be issued a penalty notice by the Local Authority if you continue with leave that is not authorised by the school.

Perfect Punctuality Pointers