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All pupils at St Mary’s are entitled to learn about, and learn from Religious Education through a deep and rich learning experience in a loving Christian environment. Religious Education enables children to learn about the other world faiths that will enable them to have an understanding of the ever changing world around them. Learning about Christianity and other world religions provides children with the ability to discuss other cultures in an open, honest and candid environment. All learning, often through immersive experiences, should allow children to feel comfortable to be able to ask questions about those from a Christian faith, other world faith or no faith at all. Children will be given opportunities throughout their time at St Mary’s to access experiences from a wide range of people – including visitors and visits to places of worship. In addition, children will learn about the values of: forgiveness, hope, compassion, love, trust, friendship and tolerance. Learning about religion can also develop tolerance and respect for others.


We aim to:

  • Ensure every child has the opportunity throughout their time at St Mary’s, to study Religious Education by developing knowledge, empathy and respect of the major world religions, the communities each religion develops and their beliefs
  • Ensure pupils have access to, and enjoy, high quality teaching and learning opportunities
  • Ensure Religious Education is a broad and balanced element of their time at St Mary’s which ‘promotes the spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development of pupils and of society, and prepares pupils for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of later life.’
  • Ensure pupils develop a wider breadth of knowledge about: other faiths, religious places of worship, religious books, artefacts, religious cultures and festivals and an understanding of the impact of religion on history, modern Britain, and the world today.



All children are entitled to receive Religious Education at St Mary’s. We use ‘Understanding Christianity’ and the 'Emmanuel Project' to teach Religious Education. This covers all aspects of the RE curriculum: to teach concepts and skills, to provoke challenging questioning, to explore own beliefs, to build a sense of personal identity and belonging, to develop a respect for others, and to consider their responsibilities to themselves and others. Alongside this, children have the opportunity to develop the school’s religious character through the Ethos Council, participating in daily acts of Collective Worship, weekly assemblies and invitational acts of prayer. Children also have the opportunity to attend St Mary’s Church.



Our Religious Education curriculum is meaningful and is enjoyed by learners. Pupils leave St Mary’s as well-rounded individuals who are ready and prepared for the next stage of their lives. We measure the impact of our curriculum through:


  • Pupil discussions about their learning and enjoyment of Religious Education
  • Monitoring and reflection against subject specific skills defined in each year of study
  • Children live out the school values as they are linked directly to the Church’s teachings and link to the British Values of our modern society.